Jwt Trial at UE Square

Adelle,daddy and mummy going for the free trial with her Jul lil friends

Just before the start of the class,Adelle looks real happy

A shot with mummy never fails

Another shot with daddy

She looks as though she wanna go down the slide

Adelle with Edna,her friend
(thks to their mummies who get to know one another through the forum talk)

yeah!!!Adelle finally wanna have a feel of it
of how the “get down effect” looks like

Still holding her fear

Yes daddy….

Another Jul baby ,Yann with Adelle

Adelle seems
happy with her shaker

Finally,she can sit up straight

The time whereby she starts to get grumpy and pacifier comes into
the picture

But still wanna listen to the teacher in front of her

The parachute play

All the Jul babies get together during the lesson

Adelle didn’t concentrate on the rocker

now she is trying to explore

daddy made her lie down to do some exercise

while doing the exercise

dance around activity

so far,Adelle prefer think,no doubt she rejected it at first

look how happy she was


exploring this rocker again

going the slide one last time before the lesson ends

she still prefer to sit up like this

this looks fun,able to spot Adelle?

Adelle wanna see which one suits her more,
the ball or shaker?

Javier,her friend who is 2 days older than her.
His mummy and myself had the same gynae,gave birth at the same hospital
(Doc Ong,u are real busy for these few days in Jul last yr,yea)*smile*

Goodbye JWT Gym

There’s this free trial with JWT Gym together with the Jul 2009 babies and mummies from the forum that we went to in getting ideas,and feedback from various mummies.
So one mummy happened to ask for a free trial from JWT Gym for all the Jul babies(now mostly at 6th mths plus)to have a feel of what gym is all about.
So this mummy compiled the details of whoever mummies and babies that wanna join in for this trial.And the “kiasu” me joined in as well.

There’s a couple of schools doing gym class,some schools on music and movements,some schools to stimulate babies brain cell(which Adelle is attending currently)
Now other than this current school,LNT which Adelle is attending.We wanna Adelle try some gym exercise too.But this school which we went today on the trial class is sort of like a disappointment for us.Nothing much and compared to other gym class(when I pass by and look at the classroom),I find that this school kinda looks bored.

Even Adelle cried more than she enjoy the class.Those pictures above was taken before the class starts.She was happily playing around,but once the start of the class,she looks at the surrounding around
her,and people(babies) around and started to get a fearful feeling and cried.

This was very different from the LNT class she attended every Thursday.In fact,she shows more interest in flashcards and friends there than this gym class.(Adelle is lazy,don’t wanna exercise)
Perhaps,We can only start Adelle on gym when she reaches older age,say 1yr and above.


Adelle and mummy look alike picture_//


As I’m browsing some old photos,I saw this!!Yes a photo of myself when I’m a few months old.
Immediately I saw one of Adelle photo which look very much like me,and decided to use photoshop and do up a picture like this using photo of Adelle and myself.

Finally I could find my image in Adelle no doubt many commented that she looks more like daddy.Sometimes I kept looking at these 2 photos to see how alike the two of us look like.
Indeed,Adelle does look like myself when I’m young.

Perhaps is the upper part of our feature,I mean the eyes look more alike.Was thankful that Adelle had got my big eyes and not daddy small eyes*oops*
I always feel that for girls,eyes are real important.In fact,big rounded eyes..
But then,Adelle doesn’t have this rounded eyes yet she does inherited my big eyes thou.


Adelle able to sit up sonner or later_//

Adelle finally master the tactic to “sit up straight”…No doubt she is still trying to make herself get seated up,but she tends to be a “humpty dumphy” at times.
Just this week,I found that she is learning to get seated up straight rather than the half seated.
This shows that Adelle is growing up!!

As the saying goes 7months “get seated upright”,8months “start crawling”..Now Adelle is six and a half months old,this explain why she is learning how to sit up straight.Growing with her monthly makes me feel real happy.Just because I’m able to see her growing up process monthly.(For now I mean)

Every time when dearie came back from work,I will be sure to report to him the changes I see in Adelle during the day.Is a kind of update to him about Adelle growing milestone.I find that bonding is real important for sure.

During the day,Adelle didn’t get to see daddy and I always make it an effort to get Adelle to stay awake in the evening,waiting for dearie to be back from work in order to create bonding for the daddy and daughterOf course,there will be time whereby Adelle is so sleepy and needed to start her night routine early,not being able to wait for daddy to get back home.

As creating bonding is sure important.Still remember when Adelle was 3months old,whenever dear gets home,playing around with Adelle while I get my shower.Adelle cries like mad and refused her daddy,and of course I gonna rush out from my shower like a mad woman in order to quiet Adelle down.Indeed,that was the time whereby she prefer mummy and refused daddy.

Therefore I strictly feel that no matter how busy as parents we should create a “great bonding” with the child.And proud to say,I managed to do it for dear and Adelle.
Whenever Adelle sees daddy(when he gets home),she will give him her greatest smile.
It’s not those days whereby Adelle refused daddy to pat her while mummy has her shower..*winkz*

Lately,during the day time I will let Adelle have a feel of the cloth educational teaching aid (posted above)and get her to see what was written at the cloth.Well,this is something which I personally like it so much.It’s a book kind whereby the infant won’t get cut by it while reading the book.
In fact,this is the book on body parts,which I had gotten it during my “teaching days” with infants and toddlers.Is now put into good use for Adelle…


Adelle solid food intro_//

Snap taken at parents home-part 1

Snap taken at parents home-part 2

Snap taken at parents home-part 3

Snap taken at parents home-part 4

Snap taken at parents home-part 5

Pardon my lousy camera phone.I could surf the net so well,nut when it comes to taking photos,it’s damn lousy.But then,my camera was not with me when I needed to capture these photos well,and therefore hp camera comes into the picture thou.
Lately I had been running to parents place as usual.With the carrier and Adelle being in there,grab my bag and off we go.Sometimes,if I’m running late,I will normally prepare Adelle puree at home before bringing it over to their place for feeding Adelle.

Now when Adelle started solid,I’m more than busy than usual.Either I left her with the watching of Baby Einstein DVD or she will be in her dreamland while I prepare her puree.

Talking about this,so far I had introduced Adelle with 3 days of apple puree,3 days of sweet potato puree,5 days of Happy Bellies cereal and 2days of pumpkin puree.(another round to go tomorrow for the pumpkin puree)
So far she had no allergy for the above food that was being introduced.Most likely I will be mixing sweet potato with cereal,pumpkin with cereal,or apple with cereal soon since the food which was introduced(as above)found to be “no problem” for her,therefore it’s perfectly safe to mix the food that was already intro.

I had listed down the list of food she was given and new food will come in pretty soon to intro her as well as to test for allergy too.Food which I gonna introduce will be carrot,potato,avocado,pear.Bits by bits will be introducing different type of food,each test for allergy that shall last for 3 days to check anyway.

So far,Adelle gonna step into her 2 weeks in her 6months.Meaning pretty soon she will be in her 7th month of age,which mean the Lunar New Year period.She is going to be a big sister soon with more little cousins of hers coming along.
Adelle gonna be lil big sister of a pair of twins(one boy and one girl),another pair of twins(both boys)and a baby lil boy that gonna come soon.

*Adelle is growing up!!!No doubt she still look real small to me daily.*


Mummy Sherryl 30th Birthday celebration_//

Celebrating my Big 3 Birthday today!!!
25th Jan

Lunch at Billy Bombers

Come to celebrate mummy birthday,Adelle seems kind of “happy”

She looks tired now before the lunch get started

Trying to lean against the comfortable sofa

A picture with Mummy before the lunch starts

Here comes the set lunch..
Adelle wanna have a bite on the carrot

That’s his

That hers

our dessert,
Brownie with ice cream

Adelle showing her cheeky look again during the dinner
at Ramen Ten



Birthday cake from Emicake for today birthday celebration held at Coris

Dear got me this cake chosen by myself

Adelle’s celebrated my birthday this year for the very first time

She looks real excited before the celebration

A couple of gifts from the love ones

Part 2

Part 3

Gonna admit that I’m no longer young.Step into my big 3 this year,in fact today!!!
Time flies..But was thankful that I had given birth to Adelle before I hit the “Big 3”
This year I celebrated my birthday with Adelle by my side.Still remember during last year birthday celebration,Adelle was still a tiny “prawn”(around 15weeks preggie) in the tummy.In fact was telling dear last year that,I will be holding Adelle in my arm for next year celebration.(which is today)

During the singing of birthday song just an hour ago,Adelle tends to be so excited by the cake and candle in front of her.No doubt she still don’t understand what was it,but then she will fully understand it when come next year for the celebration.

This year,my birthday wishes are as following.
1.Adelle to grow up well and healthy.
2.Educate Adelle well and teaches her the best manner,respectful,not to be proud and be a kind hearted person..(as I had seen many tend to be so when they have the IQ.It’s useless when I feel that having IQ there,but no EQ
is consider a failure)

3.Give Adelle the best of all.
4.Dear’s career to be at the highest point with his lil “wish” to come true.
5.Hopefully to be able to care for Adelle till she reaches 1year old.
6.Get a good job
7.Our first overseas trip as a family of 3
8.Have a smooth year coming ahead of us.

My birthday wishes are sure to be so much thou.But then look carefully,it looks like wishes to be more for Adelle than for myself then.
Nevertheless,was thankful to have Adelle and dear by my side and lastly would like to wish myself a “happy birthday”
Dear thanks for the gifts as well as the lunch at Billy Bombers and a little dinner at
Ramen Ten.

Lastly,wanna thanks for all the gifts and treat given by the love ones.Family members,friends who commented all the birthday wishes in my facebook.Thanks alot gals!!!


Annabel Karmel Top 100 puree_//

Somehow,Adelle loves to be seated on her bumbo seat

Siting up after she got changed at her changing mat

Refused to be hold by me

There she goes,sitting by herself again

In order to sit up strange
She needed my help…

Trying to let go her hand

In the end,she still need to hold on to my hand while learning to sit up straight

Highly recommended this 100 puree book!

The backview of this book.
Dear had got it at $27.90

Lately I found that Adelle seems wanting to sit up straight.(instead of the half sitting position)But then,at times she tends to throw herself back when seated down.This is her learning process thou.

Nowadays Adelle tends to take little nap.In fact from 3 times per day(from 9am to 5pm) of afternoon nap,it had decrease to just 2 times per day of afternoon nap.
It’s good in a way whereby she can sleep longer without waking up in the middle of the night,which is kind of good for me.(I won’t be feeling that tired unlike when she was just a newborn)The only thing was that,she tends to get grumpy if she missed her 2 hourly of nap from the last time she wakes up.
For example,if she is suppose to sleep at 530pm,I will normally drag her sleeping time till 7pm.Because if she were to sleep at 530pm,after an hour or so,she wakes up at 630pm,high chance that she can’t get to sleep till 9-10pm at night.So normally depending on the time from the last time she wakes up and will prevent her from sleeping at the “odds” hour.
It’s all about learning and getting the child to adjust well to routine.

Saw this Annabel Karmel handy book on Top 100 puree.Dear had purchased it from the bookstore so that any time,any day we could simply open it up and to decide what type of puree to prepare for Adelle.Since I believe sooner or later we will run out of
idea of what kind of puree to prepare for her.
So this puree recipe book does come by at the right time.

Had the intention to get the other version of baby and toddler preparation of food.
This Top 100 puree is purely on puree only.So will get the other book as well if possible after I had read through about this top 100 puree book.


Adelle going for a swim-soon to be_//

our cutie pie!

The parcel of stuff had arrived

This is the one
we ordered this neck float online for lil Adelle

This swim suit for Adelle whereby
we got it in the zoo during our trip last week

Yes,yes we are bringing Adelle for a swim soon!Ever since she comes to her 6months of age,we can start trying everything that she can’t really do it before this age.Swimming is one of it.
No doubt for now,she is still as young,but 6months old mark the age for “safe period” in terms of anything.

Ever since Adelle was born till now,she had been using her legs and kick like nobody business,especially in the water,she could kick real hard.Just recently,I had a hard time to bathe her.She will normally kick and splash the whole lots of water down to the floor tiles.There wasn’t any way I could stop her thou.

Since she like to kick in the water that much,and since we wanna start to let her get use to the water soon,therefore we had decided to bring her for a swim,hopefully before the lunar new year comes.Intending to let her adjust to the water,so that she won’t have the fear in her if we were to bring her for any swimming class teach by the swimming coach.

The price of the neck float which we had seen the one selling at Hwa Xia was kind of steep in price.Therefore had decided to order it online from the BP and was so much cheaper with much more designs to choose from.With this purple star neck float for Adelle when she go for a swim.

Initially had wanted to get Adelle those spaghetti strip of swmming costume,but then had this worries that she might be feeling cold in the water,as she is still quite young.(not even a year old)
So we got her this whole swimming suit and intend to let her wear it till she outgrown it say by a year old before getting her those lacy,nicey swimming costume.

Now,where to go for a swim?
Well,the daddy had decided to renew his Safra membership,which mean I gonna to register one for my own membership.
Beside bringing Adelle to the Safra for her swim,dear wanna sign up as member for Civil Service Club as well.At such,when dear sign up for this,all he needs to do was to just pay a merely $10 for sub-membership for spouse.
Therefore,we have no excuses for not bringing Adelle for a swim during a certain time on the weekends.
In fact,we can choose to bring Adelle either to Safra Yishun,Safra Toa Payoh or Civil Service Club at Farrer Park,Changi for the swim.

Nevertheless,being a member of Civil Service Club there will be other services in there,say bowling,Jackpot,Mahjong etc.
The website for the Civil Servant club is as below.



Adelle is growing up_//

This lil woman is enjoying her life away by lifting her right foot using her hand,and there she was sucking the big toe happily when I had placed her in the playpen.
I witness this scene and it’s consider a growing process being with Adelle at home all day long.
The minute she had this eye contact with me,she paused for a moment and release her foot.She knows I’m looking at her act and stopped sucking at the correct time.

It’s another growing process with Adelle,and she changes from time to time,show us different style that she gonna come with.We had come this far,6months with lil Adelle.
The journey was a tired one,but it was worth the tiredness when Adelle brings us her greatest smile everyday.

Today is the 3rd lesson with LNT..And yes,the Japanese class.It’s a Japanese teacher thou.She speaks Japanese throughout the whole lesson except the time whereby she needs parents participation,then only will she speak to us in English.
Somehow,I like the “hands on activity”their handmade materials were simply too great!!!It’s all about recycle of material to make into good use.

Each time I attended the class with Adelle,will normally jot down what was taught during the lesson.I keep a handy book with me,everytime the class ended and when Adelle is in her dreamland,I will recall the lesson as much as I can and had it written down.
In this way,not only can I make the same teaching aids,I could do the revision with Adelle even at home,to refresh her memory.

*I suppose,that was what a mum staying at home to take care of her child is going to be like.Other than the house chores,others is like getting resourceful informations,attending classes with the little one..*


Solid food vs enrichment classes_//

Time flies so quickly.Adelle had taken her 3 days of pure organic brown rice cereal,3 days of sweet potato puree.Starts Friday,will give her another 3 days of pure apple puree.After which I can start mixing the cereal and puree together.
By 1 week later,I will be introducing her more puree,say carrot,pear,pumpkin etc.

Talking about sweet potato puree,Adelle simply loves it and I had mixed 1 tbsp of sweet potato puree with 15ml of formula and she finished up everything.If I were to stop her,the neighsbour next door could hear her cries.The reason could be sweet potato tasted sweet and that was why she loves it so much and swallow it well the moment I put it into her mouth.

That’s the little updates on her solid food.Now comes her enrichment class with LNT.Tomorrow will be the 3rd lesson with them,and it’s Japanese lesson.So far,she had attended the English and Chinese lesson and Adelle was kind of attentive in class.(only the 1st 40mins)
Flashcards was shown rather fast,hands on activities given by the teacher.

Seriously classes with LNT was fun and not only could it benefit Adelle,it benefit myself too!Yup,I’m learning just the same as Adelle and most importantly the revision to be done at home is real important.
Being able to grow with Adelle till this 6months is consider a great achievement for me.Now another 3 months to go before returning to workforce,by then Adelle should be in her 9months of age.I had more or less completely half of her growing process with her.


It's all about weaning_//

Delle looks serious in this photo

The combi mug stage 1 for delle to start learning on holding
the mug on her own.

The Combi Mug stage 1 for learning to hold for both side using her hand.It trains her on how to hold the mug.Decided to go for the Combi brand as many commented that it was great.
I had seen many brands in the market for such mug,but yet to commit myself in getting which brand.Initially had wanna get the Avent brand,but since many commented that this is one good mug,therefore shall go for it.Such mug don’t come cheap.It’s $23.90 for one while the Avent brand costs around $16

Now with Adelle at 6months old,I would want her to learn everything and get to do things which she don’t have the chance to do so before 6months.
Holding of the mug is one thing.Something which I had done today was to place her looking forward when in the carrier.Guess what,she was so “proud”when facing out and was super excited,looking busybody.
There will be more things to come for training her,do hope the day shall come soon.

Now seriously,readers or mummies wanna be,you guys can ignore the previous 2 entries which I had wrote about giving puree to Adelle.
Well,I had check with one of my forum friend and realise that I should feed Adelle solid this way,and not to mix cereal with puree today(which I had written for yesterday blog post)
A good thing I had check with her before giving Adelle the mixture of cereal and puree together for today.But then,there’s no wrong if I were to mix with the puree and cereal today,just that if Adelle happen to have any allergy,then I won’t be able to find out what are the causes,since I had mix both cereal and puree together.

Therefore,what I did today after listening to the advises she gave just this morning,and shall stick to this since I really know nuts about feeding the little ones with solid.What I had read up was that,this month(6mths of age) supposedly to start giving solid food as an experience/experiment.
Researched that what are the puree to give and when to mix cereal and puree together(only when 7months and not 6months)
When to start giving porridge,pork,fish,chicken.
Nevertheless,as first time mummy was kind of uncertain what was expected and was glad that I had friends around who are mummies of 1 or 2.It’s all about learning.

The feeding schedule shall stick to the following,and this time round it’s for real*smiling*

1To start off with 3 days of just cereal brown rice,to check any allergy on cereal.

2.After 3 days with cereal,then start on apple puree (no cereal) for another 3 days to check any allergy on puree.(for my case,I start with sweet potato instead of apple.So today is day 1 for sweet potato,after day 3,will start on just apple puree to check if Adelle has any allergy for apple puree,if no,meaning she will be fine with cereal,apple puree and sweet potato puree)

3.After 3 days of just cereal,and 3 days of just apple puree,and if there’s no allergy,on the day 6(after the previous 6 days) will have to start giving a mixing of cereal + apple puree+milk for another 3days.

4.If after the next 3days with cereal + apple puree+milk,and no allergy,we can start giving other puree like carrot,potato,spinach etc etc.