Mum fall sick,while Adelle looks for mum_//

Over the weekend,there wasn’t anything much for a shopping trip,but staying nearby neighbourhood shopping malls are good enough.Of course,this little woman over here does enjoy herself and kept at the surrounding around her.She sure enjoyed the day out.

But her poor mummy fall sick again,twice within 2 weeks.The first week had this runny nose,sore throat,cough and headache.Then yesterday (2nd week) had virus attack of gastric flu,whereby I felt bloatedness,nausea,headache and was hit by a fever of 37.8 degree celsius.
The very first time that I had seen a GP that costed $44 for the 1st medicines(1st week when I’m sick) and yesterday medicines costed $55.
I felt heart pain when I see the bills.This was the very first time I encountered such “ex GP”..As it gonna be a distance for me to return to my GP at Bukit Panjang when I’m in real miserable stage.(My GP which I always go for don’t cost that much!)

Nevertheless,after the medication,I do feel better.Totally “KO” for a sleep after I had seen a doctor yesterday evening.Was thankful to my in laws and mum when dearie accompany me to the GP nearby our place,while the rest of the folks handled Adelle for us.(to clean her up upon reaching home)

But then,when dearie and myself were at our door step,We could hear Adelle loud cries.the “mothers” had helped to clean her up and put on PJ for Adelle,but she was crying on top of her voice,but once I start talking and carried her up.She went off in complete slient.Yes,this shows that she want to hear my voice,and was “worried”when she saw something was wrong.
As in,she had this feeling that goes”why am I with the people I had seen,but not my daddy and mummy?”
Understand from both my mother in law and mum that Adelle is looking for me since 10minutes after we had parted(went to the GP),and she could sense something is not wrong and started her “cry” soon after which.

Mum was telling me,how am I going to work when my daughter is “super sticky to me”????
Now seriously,I think again this question.
How to go back to work then??*thinking hard*


Adelle learning milestone_//

Learning colors,shapes for this “play toy”

Adelle’s holding it pretty tight when exploring

This play toy is good for Pre-N children,(uses this for my Pre-N children last time)

For little infants like Adelle,is to teach colors and shapes for a start.

Title of this Activity:The tube hearing

Adelle holding this “hand made teaching activity”-Tube Hearing game-

Peeping through the hold,making different sounds using it

Title of the play: Clip the Clothespin

Adelle holding this “hand made teaching activity”-Clip the clothesPegs-

Adelle trying to figure it out

Adelle trying to clip the clothespeg on the foam cup

She’s trying to drop the clothespegs into the foam cup

after clipping it on the cup initially.

The day where we stayed at home,and I wanna do what is like in an infant care centre.Beside,bathing,feeding Adelle,I would wanna start doing more activities with her.As I strongly recommended learning through play,therefore I needed to source for more playing activities using “handmade materials” for her.

As I flip through the past lesson plan/lecturer notes which I had done for the infants in a particular infant care centre a few years back,I found that there were many activities that I should had tried it out with Adelle during her 3rd months.

Nevertheless,I’m still not too late thou.There were many other activities which were suitable for 6months up.

Now,the first activity which I had done for the day was to play this game known as tube hearing.It’s made from towel roll/toilet roll(if wanted a short one),I had it decorated so that it wont seem so bored to the infants,as they simply love colorful stuff.

This game enhance learning of different tones and pitch when we talk to the infant through the hole using,soft,loud,high and low voices.At the end of the day,we will see if the infants will imitate what she had heard and respond back to you.

This activity is suitable for 6-12months

Overall:Adelle seems interested and smile wholeheartedly when I first intro her this activity.She wanna try to hold it herself.Do this often and it will stimulate her learning.

The next activity which I had did for her was clip the clothespegs.Using a couple of clothes pegs and have it clip on the plastic cup/foam cup.(simple teaching material)

What we gonna do was to show the child how we clip the clothes pegs on the cup,after which to drop it into the cup.Do in turn get the child to try it after showing it to them.

This activity enhance hands and eyes coordination and develop fine motor skill.

It develop counting skill too,by doing counting from 1-10 clothes pegs.

Overall:Again,this is the first time I tried it on her,and she shows real good interest.Her gripping skill is good and she wants to grip it so tightly upon seeing this.

The toy game,counting bricks/shapes and colours which I had purchased it quite some time ago.I would strongly recommend this toy no doubt it’s quite heavy.But with teacher/parent supervision,it’s pretty safe and the child does like this activity.

It teaches not only colours,counting skill,shapes,but also hands,eyes coordination.

During my years of teaching,this can be found in most Pre-School and I had told myself to get it if I have my own child at home.And yes,I did it!!!!

I will upload the videos on [Tube Hearing game] and [Clip the Clothes Pegs] these 2 videos during the next blog entry,(currently uploading)so that you guys can have an idea how it goes about it.

Had just done up with a week of lesson plan for Adelle.Hope to have more coming up.As staying at home with the little one,not only to understand his or her needs,but to reinforce any activities that was done days ago or to intro new activities to them.

Somehow or rather,I felt that I am back to the teaching line again,doing lesson plans for my group of infants/toddlers/pre schooler students.The only diff was that,I’m focusing only on one infant,Adelle our first child at home.


It's Adelle meal+lesson encounter_//

Some little updates about cutie Adelle.At 7months,she is able to “fight” for her rights and all her wants.No longer the tiny baby who seems helpless upon birth.

Today,I felt Adelle with Spinach cereal for the very first time.As usual,steam and blend the spinach before pouring into the oatmeal cereal.

Now,Adelle knows very well that when she sees her bumbo seat,weaning bowl,her bib,her bottle of plain water,wet towel,it means “foodie time”

So each time I fed her a few feeds of food,will normally pause and gives her water(easier to let the food down to the tummy)But today,it’s totally different story!!

She cried the minute I put down her weaning bowl as she thought I’m going to stop feeding her.But when I took up her bowl of food,not even going to start feeding her,just to hold the bowl only,she stopped wailing immdiately!!!She starts again when I put down her weaning bowl to give her water.

Adelle had grown up and understand more and more things and her surrounding around her.

Not only for today encounter regards her meal time,I had posted a video here for you guys to have a look at it.

It comes to today lesson time for Adelle.She reacted so well and got the right stuff which was flashed to her initially.Ever since a smiliar lesson with LNT,today I tried it on her and indeed it works well on her and I could finally see some achievements on the class which she had went for.

Plus,not only with the lesson at LNT,I use some of my own teaching aids on Adelle which I had done on my “infants student” a couple of years back.

And true enough,Adelle does react to my own teaching aids that was meant for 6-12months of age.This made me even wanna do up a lesson plan for Adelle.Will update more on this pretty soon.

Now,wanna share with my readers one of the lesson plans which I had done for the age 13-15months old toddler.This is how a lesson plan done by a teacher should work out to be like.Using the below guideline,I gonna plan more “learning Thru Play” activities for the appropriate age group,say Adelle’s age group which is from 6-12months.

Play activity plan 4

Age group: 13-15months

Title Of Play: My name

Objectives: To encourage the child ability to learn name recognition

Materials:Objects in the room,e.g: table,chair and block

Procedures:Say the name of the object in the room,for example, ‘table’

Take the child hand when the teacher say the word table

Put the child’s hand on the table and say(child’s name) is touching the table

Repeat this activity with a total of three words.

Lastly,go back to the beginning and repeat and touch each object again.


The meet up for both babies_//

Baby Brian and Baby Adelle_//

Mummy Sherryl with baby Adelle,Mummy Annie with baby Brian.It’s wow,look at the diff!
Now,Brian was born 2weeks before Adelle and he is currently weighing 11kg while the little Adelle is just a miserably 7.1kg.

Annie is one of the mummy from the July Forum but then she seldom log in to the forum,but I still do keep in touch with her.Reason being,we know each other better compared to some other mummies in the forum,since we attended the same Pre-Natal Class with TMC just last year.

Ever since she had given birth to Brian and had been wanted to pay me a visit since last year and couldn’t find the right time to do so.But then yesterday she managed to do so.
Another reason why she wanna come was to look at our little girl,Adelle.
Annie mentioned that after seeing so many photos of Adelle in Facebook,she felt that Adelle was cute and pretty*faint*,plus also looks big.

But then,when we placed Brian and Adelle together,it was like the big difference is there!!!
Brian is just 2 weeks older than Adelle and yet,,wow wow…
But was telling Annie,”you really fed Brian well”she laughs..

Was glad that I do keep in contact with some of the Jul forum mummies and to exchange ideas thou.Next coming up will be 1st Mar in Coris,stay tune for more photos!!!!



Just before we left home and get started for the day,we do remember to take a few snap of our little cutie pie.Yes,I do find Adelle cute in a way,but not pretty in another.Therefore,I must snap down these cute photos as it only happen once in a lifetime.To show it to her when she grows up.
In fact,I took tons and tons of photos of Adelle each time till I had saved it by different folders of her different age.

Just recently,I had gotten my sista to develop Adelle’s photos since birth till 5months,there was more than 1000 photos taken during these 5months,but I chose the better ones and have it developed.Therefore,had developed 245 photos from birth till 5months.The rest of the photos from 6months till 1year old will be done so when I capture more these days.
Whatever it is,I had this intention to make into a huge photo album of Adelle for my guests during her 1st birthday celebration.
So now,my dear readers will be seeing more and more of the photos which I took for Adelle thou.

As such,the daddy gonna do up something using Adelle photos too.Whatever it is,I’m doing the hard copy while he does the soft copy.
In fact,we are working with it now,as we left with less than 5months for the preparation.

*Looking forward to Adelle’s 1st birthday celebration*


芷玄-little cutie pie_//






Lately,I found that Adelle loves to use her left hand to clench and unclench her fist(is she gonna be a left handed?)The last two photos show it thou.
What I did sometime was using my hand to show her this open and shut just like doing “twinkle twinkle little star”,and she will follow closely when looking at my hand.
After which she will “exercise her fist”on her own.
This is another growing milestone of hers and was glad to be able to see it till this far.

Another thing about her was that,whenever I put her in the carrier facing forward she tends to kicks her legs(forward and backward) till so hard that I can even see myself shaking too,this show how hard she kicks her legs.
In fact she loves to kick using her legs ever since a few days later after she was born.
Then there was these group of commuters who commented on how Adelle shake and kick her legs when I walked past.This shows that Adelle had attracted them through such act.*faint*

Adelle sneezing is getting better and I could hardly hear her sneeze since yesterday except that her cough with phlegm were still there and perhaps gonna need 1-2 weeks or more to fully recover.
Wanna thanks most of the mummies which I had know of for showing their care and concern through msn,facebook comments.Deeply appreciated:)

There will be a playdate coming up at Coris,yes my place on the 1st Mar with some of the Jul mummies and babies from the forum.I actually invited them over to my place for such playdate,not much but a few of them of the same clique.
Somehow or rather am looking forward to such event and in fact hope to attend more such activities just before I start work say end May,early June?

Plus,I just received an sms from one of the mummy in the same forum,the mummy who attended the same Pre-natal class under TMC in Feb last year,she wanna drop by Coris with her 7+months old baby boy and her hubby to have a look of Adelle after seeing the cutie pictures of Adelle which I posted in Facebook.
I’m sure she will be disappointed since the photos of Adelle in Facebook or my blog are convincing.

I’m sure surrounded by nice people,or rather nice mummies around me.Wanna thanks Mummy Josephine,mum of Xiangying(Adelle’s playmate for childhood)for sharing a sample of the millets for Adelle which she had passed to me today.
Was glad to have know Josephine who stayed so near to myself plus our little girls which were born only 2 weeks apart.
We keep in touch always and share more ideas together yea*smile*


Adelle seeing a PD for the 2nd check_//

Adelle still look happily when she is sick.

she allows me to take this shot of her

Her swollen eyes due to too much sneezing

Adelle is not happy now after so much photo taking

And this was the reason why she turned away

The medicines given by the GP yesterday

The medicine given by the PD today
The total charges for PD consultation plus medicine=$69

The PD have a check on the medicine given by the GP
and only 2 type of medicine is allow for consumption.

Now Adelle had taken 3 times of the medicine given by the GP yesterday.(have no choice but to let Adelle see one GP due to the closure of clinic of both Adelle PD and other PD)The problem was,not only Adelle sneezing didn’t get lesser,in fact it increased and got worst.Same thing goes for her cough and phlegm,it was pretty bad too.

Not wanted to take a risk in seeing the GP again,I called up the PD from Kids clinic today(the one which Adelle goes for all her vaccines),but they are not open for business.So I made a call to one of the PD at Mount Alvernia,they are open but then was kind of far for me to travel to and fro when dear is working and can’t possible take leave when he just started going back to office today after his 2 weeks reservist.

Therefore,dear made another call to one of the PD clinic,Kidslink at Sengkang and so happen that they are open.Since it’s somewhere near to our place whereby had read not bad review regards to this PD,I decided to bring Adelle down for a check.

The PD had a check on Adelle and found that her lungs are all cleared and was given 2 types of medication for her.Both are for runny nose,as previously the runny nose syrup and the medicine to open up airway from the GP were not approved by the PD.Other than that,the rest of the medicine(2types)are fine thou.

Was kinda shocked when the PD found that,the nose drip(given by GP) supposedly to be drip into the nostril 1 drop ,3times per day,what the GP written was 2 drops,1 time per day.
Nevetheless,was kind of thankful that we did decided to seek PD help.

All along,I had never wanted a GP for seeing babies illness(that’s my own logic) unless the child had reached a certain age,say 3-4years or if there’s no other choice,(just like my case,Adelle falls sick on Lunar New Year) then only I will choose a GP for doing treatment for a child.
Once bitten twice shy.


Adelle was sick during Lunar New Year_//

Adelle still look energetic no doubt she is sick

Adelle does look happy when daddy carries her

Adelle looks simley when Mummy carried her

Unfortunately,Adelle falls sick on Lunar New Year Day 2.The whole night she was feeling uncomfortable(as there wasn’t any doctor for a visit)She had real bad phlegm with cough,serious runny nose and made her whole eyes and face turned red when she sneezed.This show how bad her runny nose is.
In order to attend to her needs during the night time.Dear and myself had Adelle sleep between us and taking care of her throughout the night till today morning whereby we bring her to the nearby GP for a check as we called the PD clinics at Mount Alvernia,it was not open for business today.The PD which Adelle had been seeing in Sengkang was not opened too.

Was telling dear,if Adelle doesn’t gets better after the medication given by the GP,we will have to bring her back to the PD somehow two days later.(to give some time frame for GP medication)
The very first time at her 7months of age,Adelle falls sick.As parents,it was never easy to deal with a sick child beside a newborn.

We stayed home for the whole of today.Plus Adelle’s does sleep from 1140am till 2pm after taking the medication and her cereal.Had just fed her with porridge too,as right now Adelle takes in 2 meals per day.She is growing and needed that thou.


Adelle falls sick on Lunar New Year

Now,I gonna burst my bloggie with tons of Adelle photos for today entry.These are the few photos taken during the 1st and 2nd day of Lunar New Year.And yes,I love to dress Adelle up like a little princess(although she is still not up to it yet)

Day 1 of Lunar New Year,I had dressed her up in all white.Even her flower headband comes matching with her white dress.(With those lacy embroidery)No doubt except her shoes and dress,the headband I had ordered online does looks like they come from the same store.
As I myself love white(in fact everything which I want/have tends to go in white)so wanna Adelle to wear white during her 1st day of Lunar New Year.In fact,Adelle tends to look better in white thou.(follow mummy’s genes)

Day 2 of Lunar New Year,which is today I had gotten Adelle to wear all red for the visit to Adelle “lao Ma” and “Lao Gong”(dear’s mum side)place in Sengkang.
There’s a total change of color theme for the 2nd day.
During the day time,I had gotten Adelle to have a pink mixture with white theme of clothes for a visit to our “master”place for praying of good health,good career,etc for the year of tiger.

In fact,I love to dress Adelle up with all sort of fancy clothes if possible.Buying her nice pretty dresses.That was the reason why we tend to “pay more” for having girls.
Come to think of it,it does worth the paying when seeing how cute and lovely our little ones are after dressing up.

Now,today entry is not only on Adelle clothes,but also on her health.The very first time after her 7months of age,she falls sick.Having cough with phlegm,very bad runny nose and a slight fever on the 2nd day of the New Year.
Had called up Adelle PD at Kid’s clinic(I know it wont be open,but just wanna give it a try),2 other PD at Kinder Clinic from Mount Alvernia Medical Centre but to no avail.

So now what we gonna do was that to monitor for the night as we had this intention to bring her down to the PD if any of the above mentioned PD does open for business tomorrow.But then in any worst case which those PD clinics are still close,we gonna let Adelle go for the GP check for the time being to see if she can gets well.If not,we will be bringing her to the PD hopefully when they are open again.

I had alway seen how my cousins take care of their little young ones when the
y are sick,but now when it’s my turn to do so,I could finally feels how tedious and tired it will get.As Adelle tends to wake up every now and then at night due to discomfort.
I do suspect this might be due to teething,as lately she had been happily biting on her teether thou.

*Hope for the best tomorrow after seeing the doctor*


CNY day 1_//

CNY day 1

Adelle being carried by daddy before heading out

Mummy with lil Adelle

A close up shot with Daddy

Another shot with Mummy

The family photoshoot with Adelle paternal grandparents and “GuGu”

The 2nd shot!!

Adelle kinda look shocked!
Now a photo with mother in law,Adelle and myself

The next place for visit-
Adelle with her “YiYi” now

Happy Adelle with Ning YiYi and mummy

Again,the family of 3

One more shot with Ning “YiYi”

Adelle with her cousins,Wallace and Linus

Next,another shot with her cousin brothers!!

Adelle is the only girl with all her cousins.
In fact,there’s only 2 girls and the rest of her cousins(from my father side of relatives)are all boys!!!

Hui with Karis(Cousin Kailun daughter)

Kailun “YiYi” with Adelle

Qin “YiYi” with Karis(Kailun daughter)

Now all the cousins shot.
Mummy Sherryl with Adelle while Mummy Kailun with Karis

Another new year had come by.It’s a brand new year,the year of Tiger.Wishing everyone of good health,stable career and best of luck.

Of course,as like the past few years,we will be going to the in laws place in the morning,proceed to dear paternal grandparents place(which is Adelle “Lao Ma and Lao Gong”),to Bukit Panjang(My dad side of relatives)and the last venue will be Hougang(My mum side of relatives)

During Lunar New Year,we will tend get more busy especially traveling from the East to the West and the West back to the East.Now with Adelle,it gonna be even busier!!!
Reason being was that,we gonna pack her diaper bag one day in advance.All her wet wipes,diapers,feeding bottles and formula,2 sets of clean clothes(luckily we bought extra,she soiled herself while on the journey to our last stop,Hougang),changing mat,receiving blankets etc
Not forgetting the red packets for both side of relatives.

It’s kinda hard traveling with an infant and was never free thou.Gonna hold on to her as she is not really stable in her siting position.But then was glad that there was many relatives around to carry Adelle for us while she could relax a little and could eat our food in peace(just for a while,as Adelle cries the minute she saw me,but she was all right with others to carry her until she sees me)

Every year passed just like that.From last year Lunar New Year,Adelle was just 2months plus,a tiny “prawn”shape in my tummy,this year I’m carrying her with us,but then still needed to be carried and needed more attention.
Next year,she will be able to walk and I’m sure will be running around as and when she likes.

At dad side of relatives,Adelle had more boy cousins than girl cousins.Two shot was taken with Perry,Wallace and Linus.Could see how small Adelle was thou.
Back to mum side of relatives,we have more girl cousins.Adelle,Karis,Katie.

The sleepy me was real tired after a day out there since 9am till 630pm.
Now while Adelle sleeps,gave me a chance to blog before joined her in her bedtime.
It’s another day to go tomorrow.*smile*