Adelle learning to crawl,hair grown longer,weight increased_//

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Always so happy

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Her signature smile again

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Looking stern

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

The cheeky smile again

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

She’s trying to turn herself and start crawling

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Looking in shock!

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Moving one more step forward

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Just before she take another step

The lovely child of ours,Adelle

Finally seen a little achievement of her signs of crawling.Being 8mths 2 weeks and 4days old,Adelle shows a little sign of crawling.In fact,she is consider slow in doing so.Most of her friends,be it older or younger than her had already started crawling whereby she only got started “trying it”just today.

There was a few shots taken as above whereby Adelle started to twist her body to one side while trying to move forward.Since I placed her on the floor with no play mat on it,was kinda afraid that she will knock herself down on the floor and ended up with a “big bun”on her forehead.Shall let her try it when I put her on the play mat tomorrow.Hopefully she will react just like today.

Perhaps,when Adelle starts crawling,I will be chasing her around the house,grabbing her from room to room.This shall be the busiest part of her 1 year journey.

Recently,I felt that Adelle’s hair had grown longer especially her fringe.Therefore,instead of putting just headbands all the time,I tried on using a flower clip(or any other clip)to clip it on her hair and see how it turn out to be.Well,it seems that hair clip suits her just as well.Seeing this,the mummy and daddy had look through the websites and had ordered some nice clips online for Adelle just yesterday.The clips and some headbands should arrive in another 5days time.

I had this feeling that Adelle should had gained weight.In fact,she should had hit more than 8kg.Well,it had been a while say about 2 weeks ever since I put her in the carrier.The last trip on carrier was actually 2 weeks back when I bring her for the LNT lesson.But then,2 weeks later which was today when I put her in carrier,I strongly feel the diff.I would say,Adelle gained weight,in fact I could no longer carry her in the carrier.My shoulders and arms hurt.

Normally,I will put her in the stroller since almost every week.I will be going out at least 4times per week.Each time I go out,Adelle will be in the stroller since those places I’m traveling to are wheelchair friendly.But then,today since I will be fully taking bus,no train at all(to my mum home in future,Marsling),I could feel the great impact of shoulder aching.I had never feel this way till today.

It’s high time which I should put the baby bjorn carrier in the cupboard.It should worth the price for carrying Adelle since month 1 till now,8mths old infant.Or rather,should I just pass down to someone who needed it?Nevertheless,carrier is great when traveling alone and by bus.But then when the infant who outgrown it just like Adelle,the mummy suffers.*sad*

So from now on,perhaps no more carrier for Adelle no doubt she like it so much and often feels so secure and will sleep in the carrier.In fact,she seldom do so when she was in the stroller.Can I say the carrier is more comfortable for her which gave her the security?But then,each time she sees the carrier(since 5mths old),you can see her legs shaking real hard with both hands doing the “welcome”sign,awaiting for me to carry her into the carrier.

*Therefore from now on,whenever I go,it should be strictly on stroller*If not,I will be having pain on the shoulder again.*thinking*


Adelle encounter with our Master_//

I will make it an effort to bring Adelle down to our master home prayer center every 2 weeks.We wanna give thanks to Lord Ganesha and the Buddha over at master home prayer center at Serangoon.So happen that today is the 15th of every month,so had personally bring Adelle down while dearie is working.

Again,on the train there,Adelle caught the attention of others.This little woman will aim her target well each time she boarded the train.True enough,for this trip alone,she had got herself a couple of commuters who kept looking at her when she gave them her “signature smile”again.

At master place,Adelle tends to look at the master and gave him the sweetest smile.Again,our master kept emphasising that Adelle was brought by the lord Ganesha and wanna me to bring her in front of the buddha and to chant for good health and safety.There was once,Adelle was looking at the Buddha as though she is “having conversation”with the Buddha which somehow clear my doubts.Not only that,Adelle tends to look straight into the master eyes,asking for conversation.The master told me this,Adelle will grow up to be a lady who tend to pray very well to Buddha.Mark his word,this I will strongly believe after seeing the “fact”about how the Buddha had brought Adelle to us together with the way master had told us how stubborn,how pretty her eyes will be and she gonna be a little “beauty”when I am only in my 5mths of pregnancy.

I did ask master,will Adelle grow up to be “ugly”?Looking at me,he said,Adelle will grow up to be even prettier than now.Well,I shall see how his word will turn out to be then.

Be it pretty or not,all I ask for is a healthy and fillial daughter


Adelle's market trip_//

The morning where Adelle goes to the market with the daddy and mummy

The ever so happy Adelle

Who is Adelle looking at?

Teddy Bear which was the gift for Mummy during Valentine and Birthday years ago

Looking at Daddy?

Adelle having fun with Teddy

After playing with Teddy

Adelle is finally really to go to the market with daddy and mummy

Stock up threadfin,fish bones,Loin meat for Adelle congee

Threadfin Congee boiled with fish bones

Every Sunday,the daddy,mummy and Adelle will never fail to go to Boon Keng Market for the buying of groceries each week.It had been this way ever since I started to conceive or rather I would say before I conceive,carrying the big balloon and now with Adelle being 8mths old.Be it rain or shine,we will be there.I simply love the buying of fresh meat,veggies as well as fish over at the market.On top of that,we are the regular customer to one florist whereby we tend to get over $15 of Jasmine garland,Thai Lemon from the owner every week for the praying at home.

The owner of this florist had been seeing me through since I conceive till Adelle being 8mths old.On top of that,whenever we pushed the stroller to her store,she will be sure to come over and play around with Adelle and gave comments regard to it.Beside that,there will be some aunties or uncles around who tends to gather around us and have a “real look”at Adelle,by giving all the praises.Sometimes I get real embarrassed if where given good comments which somehow I don’t really find it that true thou.

Just today while we are chatting with the owner of the florist,there was this uncle that had some tattoos on his arm where playing around with Adelle and giving praises.Within that one minute when we were about to go,just as we turned our heads around,there was at least 5 aunties gather around us looking  and smiling giving good comments at Adelle!!!!Yes,I’m not joking,they were looking at Adelle as if she was some star which I find it “rolling eyes” and yucky.At such kind of look(with chubby cheek who look so much like the daddy),Adelle could get so much attention????

Nevertheless,back to the topic.Mum had been asking me since nearly 1 month ago that to make some threadfin in the porridge for Adelle.No other fish but threadfin which was better than any other fish thou.So what I did today was to get one piece of threadfin at $7.50 from the market,upon reaching home,it was cut into 4 small pieces so that it can be cook 4 times per week.On top of that,I’ve got a packet of fish bones at $2(damn cheap) and $5 worth of Loin meat.

Had divided as above into 4 packets with each packet had this fish bones,Loin meat and Threadfin for a day usage and so it will be 4 days of meals for Adelle.Gotten this Australia Pumpkin(which is much better than Malaysia ones),Spinach(From Cameron Highland which tends to be better)and two potato,one Japanese Sweet Potato.All these veggies will be distributed into some other days beside the 4 days for consumption thou.

I do sound so “kiasu”in getting so much stuff for Adelle in a week,but then this shall be what I’m going to do starting from now after all it is always fresher to get it from the market than supermarket(oldies belief)Perhaps I will get veggies,fish or meat from the supermarket only for both dear and myself if the food we got from the market is not enough.Other than that,what ever Adelle eats shall be purchased directly from the market then.

Adelle had her first taste of threadfin congee boiled with fish bone.Well,how do I put it?It tasted yucky to her.In fact after being left about a few mouthful,she rejected it straight and gave me that awful look which means she don’t want anymore.Shall see how she goes for the next few days.


1st Birthday=more updates_//

Adelle’s being 8months 2 weeks old

Adelle’s being 8months 2 weeks old

Adelle’s mummy gonna do this in preparation for her 1st Birthday.

There was tons of stuff which both dear and myself gonna do for Adelle 1st birthday.As the date is drawing nearer,somehow I felt that there was nothing much which we had “get started with”.Except for the clothes and stuff,the rest are still pending.Plus today as I pop by this store and saw this “birthday dream”for Adelle.Yes,all along I had been wanted to do this as a little gift for Adelle during her 1st Birthday so as to present to the guests around.

It needed more time and effort to make this “wishlist” a success.Beside this little gift for Adelle,we had other stuff to get things done too.Yes,daddy is going to use his IT cum Photoshop skill to do up something for Adelle Birthday.With the stuff I’m going to do now(as above)plus daddy going to do up the next programme,I believe this is more or less done( “extra in a Birthday”)So let me roughly compile the following stuff in Adelle’s 1st Birthday.

1:Venue-SAF Changi Seaview Chalet(Tend to have some changes if we can’t ballot for it,will be change to a function room”not chalet nor condo”.To be reveal)

2:Birthday Cake-A website that does this unique Birthday cake.We don’t have any theme,in fact I felt that it gonna be an adult affairs rather than children till Adelle reaches older age.Therefore,the cake which we gonna order from is going to be one special 2 tier cake (no cartoon characters at all)

3:Birthday clothes-A princess look kind of dress with the necessary accessories around her.

4:Decoration-Seriously,this shall be put on hold first,as we are still unable to know which venue we will be using in the end.It might be a simple deco or even might be none.(Still in the midst of planning)

5:Buffet caterer-For this,if we are able to get the SAF Changi Seaview Chalet,dear will be going to liaise with the person in charge(as posted in the previous entry)But then in any case which we can’t get this chalet.Most likely we will be getting the in-house caterer for the next alt choice we are going to book with.

6.Daddy gift for Adelle’s-This is one special gift whereby the mummy had been taking tons of photos of Adelle’s since her birth.It had as many as up to more than 2000piecesof photos and still counting.The daddy is going to do something special for Adelle using these photos.

7:Mummy gift for Adelle’s-Same thing,it going to be on photos too,something nice and for memory sake.

8:Daddy&Mummy gift for Adelle-A red packet,Educational toys,clothes???Perhaps going to be either one of them I suppose”smile”

9:Guest list-We had roughly know who to invite for the celebration,just that it needed to be compile to make the final decision and send out the invitation till then.

10:Guest book to be prepare-This shall be done soon.(Perhaps more “followers”here upon posting it)

More stuff to think of in the next few months to come.Let me briefly update as and when,when any idea strikes my mind again yea.*smile*


Infant Adelle's and Toddler Karis's meet up_//

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

A date with Adelle’s

Mummy Kailun and Toddler Karis+Mummy Sherryl and Infant Adelle

Both Adelle and Karis with their “yiyissss”

The cousins[Adelle and Karis]

“Jiejie Karis”Holding “Meimei Adelle” hand

The mummies with their child in the stroller

Adelle and Karis together with their “yiyi”

It’s cousins after all

What are the 2 kiddos doing?



We meet up!!Yes the cousins meet up at Vivo/Harbourfront just today.Both Ning,Hui,Kailun and myself,a short session together with the two kiddos.It was actually a meet up session with Cousin Kailun together with her daughter Karis and my two sisters who joined us as well during their lunch time at Harbourfront/Vivo today.

It was a rare gathering and we make it happening thou.In fact,it was the very first time whereby both Kailun and myself had decided to bring the two kids out for a shopping cum chatting session.The gathering was fun thou with Karis entertained us by her songs.She had learned tons of songs and had sang to us during our coffee break.As for Adelle’s who is recovering from her fever,looks restlessly at “jiejie”Karis while she sang.

Beside this,we walked around most of the children session in terms of toys or clothes.It will be always the case whenever we started to have children,and normally it will be just shop for the kids and not the adults then.Be it to shop around the mall,we do take photos to “self-entertain”..That was the reason why photos are everywhere in this entry.

Whatever it is,we do enjoy this trip and do hope for such gathering the next time round.Firstly to create bonding for the 2 kiddos.Secondly,of course for the mummies to have a rest out there for a chit chat session.We had a real good walk since 12pm till 5pm.It’s really a day of good gathering,of course with the photos.


Cutie Pie,Adelle's has her 1st tooth growing_//

Adelle is teething at 8mths,1 week and 5days old

Marked today’s date,Adelle 1st tooth started coming out.She had mild fever since Tuesday and it goes off till Wednesday afternoon.But then the fever came back again since last night around 10pm which she was given paracetamol.This morning,the fever doesnt seems to go away and was given another round of paracetamol,which made Adelle falls  asleep at 1030am till 130pm(she wakes up at 7am)The next napping time is from 330pm till 530pm(Her eyes are tired since 315pm).She slept for a whole 5hours today.Which I had just finished managing her to sleep at 8pm after she woke up at 530pm.

Could tell that she was in real discomfort that even placed her on the playmat for a round games of toys,she refused and only wanna be carried.She looks real restless and nothing seems to interest her,even the daddy who always show his face in front of Adelle upon reaching home,(normally she will be so happy and started to show all sorts of smile)she had also refused to give any smile but that sulky look.Adelle is real sick thou.

Reason for this was due to her teething thou.The cutest thing was that I only managed to find one small pearlie tooth when I “brush her gum”with some cotton balls today.This explain why she had this feverish feeling.Adelle finally had her first tooth growing today,25th Mar.


Two videos of Adelle's

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

our 8mths 1 week and 4 days old lil Adelle,Zhi Xuan

The playful Adelle upon finishing her milk,she throws the bottle away

Adelle’s plays along with the daddy

Adelle’s had this “人缘” with office girls.Yes,had bought Adelle to Vivo/Harbourfront during the weekdays sometimes to meet up with sister for lunch or even with daddy(when he is not working).As such,each time we pass by any office girls,there will be fingers pointing at Adelle.As we walked past,I heard comments like “so cute”,look at the baby etc.

And there was 2 incidents that happened.There was this lady who stood beside Adelle with her brunch of colleagues just beside her.Guess what,the lady wave bye to Adelle and this little woman(Adelle)wave back to the lady in return with a smile on her cheek which “melted”the lady heart.The lady kept saying how cute Adelle was to all her colleagues to stand beside her.And this little woman kept waving bye and return all different smile,yes her signature smile back to the lady.

Another incident whereby there is this office girl who stood beside me and kept playing around with Adelle,asked me about how old Adelle was.She had mentioned how cute Adelle was simply because the little woman gave her the cheeky smile again.It all happen in a day thou.

*”人缘” is real important and is good to have one.Unlike the mummy*sob sob*

Now,there was 2 videos attached above.The first one shows how “playful & mischievous” Adelle was upon finishing her milk.This is the way she always did after her milk,throwing away her feeding bottle.In fact,this was done always each time she finished her milk.This made me even wanna to teach her the correct way by not throwing away the bottle but to give it to either the daddy or mummy.

The 2nd video shows how she giggled and laughed along with the daddy after her feeding.Being energetic and satisfied with her milk intake,this was how happy and played with daddy when he showed the finger puppets.The finger puppets had great impact on Adelle till she laughed so happily.*thinking*


Adelle learning of Alphabet from the chart

It’s learning time

Happy look on her face

What’s that??

Still giving me that happy look on her face

Adelle’s trying to figure out what was that

Time’s up..

During the afternoon say 445pm when we were at home(the daddy is sick and Adelle having sign of sneezing),had gotten Adelle to sit in her bumbo seat and to face the alphabet chart just in front of her.It shows that Adelle simply enjoy looking and playing around with the alphabet chart when the daddy is resting in the other room.

Normally during the day time beside her nap,feeding and bath time,what I will normally do with Adelle was to “educate her”.Other than the normal flashcards,handmade materials(to be shown to her)what I did was to place her on the playmat with all her various “educational toys” to accompany her.This is the time whereby I will play along with her,make her aware of the things and games around her.

Now with this new alphabet wall chart,it’s even more handy in term of education.Of course,she is still far too young to understand or know how to place the correct picture made of felt paper into the pocket of alphabets.But then what I did was to repeat the alphabets with various pictures that represent each time we were to “play”with this chart.Of course,there will be time whereby I will do the memory game using the “felt picture” as shown.

The video  below shows how the picture made of felt paper was tested for the memory game beside just learning the alphabet.I could make do with “memory activity”as well..


(Video 1)


(Video 2)


Misc updates_//

What is Adelle’s trying to do?

Newly bought books for Adelle.

(The picture in the book changes color and it teaches Peek-a-boo)

Some newly purchased books for Adelle from one of the book store.There’s a few branch in Singapore shopping mall for such books and I do find it real educational thou.It’s like the pictures in the books changed colours from white to various colors and also the child can simply pull out one of the page and here it goes,there’s something hiding in between.It teaches patient and “thinking”of how to figure out these books.Had wanna get such books since sometime ago but then yet to find the suitable ones.Now seeing it,the mummy grabbed it like “mad”

Now,Adelle dress and accessories for her 1st Birthday had finally purchased in one of the store of children.And yes,it looks great on Adelle especially the hand accessories that matches well with the dress.It simply matches the Birthday cake well(the unique yet special cake just like wedding cake)

As for the venue,we do hope to be able to get the SAF Changi Seaview Chalet,but then if any circumstance whereby we are not able to get it,we had decided to get one function room(not hotel nor condo) instead of a chalet.This shall be update till further notice.

It’s more or less done so long as I had gotten Adelle’s 1st Birthday dress,the rest could be done quite easily.As for the cake wise,I’m simply loving it as I do find that it’s something so unique that we seldom see it during the 1st Birthday(Not those like Hello Kitty,Winne The Pooh,Little Mermaid etc),it’s more like a wedding cake thou.(Shall be updated again)

The poor daddy had fallen sick and Adelle had this mild fever which the mummy will have a hard time taking care of both “babies”Supposedly to have a meet up with some of the Jul mummies and babies,and due to this I gonna give it a miss for it.

The free water play last Sat was canceled due to the bad weather that we decided to stay indoor instead.Do hope that the next coming week whereby the weather is much better so that we can actually bring Adelle’s for her first swim in the pool.

*stay tune yea*


The day out today




Adelle’s with the playing of piano

The learning table

Adelle’s with “jieJie”Katie

Mummy has new shoes,and so does Adelle’s

Look,this belong to Adelle’s

It’s Adelle and Katie little cousin,Harold full month celebration.(Should had took a photo then)Little Harold looks handsome.It’s another arrival of an infant in the family.Adelle’s used to being the youngest had now became the “big sister”.She had gone up “one level”,no longer the newborn but the infant.

Now,Adelle had gotten herself more cousins(from mum side of relatives)Firstly is Karis next Katie followed by Adelle,and now Harold being the youngest.It seems that more and more little kids are coming on the way thou.

Thanks to “Jie jie” Katie,that Adelle gets to play with the learning table and the piano.Adelle does enjoy herself so much during this time whereby I had this urge to get one normal piano for her usage.The Fisher Price learning or musical table(what you call that)was one of the stuff which the daddy had wanna get initially.Now we had 2 pending stuff to get for Adelle,that will be this musical learning table and the walker(there’s 2 brands which we are looking at)

Of course,after so much of playing with “jieJie Katie” toys,it’s time for a piece of picture with her.Now,there’s this photo of Katie and Adelle together.It seems that they are both “learning”piano together.Looks fun yea.

Now,both mummy and Adelle had both gotten a white shoes.Yes,the mummy simply loves white so much that I had a hard time thinking,should the daddy get the pink or white crocs(new arrival)..Anyway I choose the white one instead.

Adelle had one too,again there’s pink and white shoes.Then the daddy and mummy both find that the white one looks better then.In the end….Adelle had got the white one bought by grandma.*smile*

*It’s a shoes day*