Party Deco Purchased!!_//

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Adelle’s is 9months 2 weeks 3 days old

Javier and Adelle

What has caught their attention?

Javier trying to hold Adelle hand

Look,they managed to hold hands together!!!

The deco for Adelle’s 1st birthday which I managed to get it together!!!

Another item purchased from my list.Beside Adelle’s dress for 1st birthday(Purchased),the cake(had already ordered and paid deposit),the 3rd item that is off from my list will be the deco for that day.And yes,I got it!!It’s like “finally” to me after surfing the internet for “companies”that sell online,those design which I saw is sort of like not too nice but for the price wise was kinda steep.

But then,both Jeslyn and myself had meet up in the afternoon(after I had cleared my stuff in the morning),to go down to this party store in town.The moment I stepped into this store,I filled with joy and was thinking,this is the kind of party deco for Adelle’s 1st birthday which I had long looking for.Indeed,today I managed to see it and won’t give it a miss.

In all,I had bought 3 packets of different banners which already cost me a bomb of $52.And yes,it’s so much cheaper than ordering online.Plus,the design from the website doesn’t come in as much as what I see from this party store.Therefore I do make a right choice in getting from store than to order from any other companies from the website thou.

Really,after this purchase.The feeling was damn shiok since I had this worry about party deco when I don’t seem to find any nice design which sell online.Now I find that,buying it from store seems much easier and most importantly,nicer too!!!

Another thing was that,those banners which I had gotten today simply blend in so well with the theme color of Adelle’s birthday cake,baby pink and white.As for the theme,Stars and Flowers it will be and I could find stars in one of the banner too!!!

Now,during the meet up.Javier and Adelle seems to know each other very well and was giving each other “many rounds” of eye contact.The scene was simply too cute.Saw those photos above which Javier tried holding to Adelle hands.First attempt failed,but the 2nd try it succeed!!!

*The 2 kiddos simply look kinda cute and innocent.Somehow,they both look alike in a way.*


Should I trim Adelle's fringe?_//

The girl who simply loves to stand with the help of “a bar”

The smile that brings her out

Still feeling real happy when she had a chance to stand

The “hmmmm”look on her face

“yes Mummy”

“Hey there”

Adelle now feels tired after the standing exercise

See this Winnie the Pooh was given by “hui yiyi”when I discharged from the hospital on the 3rd day after my birth

I’m still in love with my Pooh Bear no doubt I had so many soft toys and still counting

But then,Adelle simply loves to bite the  “Pooh bear”

But then,she still loves her “Violet”

“Early in the morning six o’clock.Adelle’s in the playpen shouting out”……..

True enough,the time which Adelle normally wakes up will be between 630am-730am.Her wake up time in the morning after a night of rest will normally be at this hour.Somehow,it seems like she is an “early bird”to wake up that early every morning.Each time she is up,she will be sure to shout out or make funny noises to get the attention of either myself or dear(if on the weekends)

Adelle’s shall stay in the playpen playing around with her soft toys or toys when I get busy in the kitchen.This is the place to keep her occupied if I didn’t place her at the bumbo playmat in her bedroom.On top of that,Adelle loves to stand,holding on to the playpen.This is the time when she will show me her greatest smile when she gets the chance to do so.No doubt so,even when I travel with her in the train.She refused to sit on my lap but to stand while holding on to something.That’s her,being a “kaypoh” at this age,wanna explore and see different things around her when I bring her out during the weekdays.But then,it’s true that we have to explore the infants,be it travel to somewhere further,or just a stroll down the park,it simply means a good exposure thou.

Now,the fringe simply touches Adelle’s eyes which I gonna put a clip for her.I still prefer headbands more,but since it’s at home,a clip will be more appropriate.The long fringe simply irritate her eyes which we decided to bring her down to Harbourfront for a “fringe trim”..I’m thinking,should I get the hairdresser to trim the hair as well or just the fringe?

Sometimes,I do hope that Adelle’s hair can grow longer so that I can clip or put headbands as I like to.It means more purchase of the clips or headbands to come in the future.

Staying home today simply means more work to do.

1.Prepare pork stock,boil congee,steam and blend veggie for Adelle’s next feed at 1030am(after her milky at 7am)

2.Entertain Adelle with all her teaching aids,toys,songs

3.While she sleeps,done up some of the handmade teaching aids,

4.Do up one “decoration book”for Adelle’s 1st birthday.

5.Prepare tonight’s dinner

6.Do up the laundry of Adelle’s

7.Vaccum and Mop the floor

8.Prepare to shower Adelle’s(2 times per day,one at 930am,the other at 6pm)

9.Prepare Adelle to sleep(at 1030am,3pm and 730pm)


Adelle learns Colors and Fruits_//

Could it be grapes that Adelle falls n love with?

Or she prefers to choose apples?

Lately,I had been teaching topic on fruits.I wanna Adelle’s to try to remember certain fruits.Had start off with Banana,apple and grapes.I want to stick with just 3 fruits for a start for the learning activity.Having too much fruits at a go doesn’t help much thou.*these are my thoughts*

Just recently,dear was telling me this “Adelle’s could recognise 4 colors,Green,Yellow,Blue and Red.”Frankly speaking,I don’t believe in it when he told me this.How can it be when I didn’t even teach her colors!!!!But then I’m wrong when I saw the way Adelle choose the right color whenever dear gave her 2 different colors.I recalled again and there I know the reason why now.It’s due to the “lesson”each evening I gave Adelle after her bath at 620pm.Every day,I will make it a point to teach her on “colors” by using the following teaching aid which I had made for Adelle.Somehow or rather,I do find that it does help a little on the teaching of colors.

The below link shows the teaching aid which I had done for Adelle in order to teach her the various colors,



Topic on Nursery Rhymes_//

The playful Adelle

Adelle gave me a “non smiling face”

What is Adelle trying to show me?

Red or Blue?>

Look at the way she pose

In the end,she choose red

Adelle claps!!!Now with more “obvious sounds”being produced,It goes “pat pat pat pat”.Finally I could hear the claps rather than “invisible sounds”.Very often when I sing some nursery rhymes,Adelle claps non stop till I finish the whole song.The feeling was like,she kept clapping whenever the start of a song.This made me feels that Adelle simply loves music.Some nursery rhymes which I had always sang to her was,”The wheels on the bus,Deep and Wide,Mummy,daddy I love you,Hokey Pokey,The little pink thumb,12345 Fish alive,Clap your hands,Pitter Patter Flip Flop,A song of ABC etc..

I had a series of nursery rhymes of music for Adelle.Was thankful that I had actually gotten most of it from some ex-colleagues who were teachers.It was never enough which I kept wanted to get some more from ex colleagues.These “teachers CDs” are all precious which can be said to be totally different from what we always see from the market.I hope to get more of such music.

Lately,I’m busy with the doing of Adelle’s teaching aids.Some was done halfway,some was almost done.Beside this,I’m also busy with the planning of her lesson plan which to be complete in another week time.No doubt so,I’m out most of the time per week on the weekdays.Meaning,out of 5days,I will be sure to be out with Adelle say at least 3times for weekdays.Seriously,I can’t really stand staying at home for a continuously of 3days.So now,I do plan my weekdays say either Mon,Wed and Fri to be out(be it play dates,shop on my own or other gathering)then the rest of the two days,I will make full use of the time to do up the housework,doing some of the teaching aids for Adelle’s,do up the lesson plan,to educate Adelle base on the lesson plan.

At the very least,I could keep myself occupied whenever I stay home with Adelle.In this way,not only won’t I feel bored,I could make full use of the time to do up certain things that needed to be done.


Adelle @9months 1week and 6days old_//


Adelle’s is looking at daddy fingers where “sound” was developed

Adelle trying to “feel”daddy face with her hand moving towards him.

Trying to give us a gentle simle

Her “stern” look

Sometimes I wonder what is Adelle looking at when I’m taking a shot of her

Yes daddy,yes mummy

Smiling at one object in front of her

Adelle’s  unhappy look

Smile Adelle’s smile

The way she stands

Adelle who is stoning

Being at 9mths 1week and 6days old,what are the skills that Adelle knows?Well,being at this age,she developed her fine motor skill which she could pick and hold to her finger food,kept observing,changing from fingers to fingers before she know the skill to put it into her mouth.She hasn’t taught of placing the finger food into her mouth yet till lately.But then,it was not that fantastic thou.

Secondly,her hearing motor skill together with eyes coordination was getting better.There were 2 examples to support what I had seen.I.e:When I asked Adelle where is daddy and mummy.She will turned her head,placed her eyes on the wedding photos that was hanging in our master bedroom without any thoughts.She knows that’s where daddy and mummy are.Reason being was,I often tell Adelle’s that this is daddy,this is mummy by showing her the photo frame of our photos.This explain why.

Another incident shows that Adelle’s is developing her eyes coordination and her hearing motor skill well was that.When ever I had finished washing her hair,very often I will asked her this.”Adelle’s where is the bottle of body foam to apply on your body?”Without fail each time,she will move her head and laid her eyes on that bottle of body foam.She knows where I always took it from and always reinforce by telling her this is “soap”

At times,it seems kinda hard to train an infant.But then when we have this thinking of training an infant with joy and do not expect too much expectations,things often work out much easier and more “achievements”will appear.

Not only parents to do the teaching at home,I find that learning in school does serve more purpose in training the infant at such tender age.Both dearie and I had decided to let Adelle carries on with LNT after this 2nd term(April-Jul) so as to finish the full term which ended in this Dec before we proceed her with another school when she turns 18-20months.The other private school which we wanna Adelle to go serves in more curriculum says music and movements,arts&crafts,English,Maths.Something which is more mobile after her “training of right brain”,stimulating her brain cells with LNT.Something with more movements kind of curriculum does comes into the picture when Adelle reaches her toddler age.

Reason being was that,when Adelle’s is in her infant stage,we wanna “open up her right brain cells so as to stimulate her brain”,but then when she reaches her toddler stage,it gonna be more mobile and deal with more “pre school teaching”just like having all the music and movements,arts,languages etc.But then this school for Adelle when she is in her toddler stage shall be a private one with one parent and a child to be in the lesson.This is another bonding session with parents.

Seriously when Adelle reaches 3yrs old,We will be hoping to place her in a church kindergarten for the Pre-Nursery class,it shall be a 2hours session.Yes,it’s a kindergarten,as I’m not supportive of a childcare centre thou.No doubt it’s all planning,learning starts young.A good foundation builds up a good path ahead of her.

Therefore,this shall be Adelle’s School for different stage.

1:5months – 17months-LNT

2:18months-30months(est)-One Private school in town

3:36months till 6years old-One church Kindergarten

The smile that Adelle’s had simply melted the heart of almost all her teachers in LNT.Yes!!In fact,Adelle seems so much popular in her school when we brought her in yesterday for the Chinese class.Adelle’s “ex-English teacher” was calling her,and was talking to Adelle.Plus,her current Eng teacher from LNT was simply too cute.Since yesterday was the Chinese class,when Adelle Eng teacher was holding a box of teaching aids,upon seeing Adelle,she dashed out,and placed the box on the table,and run over to Adelle.Teacher P was smiling and kept saying”aiyo,,hahaha,,aiyo Adelle you are so cute,today you have a big flower on your head.Now Teacher P going to “water the flower for you”.It was a cute conversation.

All along I know that teacher P loves Adelle quite a bit.No doubt Adelle was not in her class in the 1st term,she kept coming over to have a “little chat”with Adelle.On top of that,on the very 1st day of Eng class,I could see that Teacher P was so excited about Adelle till she carried Adelle into the classroom before the lesson starts and after the lesson ended.

No doubt,I could see that the teachers from LNT were a group of caring and delicated teachers.We didn’t make a wrong choice in bringing Adelle to this branch no doubt it’s a little further away from home.


More Educational Toys for Adelle in the months to come_//

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Adelle is 9mths 1 week and 5days

Wooden teaching toys which I strongly recommend for Pre-Schooler.Had started preparing

for Adelle thou.

Playskool-Walker cum rider

Ever since Adelle’s started to stand firm on her feet,We had lower the height of her playpen so that she could support the “bar”of the playpen in order to train her to stand even in the playpen.I had always feel that this is not enough especially when an infant is learning to walk.Had been “bugging” dear to get one walker cum rider quite a couple of weeks back,but then had been researching to find one good one.In the end,we decided on this,Playskool walker cum rider no doubt I could not get the Tomi brand of walker cum rider under Jap version.This Playskool walker cum rider could work just as well.*winks*

Lately,Adelle had been holding on to the “bar of the jumperoo”while standing to play with the toys on it.I know it seems kinda “cruel” having to hold on to the bar of the jumperoo without a proper training walker.Therefore,this walker cum rider comes in just nice.Beside this,I’m strictly looking at “walker cum rider”and not just walker alone.Reason being was that the infant could ride on the rider upon learning the skill to walk which will be at the later stage,say toddler age.

Beside the walker cum rider,we had gotten this unique wooden toys for Adelle.It’s not suitable for her age now,that’s for sure.It’s for the later stage when she is more than 2yrs of age.Reason for getting this early was that,it was selling at offer price at the atrium of Compass Point.It was a cheap deal thou.At the same time,why I’m so supportive of this “wooden learning toys”was that,during my teaching years,the kindergarten Principals will often get such learning toys for the Pre-Schoolers for learning purpose.I had this thinking,it will serve as some great teaching toys,if not the Principals will not be getting such stuff for the students in school.Well,I’m prove right when I get to “play” this wooden toys with my Pre-Schoolers some years back.It does serve great teaching!!!

Not only does it teaches colors,it teaches numbers,shapes and making the brain work harder to get the correct answer by placing the right shapes back to it original place.This was the one reason which made me feel very “into it”for such toys.(Just like the one which I had gotten for Adelle some months ago in her playroom)

I do hope for more teaching toys,handmade teaching materials to come pretty soon.As such,this will make me work harder to recall what I had learned based on the years of teaching.*smile*


The Saturday incidents_//

Smile Adelle’s smile

The way Adelle’s sits

What is Adelle looking at?

Feeling relax

Adelle simply prefer this heavy stroller.

Seeing how daddy locked the gate.

Look at the way Adelle smiles when taking photo with her “yi yi”

The weather was bad for today I would say.Rain after sunshine which make the weather very humid.We had a great walk from Little Indian to Farrer Park and next to City Square.Yes,beside Vivo City,United Square,City Square now became our “favourite places of interests”.

Had a meet up with my dear sister as well.It had been a while since we had a long chat with mum ever since mum sold her flat in Bukit Panjang and is now awaiting for the resale flat in Woodlands to finish it’s renovation.So,we decided to just sit at one corner in City Square for the little chat.Plus,dear sister is currently doing her own home renovation too.And yes,Adelle shows her “yi yi” the “blackie face”upon seeing her till a while later,she became “good friend” again with her “yi yi”

Lately,dearie,myself and of course Adelle had been running up and down to for purchasing with her furniture,appliances as well.It seems like we are doing our own renovation for the 2nd time.The feeling was quite tiring.Was it because we had a younger one to care for,or we had aged.It was simply different as in the feeling was different compared to 3 years back when doing our home reno,which we find it a “no problem” to run up and down to as many places as possible.

The next topic was on Adelle’s stroller.As many of you might know that Adelle’s had 2 strollers that was kept at Coris!!!Yes,she had 2 strollers.One was the 8kg heavy weight Capella which was purchased 1 month after her birth.The other stroller was the lighter weight 4.5kg Maclaren.The Capella stroller(as above) was the stroller which Adelle simply loves.Reason being was that she could always sit up straight(ever since she could sit up),and she enjoys looking at people around her.So Capella stroller makes her sit with comfort so as to look around for people who walked past her.But then,the Maclaren stroller was good as it’s very light which I could jolly well go down the esclator without any problem due to the light weight.The only problem was that,Adelle can’t sit up and she could not even see anyone that well who walked past.

We actually got this Maclaren stroller as initially we thought that there might be a chance for us to bring Adelle for an oversea trip coming this year.So Maclaren serves good purpose to just throw into the belt as it’s light and easy to fold it.

But then,before we could actually bring it for any trip.I had started using it as it’s so much easier for me if I were to bring Adelle out alone and it’s that light to the extend which I could go down the esclator without any problem.No doubt so,it’s much more easy if I were to bring Adelle out using a stroller.There was no way I could simply put her in the Baby Bjorn carrier due to her weight for now.If not,I will be sure to get real aching which normally lasted for at least 3days.*thinking hard*


Teaching guides_//



To teach 3 simple fruits

To train the child to recognise in different fruits by placing the correct fruit at the correct bowl of the same fruit (Start with 2-3 fruits.)

Guess Daiso became my 2nd home.During the weekdays when I’m free(if there’s no meet up with any mummies or friends),I will be running over to Daiso so as to get whatever stuff needed for Adelle teaching aids.These are the teaching aids that will come in needs when Adelle gets older.It’s obviously that she don’t really know how to place the fruits in the correct bowls till later stage.

As said earlier on,I would want to do up different learning corners in Adelle’s bedroom,therefore these are the teaching aids that will come handy when she gets older.(so that I can save on buying “commercial teaching aids)I always feel that handmade teaching aids/materials often serve better teaching.Trust me,almost all Pre-School Educators made their own set of teaching aids!!I’m one of those few in the past.

Till now,I had done up a couple of teaching aids/materials for Adelle and often run out of space to store her teaching materials.Plus the daddy had almost told me about doing up a wardrobe in Adelle’s room for almost “everyday”.He wanna design on his own and get the carpenter to do up one pretty soon.Of course,I wish that to come faster,so that I can store up all teaching aids and start building different corners for Adelle.Come to think of it,it can be pretty fun for an infants/toddlers/Pre Schoolers because corners are simply too fun to be good!!!

At the same time,I had do up a weekly lesson plans for infant,in fact for Adelle usage since this week till the last lesson plan was done up till 21st May 2010.It’s not a matter of “kiasu-ness”but is a matter of early preparation.Reason being that every week pass by too fast,before we know it’s the 2nd week.If I don’t plan the lesson plan ahead,I believe when the week comes,I will be left with no “lessons”for Adelle.

Just like on the Tuesday,I did a lesson plan on the following,

Today Lesson on:”Toy Hide “Hide a favorite toy under a blanket to see if the child will be able to find the hidden toy.(This activity enhances in fine motor skill for her fingers as well as hands and eyes coordination)

Without further a do after seeing it,Adelle remove the blanket in the fastest way and grab/found the toy that hide in between.The very first time seeing her “participate”on such activity.This is one activity which I always emphasis in,”learning thru play”..

In fact,let me show below(in bold) some of the lesson plans which I had done up for Adelle,(Based on the format of lesson plan done up by most infant centres)so that any mummies who happen to pop by my bloggie could roughly understand what do I actually mean by learning through play.


Play activity plan 2 (20th April 2010)

Age Group:  6-12months

Title of the play: Cup Talk

Objectives:Making discoveries

Procedures: Gather several empty cups in a variety of sizes.Place them in a shoe box.Talk into one cup at a time,repeating a familiar sound(eg,your child’s name).Your baby will notice how unusual her name sounds coing out of different cups.


Play activity plan 14 (6th May 2010)

Age Group:  6-12months

Title of the play: Reflections

Objectives: Making Discoveries

Procedures: Help your baby explore mirror images.Show him a rag doll and then encourage her to look at the doll in the mirror.Watch to see if your baby looks back and forth between the real doll and its image.


Play activity plan 20 (14th May 2010)

Age Group:  6-12months

Title of the play:The dog says “woof”

Objectives: Making Discoveries

Procedures: Babies are drawn to animals.Get your baby a set of plastic animals and show her the noise each one make.The dog says”woof”,can you find the dog?


More play dates=growing milestones_//

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Adellexuan @ 9mths 1 week and 1 day old

Another play date,Adelle with Jayvis

I had been out continuously since Monday till today!!Monday,a play date of Adelle with Javier,Tues, Adelle’s 2nd play date with Xiang Ying,and today a Wed,there’s this 3rd play date for Adelle and Jayvis.Adelle gets busier and busier with the mummy who kept arranging such play dates for her.Of course,like said it’s always good for the young infants to interact with one another as part of their growing milestone.

But the poor mummy gonna gets tired if this were to go on for another couple of weeks.So was just telling the daddy,I shall keep both Adelle and myself at home next week for at least 4days.Meaning there’s only one day of a trip out there.Another reason why I wanna bring Adelle out every weekly be it 1 day or 5days is due to one reason.I dun wanna keep her at home with totally no “contact” with the world out there.As infants get real smart with things around them.I don’t wanna let Adelle had the fear in seeing so many “odd people”(strangers) around her if I didn’t expose her from the very beginning.She will be sure to get frighten real easily if I didn’t start her since young.That was the reason why from the very beginning,I had been bringing her out with me no matter where I go.Had started her when she was as young as 1mth plus.

But then by doing so,I had “trained” a busybody daughter who tends to look around as she goes out.Nothing leaves her eyes if she caught something interesting.In fact,very often she will aim whoever in the train or someone who just board the train.As soon as the other party gave her eye contact,my daughter will be sure to give them her greatest smile as seen above(the 1st picture)

Today play date for the 2 kiddos,Adelle and Jayvis was a cute one.The 2 of them was sitting facing opposite each other and started to mumble among themselves,”looking at each other with interest” while the 2 mummies actually chat for the very first time.(our first time for the meet up)Jayvis was 1 week younger than Adelle,also another Jul babies.Mummy Gillian was another young mummy who already had a daughter at the age of 4 yrs old.In fact,she was 2 yrs my junior.Plus had always wanna arrange for the meet up since Jan this year,but couldn’t find a chance to till today.

Nevertheless,I had found another Jul mummy,Gillian which I’m very comfortable in chatting with.So far,I had found a few good Jul mummies which others I find them “yucky”Sorry to use the word yucky,but then there were a brunch of mummies which I find that is always best to keep a distance away except those that are much better in term of characteristics.*smile*


Adelle&XiangYing who shared some resemblance_//

Another play date.This time round with XiangYing who stayed just a few blocks away from Adelle.Another friend who was the same age as Adelle.

The two sweeties

I know there was a couple of play dates that just happened with one or two weeks ago.First with Nicole next with Javier and now with Xiang Ying.Will there be another one coming tomorrow?*thinking*

Whatever it was,play date was fun especially the infant “see”another infant which look like the same as themselves.Just like today,Adelle was so attracted by Xiang Ying that she kept looking at her when she was lying down on the stroller.The funniest part was that,when Mummy Josephine brings Xiang Ying her milky,Adelle looked at it with no blinking of the eyes even though she had finished her milk just 30minutes ago.This show such a greedy daughter I’ve got.

I can still remembered some time ago,I was sharing with Josephine that both Adelle and Xiang Ying share some resemblance.At certain angle,they do look alike.True enough,as We were having our lunch at City Square,there was this aunty who asked whether both Adelle and Xiang Ying were twins!!!*laughs*Whatever it is,both of the 2 kiddos can be good friend when they grow up since their age gap is just 2 weeks in different.

The 2 kiddos do find each other “amazing”by the way they look at each other.It’s another growing milestone that comes.As XiangYing pat the table,Adelle follows.While Adelle pat the table,Xiang Ying follows too.They are like “imitating”what the other party does.

Being having playdates not only for the infants but also for the mummies as well.We could share lots of different ideas and learning together.Especially when the infants is around the same age.(All play dates for Adelle are Jul babies)Therefore,I’m looking forward to more of such gathering before I step into the commercial world again.