Porridge preparation for Adelle_//

Adelle loves to crawl

What kind of expression is Adelle showing me?

Raising her hands high up in the air

Swing swing swing(look at her leg)

Dig out the shapes again,which shape is her fave?

In the end,Adelle had chosen an orange star!!!

Adelle looking serious

What is Adelle looking at?

A close up shot

Daddy imitate the expression of Adelle

While Mummy took a “proper”photo with Adelle

There’s something on for the mummy this morning whereby the daddy gonna take childcare leave to accompany mummy settle something together with Adelle!!Yes,it’s early in the morning with Adelle wakes up at 6am again.Lately she had been doing that.Therefore,we fed her 120ml of milk at 630am,and just before we leave home at 830am,we gave her another 150ml of milk so as to last her till 1130am for her porridge.

Indeed,Adelle simply loves her sweet potato porridge.The porridge which I had woke up at 5am this morning to boil till nearly 8am then only it was ready.(we needed to leave home by 845am)Yes,this little girl loves sweet potato that much which she often cries for more upon finishing.Perhaps,the porridge was sweet itself after added in the sweet potato,fish and pork which explain why Adelle would ask for more.

I did observe that Adelle don’t really like broccoli just like myself.Among most of the veggie,she seems to only like sweet potato.Which Mil had been saying because teochew loves sweet potato,that was why Adelle loves it too!!*sometimes I wonder how true it was??*

As Broccoli and Spinach gave very high IRON,therefore I will give Adelle these 2 type of veggies on alternate weeks.For example,if this week,I give her spinach,next week will be Broccoli.Very seldom I will give Adelle both Broccoli and Spinach in the same week,as these 2 veggies contain Iron which I felt that it’s not too good to place the same type of veggie who had the type of “function” under the nutrition facts.

Sometimes,I do run out of ideas of what type of veggie to give her with her taking 2 meals.(lunch and dinner)Like mentioned earlier,I do want to create a balance diet for Adelle,therefore she must have vegetables,fish and meat found in the porridge.At the same time,it’s real important for the porridge to be very mashy so that she will keep opening her mouth for more.If it’s those watery kind of porridge,be prepared that Adelle will “play”with it and it seems to take ages to finish one bowl of the porridge.

It had seems that lately I had sort of like “became an expert” in preparing Adelle’s porridge for both lunch and dinner with the help of the rice cooker.I can’t imagine of myself standing in front of the stove and stir the porridge again and again while no one is entertaining Adelle wherever she is.Now with the rice cooker,I find it real helpful and most importantly,the rice cooker helped me to prepare very very mashy porridge which is pretty good in a way.

No doubt so,sometimes when I boiled Adelle porridge,even myself would like to have a taste of it for my meals.There was once whereby I actually tried it.Guess what,the porridge was simply so sweet and tasted great!!It’s mainly because I boiled the pork soup stock and boil together with the rice to make the porridge taste sweet and yummy.At the same time,pork and fish do create a little sweetness in them when stir in the porridge of pork soup stock.This is the only reason why I believe Adelle loves it and kept asking for more.

Now at 10months plus,I only gave her one bowl of those “small soup bowl”which we saw outside,those use to put one bowl of rice if you were to take chicken rice.Till date,I had just increase a little amount of it.Seriously,I do not want to overfeed Adelle tiny tummy,plus even if I were to increase the intake,I will do it bit by bit.

As day goes by,it had seems that learning how to plan and prepare Adelle meals is now the most achievements which I had for now.From zero knowledge to “more knowledge”and the skill to prepare it.*smiling*


Adelle's next step of growing milestones_//

Daddy,Adelle and Mummy in Adelle’s bedroom

Daddy,Adelle and Mummy in Adelle’s bedroom

Adelle and Mummy in Adelle’s bedroom

Adelle and Mummy in Adelle’s bedroom

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Learning B for Ball)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(B for Ball or W for Whale?)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Hooray,Adelle chosen Whale in the end)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(She loves the walker from Playskool)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(What had caught her attention?)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Oh,it’s Z for Zebra)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Holding the Zebra)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(H for Heart)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Adelle happy expression while “walking”)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Walking walking walking walking)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Wanna play while “walking”)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(roll roll)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(Enough of walking,now to start crawling again)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(The jumperoo which Adelle seldom use for now)

Adelle@ 10mths 2 weeks and 3days old

(No doubt so,she use the jumperoo to help her to stand)

Video on the way Adelle crawls to “take”her books

These days Adelle had been getting more and more mischievous.When she do something stubbornly(I.e,kept putting her finger into her mouth continuously),I will be firm and gave a “No”expression to her followed by a sentence “Delle,Mummy don’t like it”…Although she don’t much understand what it really mean,but she carried on with her action followed by a smiling face.She knows that I’m not happy and wanna “test my patient”.

We are being a panda these few nights.Basically because,Adelle woke up in the middle of the night,3am and was standing on her playpen(the first night)with the 2nd day,she did that again.This time round at 6am.Not too sure if it’s teething again which made her lose her sleep again.But then,she can be so playful that she will pull herself up while in lying position to standing position.Was glad that we did lower her playpen quite a while back.If not,I wouldn’t think of the consequences if we didn’t do that.

The 1st night was the most tedious part.She woke up at 3am while standing on her playpen.Daddy pat and pat her for a while,and she kept pulling herself up while I’m trying to sleep again.She’s not afraid of the daddy.So the “tiger”(myself)came roaring!I came to her,said the word,lie down and sleep!!Immediately,without 2nd thought,the mischievous Adelle laid down and never to move while I pat her to sleep.

Now one of us gonna be a “gd person”while the other be the “bad one”So happen that I’m the “bad person”It’s again due to my teaching on children years ago which I often “lectured” on the children beside teaching,and normally kids will know when I’m serious and when I’m not.Therefore,I shall be firm to Adelle when there’s a need to,and to “play”around with her at times.As I believed that I can’t be serious and firm to her at all times,there’s a limit to it.While the daddy gonna be her “help”and someone who Adelle can speak  and confide her thoughts to.

With the weekly lesson(LNT),I could see the interest in learning for Adelle.Yes,reason for that to support my “finds”was that she could now “participate”more during the class.Do more hands on activities with me,listen attentively while the teachers teach most of the time except a few times which she wasn’t.Especially on memory game,this was one of the activity which she could do it correctly without any guidance at all which I’m pretty proud for Adelle on doing this.Mainly because we do reinforce this to her each time we gave her lesson at home.

Another 4 more lessons to go before this term ends.The 3rd term will start somewhere in Jul,which we gonna sign her up again till the very last term.Since she is learning something,it’s worthwhile thou.Plus,most likely Adelle’s little playmate Brian might be joining her too for the next term.*smile*


The Schedule for today_//

Adelle with her story book_Baby Touch_(Touch and Feel)

She is going to touch and feel the Fluffy Red Bird

There she was,feeling and touching of the texture.

Now she learns the 4 Primary colors(Red,Green,Yellow and Blue)

Adelle looks as though she is saying Hello to Violet

2nd touch on Violet..

Now Adelle ignores Violet and started to pull herself up using the help of a “wall”???

FInally,she was up and poor Violet was now on the floor…

Seeing this,Mummy put back the Purple Violet on the Purple Bumbo,while Adelle carries on with her activity


A closer shot…

It seems like today is a Saturday to me especially when a public holiday falls on a Friday.It also mean that I will have a day of “early rest”whereby the daddy can relief my duty by taking care of Adelle.Eg like,he can care for her while I prepare Adelle meals(I can fully concentrate on the food),daddy can help to set up the bathing stuff,pack the diaper bag (if we were to go out),give her today lesson ,coax her when she tends to get grumpy when needed to sleep etc etc.

Just like today beside the weekly market trip to Boon Keng wet market,we decided to stay home for the day.Except during dinner today,we stepped into Hougang Mall for dinner say around 6pm and went straight to NTUC to purchase a total of $70+ of stuff.Mostly are Adelle stuff,as the diapers itself already cost $49.90 for 2 pkt.It seems that diaper and formula are the most expensive stuff for Adelle.

Now during the day,just before the arrival of the in laws,Adelle was in the room with the daddy having her little lesson time while mummy was busy in the kitchen preparing her porridge.Today lesson was on Touch & Feel.

I would say this is one great book for the infants to learn to touch and feel at this stage of their age.Simply because now is the time whereby they wanna explore different thing,feel different textures and see different things around them.No doubt I had a couple of such books,I would like to get more such books for Adelle just because,now is the time,so why wait?*smile*

In fact,I do hope to prepare my own teaching aids on texture,but yet to do so due to I had some other teaching aids on hand to be done.Seriously I do hope that for the time being these touch and feel books which I still have can help a little in letting the infant has a feel of it.

Ever since Adelle knows how to pull herself up in the playpen,she had been doing so that often lately!!Yes,she just did that last night and this morning.What she did this morning was that,it’s 630am in the morning with Adelle flipping over her mattress in the playpen,very slowly she use her hand and support herself up and there she goes standing on the playpen,2 hands grabbing the “bar” of the playpen looking at us!!Then both dear and myself gave each other the same look,”at this hour?”(her last sleep time was 12am till 630am this morning)

Since we got up pretty early this morning when Adelle woke up at 630am,we changed for the market quite early and  by afternoon we were quite tired and managed to “grab” a nap just like what Adelle is doing*smile*

Sometimes,Adelle “allows” all of us to sleep for a full 7.5hours,sometimes she don’t and allows max 6hours of sleep.Yesterday was one very good example.

Ever since we had a child,the sleeping time had shorten.Somehow I miss the time when I’m pregnant where I could sleep as much as I like.But once a baby is here,it’s kinda hard thou.One good thing was that,now with Adelle at 10mths +,we can roughly get a full 6-7hrs of sleep compared to the past where we gonna wake up every 2-4hourly.

*As an infant gets older,our sleep became longer compared to the past*


*Copyright@scrape book for Adelle*_//

Hui’s masterpiece of work (Adelle 1st Birthday scrapebooking)

It’s my masterpiece of work which hui strongly give a “thumb down”for it.

As Adelle Birthday is approaching,we are getting excited over it but at the same time wanna do up the “last min”work so that we can relax a little during the last month(June)before her birthday arrives.

As mentioned earlier,I will be doing a scrapebook for Adelle birthday to be “shown”to the guest that comes.With all the excitement,gotten the materials for scrapebooking.The only thing was that the duty of doing up the scrapebook will be given to Hui’s.

Initially I had done up for the 1st 6months of the scrapebook(As shown above),then only did Hui commented that it was not the correct way of doing so.Of course,since Hui had learned the skill to do up scrapebooking,I leave the charge to her.I believe that she can do a better job than me which I realise that I’m right!!!(Look at the picture above of her work)It’s simple yet non complicated,plus not much flowers were input as Adelle headbands are full of different designs/flowers!!

It’s quite an “expensive” investment to do up scrapebooking for the little one.It’s worthwhile thou as it can kept as a keepsake when Adelle grows up beside the normal photos that she had.

Now I had less duty on hand beside the printing of the photos.Oh right,one more thing was to do up backgrounds for different months with the help of the photoshop software.Let me use my “still ok skill” to do up the backgrounds.So I do seem kinda busy no doubt the job for Adelle scrapebook is in the care of Hui.

*Copyright@scrape book for Adelle*


Mummy skills to "multi-task"when there's a little infant at home_//

The smiley Adelle

Adelle who don’t smile sometimes..

When she don’t smile,it means she is interested in my mobile

She started to cry when I took the mobile away

The satisfied look when I return her the mobile

Today,I made her pasta with carrot/tomato sauce for lunch

Another day had passed,it’s the mid of the week,Wednesday.Staying home on day 2,so far so good.(Went out on Mon,and Tues/Wed is a stay at home day)

Perhaps until now I’m still not used to being home with Adelle for the whole of 5weekdays without going anywhere.Therefore there is a need to find my “self-entertainment” ,be it to meet up with mummies or to push the troller on my own,board the train at Buangkok station and off we go to somewhere within the NEL shopping malls for a couple of hours.(It will normally works well this way rather than staying at home,plus this will make the time pass even faster)

Frankly speaking,I had came so far since Adelle was 0mths old till now 10mths plus,every weekly I do have to find my own entertainment,if not being home with the infant will go “crazy?”Plus,I’m the type that needed to go out of the house(even my own mum commented on this),to catch a breath is much better than staying home with the infant.

Sometimes,I do find that it’s still better for me to go back to work than to “plan my weekly routine”…I do hope good news will come pretty soon whereby I can throw back Adelle to my mum for care while I go back to my 9-5 working hours.Some will ask me will I be unbearable if were to go back to work.No doubt so,it’s a natural feeling where I will be since I had been with her since birth till now,exactly 10mths!!!The longer it is,the hardest it will be.But then,I rather be this way than to crack my head regard my weekly routine.

At the very least,I had seen so far of Adelle and had accompany her to the different milestones which she will turn 1year old pretty soon.It’s more than enough for these important stages(0mths to 1year old)

No doubt,I will feel bored staying home for 2 days in a row,but then it does helped me in a way.Firstly,I get to cook 2 meals(lunch and dinner) for Adelle.Secondly,I could give her some “lessons time”.Thirdly she can sleep longer.

In terms of preparing of Adelle meals,her routine,is as follows;

1.Wakes up at 630am to boil the pork soup base(the pork and fish were taken out fr the freezer and transfer to the fridge)

2.By 715am,the soup base is ready to transfer into my Toshiba Rice cooker with the rice for boiling the porridge.(Needed 2hrs30mins to prepare the congee)

3.730am,Adelle will wake up(her time is very accurate) and she will get her 150mls of  milk

4.Rested till 8am,she will start her “self entertainment”with free play,listening to the music,do more talking to her.

5.Once it reaches 930am,I will bathe her and once everything is done up,it should be 10am.

6.She will watch her baby einstein dvd (each time different theme,total of 26dvd)after her bath and this is the time where the congee is ready.(Thks to the rice cooker,which I don’t have to watch the “fire”.The only thing was that I gonna throw in the fish at the last 15mins as well as to steam and blend the veggie in order to throw into the rice cooker when it’s left with 5mins before the congee is ready.

7.By 1030am,Adelle gets to have her congee(Again,thanks to the rice cooker for preparing mashy congee which Adelle loves it so much)Since she took 15oml of milk at 730am,therefore it should be every 3hourly for the next feed,so congee was being served.

8.Normally by 1120am,after rested for nearly an hour,Adelle will start her late morning nap.Very often she will sleep till 1pm.

9.Once she wakes up at 1pm,she will have 20ml of water,30mins later will be her apple puree to be taken.

10.Once the clock strikes 230pm,1hour+ after her apple,she will be given 210ml of milk.(Normally she should drink at 2pm since she had her porridge at 1030am-porridge can last till almost 4hours-,but since she had her apple taken at 1pm,so the milk feed will push to slightly later which is 230pm.

11.At 230pm,this is the time where I will pour the left over pork soup together with the rice and prepare her dinner’s porridge.Again,it’s the help of my rice cooker again!!

12.From 230pm till 430pm,Adelle will start her play time,lesson time(this time on hands on activity)and with nursery songs as background.

13.By 430pm,she will be ready for her next nap since she wokr up at 1pm(every 3-4hourly she needed her nap,if not she will start to get cranky)

14.Once the clock strikes 5pm,the congee is again ready and will be left in the rice cooker to keep warm.Very often,the veggie for both lunch and dinner will be different.If I give her pumpkin for lunch,then I will give her spinach for dinner.I do understand some mummies will steam and blend the same veggie in a huge bowl and use for 2 meals,which I don’t do that.I prefer freshness.(Plus if you were to see,I could jolly well prepare 2 meals together,which I don’t.Reason being,if I were to cook lunch and dinner together and keep in a warmer,the nutrients will be gone by dinner time.Another thing was that the porridge often create “wind”if were to store for too long hours.That was why,I do it seperately)

15.By 530pm,Adelle will be up again.

16.5pm onwards,I will be “real busy”this is the time where I will be busy “cooking the dinner,vaccum and mop the flooring,bathe and feed Adelle at 630pm.But then,it’s the best time of the day,where I get to shower after Adelle finishes her porridge,and watch her baby eintsein dvd while I do that.On top of that,dinner is ready,both Adelle and mummy “are clean” while waiting for the daddy to reach home latest by 730pm.

17.By 745pm,we can have our “lovely dinner”,while Adelle has her puff or melts.Again,when it’s 830pm,Adelle tends to get a little grumpy(she woke up at 530pm-every 3hourly),and by 9pm,she will be sleeping till 10pm.

18.When comes 10pm,Adelle will be up for her last milk feed,210ml whereby she often go straight to bed upon finishing her milk,where the daddy and mummy can rest for the day.

Like for today,I made some changes in Adelle feed.Gave her pasta with homemade tomato sauce.What I did was to boil the pasta(recommended by Mummy Jeslyn for this pasta)and steam/blend the carrot and tomato(Thanks to my steamer cum blender)together to make the sauce.Now the conclusion was that,Adelle loves it!!!Shall make more changes in time to come.

Anyway,this was how I had let the time”run”when I’m staying home without going anywhere.Normally when I’m home with Adelle for the day,I tend to cook dinner.It’s only when I’m out meeting with mummies,sometimes I will cook early in the morning(like boiling of soup)before we go out or might not cook for the day.*smile*

It’s seems like Sherryl had now mastered a little skill to cook (don’t know how to cook a decent meals even when  I shifted in with dear to Coris in year 2007)and taking care of the young infant within finger tips compared to the past.


ღPreparation of Adelle 1st Birthday Partyღ

芷玄宝贝”our lil darling”

芷玄宝贝”our lil darling”

芷玄宝贝”our lil darling”

芷玄宝贝”our lil darling”

芷玄宝贝”our lil darling”

芷玄宝贝”our lil darling”

These day both dear and myself were busy with Adelle’s 1st Birthday preparation.No doubt it was not much of updates about this issue,but then we had been working very hard for it.(Delle,look at how daddy and mummy doted on u)

The status of the birthday preparation was as below;

1:Theme of the Party:Flowers & Stars ..Color themes:*Baby Pink &White…

2: A 2 -tier Birthday cake with the theme Flowers and Stars and color to be Pink and White(Waiting for the drawing from this confectionery.Is a store not a SAHM who does cake for freelance)

3:Photo albums-At least 2 albums or more to be display at the party and 1 scrapebook album (From Birth till 12 mths old photos,with the help of my dear sister,hui-still in the midst of preparing)

4:A mini guest book decorated by Mummy Sherryl(Done)

5:Wall /banner deco(Purchased)

6:Adelle’s dress for the day,hand accessories,shoes(Purchased)now left with the headband,gonna find a matching color for her one color dress

7:Daddy duty was to shortlist some of the caterers.(had emailed 4-5 of them and awaiting for reply)

8:Preparation of guest list.(Inclusive of relatives & friends,so far is about 100 of them,this excluded dear side of relatives as we might be doing for then 2nd day with dear side of relatives-yet to confirm)

9A special gift designed by daddy for Adelle.(A little secret)

10.Lastly,dear and myself gonna find something for Adelle to serve as her birthday present.*cracking our heads)

These are the very simple planning for Adelle 1st Birthday to be celebrated on the 10th Jul 2010 at SAF Changi Seaview Resort.And yes,upon the above list of preparations which we gonna do and plan for Adelle,I know of some stalkers will “definitely”grab some of the above ideas of mine.Such people I call it as no sense of originality.They often follows what others did to make it as their own idea.Seriously I do look down on such people and so happen that I had such “friends”around me who always do that upon seeing my bloggie.

Therefore,I can very well confirm that,there were such  people who so happen to prepare their own children 1st birthday party at the same time WILL FOLLOW my planning as above.I shall wait and see if those friends which I know of will do it and post in their website(photos/ideas in FB or Blog)..

Seriously I will “disown”this kind of people from my friend list if I ever found out this and will find ways to “lock”my blog if I see the same ideas as mine.(it doesn’t happen once but many many times)Lastly,I would say,this is COPYRIGHTED


Javier and Adelle_//

The 2 cuties,the Jul babies lil friends

While Adelle touches Javier shoes,he give a gentle smile

Javier:Are you all right,Adelle?

Adelle:I’m fine,how about you,Javier?

We had another round of meet up again!!It had seem to be a weekly affair for the mummies as well as for the 2 little Jul infants.Especially when both Adelle and Javier was born 2 days apart in Jul last year as well as having the same doctor for delivery(we will normally choose the same date for the check up),it had brings us even closer.

We gossip,have fun,share and learns from each other.Especially the part when we had the same topic in mind,it seems even more interesting to share and talk more about it.Indeed,after so much “hoo ha”with some mummies,I do feel that being able to stick with just one or two mummies is more than having a big group of mummies together.

As such,not many are real “sincere”in befriending.Beside Jeslyn,I know of another 2 Jul mummies who are so much sincere in the way they treated us.I rather befriend such mummies than having a big group of mummies who seem to be  “very good buddy”but not sincere with one another.As such,I do find that both Jeslyn and my character seems kinda alike.We often agreed with each other and shared almost the same ideas of certain things.

No doubt so whenever we are out,I always managed to make Javier smile so happily.Talk about today,I could do just that and he gave me his widest smile.At the same time,as usual Adelle will always give Jeslyn her signature smile again which Jeslyn can’t help laughing at this cutie smile of Adelle.Perhaps the reason why which we can always make the 2 kiddos smile wholeheartedly whenever we meet up might be due to the frequent “mini gathering”we had every week.


School Talk_//

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

*dial dial dial*

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Zhi Xuan*Adelle* is 10mths 1 week and 3 days old

Class with Happy Train today was interesting.In fact,today was my turn to accompany Adelle’s into the class for her Japanese lesson.Adelle shows her interest by clapping her hands and smile at the Japanese teacher upon hearing the music.Somehow or rather,I felt that she  did inherited my “loves” for music plus the urge to KTV in the past.Oh gosh,talking about KTV,it seems that I had long lost touch with it and wonder how will my voice turn out to be like.*can’t think about it*

Adelle was being carried by the various teachers in Happy Train.Yes,in fact all the teachers there carried took turns to carry her.Maybe she was the youngest in the class which explain so.

It’s coming to the end of the term pretty soon,say another 5more lessons to go before the term ends.So far so good as I could see the “changes”in Adelle and she could pick up what was taught during the class week by week reinforcement.As mentioned early,we will let Adelle stay put with the school till end of the year once she completes the 4 terms with Happy Train,so another 2 more terms to go!!

Each time we went for the class,one of the teacher will always commented on Adelle flowery headbands as her “trademark”..It sounds pretty interesting.Just today,the Japanese teacher was asking me how many headbands Adelle had in total?I’m speechless at that moment.It’s not that much nor it’s too little,just that I do mix and match with the different headbands with different flower or normal clips which somehow looks as though there were a lot of it.

Adelle needs more clips or headbands especially to “beautify”her “empty hair”..As she was born with not much hair therefore I wanna Adelle to look more like a girl with headbands.But then,since the last trim which was end of last month or beginning this month(which I can’t remember),Adelle’s hair seems to grow longer !!So perhaps,trimming of hair does help in “growing hair in a quicker manner”….


The night where both Mummy and Adelle stayed home together_//

It’s weekend,something which I’m looking forward to,but then the daddy gonna go back to work since 3pm today till tomorrow,Sunday afternoon.I would say the whole weekend was burned.We decided to go to my parents”new place”located at Marsling after which dear can actually leave both Adelle and myself there before he leaves for work.(His work place is located at Woodlands Checkpoint)

After dear left,I had a good stay at parents place for at least another 2 hours plus before both hui,myself,mum and Adelle left for Causeway Point for our dinner.As Adelle didn’t have a good afternoon nap(only an hour of sleep,and that’s all),therefore I decided to take a cab home after the dinner.Upon reaching home is just 730pm.Very quickly,I bathe Adelle and the moment when the air pot was filled with boiling water.By 845pm,both mother and daughter had finished their bath.As mentioned earlier,Adelle don’t have much sleep during the day,she slept for a while in the cab,and now while I’m typing today’s blog entry,she slept again.Most likely to sleep till 10pm for her next feed before she sleeps again(Provided she is still very tired)..

So for the whole of the night,it shall be only Adelle and myself.I do hope Adelle can be a good girl throughout the night and does hope she can fall asleep again after her night feed.

It’s the 2nd time where dear gonna work in the office(due to some events)throughout the whole night till the next day.The 1st time was when Adelle was still in my tummy,and today the 2nd time when Adelle is with me.I would say during the past,if were to ask me to stay at home alone for the night,I will be so timid that,bags will be packed and off I go back to my parents place.But now,I would say it’s perfectly all right to stay home for the night all by myself.

Since dear won’t be home till tomorrow afternoon,therefore I will be bringing Adelle to Happy Train tomorrow by myself.It’s not a difficult task(since I had always been out with Adelle during weekdays),just that the feeling kinda look weird as daddy will always be with us whenever Adelle started her 2nd term with Happy Train.But the happier side will be,the daddy will be coming to meet us after his work whereby we can “shop around”after the class.*smile*


Adelle solid food +Milk intake_//

The girl who pose

The girl who loves to look at herself in the mirror

As per yesterday blog entry and had been cracking my head of the min requirement of milk intake per day for an infant below 1yr old.Like mentioned ever since I started Adelle on 2 meals per day,I had this “problem” in order to give her 2 meals per day but at the same time gonna give her the min milk intake per day.It was never easy.As such,I had google for such information to let me feel at ease when come to Adelle’s feeds.

Was glad I finally found it!!!From now on,I gonna do Adelle feeding this way(As per below Adelle feeding chart)

730am:180 ml of formula

1030am:1 bowl of porridge

1pm:An apple

230pm:210ml of formula

630pm:1 bowl of porridge(pork stock,one type of veggie and a slice of threadfin)

10pm:210ml of formula(pork stock,one type of veggie)

If you were to see,I gave Adelle 3 feeds of milk with 180ml+210ml+210ml which made up to 600ml of milk intake.In this way,I will stay put at giving her every feed at 3-4hourly.3hourly of milk if it’s 180ml and 4hourly of milk if it’s 210ml of milk.

The min amt of milk intake per day for an infant between 6mths to 12mths is 600ml as per  information given which I had google it just yesterday.See this piece of info,

Once you start adding solids to his diet,the recommendation for a baby established on solids is he should be having approximately 600ml / 20oz of formula milk per day alongside a varied diet until he is a year old. After the age of one, he can move from drinking formula milk to full-fat cow’s milk.


I find this piece of information very true,as many of others which I know of did feed their little infants “more solid food” than milk.Which personally I don’t find it quite right in the initial stage,and when I google for milk intake info,I came across this sentence which support my thoughts.

Don’t let solids replace formula too soon

When you introduce your baby to solid foods at around six months, breastmilk or formula should still constitute most of his nutrition until he’s a year old. Most babies, when they’re getting used to solids, do not eat a wide enough variety of foods to satisfy their growing bodies’ nutritional needs


From now on each time I feed Adelle any solid food,be it simply fruits puree or porridge/cereal,what I will do is start training Adelle in holding her own feeding spoon while eating her solid food.And yes,again I google for such information again.As per below info,I find that it’s high time to start training Adelle to “feed”herself at 10mths of age.Therefore during today solid feeds,I gave her the spoon with her cereal,there she goes hold the spoon with my help and it goes straight into her mouth.No doubt at times,she tend to play with the spoon using the other hand as this is the very first time I started doing this,therefore she tends to find such “game”interesting.It will takes a while to train the little infant just like how I had trained her in showing me where her ears are.*smile*

Below shows real good info for mummies with young infants approaching a year of age.It’s all about sharing thou.If you guys were to ask what had I been up to?Now,by reading those info I had gathered does tells you what I had been doing yea.*winks*

Solids by age: nine to 12 months

Towards family meals

Until now, the goal has been to get your baby used to the idea of solid foods and to ease her into eating with the rest of the family. Formula or breastmilk is still an important part of your baby’s diet. By the end of the first year, though, solid food will make up a significant proportion of your baby’s nutrition.

It’s now easier for her to swallow food, she has more teeth, and the tongue-thrust and gag reflexes that meant she had to be given semi-liquid and very soft food at first should be completely gone.

Her self-feeding skills are improving every day, too. At nine months, she’s probably trying to feed herself with a spoon, though perhaps without much success. By the end of 10 months, however, she may actually get the spoon into her mouth some of the time. Help and encourage her by letting her hold onto the spoon as you feed her.

Now is the time to start introducing minced or chopped foods. Your baby will most likely be eating three meals a day as well as milk, with healthy snacks such as fruit in between meals. Your infant still won’t have the molars to chew food properly until she’s 18 to 24 months old, but her gums will be surprisingly efficient at grinding foods.

She may find it soothing to gnaw on harder finger foods, but do make sure you choose something that dissolves after gumming because of the risk of choking. Be extra careful with small round foods such as grapes – you may prefer to wait a bit longer before giving them to your baby. Try hard-baked crusts of bread, peeled slices of apple, and lightly cooked carrot sticks. You can also offer small pieces of soft papaya and melon to your baby.