Three Learning thru play activities for Adelle_//

Adelle who loves this set of piano

What’s that in Adelle mouth?It’s her porridge

Press the sound that was produced by different animals

I’m teaching Adelle to do up matching game.To match the same color.She is now aiming green,her fave color

On her left,it’s green and now on the right she is trying to pick green/red.Let see if she’s right.

Bingo,Adelle is right!!!!(with no help of mine,she does it on her own)

The matching activity -To match the same color

1st video to show the stacking and knocking down of blocks

“One and a Two and a boom boom down”

2nd video of  stacking and knocking down of blocks(she shows much fun in this video)

“One and a Two and a boom boom down”

The song of ABC with Adelle playing with “musical instrument”

Normally after Adelle afternoon nap say 3pm(this is the time she will normally wakes up),milk will be given and she will keep herself self-entertain in her playpen till around 4pm.Therefore when it comes 4pm,what I will do was to either reinforce what was taught in Happy Train by looking at the homework given,or I will do up my own set of activity for Adelle.

So today,looking at the toys in Adelle bedroom cum playroom.Something strikes my mind.That was to play colors matching game with her.The theme will be colors.So,I had 2 of the same colors item with 3 different colors to place it on her play mat.I taught her once before I let her hands on this activity.The above 3 photos clearly shown how Adelle looks at the various colors and how she finally chosen 2 items in green of the same color.Seriously throughout this activity,I didn’t help her at all and was thinking she might not be able to get the 2 item of the same color together since it’s her 1st trial.But then,I was wrong.She did without my help anyway.

The next activity which was in the video which was known as “One and a Two and a boom boom down”..The main purpose was to get the child to stack up the blocks and to knock it “DOWN” so as to emphasis the word Down.So at this stage,Adelle just got to know a little knowledge on stacking recently and today learns to “knock it down”…Look at the video seeing how much she had love it that all her laughter is being recorded.This is one learning activity which I love it quite a lot.It does not only teaches stacking and knocking down of blocks,it also teaches patient as well.So as the child needs patient to stack up the blocks till the end and finally to knock it down.Eyes and hands coordination as well.

The last activity which I did today was to get the kitchen towel roll and a block to hit together so as to produce music just like a simple musical instrument.While doing so,I sang along some nursery rhymes for Adelle as well.I did a couple of time till the very last part,I passed to her this “musical instrument”.She played along as I sang her a song by “making music”using this “musical instrument”…Gosh,this stage is the time whereby she will learn things strongest and fastest.I must really make full use of it thou.

No doubt so,since I started the above lessons with her at 4pm and ended by 515pm for a whole of 1hr 15mins which made the time past even faster.It’s a good planning of time whereby the time past faster with Adelle learning something at home too.


Mummy Sherryl 1st try on preparing the above dishes_//

My 1st attempt on Korean rice cake with Korean chili paste as the dinner

Again,it’s my 1st attempt for this Braised joint wing with egg and mushroom mixed with noodle

that served as one of the dinner…

Seriously,I’m not a good chef and will never be one.Frankly speaking,in the past I don’t fancy in learning how to cook.It’s only 3years back,then only do I learn some simple dishes from mum.And it’s really simple dishes like how to fried an egg with long beans,how to boil simple soups like peanut/chicken feet.It’s that simple.

No doubt,it’s 3 years already and my cooking skill is still the same as before.Even till now,I can’t cook well and even had the need to call back home and check with mum regard any dishes I wanna cook for the day.Just because I didn’t learn from young,therefore I still need time to make more practice in order to be perfect.*I should had started early*

But I can still remember 2years back when I’m working with YRSL,my nice colleague Wendy will often teach me what type of soup or dishes to prepare.Especially for soup,I will make it an effort to get up early to prepare the dishes and soup,once done will have it store into my thermal pot and let it cook by itself while I prepare for work.It’s till end of the day after a long day at work,the nice yummy soup and dishes will be awaiting for dear and myself at home.Seriously,those are the days that worth recalling of how I made an effort to get up early to prepare the meals for dinner.It’s often 2-3 times per week affair that I will do this.As packing of food everyday doesn’t seems a good choice as we will get sick of the food and also it’s not too healthy thou.

Now as a full time housewife at home,I will make it a point to prepare dinner almost everyday.Those days where we don’t have to take vegetarian,I will boil soup for dinner.But then when the days of vegetarian come,I will prepare something simple with more veggie to go along.

It’s a weekly affair whereby we will always pop by the wet market to buy more groceries for our family.The groceries for next week will often be purchased by every Saturday.Seriously,it does save quite a bit if we were to cook at home than to eat out there everyday.

Now back to the topic of those 2 meals which I had prepared.The first one is Braised joint wing with egg and mushroom mixed with noodle.It’s my 1st time preparing this.Trust me,others had known this dish by finger tip and yet I am still asking around how to prepare this dish.I ever saw in a website regard this dish and would like to try it one fine day.Here I am,finally prepare this dish.Overall,I would give a 8/10 for my 1st try.Although I’m not a good cook,I find that it’s salty and tasty enough just that I deducted the 2 points away due to the saltiness of the mushroom which till now I’m still unsure why is that so as it tasted just nice for the egg and the joint wings.

2nd dish was this Korean rice cake with Korean chili paste(with cabbage,carrot and long beans)..This dish was prepared on the day when we had our vegetarian.Initially I’m still worried of the amount of water to add into the pot and the number of tablespoon of chili paste to add in.As said it’s my 1st try and I’m not a good chef,it makes me kinda worried of eating a tasteless sauce.Overall it turns out pretty good for my 1st try!!!It’s not tasteless,in fact the gravy was just nice that filled with the yummy korean chili paste.Trust me,this time round it’s real tasty and I do find it hard to believe I can mix the water and chili paste nicely that it turn out to be just nice.I would give 10/10 to this dish which I had prepare.It’s not because of my skill,it’s all thanks to the great chili paste which I had bought.The sales person mentioned that this chili had all the ingredient and can be just added with water,it will do the trick.

These are the 2 dishes which I find it tasty so far compared to my “last few piece of works”…Perhaps I should just try harder to prepare different type of dishes thou.



1-2-3 cheee-cha

Adelle,are you looking at the camera?

Adelle loves to pass me whatever stuff she is holding

Adelle fave color,GREEN!!!!

It’s passing activity

See,what’s Adelle doing?She is putting the green toy into the “little pocket”at this rider

Adelle backview.

She’s trying to pull the curtain away so as to face the window and look at the scenery.

There she goes…(Succeeded)

Adelle loves to squat down

And to get up slowly like this…

The totseat which we had gotten from a website

This is the design and how it looks like

Poor Adelle travels with mummy from Sengkang all the way to Bukit Panjang just because mummy Sherryl wanna see the doctor whom she had been seeing for decades(do I seem so old??)Whatever it is,yes I trusted more on Doc choo when I feel sick than any other doctors who are near my area.Firstly,I can’t seem to find any good doctor that “suits my taste” around the neighbourhood,secondly doctors nearby charges quite high rates.(I ever seen one nearby at the cost of $55 which Doc Choo charges max $35 for the same type of medication)

Despite being sick with serious runny nose,bad headache,gastric flu,I still make it an effort to visit Doc Choo as I know the medicines that he gives suit me better and normally takes me max 2 days to be fully recover.Therefore,no doubt that the journey is far,I still find it worthwhile.

This playskool walker cum rider had now became a rider for Adelle ever since she had another walker from Vtech.No doubt so,Adelle loves to lift up the bonnet,pick and drop the green toy.She was taught once or twice before she hands on it herself.So,it had now became one of the fave activity whenever she plays with this rider.

Of course,with the help of this rider.This little woman tends to hold on to it,from squatting position,she turns to standing position and lift the curtain away,stand facing the window by holding on to it.This was one activity which she did today.

Somehow,I do find that Adelle simply loves GUYS!!!!Yes,indeed she does.Each time we on board the MRT,Adelle starts to aim people around her especially guys and each time there was any eye contact,what she will do was to give any particular guy her greatest/signature smile.Of course,this seems to melt that person heart and return his smile to Adelle.

There was a few incidents lately that our little girl simply loves to offer her pacifier to others.Yes!!!Each time she look and smile at anyone,what she will do next was to take out her pacifier from her mouth and started to offer her pacifier to the person.Of course,people tend to smile at her gesture.

We had never taught Adelle how to offer things to others yet.But she is trying to learn to share with others.(of course in a wrong way to share her pacifier)This had made me even wanna teach her the “skill of sharing”..It’s high time to do so now since now is her strongest learning stage.

Another thing was,each time the hand phone charger is on the Tv console,Adelle will just pick and “match”it with the socket switch…Gosh,she learned it from us again..

Adelle learns toes(asked where are your toes,she uses her pointer to point her toes),eyes,nose and mouth this week..At times,she tends to get confuse of her eyes,nose and mouth.

So much about the learning skill which Adelle had learned recently.Now,the tot seat shown above was what dear had gotten it online just yesterday,and today we received the package.(they are fast thou)Now,what is this tot seat for?It’s serve just like a baby chair whereby we can tie it on normal chair with back rest.Once down,the infant can sit into it just like a highchair.Why we wanna get this was because,dear was kinda worried that there might be little or no baby chair in Hongkong,therefore to play safe,it’s better if we can think of some other alternatives.So this tot seat came into his mind.In this way,we can enjoy our meals in Hongkong without the need of worrying whether Adelle had no where to sit on if there’s really no baby chair around.

It’s somehow a good idea to bring this tot seat around with us.Not only Hongkong but is useful in Singapore too..Had actually seen it selling at Mothercare,but again the price was kinda ex.(selling estimate at around $60,but this one which we had gotten costs us a merely of $38 which was so much cheaper and of almost the same quality)

*It’s so much about baby stuff*


Adelle tried her stacking activities_//

The stacking game

Adelle stacks the 3rd level of this activity…

These 3 colors of stacking game was done up by Adelle.I did not help her at all.

Now the next activity,to stack up the bricks(a total of 6 pieces)

Adelle needs help in stacking the bricks….

There goes the bricks….

This morning,Adelle wakes up at 7am for her milk feed and without knowing,I went back to prepare the porridge for her lunch.Just when I went back to peep on her around 8am,she went back to sleep.She seldom did this as once woken in the morning,she will not go back to sleep.I bet she must be tired with all the crying last night.

As such,I’m wondering was it due to teething again,or was it because she had played a little too much during the day time that leaded to this.Plus,I’m feeling sick due to the bad runny nose,bad headache,shivering as well that made me wakes up on and off during the night time.Whatever it is,I hope to get well pretty soon so as to get back my usual self again.

The above stacking activities which I had played with Adelle this morning was of different materials.The colors stacking game was something which Adelle had more confidence with.She could stack up without any guidance as shown for a few time before at home and also in class.

The spongy bricks,she will have a little difficulties to stack it well.Just one or two try,she gave up and tried to push everything down.I’m going to figure it out what causes this?It might be due to the lack of practices with the bricks compared to the colors ones.

At least 2 months ago,when the teachers at Happy Train taught Adelle about stacking up the items from big to small.She always had the problem to pick and stack.In fact,she is not doing it at all in class.Therefore,each time after class,I will try to reinforce to Adelle what was taught in class and the homework given by the teachers that was taught on the very same day.

2 months later,Adelle could do it freely without much difficulties which I felt that our effort(dear took over during the weekends)had finally paid off.Like said,it’s always the case when practice makes perfect.Beside that,now is the very best time to learn whatever that the child come across as the learning abilities for now is at the strongest end.


Adelle's trip with us to Bishan,Toa Payoh N Novena_//

Adelle at Mos Burger,Bishan Junction 8

Adelle is having her yogurts,the melts….

Adelle  pulls,pulls,pulls

Holding my hand,Adelle goes standing up,trying to walk.

Look at how satisfied Adelle was

Adelle was happy when she hold her “yiyi and my hand,trying to walk for a short distance

Another satisfied look of Adelle

Mummy and Adelle @ Novena

Adelle and her 2 “yi yisssss” at Novena

For this week,there will be 2 days I will be bringing Adelle out for a shopping trip.Today is one of them.Had met my 2 sisters and mum for a chit chatting session,for drinks so that we can chat just like we used to be.It had been long ever since we get together and chat like there’s no tomorrow.That’s women,who loves to chat till the sky gets darker without knowing it.

Had arrange to meet up with Ning,after her half day at work over at Bishan till mum came along.Hui came shortly after which,and by the time we decided to pop by Novena was already 4pm.We could chat for 1hr 30mins and ongoing before we decided to leave the place where we chat.The atmosphere was back again,just like when we were at our old home,Bukit Panjang.I could still remember when Adelle was still in my tummy and when I went back for a short stay at our old home,the 4 of us could chat till the clock strikes midnight and we can still carry on.How nice that the feeling was back today.

Of course,Adelle kept very still and she “self-entertain”herself by looking at the people around her,people who walked past,people who work there.This shows how “kaypoh” my daughter was.

Another reason to get over to Novena was to get the korean rice cake,the korean chili sauce.This was because I wanna prepare korean rice cake with my cabbage,carrot,the chili sauce for our dinner on Wednesday during our vegetarian day.(If you were to see,I didn’t add any fish/meat stuff)

In fact,I know what I wanna prepare for dinner from tomorrow till Thurs,just that this korean rice cake shall serve as the dinner for one of these 3 days.The rice cake inspired me when both Mummy Josephine and I went to the Korean store at Novena last week.While she got her stuff from the korean store,I saw a “small store” next to this korean store,selling the same korean food with lesser variety.What attracted me was the rice cake and was telling Mummy Josephine that we can actually come back for this.So today,since I’m at Novena,was thinking to get it might as well.Shall feedback more of the taste for the korea rice cake and chili.


Adelle is going to HongKong,her 1st oversea trip_//

Adelle’s 1st oversea trip to HongKong

Yes,it’s confirmed!Dear and myself will be bringing Adelle for her 1st oversea trip to HongKong comes Sept 2010.We had the air tickets,accommodation booked just this afternoon.It’s a package of Free & Easy tour of 5 days 4 nights.Charging per pax at $735.As for Adelle,she had to sit on Mummy’s lap but with a cost of air ticket of $150.

It’s of a great timing that we can depart Singapore very early in the morning and comes back from HongKong in the late evening.We will be taking United Airlines from T3.Reason being for taking UA was that,the timing was great compared to Cathy Pacific.

There will be a total of 8paxs traveling together.It’s going to be a great challenge for me to take care of an infant.The very 1st time Adelle travels,I’m sure we will be ended up with tired minds/bodies upon coming back to Singapore.Now I do hope there will be a baby cot(we did request for it)in the hotel for Adelle to sleep during the night.Can’t imagine if there isn’t,I bet dear and myself gonna take turn to care for Adelle during the night time.

Our next “to-do-list” is to jot down what are the stuff to bring along for Adelle.It’s a lot of things to bring for Adelle.Now we had Adelle with us,therefore her stuff are much more important than ours.

It’s never easy to travel with an infant,but I hope to do this so as to train myself,to take up this little challenge so that I know what is expected of me in the future.Of course,was pretty excited over this trip,no doubt it’s my 2nd trip there,but it’s different atmosphere with my mum going with us,the in laws too!!!!


Check it out!_//


Adelle gives me back her Medela milk bottle after her milk feed

Now,Adelle looks “stuck”

Adelle shares her toy with me by giving it to me each time she plays around with.

Adelle wanna get something back from me..

One hand with milk bottle,the other hand with a toy

Adelle looks at the camera.

Adelle loves this walker too much

Something caught her attention,that’s daddy!!!!


Off we go to Chinatown!!

The start of today was to go to the market as usual.We were there pretty late say around 830am,had Mcdonald breakfast whereby Adelle tasted her very 1st hotcake,that’s the pancake from Mcdonald thou.She loves it quite a bit no doubt there wasn’t any taste..(no honey syrup was given)Knowing that at age 1,Adelle could taste any type of food,therefore the pancake shall be her very first of outside food beside the bread muffin from Mcdonald just before she turns 1 some weeks ago.

The marketing/groceries for next week meals(for ours and Adelle) was purchased which made us leave the market,clean up the house before Adelle goes for her afternoon nap.She was too exhausted as the nap took just a merely 2hours and don’t have any more nap after she woke up at 2pm till she dragged say around 830pm then only she is in bed.Reason being was,we went down to Chinatown in the evening to check out the rates for HongKong package..Airlines given was either Cathy Pacific,SQ,Jetstars or Tiger Air(which I’m not so fancy of)

After calculation,booking from tour agency seems cheaper for now than to book on our own(which we always used to do so before we got married,got married and before we had Adelle)It’s always much cheaper to book online be it the airlines,accommodation each time we went traveling the last time.But then the price is rather steep if we were to book through ourselves this time round.(I wonder why)Furthermore,Adelle needs to pay a certain amount too no doubt she will be seated on my lap,but still there’s a need to pay too.

Nevertheless,how great it will be if Adelle gets to travel this time round with us for the very first time.(Used to be just dear and myself)Seriously,am looking forward to this short trip,a 5days 4nights tour with dear,Adelle,dear family and my family.It gonna be a bigger group.(triple the size than we travel alone)Therefore,hope nothing goes wrong that will bring us for this tour pretty soon..


Food/food storage for Adelle_//








Carrot,fish and pork porridge that Adelle loves.

Adelle porridge often comes in either sweet potato with fish/pork,broccoli with fish/pork,cauliflower with fish/pork,carrot with fish/pork etc.For example if during the day when she had carrot,during the evening she will have something in “green” as in more leafy such as spinach,broccoli etc.As I personally don’t feel good in giving her the same “color” of veggie for 2 meals.*call me stingy*

So the above mashy porridge is more towards Adelle taste.Yes,she don’t like porridge in watery form,she want something thick which I gonna cook for a longer hours with the rice cooker.It’s normally 2hours 30mins for me to get very thick mashy porridge.She simply loves such texture be it porridge or cereal.Adelle follows the mummy who loves mashy stuff.

Just recently,I came along a place selling tupperware!!!Yes,I had been asking/check around for people to sell it,but to no avail.Was kinda glad that I finally found someone selling it with their company over at the west side of Singapore.

What cause my attention was one small cutie tupperware that comes in the color,lime.I find that the size was great whereby I can store Adelle finger foods whenever we are out.Most importantly,it’s air-tight.I had a few big ones at home for storing Adelle finger foods(those in larger packet or in bottles),but those smaller size tupperware for bringing out,I’m still looking for it till I saw the one I want recently.

Why I’m so supportive of tupperware was that it doesn’t have any toxic and will be very safe for the growing children for the storage of food taken by them.I will upload the photos of the tupperware in my bloggie pretty soon,and do hope for people around me who wanna get it,I will be glad to purchase for them at a discounted rate.


The learning of something new each time a child grows_//

Adelle,our little smiley girl

Showing us her gentle smile

She loves to do this kind of pose

That’s my walker said Adelle..

This “look” a little like the daddy

Adelle showing us her cheeky look again

Showing us her “sian-ness”

Our toddler,Adelle is going to present to us how she “walk” with the help of the walker

She walked!!!

Baby Touch(feel and touch book for infant/toddler) which I had always feel that it’s very good for the learning child

Ever since Adelle is learning how to walk,she tends to hold the walker and tried walking around almost the whole house with it.The  most difficult time had arrived whereby I gonna bend myself down in order to “walk together” with Adelle each time she wanna try to do so with the walker.

It’s part of the learning process whereby there’s a need for her caregiver,that’s me who took care of her the whole day by “moving”around the house with her when she started on the process of how to walk.It was never easy,no doubt so I guess this is another chance to give me a good exercise in the long run.

And yes,Adelle loves to use this walker to move herself round the house.As for the normal walker(those that can sit in type) was so call not too good for the child leg development no doubt during the past we had been using that.(I even had the urge to buy it)Therefore I shall stay put with just this walker as a learning instrument for Adelle from now till she finally learns how to walk.

Of course,a good Pre-walker shoes was pretty important too.Had placed order for Pediped shoes at least for more than 1mth ago,but then it seems that the departmental store had not get back to me whether they could manage to get the size which I want.(size 12mths to 18mths)

So,I suppose it’s high time I order from the website which they had in-stock as well,which I’m pretty sure they will deliver the goods in between 1-4weeks time since the goods are there in their warehouse.

Lately,Adelle shows sign of drinking from a cup,whereby she tends to “pretend”drinking when I gave her a cup upon bath time.I suppose it’s high time I start training her in using a cup.I don’t wanna be any “kiasu” parents who wanna the child to do everything in the fastest way.It depend varies whether the child is able to catch up the speed we parents want or not.

I wanna go slow with Adelle as I know there’s lots of things which Adelle tends to take a longer time to learn/know.For eg,the abilities to learn how to walk/stand without support,the amount of teeth grown etc.Therefore when I saw the signess she gave of using a cup,perhaps I should just give her a trial on using the cup and see how it goes as I believe in no “forcing” on a child if they are not able to do so.There’s a need to stop if after a few tries.

Another milestone about Adelle lately was,she tends to use her pointer to try pressing the lift button each time we wanna take a lift.Yes,she will start doing so every time we take a lift.In fact,Adelle will “aim” at the lift approaching(at least some distance away) and started to lift up her pointer

So we will tell her this is a lift and we needed to press the lift button just like what Adelle is showing us now.Needed to press the lift button so that the lift will come and bring us up to the level we want to go.She is learning to understand our words,and beside this,it’s her eye coordination that made her learn this behaviour each time she saw us doing so when we “needed a lift”

The Baby Touch book which I managed to find it at Jurong East Popular today selling at a real cheap rates of 3 for $20.It’s a good deal thou.The usual price for one big size of Baby Touch costs $19.90 and yet they are selling at 3 for $20.Oh boy,I had got myself a cheap deal.

I had always like this Baby Touch books with different themes.Had gotten 3 themes of the book and teaches different stuff.Why do I emphasis this book was it can feel and touch,and it’s always good for the growing infant/toddler to learn how to feel and touch(fingers/hands coordination) at the same time of the different texture they see(eye coordination)

It is always good for the growing child to feel different type of texture so that they will know what type of texture each item feels like.It will enhance their learning abilities as well.


Gaining knowledges from one another_//

Toddler Adelle N Toddler Xiang Ying

In the changing room

This Apple snack was great.

Had a little meet up session with Mummy Josephine and Lil Xiang Ying to Novena.There was lots of “chit Chatting” session from the moment we meet till we part.It’s all about the sharing of babies stuff.Indeed,I long for such meet up whereby we share and learn things from one another.It had seem that both Xiang Ying and Adelle had lots of things in common.Their gestures shown in every way.

When the 2 kiddos get more “warm up”they had seem to know each other better and “played” along well by pulling each other pacifiers.It goes “you pull mine,I pull yours”..It’s sort of like an interaction between the 2 toddlers.Toddlers interact in this way whereby this is the only way they understand and will react.

Was telling Mummy Josephine that,the teacher from LNT was sharing with me to build/train up the kiddos jaw muscle by blowing in front of them.We can simply place a piece of leave on our palm,and had it blow and show it to the child.It helps thou.

Therefore,lately I had been showing such activity to Adelle,all she does was to watch me closely but I know she was learning.What’s made me say so?It’s because each time I did an activity with Adelle,all she did was to watch me doing so till a few times of tries,she did it on her own without my help!!!I.e;Just like the Big/small container with big/small fruits to put it on the correct size of containers.Adelle did that without my help just recently.*It depends a lot on her cooperatively and mood as well*

That was why I kept emphasising on getting /doing more teaching aids for Adelle in order to hands on in front of her,with after a few tries,once she catch hold of it,she will learn and do it from there.That’s what learning is all about.

Saw this apple snack above?Was recommended by one of my mummy friend who had a son at 15mths old.She was sharing with me that this snack works well for her son and was telling me to try it on Adelle.Sure I did once Adelle turns 1 yr old.(Meant for a year old)I had a try on it,it’s tasted great and will melt in the mouth just like all her puff and melts.Therefore,it’s another snack which we can try on them.

I gave Adelle Happy melts/yogurt,Happy puff,Baby bites and recently this apple snack whenever we go out.I’m looking at some other finger food as well if I happen to pop by any places and will be glad to share it here with my dear readers.