Adelle picks and drops the various buttons(Enhance counting too)_//

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle learns to pick and drop(Part 1)

Adelle learns to pick and drop(Part 2)

Recently as we walked past those vending machines,I saw many pretty cute small watches.In my mind,I wanna let delle have a feel of what is a watch and what it was like?Therefore,we inserted $3 coins into the machine and there it came a pink sweet hello kitty watch for delle.She loves it!!Initially she had wanna take it out from her wrist,but after one/two tries,she gave up and each time I put it on for her,she don’t touch it anymore.*At the very least,I managed to put on a watch for her*

Each time I had asked,”delle,where is your watch?”she turned and look at her watch on her wrist.She knows that is a watch which she was wearing.

On top of that,each time I played on her hands on activities,I began to realised that delle is pretty good in her fine motor skills but was not too good with gross motor skills.If you were to see,each time I do any hands on activities(fine motor skills),she can mastered it within a short time,using her fingers pick and drop any items without much hassle.When it comes to gross motor skills like walking,she is far behind others.Yes,although she could crawl freely without much difficulties,push the walker and walk,but then it was already what others had done /already know before delle can do it.

Seriously,this was what others had been saying,some kids are good in fine motor skills while others are better in gross motor skills.So,delle is better in fine motor skills and was kinda slower in gross motor skills.

As I sit down and think about it,could it be the reason that delle attended school with Happy Train(previously Little Neuro Tree) since 5months till now(13months)and tons of hands on activities were given using fine motor skills,that was why she is better in this?On top of that,I did reinforcement at home too.Like said,it’s always good to do “homework” at home after the class with what they had learned that particular week.This will enhance them even better of what they had learned.

*The above videos are the new activity which I introduced to her at home today.She was pretty good at it when picking and dropping of the buttons.*


Teacher's Day gifts from Adelle to the teachers_//

Adelle is on her way out for class with Happy Train(Formerly Little Neuro Tree),look at those bunches of flowers behind her stroller!!

Getting frustrated after the long train wait.

The flowers & the bookmarks alike scrapbook for the teachers!!!

For 艾薇老师

For Yoko Sensei

For Kawa Sensei

For Teacher Peiqin

For Teacher Jacqueline

It’s class again.Something different today was Adelle gonna presents her Teacher’s Day gifts to all her teachers in Happy Train.Yes,delle had been with Happy Train for more than 8months,time flies.It so happen that Teacher’s Day falls on next Wednesday whereby delle had no lesson on that day.Therefore we decided to pass those gifts to the lovely teachers today.

As the daddy gonna go back to the office for a while,so I will be bringing Adelle for lesson as well as to pass those gifts with myself holding one end while delle holds the other end of the gift for each individual teachers.It was a lovely experience with myself being a parent now,passing the gifts together with my daughter for her teachers.Things had changed,at the very least,I’m not collecting any gifts,but to present gifts to the teachers of my daughter.The feeling was so different.

Every teachers were so glad with the gifts.I believed that delle was the only student there to use scrapbooking as a gift for Teacher’s day.It was supposedly to be a bookmark alike scrapebook and would very much serve as a bookmark thou.

Do hope that the teachers love the gift which my sister dearest had prepared for me.Thanks again,hui for the wonderful job.You deserve a treat from me!!


The 4 Golden Words that I'm training Adelle months back.

Have a taste of what I had prepared?

What’s on Adelle hands?

That’s one of her fave toy,the pumpkin

The kind of expression

And this is Adelle fave spoon..Look carefully,it’s green!!!!

Stand for a few seconds

Adelle is learning to drop various shapes

Adelle store the shapes into the bonnet

*Adelle finds the hidden object*

I had started emphasising the four golden words on Adelle saying when she was as young as 6months old whereby she started to understand a bit of things..That are “Please,Thank you,I’m sorry,Excuse Me,”

Yes,these are the 4 golden words that are needed to come out from the mouth of a child in the long term to build up good characteristic.Very often each time delle gave us anything from her hand,I will use the word “Thank you”.I find that this is very important as in the long run,delle will slowly catch this good behaviour and uses it whenever others pass something to her.It starts training from young and this I had always believed.

Each time I needed to get something “out of her hand”(stuff that are not suppose to be holding in her hand for long),I will use the word,”Please” and it goes,”Adelle can I have the XXX please?”Most of the time,she will look at me for a second before giving me the particular item unless it’s something she loves it and is new to her.If not,I will be using the word please for a couple of times.

As for the word “I’m sorry” often comes into the picture whenever I accidentally did something wrong like pull something out from her hand without saying the word Please.Each time I do so,I will be telling her,”I’m sorry Adelle”..Never feel “ashamed” of saying sorry to a child.As in early childhood teaching,be it an adult or a child,so long as you did something wrong,it’s still courtesy to say sorry.In this way the learning child will know that whenever he/she did something wrong,the word sorry must go into the picture.I had seen why some children refused to open their mouth and say sorry simply because,at home they seldom come into contact with the word “sorry”,this often build up the stubborn character whenever they did something wrong and refused to say “I’m sorry”

Whenever we had play time with Adelle,at times when I needed to move from one place to another with Adelle blocking my way,I will use the word “Excuse me,Adelle”..This teaches her to say excuse me whenever she needed something to be done before she gets her way.

I’m glad,or rather pretty glad that I had successfully start teaching her on these 4 golden words as young as 6months old.Till now,she feels real happy whenever I used the word “Please and Thank you”Especially the word “thank you”,she will be so happy that she claps her hands upon hearing it.Starting young to introduce these 4 golden words are pretty important

Above are 3 videos of the various stuff which Adelle did today during the lesson.She is still learning about different shapes which will takes a while for her to fully master the different shapes.There’s a video regard memory activity which the teachers at Happy Train did it with her,now home with Adelle,I had reinforced with her again.The last video on storing game.Adelle simply loves to store all the shape toys into the bonnet.

Have fun browsing through these videos!!


Staying home means allowing myself to do more work_//

It’s another activity [Open and cover]

Pink or Blue

Another good hands on activity

Use bottles to learn how to “open and close” the cover

Loves her walker

To learn alphabets

This congee filled with,猪肉肉头soup stock ,threadfin,potato and 猪肉肉头

The Shanghainese rice cake stir fry with pork,prawns,cabbage and mushroom

Being a SAHM is somehow not easy.The schedule for Tuesday was kinda tight where I gonna prepare the meals for delle,myself and dear.In fact,it’s a 2-3 days affair for such busy occasion whereby I gonna prepare delle meals plus our own dinner.On top of that,I gonna do teaching with delle.

Shall start with the preparation of delle meals.Well,ever since delle was 9months old when I first introduced fish to her,she had been taking only threadfin from 9mths till 1yr old.Cod fish only came into the picture when she was after a yr old.In another word,delle only took either threadfin or cod fish all these while.Reason being was because these 2 fish are consider the “higher end”fish and is better for the growing infant/toddler when they have their first food especially before they reach 2yrs and above.So,marketing to be done every weekly with a slice of $10 threadfin or cod fish for delle is a must and can often lasted her only a week.

As for the pork which delle took was 猪肉肉头 .Again,this is consider a better kind of pork for the child.Another one is pork fillet which is another higher end of pork.At the same time,I used 猪肉肉头 to boil the soup stock for delle as well.Some might ask,why need such expensive pork to boil soup and throw away the 猪肉肉头 after the boiling.Well,I believed that the nutrient is already in the soup itself after the boiling,therefore even if were to eat the pork doesn’t serve much purpose.

For the veggie wise,I’m trying to give delle all sorts of veggie.But then for those too cooling type of veggie,I won’t introduce to her till later age.(mostly after 2 yrs old)Plus our daughter loves mashy porridge,she will reject any watery porridge.*poor rice cooker,gonna work harder*

On top of that,you can see this mummy who prepared delle lunch and dinner every day as well as our own dinner too.Just take today’s example,I cooked again.This time round the Shanghainese rice cake stir fry with pork,mushroom,cabbage and prawn.It’s not a hard dish to prepare as I did check with mum the preparation of this dish.So while I cook,delle will be either in her playroom playing with her toys,or she will be in the kitchen,playing with my pots and woks just like today.

Comes to the hands on activity,the opening and closing of bottle.This activity was done in school by Happy Train.What I did was to reinforce it at home with her each time I had extra time.It was a good activity whereby it enhance on eyes/hands coordination.Delle needed more practices on this activity.

A day at home gave me more time for more work to be done.From the moment delle wakes up,the preparation of delle lunch and dinner,feed her,bathe her twice per day,prepare the daddy and mummy dinner,do teaching on her,vaccum and mop the floor(a must to do everyday),or to do laundry if there is any,all these will be done on the days we stayed home.Very often,I will get all these done up just before the daddy stepped home at 720pm,dinner will be served shortly after.We normally try to end the day with a bonding session with delle(either to teach or play around with her) that starts at 745pm.It will last for an hr plus till 9pm before delle goes to bed.We will normally be free and able to relax after 9pm.


What happens on the 24th Aug during home stay_//

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

Adelle *芷玄*

As per my previous post earlier,I had gotten this Bellamy’s rice porridge for delle.Therefore today,I had it tried on her together with the vegetable puree.Just veggie and rice porridge,no fish and pork for lunch due to the 15th of the month and I wanna delle to practice on taking half day vegetarian on every 1st and 15th of the month.

The conclusion was,delle simply disliked this Bellamy rice porridge.Frankly speaking,I tasted too and find it real yucky.No wonder she refused it.So far,I felt that Happy Bellies cereal tasted much more nicer in terms of smell or taste.Happy Bellies is still the best cereal.A pity it ran out of stock now whereby I needed to check if there’s any left over stock from others who had organized from previous spree.I guess,this is the only solution I can get from others rather than to wait for the stock to come into the store which will be too late by then.Partly was because all along,ever since she started solid,I had been giving her Happy Bellies cereal even until now.No doubt she refused other brand of cereal.

Home with her the 2nd day of not going anywhere.It gave me more time to relax,coach her,doing housework on my own pace.This is something pretty good for staying home.But somehow,the boredness is there.After finishing what I can do,there’s still tons of time left till I start preparing her for the 2nd bath in the evening.Very often,I will make full use of this afternoon time while delle naps to prepare for tonight’s dinner,writes blog and do research on lesson plan,read on what to expect for the toddlers as well as jot down what to prepare and plan for dinner the next week round.(By doing so,I get to know what to buy for Sat marketing)

Just this morning,when I did a lesson plan with delle regards “blowing skill”….I will place a piece of tissue paper/soft paper on my palm and I go blowing off the tissue paper from my palm.Delle looks at it with excitement!!She wanna try it by grabbing the tissue paper,but then instead of blowing it off,she crashed the tissue paper away.Well,it’s part of learning for her to slowly understand what was expected of her through this activity.

Another activity which I did on her was “learn to follow instructions”.I gave her the fave soft toy,pooh baby and asked her to kiss the soft toy,hug the soft toy and rock the soft toy.She did it for the above instructions given!Yes,she did it without myself to demonstrate the instructions to her.I guess the reason being was once in a while everyday,I will do such activity with her by showing her what is hug,kiss.She follows.I didn’t teach her on how to rock the soft toy,and I do up a demo to her of what is rock.With 2 times of demo,she did the 3rd round correctly.*well done delle*This is the period whereby she will learn to “follows/imitate”what she sees.

Again,I reinforced the stacking activity with her this morning too.She played with her stacking toys and had pretty good time over it.The video shows it all.*smile*


Adelle's best organic food/snacks from Happy Bellies Family_//

The girl

Some of the new stuff for Adelle meals over at Hongkong comes 2 weeks from now

Bits by bits,I gonna start buying some of the cans vegetables or fruits puree,cereal,”porridge”,finger foods and start packing into the baggage for delle delle meals/snacks over at Hongkong 2 weeks from now.It gonna gets tedious as time gets closer.

Decided to let delle delle try on this Bellamy’s rice porridge.On the same time,the Happy Bellies cereal will be bringing it along with us too so that she can have both cereal and porridge on those days in Hongkong.The good question was,now the Happy Bellies cereal ran out of stock for all the organic store in Singapore.There was simply no way I can bring extra cans to Hongkong unless the stock comes in before We depart for Hk.Good thing was that,some time ago during a spree,I purchased 3 cans and now I still have the one and only one left over Happy Bellies wholegrains cereal and this shall be the only can of cereal for some of Adelle meals in Hk.

Therefore,there was a need for Adelle to try on this Bellamy’s rice porridge and if she is okay with it,we shall purchase a few more packets of this.Reason why I don’t wanna get Healthy Times,Earth Best cereal was due to delle delle dislike on the above brands.Not sure why,but she simply loves only Happy Bellies Cereal.I do hope the stocks do comes in before we leave for Hk.

Now,the can of vegetables and fruits puree.I believed that there is no way for me to prepare any vegetables or fruits at all in Hk.Therefore,such cans of fruits/vegetables puree sre very important to me during our short stay there.No doubt I strongly don’t believe in all these and often preferred making my own vegetables/fruits puree in the past or even sometimes until now.But then,for can purees,I believed it will be of good help to me beside it’s not more than 10meals which I will feed her with such purees.Therefore,brands of such can purees are very important to me as well.

I had seen lots of good feedback regard this brand, Organix can puree.Therefore had decided to give it a try.Not sure if it’s real good,even for the price for a can is so much expensive than other brands like Healthy Times,Hipp,Organic Only etc.If it’s good,I gonna get 2-3cans more to packet into the baggage comes next week.

Now,my worries was the finger food as delle delle seldom or don’t like other type of finger food except for Happy puffs and Happy melts(both under Happy Bellies)..If you were to see,I had a daughter who only took Happy Bellies family kind of food,be it for finger food,cereal.So,the “kiasu” mummy bought 2 cans of Happy puff(in case it ran out of stock),but not so lucky for Happy melts.(It’s delle delle fave of all and even the mummy)

Some months ago,because Happy melts ran out of stock,I gonna order from spree,and when delle delle just finish her last packet of happy melts,it ran out of stock again!!*gosh*Same thing as the cereal,it will come around the same time,plus and minus 1month from now.I suspect there is no way for me to get any more melts for her and gonna make do with the 2 bottles of Happy puffs which I had gotten 1 week plus ago.


What's to prepare as a gift for Teacher's Day_//

Adelle,just before we leave home for the class with Happy Train

What’s Adelle looking at?

The blue square

Read to go for class

Adelle with Teacher Peqin of Happy Train

Adelle with Teacher Ivy of Happy Train

Kawa Sinseh with Adelle

Adelle with Teacher Jacqueline of Happy Train

Adelle with Yoko Sinseh

Every Sunday,we will be busy with the class that Adelle attended at Happy Train.Be it to pack all her stuff inclusive of food so that I can feed her out there.There was far too many things to pack when bringing a toddler out.Sunday is always the day whereby dear will be there to help me whenever I get her ready before leaving the house.

Now,Teacher’s Day is just around the corner.Therefore today,I took some photos of the teachers from Happy Train together with Adelle so that I can get Hui to make the scrapbook kind of gift to serve as the Teacher’s Day present for the teachers and some “goodies bag”

Just last week,I had gotten the scrapbook stuff.This week,for today class,my duty was to prepare the teachers for taking a piece of photo with Adelle so that I can store it into the scrapbook.Oh my,do I consider great in thinking of doing up a scrapbook kind of present for the teachers,as I often find that this is something meaningful rather than cards or table deco.I hope to see the end product to get even better.


Understand more about family commitment_//

Kwey tiao soup on Tuesday dinner

Mee siam(paste from Sheen supply) for Wednesday dinner

Vegetarian fried rice for Friday dinner

The preparation for baking a marble cake

The recipe for the marble cake

Final step before pouring into the cake baking tin

Baking in process(I used a pan to bake instead of an Oven)

Last check to see if the cake is done

Finally,here comes my marble cake..

I had a new hobby now.That’s to bake a cake.During secondary school days,we had this home economic class which I had enjoyed no doubt I can’t do it well,but I had a little interest in baking,be it cookies or cakes.

Months ago,I had purchased this cake baking tin from Ck Tangs from one of the demo instructor that sells this pan known as Super B.Well,I had one of this pan at home and I just needed to get the cake baking tin from them and I can even bake without the oven.Just the super B pan together with the cake baking tin on the stove will do the trick.Reason why I had gotten this Super B pan was I had seen a lot of how this lady do demo on this wok.In fact it’s almost every lunch hour whereby I will spend at least 10mins standing in front of her,seeing how to stir fry veggie,egg and alsmost how amazing this wok can bake a cake.(I used to work at Orchard area whereby I can afford to see the demo almost everyday)

It’s laziness again that I simply refused to bring out my Tefal Oven out from the bomb shelter.Therefore I shall try to bake cakes next time round with this amazing pan of mine.Tefal oven can wait till I bake cookies.The very first time trying to bake a cake using the pan.Was glad that it turns out pretty well except for some “ugly work”+I used rose essence instead of vanilla essence(couldn’t find it at the 2 super market I went to)

I guess for now,this shall keep me occupied whenever Adelle naps in the afternoon.I shall look for more chiffon cake recipe so that I can make more and practice on my baking skill.But then,it gonna be more work done and I hope I can do it thou.

The 3 dishes which I had prepared the last week for dinner was kwey tiao soup,(non vegetarian day)mee siam(vegetarian day) and fried rice(vegetarian day).Yes,I cooked for 3 days except for Monday and Thursday.The feeling was great,but then it was not easy thinking of what to prepare especially on the days whereby we have vegetarian.Therefore I needed to source for more “vegetarian food”recipe.On top of that,during the whole of lunar 9mths,I gonna take vegetarian for a month.So it’s even more needed for more vegetarian recipe.

Seriously,being staying home with Adelle not only did I learned about the preparation for bathing,feeding,playing,sleeping of an infant,I learned about how to “recycle” groceries.In another word,I learned about what I can make full use of cooking the same type of veggie some other day either for my lunch or for the dinner 2-3 days later so that I won’t waste the veggie.Well,it took me a few months to learn all these as previously I can’t do it at all and will often put the veggie to waste.

Therefore,staying home does help me to understand and learn from more practices be it taking care of Adelle or even if to prepare for our meals.Most importantly,the daddy loves me staying home taking care of Adelle(coz I will normally teach everyday/prepare lesson plan).On top of that,he loves it even more when he can come back home with dinner prepared without him to pack food everyday.He likes such a way and I find it rather great too.That’s what home is all about.:)

Marketing to be done every Saturday.During this day,we will go to the market as a whole family to do marketing on the groceries for Adelle and our meals next week.Very often,the fridge will be filled with groceries every Sat.It’s a good thing that we can go to the market every Sat together as a family so that dear will have an idea what I will get,which stall to go to.So that he will be able to do marketing alone in case it rains whereby Adelle and myself can’t join in for the trip to the market.As for Adelle,it’s something good for her too.It trained her of what she will see in the market,what’s a market is for,what can be found.In this way,it will make her understand and have the little interest in doing marketing next time.It’s a good training for her.


Adelle is learning how to walk_//

Mummy Sherryl,Toddler Adelle

Pediped Pre-walker shoes

Adelle learns to walk with the help of the walker

Learning how to walk had been a great challenge for Adelle.Yes,our daughter finds it kinda hard to learn how to walk especially when she feels timid while trying to make her first step forward.Till now,she hasn’t mastered the skill to walk.Only with the help of the walker then would she prefer to walk without us standing behind her.

1month ago,while others had been trying to walk with their walkers,Adelle still needed her daddy and mummy to stand behind her while she walk with her walker.She will fall backward anytime when she is trying to walk with her walker.A month later which is now,she can walk without us standing behind her,but yet hasn’t mastered the skill to walk without any support.

In another word,she is slower in walking.What others had mastered,she is still in the midst of doing so.As her mum,I’m with her slower in walking(but hopefully not academic)as old folks often mentioned that the slower a child learns to walk,the better life they will have in the future.I had seen some cases before which I believed that this myth does proved it.

As such,same as the mummy,Adelle is a slow walker.I don’t walk till I came to the age of 18months old.I strongly believe that Adelle might do the same as myself.

Since Adelle is learning to walk with the help of the walker,therefore I had decided to get her a Pre-walker shoes from Pediped.It’s pink!!Reason being was,Adelle could learn to walk even if she is outside.She often wanna stand and push her stroller whenever we were out,but I stop her from doing so as she simply don’t have a good pair of walking shoes.Now with this Pediped Pre-walker shoes,I know she can do it without me stopping her to do so when she is out there.

*So delle,take your time to learn how to walk!!*


Learning skills develop every weekly_//

















Being 13months and 1 week old,Adelle understand quite a couple of things which we are all very glad and looking forward to even more learning skills of hers.Very often when asked,”Adelle can you pass this ball to either daddy or mummy/give daddy,mummy a hug or kiss”..Without further a do,she will turn to the person and gave the ball in her hand/hug or kiss to that very person.She understands this instruction very well.

It seems that she is getting to understand better instructions at this stage.Which was the part of the growing process that I wanna take note of.Her learning abilities are quite fast in a way.For example,when I did a demo on an item.The second time,she will be able to do it without our help.This is something which we were very glad of.Sometimes,I wish that Adelle can be smarter than the mummy and as smart as the daddy.

Lately,I hang a cloth book on her stroller.Very often,she will flip the book and “pretend reading” it whenever she rested her back against the cushion of her stroller.This is very rare but something which she managed to do so.So there was once,I gave her an instruction while she was busy looking at others in the stroller.”Adelle can you read your book now?”Immediately,she sit up straight on her stroller,move forward a little,bend down and grab her book,flip open a page and started to use her index finger to point on the picture of the book.*She is fast*Which initially I had this idea that she will not be able to follow this instruction of mine since I had never seen her doing so before.But then I was wrong.

With this,I started another round of testing.I said “芷玄打开书本读书”…Guess what,she gave me a very “lost” look,kept looking at me as if what am I suppose to do now??Gosh,I don’t want this,I wanna her to learn 2 languages and not 1!!I must think of ways for her to understand Mandarin too and of course not forgetting her dialect,the Teochew.