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Adelle loves to read Part 1

Adelle loves to read Part 2

Had a couple of updates regards our little girl,Adelle.As she grows older,more abilities to do different tasks.As said she is now belong to the toddler range which was one step higher than the mobile infant.(Infant was sort into 2 category,one is in-mobile,the other is mobile).She could listen to instructions pretty well and often follows it closely.Let me give a few examples.

Firstly when I asked her,”Adelle where is the balloon”,she will look at the direction where the balloon was.No doubt till now she will keept saying ball as both balloons and balls,but she does understand what is a ball and what is a balloon when told.I believed that the word balloon was longer and harder to pronoun,that was why she kept saying balloon as a ball.But then last night,she proved me wrong.She said the word balloon!!The only thing was she said “ber…woon”..I’m more than happy no doubt the pronunciation was wrong but at the very least she did catch what I’m telling her and tried her best to said it.Of course each time she sees a ball,she will be calling for it,the word ball that came out from her mouth was pretty much accurate.

Her learning abilities was stronger now.When taught something just once,she can do it the next minute.I had shown her how to stack a new toy together,the next minute she did the same exactly as what I had done.Great,something that she was learning.On top of that,she loves flashcards too.I make it a point to give her flashcards everyday many months back.Recently there was this new flashcards which was purchased by my dear sister as a gift for Adelle Birthday gift upon my request,I find it pretty useful.Each time I flashed that,Adelle will be sure to sit down and listen to it.Perhaps this was one great investment to invest on this whole box of flashcards which costs $75 per box.At least I know Adelle gets to learn something when flashed the flashcards of various themes.

Secondly,when Adelle was siting at the Alphabets chart made of Felt,she took out the stuff,Moon.Next what I did to her was telling her this is a Moon,M for Moon.I told her just once.5minutes later when I asked her,”Adelle where is the Moon”??She crawls over to the Alphabets chart,draw out the stuff Moon and passed it to me.She knows it!Therefore this morning,I tried it on her again.She did it right again.This made me more excited in teaching her more new things as her learning skills are very strong now.Why wait when a child learning abilities are at the highest point now?So,I taught her letter A-D with A for Anchor,B for Ball,C for Cat and D for Duck.Of course,she knows the word cat very well.Why?That’s because whenever I bring her down for a walk or whenever I’m out with her,we will be sure to see a cat loitering around the void deck and the next thing Adelle will do was to point and scream “ei,ei,ei” at the cat.Therefore I will tell her this is a black cat,the cat is resting,the cat walks off,say bye bye to the cat.Note that I had used one short sentence on Adelle.Now,as the infant is learning now,so is always not wise to speak too long sentences on them,they will have a hard time understanding what was it.Simple and short words will do the trick till the later stage of their growing milestones.

Thirdly,each time I played the nursery songs and whenever the music ended before the next music comes,Adelle will be sure to scream(her way of speaking),get the remote control for me.She expect me to turn on the music again because the music is over.I had a video on this,will upload pretty soon when I’m done with the uploading in Youtube.

Something which I had mentioned before regarding Adelle “likes” in reading a book.Yes,each time I said,”Adelle can you go and read a book”,she will be sure to find her books and start reading.Beside that,she will often flip a page or two,look up and past the book to either of us by shouting to us.It means wanna us to read her the book which she was holding.Beside this,she loves to flip the book,touch the textures of the pictures in the book.This was the reason why we had gotten her books whereby she can feel and touch the different textures in the book.Is a good learning skill for them once again when they feel/touch different stuff.

There are 2 videos again on how Adelle feels/ touches,flip the pages of the book while she reads.I had tested on how long Adelle can actually sit down and listen to various storybooks.She could sit down with a good 4minutes at times.Same thing,I had researched on how long can a toddlers of her age sit to read a book consider a good way of training good reading habit.It was said to be approximately 4-6minutes.Which means Adelle was in their time range.Do hope to keep it this way and carry on with her “loves” in reading.


Learning is fun!!_//

Adelle very 1st party hat made in the last lesson with Happy Train…

The party hat.It’s Adelle 2nd craft with Happy Train

Bubbles bubbles everywhere

Happy Adelle playing with the newly introduce stuff,the bubbles

Trying to catch it happily

Happy Adelle with her signature smile

Just before the end of the play when the bubbles get lesser…

The video of Adelle playing with the bubbles

During the class last Sunday,Adelle “made” a party hat with the help of the teachers,dear and myself.She was kinda excited and happy about her new hat.Yes,she kept wanted us to put it on for her + allowing us to take a picture of her(as shown above) with her party hat on.She loves it quite a bit and even on the train ride back,Adelle even wants her hat on her head and play along with it.For some reasons,she looked at the young man seated beside me and even wanna pass him the hat.Yes,Adelle had always aim at a young handsome guy whenever she came across.Therefore,she passed the hat to the man seated beside me.

Of course,Teacher Ivy saw Adelle putting on the hat and ask if I had taken a photo of it.Not to mention,I did of course..!!!*smiling*Adelle looks kinda cute with her smiley expression in this shot.Like said,she loves it that much.

Next,we introduced the playing of blowing bubbles to Adelle.Yes,again I’m consider early in introducing this as it’s supposedly to be meant for 3yrs+.Whatever it is,I’m merely following the American way of teaching over here.Singapore education is more towards the “protective” type while the American way of Pre-school teaching is more towards to the “open”type.Of course,some of the things which American uses might not suits Singapore way of teaching,but if you were to see,American way of teaching is more towards freedom and open which is good in a way of training the child to be independence.Why I had this concept was due to the way I had seen Pre-school,kindergarten in Australia Sydney 10yrs back,their way of teaching was so much different from Asia.If I’m a Pre-schooler,I would love such teaching concept.

Pardon me for speaking my “overdue experiences” again.Now back to the topic.I had introduced blowing of bubbles to Adelle earlier because I had wanna train Adelle in her blowing skill.She did very well when she tried to blow the windmill that Teacher Peiqin gave her last week.The very 1st time she tried blowing after so much lessons had gone by.Of course,I’m not asking Adelle to blow the bubbles here but I’m letting her to see how I blow.This was one great way for her to learn blowing and she can play along as well.

Initially when we blow the bubbles towards her,she simply shows no reaction.In fact so stiff that she can jolly well sit on her stroller without any movement.But as we play for a few more minutes to go,she started to “interact” with the bubbles by shouting,catching of it.Yes,finally she knows it’s something that she can play with and not be scared of.See the photos above and the video says what I’m trying to tell here.Of course,it’s such a pity that Adelle can’t walk,if not it would be fun seeing her walking around and catch the bubbles.


Off to Ikea in order to revamp Adelle bedroom_//

At the lift lobby waiting for the lift

Adelle who look in the “going out look”

Daddy adjusting Adelle mickey mouse watch(her fave color green) at the void deck before we process our way to Ikea Tampines

Walking towards the train station

Looking at her surrounding when seated in her stroller

The rocking “horse” which she was kinda frighten when seated,but….

she looks excited and happier after a few seconds later….

Adelle was shock by this “all round protection chair” initially,,

But even for a few seconds in there,she also tried her way to come out of it…

Adelle wants to be carried out…

Adelle in Ikea baby changing room.It’s real nice!!!

We had decided to revamp Adelle’s room.Therefore all we need was a decent wardrobe for her.Yes,it gonna be something colorful from the kids section in Ikea.In fact we had aimed a few nice wardrobe(Non-kids section),eventually we saw these few newly design of wardrobe in the kids section over at Ikea and decided to spend some good few hours there and have a good look at it.

Of course,this gonna be done on a weekday whereby it’s not that crowded and the daddy took leave today to go down together instead of waiting for the weekend as it will normally be very pack.So off we went to Ikea Tampines and by the time we reached there was only 12pm.We stayed till 430pm before leaving the place.We look around for ideas of how to mix and match the room.Initially we had wanna have a combination of Pink,white and Green(this green is nice,trust me,makes the room look bright and attractive)…But the problem was,for one of the shelves,the green door was out of stock.No doubt after deciding for long,we decided to go ahead with just 2 small wardrobe with a combination of Pink and white(like her 1st party color theme) and put on hold for the drawer till the stock comes which even the staff was unsure when it will come.Since it’s a mix and match wardrobes,drawers,we can always come back for more wardrobes or drawers if need to be.

So the combination of Pink and white wardrobe blended well with the wall color of Adelle’s room.Like what my mother in law had advised that for infant room it gonna be bright with colors to makes learning fun.Which I totally agreed with this.Plus the playmat and her sets of toys at home,I believe it will make the room looks pretty bright and colorful.

Talking about this,we had arranged the delivery to be send over this coming Saturday.Yes,the delivery will be here between 10am -2pm.Therefore,I had packed some of Adelle stuff to be store into the wardrobe.Most importantly are her clothes..It’s getting more and more whereby I had almost run out of space to store it not to mention those she had outgrown it.

Of course another reason to revamp her room was to make various teaching corners for her.As I mentioned earlier/before in my blog that I wanna create different learning corners for Adelle just like what the kindergarten or childcare are doing.Yes,it’s important to have different learning corners for their learning through play activities.The only problem was since it’s just a bedroom,I can’t create more than 3 corners for Adelle.(At the most 3 corners)Therefore I hope to change different themes for various corners every fortnightly at least.

*So,stay tune for the updates..*



Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Delle Delle 芷玄

Adelle plays with the tube and remote control

Adelle learns how to scribble

I love this set of clothes.If you were to see properly,it’s the bikini prints on her t-shirt with the bubble style of pants.I got it from Hong kong and is the brand over there.I fell in love with the bubble style of pants which I find it real cute upon seeing it.Seriously,it was real cheap thou for a set like this.(I mix and match this set myself)

Of course,this was the largest size which they had.More for newborn till 1yr old.That was the reason why I can’t get any bigger size for this set.And that was the reason why I gonna Adelle wear this now before she outgrown it.Sometimes,I wished Adelle can be younger than one year old,so that I can grab all those clothes meant for newborn till 1yr old.Be it for boys or girls,there was simply so much nice clothing and pretty cheap as well.If I can remember correctly,for this set which Adelle was wearing,we paid around $20 or less.Yes,it’s that cheap and worth buying more but again,it’s meant for newborn till a yr old.*sad*

That’s so much about the clothes we had purchased for Adelle in Hong kong.There’s 2 videos as shown.The 1st video shows how Adelle plays along with the tube given to her as well as how she MANAGED to turn on the television by chance and was pretty surprised that she did turned on the television by the surprised look on her face.

The 2nd video shows how Adelle managed to scribble on the piece of drawing block and the crayons given to her.This was the 2nd time I introduced her this activity.The very first time she had totally no idea what it was and often play along with the crayons by picking them up and placing them down.Now it’s the 2nd time I tried it on her,she could finally “understand” a little what it means by scribbling on the piece of paper with the crayon.No doubt it’s still far from the real scribbling,it’s the very least  which she had understand what I had wanna her to do.

*Home learning fun*


Gd Bye my Teachers,Gd Bye my Friends

The teachers from Happy Train/Mummies cum todds of Happy Train;From the Left:Teacher Ivy,Annie and Lil Brian,Teacher PeiQin,Myself and Adelle

Yoko Sensei,Annie+Brian,Adelle and myself

Finally the last group photo with the 3 language teachers+Adelle,and her classmate,Lil Brian on the Sunday class

Children’s Day gifts from the teachers of Happy Train.From the left,the windmill was given by Teacher Peiqin,mid gift was by Teacher Ivy and the last one on the right was given by Happy Train…

Yes,finally it’s the end of term 3.Like mentioned,Adelle had been with Happy Train(From Little Neuro Tree to Happy Train) for a full 3 terms and of course those skills which she had picked up worth the going for the class.Reason why I wanna stop her for a term was I wanna train her these 3 months on my own and see how far she can go.Secondly of course to let her has her “little rest”despite going for lesson every Sunday.Of course,we were still put on waiting list for the intake of GUG comes January.We will seriously put her back with Happy Train if there’s a need to be.

Therefore,we had a group photo taken today with all her teachers (3 languages)on our last day with them.Of course,Annie(the great July mummy which I know of)decided not to carry on too for the class.It’s a little pity as I could see great improvement for Brian which was the same for Adelle.But I guess my reason for not signing Adelle up for the next term was pretty much presentable as this gives me a chance to decide/see how well or far Adelle can go without going for the class.

Of course,Teacher Peiqin was so sad.Yes,very much sad that she can’t get to see Adelle and very much hope that she will be back next year for the class.I know very well how much Teacher Peiqin had doted on Adelle.Yes,never fail to carry her each time we come,never fail to play with her and talk to her,never fail to give her a hug.Of course,Teacher Peiqin was indeed so cute to say this:”Mummy,we can always meet outside k..”Remember to call me if there’s any gathering”Teacher Peiqin was one great teacher in Happy Train,her way of teaching was great as well.

It’s Children’s Day next week and it’s Adelle very 1st Children’s Day gifts from her very 1st enrichment school..Adelle had one extra gift from Teacher Peiqin.Each child was given 2 gifts,but Teacher Peiqin had given Adelle one cute windmill and wanna Adelle to blow on it.The cutest and amazing part was,both Teacher Peiqin and myself witnessed that Adelle tried to blow the windmill like us blowing it which she had often seen us doing it(even in class,it was taught every lessons),but she don’t even know how to do so.We were both smiling away on how Adelle is trying to do so which Teacher Peiqin did told me before that trying to do blowing skill with Adelle everyday is good for opening up the jaws of the young child.

*Indeed,both Adelle and myself had great experiences with Happy Train.We hope to come back one day,Teachers!!!!So wait for us yea…*


We are going to the Zoo,zoo zoo.How about you,you,you?

The moo moo baby with the moo moo cow(except for the daddy and mummy)

1-2-3-cheee cha

Daddy says the animal behind wears diaper just like Adelle

The nice ham bread prepared by Ning yiyi

The curious Adelle


Keeping a distance from the Kangaroo

The 1st sunglasses which Hui yiyi wore for Adelle

The girl who refused to take a snap together

The elephants

Our sisters with the little woman,Adelle

I love the scenery here with bamboo fencing…

I love elephants!!!!!

The 3 sisters!!

The children most fave place

The kidzworld

Marked today’s date(25th Sept),we went to Mandai Zoo again for the 2nd time this year.On the earlier part of the year in Jan,it’s a zoo trip for myself,dear and Adelle who was 6months old then.Today,we went for our 2nd trip to the zoo and the only diff was my 2 sisters and mum joined us for today outing.

We had discussed regard the visit to the zoo comes Sept(planned in Aug),therefore dear managed to get the membership card from his workplace which entitled 4 adults in.(The entrance was free for Adelle since she was below 3yrs of age)As we had 5 adults here,we shared among the cost for that odd adult and was so much cheaper compared to being paid for the entrance fee at $18 each.

Of course,we went in earlier today at 840am.The weather was so much cloudy and cooling till the later part around 11am which the weather is much hotter by then.That was the time whereby we popped by KFC for a meal to rest our feets as well.It’s only till 12pm that it started to drizzle which by then we decided to leave the zoo.

Was pretty glad for today weather,it’s not too hot in fact it’s pretty cooling till the later part where it became hotter and started to rain a little.(That was the time when we decided to leave the zoo)

Of course,it was a little eye opening for Adelle.Compared to the time when she was 6months old when she first visited the zoo,she had totally no idea what it was and was not looking at anything that was pointed out to her.But at 14months old,she was able to look at the thing which we had pointed to her and it did caught her attention.At the very least,this time round she became more interested of her surrounding but just for a while which we realised that Adelle doesn’t seems to be interested in animals thou.

Perhaps she was pretty tired as we had woke her up at 7am.This might explain why she don’t have the “mood” to look at the animals pointed to her.But she was interested in the Penguins!!Yes,those small little Penguins that stand side by side caught her attention.She will do a little “shouting” on them and kept looking at them.

So,it’s time to do a lesson on animals for Adelle.I had named her some animals yesterday before our visit to the zoo today.Therefore it’s always important to reinforce to her once again after this visit.Now cracking what can I do for animals theme…*rolling eyes*


Food that daughter eats+growing milestones_//

Home stay with mummy today

Trying to stand on her own and making her one step forward

Adelle’s lunch for today

I mixed them all up

Seriously,I preferred staying home compared to staying out after I had been out since Tuesday and Wednesday continuously which I felt it a blessing to be able to stay home for just a day when I needed to be out again tomorrow.Being stayed home allows me to prepare more things like,Adelle’s meals for both lunch and dinner where I don’t have the luxury to prepare her dinner if I’m out the whole day except for the lunch.Be able to prepare my lunch and our dinner as well.Allows me to vacuum and mop the floor twices per day.(yes,I’m pretty particular with the dirt on the floor titles with Adelle home ,crawling everywhere.).On top of that,it does allows me to log into the net,do some research,prepare the lesson plan for Adelle if there’s any,of course to blog down things which I would love to share with my readers.Now Adelle was asleep which gave me at least 2 hours to do some reading on kids,meals to prepare for dear and myself or even for Adelle.Look,I will be able to do that much when I’m staying home.

I had decided to prepare her lunch with porridge,fish and meat being boiled together.The carrot and Tofu were steamed with the pork stock and to serve separately  as shown above.But feeding wise,I do feed it together except for the preparation was different.Yes,I’m doing double work here,but at the very least I can feed her with some soup beside eating the very dry mashy porridge.

As for dinner wise,she will get to eat the “red spinach” mixed with fish,pork in the pork soup of porridge.Meaning,no double work for dinner.Something simple for dinner today.What do I mean by the red spinach.If you were to see in the market,sometimes we are able to see spinach with red patches on the leaves.Yes,this was what I meant by red spinach.It’s supposedly to be good for increasing the red blood cell( 朴血)..I had tried this spinach on her on Monday,she can take it.(Not for the mummy,seriously I hated it)

Come to the preparation of food for the young one,I had quite a headache to think of what to prepare for her every weekly.I do hope her teeth will grow faster as she had only 4 teeth currently with another 2 growing right now,so it’s pretty hard to give her anything “big” or even not mashed.So,I tend to cut the veggie,fish or meat into real small cubes or even mashed it up in order for her to swallow well since she don’t have much teeth!!!I do hope by 2 yrs old,the number of teeth in her will be more so that she can eat normal meal just like what we adults are having.At the very least,whatever I cook for dinner,she gets to take in everything so that I don’t have to prepare her meals separately.

Adelle starts to move one step forward today.(Yes,it’s consider slow for her age.)What made me happier was that she was able to hold my hand(one hand) and walk a few steps together and today she was able to move a step or two forward by herself.Yes,it gonna be more training on this.I did my own calculation,she can only be able to walk by 18months which means just like myself when I’m young.Gosh,it’s another 4months from now.

It’s good for a child to walk later due to some old folks myths.I had heard some myths regard for children who walked 12months earlier normally will have a tougher life.All these were by the mouths of the old folks.Normally I tend to believe all these “talks”given by the old folks,no doubt it does not have any scientific prove but by chance some of these talks were proved right by seeing it myself in the past whenever old folks mentioned about it and indeed it did happened.So whether to believe or not is up to individual,for my case,I strongly believe it.Was kinda thankful that Adelle didn’t managed to walk before 1yr old which I’m praying hard,she better don’t.I rather she walks later than having to walk earlier.*smile*


The ongoing introducing of new things for lil Adelle_//

Adelle:Can you read me a book,mummy?


The woman who threw away the telephone

Her cheeky look

Adelle angry look

The Cod Liver Oil which I gonna start introducing the little girl,Adelle

Believe it or not,Adelle does has a different hobby as mine.She loves to flip a book and “read”(no doubt she was unsure what it was,but the pictures was enough to give her some interest)…This was totally so different from myself.Yes,I don’t fancy reading a storybook,in fact will never read one unless it’s something interests me.But it was not the same for Adelle,she loves books and can take a couple of minutes,sitting at her little reading corner created for her some time ago and start reading.She follows the daddy who simply loves to read.Was kinda glad that she didn’t follow my footsteps of the dislikes in reading.

Therefore,we gotten her another 2 sets of books which was a story,beside that the pictures in the book changed colors upon pulling it out from the page.We had 2 sets of such books,and since Adelle loves reading on such books,we gotten her another 2 sets to increase the number of books in her mini library.

Since Adelle had the interest in reading,I shall emphasis more of her reading at home everyday.Meaning,I shall read to her everyday,be it in the day or even at night.I often believed that once we read more/introduce more books on a child,he/she will slowly build up the interest in reading sooner or later.For example,some months ago when I first introducing Adelle those books which we had purchased,she simply look at the pictures and threw it aside.Therefore I make it an effort to read,read and read to her everyday.Slowly,she had this interest(plus following the daddy interest in reading too) in sitting down on her play mat,pick a book and passed it to me,wanted me to read her a story.When I start reading her a book chosen by her,she sits down real quietly and listens till I finished the whole story.It took a couple of reading to her before she can really sits down and listen till the end of the story.The effort did paid off.

Next,I gonna introduce her this Cod Liver Oil.Knowing that the original one will be much better than this Orange flavour,but I know my daughter too well for her to take the original taste,she will surely split it out and reject it.So I gonna give her something that is more “tasty”,afterall I’m still giving her Cod Liver Oil thou.

I can still remembered that since young,my mum had been “forcing”my sister and I to take this Cod Liver Oil(the original taste),anytime I reject it,be sure to get scolding from her.It had been years since I took this Cod Liver Oil and often taste yucky to me.Now being a mum,I can finally understand why my mum would want us to take this since young and now I gonna “force”my own daughter in taking it.Since I had just purchased it only today,therefore I shall try it on Adelle comes tomorrow..

*Wish me luck*


Adelle with her new toy,Fridge Phonics by LeapFrog_//

Adelle can’t take her hands off my mobile


Flash her watch around

The cooking set which Adelle can spend her whole day playing with

Adelle is trying to drink from a cup….

There she goes,drink and smile

Smile happily before we enter the lift on our way out

I love to see the way Adelle smiles

Fridge Alphabets which teachings Phonics(A great help for me while I cook,Adelle can learn and play with it in the kitchen)

This was how it looks like upon placing it all on the fridge

The happy Adelle forever put a smiley face on her face no matter where she goes.Yes,even for strangers she sees on the road,she will tend to wave hello/bye to them,smile wholeheartedly…Adelle was being too friendly with strangers around her.Just when I’m leaving the Nursing Room at Taka today,she will just wave at the salesperson standing at the corner of the store.Yes,just aim and wave at the person.Of course,the friendly staff wave back to Adelle upon seeing it and commented on the way Adelle waves.(As she waves the other way round,with the way she waves facing herself instead of the person she was waving at)

This had made the “Ren(2) Yuan(2) of hers better and better each day.I have to admit,no matter where she goes,she tends to get the attention of others due to her waving or her signature smile to others.Don’t ask me how she does it,I’m simply puzzled by the way she did as well.Seriously,whenever she does the signature smile with her nose scrunched up,it does melts all our hearts as well.

As I’m doing some window shopping at one of the departmental store in town,I saw this Fridge Phonics Magnetic letter set by LeapFrog,I told myself,it’s a must to buy.So,the daddy got it for Adelle in the end.Of course,the non working mummy had to get the permission of the daddy to get for Adelle while the daddy who doted so much on her got it in the end.

Why I must get the daddy to get this set of learning toy for Adelle was,

1.It serves as a learning aid for Adelle,it does not only teach Alphabets,it teaches Phonics of different Alphabets as well.(Which Phonics is pretty important for growing toddlers)

2.It will be a good learning through play activity while she plays,she gets to learn the alphabets too.

3.Of course,since it can be placed on the fridge,I can cook with a peace of mind while Adelle gets to play and keep her entertain for quite a while,hopefully till I finish the various dishes for dinner.

On top of that,how this toy works was to place any alphabets into the hole,press the alphabet,there goes the sound.For example,I placed Letter T in it,it played T and the phonics of the letter T came out as well.If say Adelle wants Letter A,simply press the letter A upon putting it into the hole,there goes the sound of Letter A/phonics of Letter A as well.

In short,it’s such an amazing toy that can learn through play.Not only that,it can be a great helper especially when the mummy is home alone with the toddler and this shall keep the toddler occupied while the mummy is busy with some household chores.Great investment on this toy no doubt it’s meant for 2yrs+,but then since Adelle is already 14months old,I just gonna start her on alphabets with Phonics in no time,so it’s a matter of time whether to start sooner or later,I might as well get it done by this age,14months old.*smile*


*Learning starts young,train a child on how he/she should go*

Adelle at 14months old

Adelle at 14months old

Adelle at 14months old

Adelle at 14months old

Adelle at 14months old

Adelle learns to walk while holding her very 1st lantern

14months old Adelle was kinda mischievous and had the intention to start screaming for things she wanted.The high pitch noise level of hers was pretty unbearable at times even in the public.Whatever she wants,she will just screamed on top of her voice and expect the stuff to be “delivered” to her.

Normally what I will do was to tell her this,”May I have the XXXX please?”Although Adelle do not understand what it means nor does she knows how to speak such sentence.I’m pretty sure that by reinforcing such phrase to her often,will make her understand in the long run by saying it in a better manner instead of screaming on top of her voice.It doesn’t work for now,but it doesn’t means it will not work for the future.

It’s the last lesson with Happy Train(Little Neuro Tree previously) come next week.Dear and myself had decided not to sign Adelle up for the next term due to some reasons.Firstly,I wanna train her myself at home and see what’s the different between her learning abilities in school and at home in regards of Right Brain training.Secondly,we wanna her to go one step further,that is to sign her up for GUG(Growing Up Gifted)comes next year in January.

Talking about GUG,we had wanna Adelle to learn something more.Since Happy Train is more on Right Brain training,with Adelle had been with them for 3 terms,more or less she had “capture”some of the learning skills regards Right Brain Training,which we had seen the effect whenever we did any activities with her.Growing Up Gifted,this learning centre teaches about Music and Movement,Art and craft,Maths,English,Chinese,phonics,flashcards,is more on movement around the classroom just like a Pre-school setting.This was something which I wanna Adelle to start learning in preparation of her when comes to her Pre-schooler stage which will be less than 2yrs from now.

We had actually made an enquiry with GUG yesterday at one of the centre.Was actually aiming at the weekend class,but weekday class seems a lot better.Nevertheless,we can always change the date/timing since we are now on their waiting list.On top of that,we had leave down Adelle name with them,in case there’s a space,we will go for a 3 times trial before the start of the lesson comes Jan.This way,we will be able to see if this school is worthwhile signing up.

Of course,when we told Happy Train of Adelle not signing up with them,Teacher P was pretty upset of not able to see Adelle every weekly.I could tell how much Teacher P loves Adelle after being with her for more than 2 terms.Fear not,there’s still a chance for us to sign Adelle up with Happy Train comes Jan if we do find that GUG does not suits our taste.No doubt both school teaches different stuff.

Whatever it is,seriously I do find that Adelle does learn quite a lot during her 3 terms with Happy Train.For example,when stacking of toys was being taught when she was 6months old(her 1st term with them),Adelle shows no interest and don’t even know how to hands on with it totally.But when comes 12months old,she was able to stack up the toys without my help.How did she managed to do so?It’s call Right Brain stimulating.Meaning,whatever she had seen many months back,she lack the abilities to do it,but it was all store into her brain cells.By the time she came more mobile,she is able to do it without much coaching and had pretty much shows us what was being store in her brain all these while.Same thing like the flashcards,by flashing the cards to infant as young as 3months old,the infant will often be able to point out what was being taught in the past by 12months old.It’s the same knowledge as the stacking of toys which Adelle had shown us.This made me find it worthwhile for bringing Adelle for school with Happy Train when she was as young as 5months old till now.

*Learning starts young,train a child on how he/she should go*