It's Adelle 1st encounter at the outdoor playground_//

The girl who thinks that this Tv remote is a telephone

Give you back this Tv remote!!

She simply love holding on to the Tv remote

Checking out the weather out there

Looking at the stairs in the playground,was wondering how to get up there

Finally,she’s up there with the help of daddy

Not shy with her surrounding,she played anything she sees there

She walks at the playground most of the time now that she knows her steps slightly better than before

She loves this “rocker”..Remember that Adelle sits on something similar too at the indoor playground.

Look at how happy Adelle was

Looking at some other kids she saw at the playground

Adelle doesn’t really like to sit on this

The last set of game before heading home.

Adelle is at the playground

This post supposedly to be done up yesterday.But due to some technical problems for this blog of mine,therefore I can’t upload or write what was done yesterday.As usual,Adelle parental grandparents(her “gugu” came as well)came for a visit every weekend in order to see Adelle.This was done every Saturday whereby they will be at our place after we had come back from the market say during the afternoon.Yesterday they were early,they had reached our place at 12pm,one and a half hour after we came back from the market.Reason being was they had something on in the afternoon,therefore they gotta leave our place by 4pm the latest.

As usual,both “Ma ma” and “Ye Ye” will play with Adelle as they only get to see her once per week.When it’s Adelle nap time at 145pm yesterday,she looks disappointed as she gonna say gd bye to them before she goes for her nap.While Adelle naps,both mother in law and myself will be in the kitchen,busy chit chatting while I prepare for the dinner.It’s had always been this way.

As mentioned earlier,both grandparents left at 4pm and by 530pm I had longed finished the preparation of dinner.The daddy was saying that if possible,it’s high time to bring Adelle for a walk at the playground or even the Punggol Park opposite our home.(was glad we didn’t go to the Punggol Park)Well,seeing that we still had a little time left before Adelle has her dinner at 645pm,very quickly I agreed with what dear had mentioned that is to bring Adelle for a walk to the playground just 2 blocks away from my place.I had this thinking to get up by 615pm so that I can prepare Adelle for her bath before her meal time at 645pm.In the end,we got up at 6pm due to the heavy rain that came.Nevertheless,Adelle had a wonderful 30minutes of play in the playground which made us decided to bring her for more comes every weekend(since we will be staying home on the weekend)

Now talking about the playground trip.Yesterday was the very 1st time we had introduced her to outdoor playground after the previous one at Marina Square.Initially I had this thought of her being reluctant to join in the fun over at the playground,but then I was wrong.The moment we put her down on the ground,not wanting us to hold on to her,she walks by herself(like Humpty Dumpty)towards the playground and got herself into it.She loves it!!Previously we dare not bring her to the playground as she still can’t walk well,which she can only sit on the stroller which looks kinda bored.Now she can walks better,the daddy had decided to bring her to the playground for some fun.

Seriously,there are only 4-5 children seen in the playground and these 4-5 children which I had seen were all almost Adelle age group.Not more than 2yrs old.This explain the reason why I can see how Adelle had enjoyed,how happy she was to keep walking around looking for friends to play with.Again,Adelle is trying to be friendly again just like how she wave at strangers around her.

We didn’t stay long as the rain decided to came by after 30minss later which we were kinda thankful that we didn’t went down to Punggol Park.Therefore,weekends is the time where we can come down to the playground or even the park for Adelle to have some interaction with people she sees.

The video shows how curious she was in the playground.She even wanna try to walk over to a little girl(trying to make friend)when she heard the voice of the girl.

Well,today we went down to Vivo Toys’ r us which Adelle was kinda surprise and kept seeing how she smile whenever she sees the toys around her.I shall update this entry tomorrow.Stay tune.:)


Cutie Pie,Adelle had grown up!!_//

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Adelle loves to wave!!!No,you didn’t hear me wrongly.She loves to wave to only guys,it’s only waving at guys.Today,it’s the 3rd time which she waves at the bus driver when we went on board the bus service 88 to Pasir Ris.These 3 encounters of Adelle waving to the bus drivers,they did return her wave as well.What this woman will do was to board the bus,tap the card for me,aim at the bus driver,and start to wave at him.Yes,this was what Adelle is good at doing lately.She was being too over-friendly especially to guys.

Now that she is learning to walk “quite all right”(I should put it this way),she loves to hold on to my hand and start walking as fast as she could.She had forgotten that she don’t really walk well and was trying her best to walk faster.Her ability to walk is not that good thou.Still need a little bit more time to walk freely.Plus,dear was telling me this that Adelle seems to walk better without shoes.Which I felt so too.Whatever it is,she can finally walk with a hand holding is much better compared to her not being able to walk or rather dare not make her first few steps forward.

Finally,this time round I had trained Adelle to sit on the highchair while we were out there for a meal with her drinking her milk.Yes,I had longed wanna start her like this.Because I don’t want her to be lying down with me holding on to her while she drinks her milk.She had grown up to be a toddler,no longer a baby.It’s high time she should sit on the highchair and drinks her milk.No doubt so,she took more than 5mins to finish her bottle of milk,unlike while lying down,all she needs was that 3mins or less to finish the 210ml of milk.Of course,seated down is much more difficult to drink compared to her lying down.

Again,it’s a sentence that explains all these happening,”Adelle had grown up!!!”


Art & Craft:Paint / glue_//

Adelle’s ,Zhi Xuan

Adelle’s ,Zhi Xuan

It’s Adelle 1st touch/feel with paint


“EEEEEE””,what happen to my palm?

Get more paint

Dip for more

Adelle is figuring out her hands

No more paint,it’s finished

It’s Crayola washable paint for Adelle(safe for toddlers/children usage)

This is the result of Adelle 1st try on paint.

It’s Crayola glue for Adelle

Next task,I wanna Adelle to learn how to use a glue and stick bits and pieces of paper on the template given.

Trying to get the glue from the palette.

Adelle is learning

The end product looks something like this with my help.

It’s Adelle 1st try on paint

As per my previous blog yesterday,I mentioned about getting Adelle “craft materials” over in town.Yes,It’s Crayola Paint and Crayola Glue.Now,let me explain myself here.The Crayola green paint which we had gotten for Adelle was something which I had wanna try hands on with Adelle for quite a while.Dear was asking me to get Crayola brand of paint,crayons etc for Adelle months back and in my heart I’m thinking,why Crayola till I saw their paints,crayons etc some weeks ago and made me wanna get for Adelle.Reason being,it’s washable and safe for the usage of toddlers starting from 18months and above.So there we went down town and get her a bottle of green paint and a bottle of glue.

As I wanna try the paint on Adelle,therefore had decided to purchase only one bottle and that’s her favourite color,green.If it works out well,I will be back to get more bottles with different colors.So far,the experience which I did on Adelle was GREAT!!!She loves it that much,refused to leave her learning table when asked.Cried for a while when we wanna stop her no doubt how we had explained it to her.This shows how much liking she had on the newly introduced painting.

Now,why had I decided to start to do painting with Adelle was.Many years back during my teaching years,I had seen the pre-schoolers aged 3yrs old simply refused to apply the paint on their hands,not even one finger.They will tell me this,”it’s dirty,teacher” I don’t want…”Thinking of what I had been through last time,I had decided not to drag any further by introducing paint to Adelle,let her adapt to¬† it by learning it at a young age.Seriously,I’m also helping the teachers(next time to those who teach Adelle) by not giving them any problem when it comes to art and craft.

The experiment which I had done on Adelle was a success.She simply loves paint and doesn’t seems to have any “phobia”(I hope for the future too)when dealing with paint on her hands.In fact she like it that much till she refused to wash off her hands.

The next activity which I tried it on her was the glue.I had tear the colored paper into bits and pieces(will train her this when she is older),wanna get her to use the glue ,apply on the colored paper and have it stick on the template given.Yes,she don’t really like this activity,it might be the stickness of the glue which she kept screaming(a sign of telling me,”no I don’t like it”)But then,eventually she did helped me to finished up some of the pasting as shown on the picture no doubt that she dislike this activity.

These are the 2 activities for Art & Craft which the teachers will often get the Pre-Schoolers to do up when they are in school.Even for myself,I love to do up such activities.Starting Adelle earlier means by 2yrs plus of age,she should be ready for such activities and can do it freely without giving the teachers much problem.

Seriously,almost all teachers like to teach such children(based on my experiences) and if I can train Adelle and get her ready for school,it will give the teachers easier job.Imagine a teacher gonna deal with more than 15 children in the class and if all the children have problem doing such activity,it will be too much stress for the teacher.

Therefore,as a previous Pre-School teacher cum a parent now,I know how important to train a young child.Not saying of any “kiasu-ness” or such,it’s simply to train a child since young so that they will be a good help to the teachers as well in the future.Mummies,let’s all start to train a child earlier!!


Getting over to Suntec City/Marina Square_//

A family of 3….

Another shot of our family

Adelle @ Han’s Marina Square

To grip the chair tightly

It’s now the sofa seat

Her favourite stuff at a cafe,to hold a straw in her hand

Hmm,what’s that?

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

The indoor playground at Marina Square

Look at the fun which Adelle had over at the indoor playground,Marina Square

Yes by yesterday,(the 4th day) the fever is gone completely.Phew,finally the hard stone on my load was gone.We could hardly sleep well,often wake up in the middle of the night,taking care of the grumpy girl these days were never easy.Now,we were pretty much glad that all these are over and we are back to the normal routine.At least we had “pass” this period of time caused by the vaccine,MMRV.

No doubt so,Adelle does cries easily if she couldn’t gets her way.Yes,she had developed this bad habit which I often speak to her in a high tone and this made her feels that I’m scolding her and cried even louder.I don’t wanna the growing child to learn such bad habit by her cries each time she wants something immediately.Nope,this is not my way of teaching a child.I gonna be extra firm on her regard this issue.It often takes time for her to understand that she shouldn’t do such way in wanting something she ask for.

As mentioned,the daddy took 2 days of childcare leave since Tuesday to Wednesday in order to give me an extra helping hand in dealing with the grumpy girl,Adelle.Yesterday we were home as Adelle “ma ma”(paternal grandma) came and visit us,to see how Adelle was doing as well.At the same time,she was on the way to recovery,therefore we decided to keep her home till today.Anyway,we keep today outing a short one as well.Yes,we left home at 1030am and was back home at 345pm.This wasn’t like us anyway.We seldom spend 5hours or less out there on a weekend.As Adelle had just recovered,we don’t wanna her to catch the virus again,so a short outing trip made it possible for us.

Reason for the trip out there was,I wanna get some “craft work” as one of the activity during Adelle home lesson.Yes,all the way to town,Marina Square/Suntec City.As,I wanna do 2 types of art & craft with Adelle,therefore there’s a need to get her some craft materials.It’s only this brand of art material which I want to get for Adelle.(stay tune for my next blog entry)

We had our lunch settled at Han’s.Look at the photos of how Adelle enjoyed walking around while waiting for the daddy to order our sets of lunch.She simply loves to walk around now that she is able to walk better compared to 2-3 weeks ago.On top of that,the indoor children’s playground which Adelle had fun with was kinda cute.As I went to the washroom,the next minute when I’m out,the daddy was already holding on to Adelle,playing around.She like it so much(see the video)till she simply refused to leave the place and kept screaming and cried because of that.Adelle had grow up,she knows all her “wants”….

No doubt so,I’m pretty glad for I had successfully gotten what we want to get for Adelle,her craft starts today/tomorrow?Ladies,stay tune for the next updates.


Fever,fever,go away_//

Our darling,Adelle

Our darling,Adelle

Our darling,Adelle

Our darling,Adelle

Our darling,Adelle

Our darling,Adelle

Yes,the real fever came on last Saturday 23rd Oct.Till now,it’s already the 3rd day of the fever caused by MMRV.During the day,the fever was not too bad as it doesn’t seems to have any fever.It’s during the night time whereby the temperature will raise up.Of course,Adelle don’t have a good sleep and was in a miserable state where she could easily cry in uncomfortable whenever she shifted herself on the bed.

Seeing this broke all our hearts.Just last night,we slept with her at 9pm till 1030pm,we gave her the milk and let her sleep again.By 1230am,she woke up and cried badly due to the fever.The temperature was kinda high last night.Gave her the fever medicine,paracetamol and she finally felt asleep by 2am.But then she woke up at 430am again till 530am which she finally sleeps.The next time she woke up was 730am.Look at the amount of sleep Adelle had.It’s on and off and simply not enough for a growing child.

On top of that,the fever is the cause of her discomfort.Therefore,I decided to make a phone call down to Kids clinic(the clinic where Adelle had her vaccine)and requested to see the PD regard Adelle’s fever that comes on and off.Again,the phone line was hard to get through till I finally made through.Good thing was they can help me register Adelle for this round.(normally we have to go down to the clinic and register,the waiting time gonna be 2-3hours)

I called the clinic at 930am,by 11am,kids clinic called back telling me to go down now as it’s another 4 more patients to go before it’s Adelle’s turn to see the doctor.Was glad that I had prepared Adelle earlier before the clinic calls.By 1230pm,both of us were home and Adelle gets her afternoon nap at 115pm.She was too tired by then.(her last wake up time was 730am)Of course,just like Adelle,I’m pretty much tired too and caught a nap with her.She slept for a whole 3hours thou.

Doc Tan had mentioned that,this is the real outbreak of fever followed by the rashes.(which I had seen it only this morning)Again,Doc Tan mentioned that since the fever starts on Sat,it’s already her 3rd day of having the fever.The fever should be completely be over by Wed as the fever caused by MMRV normally last for 5days.Was given IBUProfen in case Adelle fever temperature raise up to 38degree.Again,Doc Tan did told us to give her this medicine since her temperature did raised quite high during the night.

This little girl was quite grumpy throughout the day due to the discomfort.Even when I did my cooking for dinner,she sticks on to me,kept crying.This made me hard to do up the meals.So dear will be taking 2 days leave,tomorrow and Wed in giving me a helping hand.At the very least,Adelle gets to have some “entertainment” with her daddy while I prepare the meals.Extra hands at this stage is better than none.

*Right now,do hope that Adelle recovers pretty soon from the fever caused by MMRV*


Fever after the MMRV vaccine_//

Delle delle

Let’s play hide and seek

B for Ball(hoooo,,she thinks that the ball can be blow like a balloon…)

Adelle had her MMRV(a combination vaccine of both MMR and Chicken Pox) last Sat,16th Oct as mentioned earlier.PD had mentioned that the fever will kick in 5-7days later.As per my previous blog entry,I did mentioned that Adelle had developed a slight fever on last Tues whereby I gave her one round of medication,and the very next day(Wed),there’s no more fever.

Who knows in the middle of the night on Sat,Adelle woke up with cries and was somehow feeling very uncomfortable.Her cries made us all wake up no matter how we gave her the pacifier.Therefore,we carried up on the bed,little did we found out that she seems feverish and suspected the “real”fever comes back again 7 days after the vaccine.Her last feed was 11pm while she woke up at 215am in the morning.By 315am,we managed to coax her down,gave her the medication before we pat her on the bed.I had never wanna give her any milk even if it’s the miserable 150ml(the lowest amount she would take),as I don’t want to give her the idea of drinking milk in the middle of the night which she will do “it” again every night if I were to do so.

Therefore after the medicine,put her on our bed and pat her.By 415am,she finally felt asleep.Guess the medicine made her feel sleepy,on top of that she’s tired too whereby she feels uncomfortable before hand.This morning she woke up at 830am,we gave her the 2nd round of medication too.No doubt her fever had gone down a little,but we do give her the medication.

This was one vaccine,MMRV which causes quite bad fever for children.Especially at such young age.It’s a prevention vaccine for them.Now,she is left with one last vaccine to take,that is the 5-in-1 vaccine to be taken when she turn 18months old.Just one last vaccine and she will be free from all these jabs till she turn 7years old when she is in Primary 1.

The vaccines/oral vaccinations which Adelle took was as follows,

1.BCG(Upon birth in the hospital)

2.Hep B(Upon birth in the hospital)

3.6-in-1 x3 jabs

4.Pneumoccocal x4 jabs

5.Rotavirus x2(Oral vaccinations)

6.MMRV x1(MMR + Chicken pox vaccine)

7.5-in-1 x1(To be taken in her 18mths of age)

It’s a total of 11 jabs,2 oral vaccinations for Adelle.I do wonder at times,during those days when we were young,do we have to take so many jabs?If I’m not wrong,it’s less than 5 jabs or so.It seems that the children nowadays gonna be more “particular” in term of vaccinations.

Now in the hope that the fever does subside soon no doubt that it seems that her temperature does go down quite a bit.Gonna monitor for a few days to be sure that the fever goes off completely.



I’m into photoshop once again

It’s steam tofu with shiitake mushroom mixed with pumpkin puree( a little light soya sauce and sesame oil will do the trick)

The 3 types of mushrooms,shiitake,shimeiji and oyster mushroom that stir fry together.Had added some garlic and chili as well to bring up the taste.Vegetarian XO sauce was needed.

Komala’s sells real nice Indian vegetarian food

Now,more on food topic.Well as many of you know that I’m on full vegetarian for this month,yes the lunar 9months.Why was it so,because I had made a promise to the Buddha of having vegetarian on the lunar 9month yearly.That explain why I needed tons of vegetarian recipes.

No doubt so,I had been on full vegetarian for 2 weeks,another 2 more weeks to go.Seriously,I do find that having full vegetarian does cleanse some of my sins/bad karma which I had done in the past.By taking vegetarian does help to make up not all but some of it.(The belief by our master)

Talking about the vegetarian recipes,I had actually ran out of ideas what to prepare daily.Had been searching high and low for ideas.Till I remembered that I had tasted such dish,the tofu with shiitake mushroom and pumpkin puree during my trip to Hong Kong.This was another great idea that helps a lot.Therefore I had it prepared for lunch yesterday.

On top of that,the mixture of different type of mushrooms does give us a dish for dinner.Had it stir fry with garlic and chili padi help in the taste as well.Not forgetting the vegetarian XO sauce that was added to the dish for a little more taste.As for the XO vegetarian sauce,it’s brand was the “Woh Hup”,I can say it tasted pretty great!!Worth the buy.

The Indian vegetarian food which I had posted above was “worth mentioning”…Well,it’s from this place known as Komala’s located at just beside Farrer Park,next to City Square Mall.We had that for dinner last Saturday.It was packed home for dinner since we were at that area last weekend.My 2nd try on Indian food,and I can give real big thumbs up for that!!No Indian smell at all,worth eating as well.I will go back for that if there’s a need.


Home learning gets pretty much funnier each time_//

Introduce her a new activity,the matching of various fruits

She knows fruits better than vegetables

Fruits matching

To match the different vegetables

oops,where is the chili

Vegetables matching

The soup spoon is easier for her to scoop on her own

Let’s count,1,2,3,4

Have it drop into the bowl

To place 5 sea creatures on the under water world,to teach her up side down(idea from Happy Train)

When I give her the sea creature Right side up,she knows how to turn it up side down after some trainings(idea from Happy Train)

The shapes puzzle which is pretty useful for her to grab the tiny knob

She knows her shapes pretty well.

Adelle picks up various objects when asked.

Had been uploaded pretty much entries on Adelle learning lately.Today,it’s another round of learning activities.There were 2 activities which was done by Happy Train(the scooping of beads and the learning of up side down) which I’m merely reinforcing on Adelle so that she won’t return these learnings from her teachers.

I had introduced her a “new topic”,not exactly new topic but some changing of how to teach her.Instead of flashing the cards on fruits and vegetables on Adelle,I changed a little by doing it into a hands on activities for her to play with as well as for her learning.When this activity was been introduced,without further a do,Adelle pull out her stool and started to sit down waiting for my instructions.She knows that it’s study time again plus it’s a new activity for her.

I did matching of games for the topic fruits and vegetables for her.Knowing that her understanding of fruits and vegetables are not much,I do it slowly by introducing just 4 type of fruits and 4 type of veggies for her.This gonna be done daily till she fully master what are the following fruits and vegetables.

Scooping of beads is another activity which I will make it a point to do it everyday.She never gets tired of scooping as well.Like what the teacher from Happy Train commented(mentioned in my facebook),that I should speak in Mandarin and Japanese when do the counting game with her.Ok,I shall do just that.:)

Underwater world topic over here is also another activity done by Happy Train.They actually taught her up side down and right side up.I do not wanna confuse her yet,so I taught her with up side down first till she knows it well before I go on further.Yes,lately we found out that she could turn the sea creature up side down herself when I had placed it right side up for her.Way to go Adelle,great job!

The puzzle on shapes which has a knob on every shapes is one game which Adelle loves.Beside dropping the various shapes into the container,I gave her shapes puzzle to play with as well.I wanna her to grip the knob found on the shapes and fix the puzzle.Note,in terms of puzzles,I had always love to get those with knob for Adelle to play with.It will stimulate their fine motor skill by using their thumb and index finger while holding on to it.*Mummies,learn this trick,which I had learned from my lecturers years back*

Remember the Mother Hen alphabet chart which I had mentioned during yesterday blog entry?Now,I had uploaded a video of Adelle collecting the various objects when being ask.She knows the following objects pretty well.The only object which I didn’t ask her to get was the jam,kettle,heart and egg.


The changes in our cutie pie,Adelle_//

My favourite toy is the walker.

Happy Adelle

She finally got hold of my ez-link card

Shows to the daddy that she got the card

Smiley Adelle

That’s my blankie,the bunny…

Adelle is familiar with the objects(A-I) from this alphabets chart

These are the objects which she knows of when being told to collect them one by one.

Color matching with objects and printed cards


Different colors of bean bags match with the different colors of printed cards

Adelle had fun with the fridge magnets before walking over to me

Adelle walks over to the daddy who is doing the laundry in the service yard

Adelle walks along the corridor of the house to look for the daddy

The everyday routine for Adelle had been fixed this way since she was 12months old till now and hope it’s ongoing.Let me list down her time-table for day to day routine.

7-8am:Her wake up time cum milk given.

9am-10am:She will have her free play in the kitchen with me while I prepare the meals of the day or some makan of snack if there’s any

10am:Her bath time

1030am-11am:The show that keep her occupied,Baby einstein(a total of 26 DVD)(note,this is the only show that she is interested in)

11am-12pm:Her study time.

12pm:Her lunch

1pm-3pm:Her afternoon nap.

3pm-4pm:Milk and some free play.

4pm-5pm:In the kitchen again with mummy to prepare for dinner/some snacks/fruits

5pm-6pm:Music and movement time

6pm:Her bath time

630pm:A few minutes of show by Baby einstein while I do my personal thing

640pm:Her dinner time(between 7-8pm,she will be in the room,plays with her toys while waiting for the daddy to get back home)

8pm:Free play,learning game with the daddy and mummy

9pm:Her sleeping time till the next morning.

That’s the routine for Adelle everyday.It had now became a routine and there wasn’t any changes till now.(do I sound like a Childcare?)She still stick to her daily routine which gave me easier time as I don’t have to worry about if she does sleep at different timing which will affect her bedtime.

Yes,frankly speaking,since Adelle was a newborn till now at 15months old,she hasn’t given me much of a problem.Be it in terms of her meals,her health,her growing milestones.She is such a darling to us,being able to “not giving” any problems to dear and myself.Before we decided to have a child,I had heard lots of cases with infants not “cooperating” well with the parents.Seriously,during that time I had a little phobia in me.But then,with Adelle here,I know that she had given me such a wonderful time in taking care of her.

Again,I did some activities with her daily.Being trained,Adelle knows how to pull out the stool beside her study table ,placed her thigh on the stool,telling me that she wanna sit on the stool for her lesson.She did it again this morning.Cutie girl sure know that this is call lesson time.

I did a new activity with her,hopefully this way,I can make her learn the various colors.Had placed all the different color of printed cards on her play mat,I taught her how to place the correct color of bean bags on the correct color of printed cards.She still hasn’t master it yet.It’s again to train her just like how I had trained her in making her understand her shapes,body parts,scooping of the beads etc.It’s just a matter of time to get things done.

Just before I ended today lesson with her in the morning,I wanna try and see if she knows those few objects(letter A-I) in the alphabets chart.So I go,”Adelle,can I have the ball”.She went to the alphabet chart,took out the ball and passed it to me.She knows it!!!!Was kinda surprise by her gesture.Seeing so,I ask for more objects(shown in the photo above) like cat,duck,anchor,egg,foot,gate,heart,indian and moon.One by one,without fail,she pass me the correct objects when ask.This made me feel that my effort in coaching her everyday during the day did paid off with her understanding of things which I wanna her to learn.

By 15months old,Adelle learns to walk better.No doubt she is still having a little difficulties in walking,she begins to walk better compared to the previous months.There are 3 videos uploaded of how Adelle started to walk “happily” from the moment she knows what walking is.


Things which Adelle learns/understands at 15Mths old_//

Red and Yellow

Adelle:Finally,I had the whole basket to myself..


This is yellow…

What’s in the camera?

It’s yellow again..

Adelle fave alphabets chart

E for Egg

C for Cat

D for Duck

H for Heart

Adelle matches the correct fruit in the correct bowl

Adelle matches green and red apples on the correct trees.

Adelle knows about her body parts

Adelle mastered the skill to scope beads from one bowl to another

Adelle knows all her shapes by heart.

Delle delle loves all her “training activities”..She loves it when I placed her on the stool just next to the table and gets herself ready for lesson.She knows it’s study time cum play time which we often call it as “Learning through play”.Those activities which I had uploaded the video here are what I mean by learning through play.She gets to learn while at play.

In this way,the children would not feel so stressful whenever it’s study time.In fact,they will be looking forward to every lesson because they know very well that study time means they can relax and play too.It gonna be this way from now till they are kindergarten 2.I’m merely following what the Pre-school setting way of teaching that is learning thru play activities to be done.

I don’t believe in stressing the child and put them on the stool and study all day long with papers and pencils all over the table.They needed to do many hands on activities in order to learn as well.So some of the activities which I had done as shown in the video was taught by Happy Train(Previously Little Neuro Tree for Right Brain Training) while some of it are by my own ideas.

The matching game by fruits are being taught and reinforced to Adelle many months back,after looking for many times(many months back),Adelle is able to match the correct fruits to the correct bowl.This was the reason why I need to do reinforcement on different topics everyday.Same thing goes for the flashcards,do many themes on the flashcards everyday will help.

The matching of correct color of apple to the correct color of tree.Yes,this activity was taught by Happy Train.I had made my own set at home and had taught this activity with Adelle months back.As she was not too mobile during that period when I teach her,she don’t understand or get it when I say place the correct apple on the correct tree.But not for now,she knows how to do color matching.I’m not too sure will other children at Adelle age are able to do such matching,therefore I can’t say that Adelle is very good in this.

The body parts is again another topic which I had taught her quite a couple of time.Each time I show her the 2 eyes,I will be sure to place it on my own eyes to show her that these are eyes.Same thing goes for the rest of the body parts.Again,Adelle gave me another “surprise” by showing me that she knows her body parts by placing the body parts made by felt on her own body parts.She simply follows what I had did in the past whenever I had teach her.Very quickly,I had it video down in order to keep as a keepsake for her.Of course,was pretty glad that her learning abilities at this stage is very fast.

Now,Adelle can finally scope up the beads without my help.This is her 2nd try on scoping the beads and she just did it!!Was kinda proud of her for doing so as I didn’t play this activity with her for a day after the last video(with my help) and now she could do it freely.Again,I find that it might be the training with Happy train plus the little reinforcement done at home that made her learn very quickly.

I could still remember that I had uploaded a video of Adelle knowing of 3 different shapes,the triangle,circle and Square.Today when I gave her the matching of the various different shapes,Circle,triangle,square,star,cross,she did it correctly without any help.Again,she gave me another round of surprise by doing so.Our little precious girl had finally understand more things and we are so much happier when our effort in teaching her more things had paid off.

On top of that,she loves to stack all the cups accordingly to the correct sizes at times.The felt alphabet chart is another activity which she loves.She knows a couple of object from the chart,cat,heart,ball,duck,moon,foot.She can take out the correct object when told.It was indeed a great training for learning different things as well as alphabets.

Of course was pretty glad for myself that I managed to teach Adelle on my own all these while.Plan and teach is what I always believe in getting the good “end product”.Adelle shows/proves that she does learn well with the reinforcement done everyday.Like said she is now in her highest level of learning,if we don’t teach her now,when will be the time we can do so?Therefore,teaching starts young be it in school or home learning,it does helps quite a bit.