Marina Square on a weekday._//

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

Adelle at the Indoor Playground at Marina Square on a weekday afternoon

WaKoDo biscuits that Adelle loves

Another tiring day for the week.It’s again one of the day during the weekdays whereby I bring Adelle out to meet my preggie friend cum secondary school friend.(Her husband was my Primary school mates)Just wanna meet her up before she is due for delivery comes December.Was kinda excited for her from the day I know her till I attended her wedding last year till she is pregnant and now gonna give birth pretty soon.

Normally every weekly or fortnightly,I will be  meeting her up once.Today is another normal day whereby I meet up with her again.Imagine a mummy with a toddler in a stroller,a big tummy mummy to be walking around the shopping mall today,in fact every weekly.

Whatever it is,I’m consider early today upon reaching the venue.We were at Marina Square today.So seeing the indoor playground over there,Adelle pointed to it and tried to get up from the stroller eagerly.When asked if she wanna go to the playground,she nodded vigorously!!Since we were early,Adelle gets to have a few round of “plays” before we go to the cafe for the meet up.

She simply loves the playground at Marina Square.It seems that this playground had now became her 2nd home.Nevertheless,we spent a short 15mins there before I get Adelle to say good bye.

This WaKoDo stick is another non-organic biscuit which I will get for Adelle.Beside Happy Bellies puffs and melts,I believed in giving her WaKoDo biscuits as well.Since she can now hold the biscuits on her own to eat,I gotten her something to grab and eat at her own pace.On top of that,this WaKoDo stick works well for her gum and jaws as she is teething right now.Yes,3 more teeth are on their way to come out.*smile*


The busy weekend(Sunday)_//

The shot with Gingerbreadman

up the stage where she wanna feel and touch the balls

A shot with the christmas tree

A proper shot with the Christmas Tree

We were out the whole day yesterday!!!By the time we reached home,it was super tiring and I just hope to lie down on my bed and rest for the night.Yes,we did so.Slept at 1030pm.

As early as 930am,we left the house and start our journey towards Bukit Panjang.(My old town whereby I had stayed for more than 20yrs,every part of the estate left my footprints)As my cousin which was the 2 nephews which I had doted so much was having their housewarming at their newly shifted in condo.Well,the place was really huge and cooling as well.Of course,we had a buffet session after which.Had recommended my cousin this caterer,chilli Padi catering whereby I strongly recommend this caterer.Reason being,we had ordered their buffet during Adelle 1st party and yummy it was damn nice.Now my cousin did ordered the same caterer yesterday,once again I get to taste their yummy food.(Thumb up for Chilli Padi catering   http://www.chillipadi.com.sg/)

Our next destination is Harbourfront Center/Vivo City.Seriously,I don’t like to travel from Bukit Panjang to Vivo no doubt there is a direct bus service 963.Come to think of it,if we were to push a stroller,imagine the hassle to bring the stoller up a bus?I rather have direct train service and push the stroller all the way.(smart for staying nearby to MRT station in Sengkang)Again,it’s a long winded traveling as we gonna take LRT towards Chua Chu Kang before I change to Jurong East whereby I need to change again for another 2 times.(East West Line to North East Line)I think traveling by bus will be easier and faster,but with a stroller??Perhaps with the downtown line building,it will be much easier for those who stayed at Bukit Panjang.This means my relatives who stay there currently.No matter what,I can’t give much comment since I’m not staying there anymore and was glad that my current place is just within 8mins walking distance to the MRT station.

Not much window shopping around Vivo City/Harbourfront centre as my intention is not there.We just wanna stop at a particular place to rest our feet before we head down to City Square Mall.But before we do so,we came by the nice Christmas deco we find it great if Adelle can have a few snap of photos.Well,Adelle can’t pose herself yet of course and I had a hard time grabbing her from one place to another as she simply can’t stand still and was amazed by the surrounding.I can only took a few shoots of her and this shall be her only Pre-Christmas photos.

We only able to reach Farrer Park,City Square Mall just before 6pm.Reason being was,we intend to send Adelle for class again after stopping with Happy Train for a few months.Had made this decision as both dear and myself had been discussing that since Adelle had this interest in studying,why stop her?At the same time,while waiting for the childcare we had in mind to come back to us.We can send her for this enrichment class(Just like Happy Train,Shichida,Growing Up Gifted,Julia Gabriel).

Remember I mentioned about in the waiting list of Growing up gifted in December?Well,most likely we will give it a miss as we don’t even know if there will be a space for us.Plus,this school which we had found in City Square Mall teaches almost the same thing just like what Growing Up Gifted and Julia Gabriel are teaching.

For Growing Up Gifted and Julia Gabriel,it’s a 2X lessons on a weekday(some wants 3X per weeks) with 1hr 30mins per session.Term ends after every 8 lessons which is 2 months.The school which we had checked yesterday(City Square Mall)had the same schedule too.(2X lessons on a weekday with 1hr 30mins per session.Term ends after every 8 lessons.

Even if so,they do conduct weekend class for once per week at 1hr30mins,term ends every 2months.This was also the same for weekend class even if it’s with Growing Up Gifted and Julia Gabriel.

Well,this interest both dear and myself.Therefore we decided to go down for the enquiries and have a look at the classroom.Boy,it was so much like Aussie kind of teaching.Mostly on the ground but I still kinda like it.Reason being,in Singapore teaching.Children are made to sit on the chair and table to do their work,at times teachers will get them to the ground and do their activities as well.So my intention now was to send Adelle for such enrichment classes,so that she can get used to the habit of siting on the floor to do up her work in school and at the same time,she can also get used to sit on the chair and table to do her work at home when I do teaching with her.It’s just like killing a bird with 2 stones.I’m merely making use of this in order to make Adelle learn and build her learning foundation.

So,we signed her up for a trial class come 12 Dec.The trial class should be $50 for 1hr30mins lesson if I’m not wrong.As we don’t have to pay a single cents for it,meaning we will have free trial with Adelle.This was so because of the daddy that we were entitled for this free trial and will have 5-12% of discount upon signing up for the class.

After checking all these out,have our dinner and do some shopping there,by the time we reached home is already 830pm.See,we were out for the whole day for the very 1st time during the weekends.


Adelle,our little helper who does the household chores for us_//

We were caught by the gesture of Adelle during yesterday gathering.I had it video down so that I can show it to her as well that at age 16months,this was what she is capable of doing,that was to mimics us in cleaning the house.Still remember quite a weeks before I had cleaned the TV console(exactly the same as what she had shown us here in this video)using a piece of cloth.I believed that she must had it stores in her brain all these while and that was why she “decided” to show everything out yesterday to us when both her paternal and maternal grandparents were here.

Of course,we were kinda shocked by such action of hers.At the same time,she mimics how the daddy mop the floor as well.We tend to use a big piece of cloth to clean the flooring,that was what she did too by using this piece of cloth,throw it on the floor and step onto it and start moving around using a slower speed which I didn’t had it posted here.She had shown us what was clearly remembered in her brain,gosh and she is only 16mths not even 17mths old.

Both mother in law and my mum were pretty astonished by the way Adelle had the interest to study.I gave her an hour or so of lesson in front of their presence.Yes,the magic word goes,”study time”,be sure to see Adelle walking to her stool,sit on it and get ready.She can sit for as long as an hour and ongoing till I get her off the stool,if not she will still be siting on the stool itself.She did all her hands on activities freely in front of both grandma and showed them her greatest smile whenever she does a job.

My mum was amazed by Adelle interest to study till she finally see it for herself yesterday.Was telling me,she did not come across a toddler who had so much interest to study and can sit as long as 1hr????She knows many can only sit on the chair for 5-10mins the max based on Adelle age.Yes,I don’t know why,she simply love it and can sit that long for lesson time.On top of that,she already acted this way since she was 15months old.That was why I must carry on with this teaching,to build up her interest in learning foundation.Of course,I’m glad for I had built up Adelle interest in learning since she was 5months old.


Families gathering can be that fun_//

Adelle had a question:Mummy,is it that there will be many people in our house today???

My stir fry lady fingers for 5 pax

The soup which I had made for 6 pax today inclusive of Adelle

The side dish which dear had gotten from Boon Keng wet market this morning when we do our marketing.

2 dishes with 1 soup was what we had for dinner tonight.

I had been saying cooking for 5 pax,but who were those 5 people did I exactly mean?Well,as many knows from my bloggie or facebook that we had “finally” gotten a new dining table in our home last Tuesday.So we fixed today as the “opening ceremony” for using this dining table for the very first time.Was told that we can do so by getting more people to eat together.No doubt I don’t really believe in this,but I still wanna let today be a happy occasion by inviting my parents in laws and my mum to our place for the dinner,plus dear and myself will be 5 pax excluding Adelle.

I find that by doing so,it’s something for a little gathering wherby both paternal/maternal grandparents get to see their little 1st granddaughter which they had.As some of you might know for the weekends,it’s more for grandparents gathering with Adelle.On Saturday will be gathering for Adelle paternal grandparents while Sunday will be Adelle maternal grandparents.But then,today I tried to put this gathering together so that we can sit down for such dinner.

So,both dear and myself woke up earlier to go over to Boon Keng market as usual to buy our weekly groceries,of course this little woman went with us and had KFC breakfast instead of Mcdonald breakfast.She loves it,I tell you!!Shakes her legs badly upon seeing her daddy who carries the tray of food.

Of course,very quickly we were done up of the weekly groceries and set back home.Normally after the market trip i will try to boil some soup to mix with some kwey tiao for Adelle lunch instead of porridge.Normally by 1pm she will be in her dreamland.

Since we are inviting both side of parents for dinner,I prepared this soup known as lotus pork ribs soup.My ingredient were,pork ribs,Huai Shan(wild yam),carrots,lotus roots,wolfberries and red dates.Look at the color of the soup,I find it pretty tasty for the very 1st try.No salt added thou.By the time they came at 430pm,my soup is already ready and was kept in my useful thermal pot.It had boiled by itself in this magic cooker and that was why the soup was kinda tasty.

Next dish which I did was this stir fry lady fingers with chiliand dried shrimps.Seasoning was light soy sauce and some water to steam before serving.I used this chili paste which my mum made for me instead of the chili padi or sambal.Again,I find it not too bad too.The last dish which was the roasted duck and char siew were purchased from the market.(I don’t have such skills to prepare this dish)It was tasty!!That was why I love to go to Boon Keng Market,as I get yummy food and cheap groceries as well.

Perhaps it’s due to doing my own cooking more on weekdays,I don’t find it stressful to cook for more people or rather even my in laws.If it was the past,I will have phobia and worries how to prepare even if it’s only for a dish.But then,for these 2 dishes which I had prepared,I don’t find it stressful at home.No sweat or worries,feeling much more prepared for what is going to be expected in front of me.Of course,I’m pretty much happier where the old folks get to eat what I had prepared for them.(yes,on my own thou)

Maybe I know the simple skill of cooking that gave me such thoughts.Of course,our little daughter enjoyed herself too!!!She had the same soup with us to mix with her steamed rice.She loves it as well.As we don’t have a high chair currently.My mother-in-law gave us a good idea of placing the bumbo seat on the chair and let Adelle sits on it.True enough,it’s such a good idea and Adelle loves it all with her sharing the same table,having almost the same dinner as us at the same time too!!!

I’m still thinking whether to get a high chair which I don’t really fancy as it tends to take up much space in the house and by 2yrs on,the need of her siting on it might not be as much as now.

Whatever it is,I’m pretty glad that this dinner was a success and everyone had their own set of portion which was just nice for them.No more no less,the food goes just nice.*Smiling Sherryl*


What did Mummy Sherryl and Lil Adelle did at home?_//

Trying to dig what she can get from my basket of teaching aids

Finally She digs out the animals flashcards

Now,she wanna try fixing the 7 simley faces with 7 snowflake objects

She loves matching.Find the same object of the same color

Found the objects and smile happily

Now,she finds the shoes

That’s a bathrobe,Adelle

Adelle starts to dream again

She looks as though she is going to throw her tantrum soon

Q for Question mark

Adelle shows me her big pair of eyes again

Adelle:Mummy,I want that!!

The day where we had our share of soup

Ny set of lunch during non vegetarian day

One of the side dish for the dinner

My lunch on a vegetarian day

This is for dinner on our vegetarian day

This dish is for my lunch while Adelle had it as her side dish on top of her lean meat/threadfin porridge

Phew,I’m back in action again after 1 day of rest.Yes,when I said rest meaning I didn’t even switch on the computer during the day and night.Normally I will do so,but then yesterday the medication was “hurting” me which I felt kinda tired and into drowsiness.Fell asleep with Adelle since 130pm till 330pm,only did I saw the darkness in the room.Yes it was raining heavily yesterday afternoon.

On top of that,I kinda sleep from 830pm last night till this morning at 8am.On and off between 830pm till 11pm,I did woke up a little to prepare for Adelle night feed before I went back to sleep again till this morning.Now being refreshing,everything I did seem to feel more smoothly.

Enough of that,now after being recovered from the flu,I finally had the energy to teach Adelle again.Yes,the day before yesterday and last night,I totally had no energy to do so.In fact,the daddy was the one who teach her while I stayed aside watching how Adelle learned.Seriously,she shows different reactions whenever the daddy gave her the lessons.

This morning,I gave her some lessons as well.Not wanting her to become lazy after a few days,I started the lesson with her again.As energetic as before,she loves it and was always looking forward to lesson time.The photos show it all about how excited Adelle can get.She even wanna “self service” from the basket of my teaching aids on her own even if I didn’t give her the magic work.(Study Time)

The video shows how she can managed to place the correct number of snowflakes on the smiley faces.She knows where to put,which part it was short of.She knows it.This is again another practice which made her able to do what I wanna her to try on.I will give her perhaps 2-3 sets of different numbers placed on the table in order to challenge her on this activity.

Despite being sick since Tuesday,I do made an effort to cook as well.Reason being was,I don’t wanna put the groceries which we had gotten last Sunday to put to waste.So I still drag myself in preparing for the dinner.Even if I don’t cook for the dinner,I still need my lunch.So since I’m turning on the stove to cook,I might as well prepare for the dinner.

Those recipes/dishes cooked above was resourced from one cooking website which I love to follow how this lady cook.Like mentioned each week,we will be going to the wet market with Adelle to get the groceries.Of course 1-2 days before,I will be looking at the recipe of what to cook for next week in order to get the veggies.

So last week,I decided to try something which I didn’t try before,noted down the groceries and off to the market last Sun to it.So this week,no doubt I’m not feeling well,I still cook what was listed down in my list and what was stored in the fridge.Seriously,this dish,steamed pumpkin with eggs was kinda tasty!!I had this for lunch on a vegetarian day and it serves well as a side dish for Adelle.She loves it!!!Little did I realise that Mummy Josephine also cooked this dish for her little girl,Xy when I chance upon her bloggie this morning.Like what Mummy Josephine said,it’s nice!!Which I do think so although I had always dislike pumpkin.

The stir fry udon is another dish which I like it as well.It’s almost good for vegetarian day as I had always run out of ideas of what to prepare on vegetarian day.Same thing goes for the stir fry pasta with garlic,chili,broccoli,caufliflower,shimeiji.I like this dish as well.

The tomato prawns with tomato sauce was another dish which I had seen it online.In fact for all the dishes which I had done up this week was kinda new to me.Stir fry dried shrimps with sambal and french bean was one of my favourite.All along I had liked french bean that much.Now it was cook with my favourite sambal chili,it made my lunch even more great.I’m doing fine with only just one dish like this.

This salted veggie soup was one soup which I hasn’t try before.Find the tasty pretty good and nice.If it was duck salted veggie soup,I would had love it even more.Someone please teach me how to prepare this soup..No doubt so,this salted veggie soup works just as well.I kept telling dear that it was something which I hasn’t done before,on top of that,I was never a person who cook before.Perhaps with such result here,I should had “self comfort” myself.I still miss my mum cookery.Hopefully a day or two,I shall get her to cook in my house so that I can get to eat the real home cook food.


Adelle interest of studying/Mummy fallen sick_//

Adelle does her matching game again.She loves it!!!

“look mummy,I’m done!!”

Trying to take out the templates and put it into the plate

Look at how Adelle says the word purple when she is unsure of which is purple while doing her wooden toy

I did matching with Adelle again yesterday.Yes,she simply loves the black and white template of clothes/accessories to go along matching with the colorful templates of the same design.Every day,she will be playing with this matching activity which she like it that much.Even if I’m busy or rather when I let her have her free play,she will be sure to go to the study table and grab this set of teaching aid and play it on her own.

Just as the daddy said to me yesterday that he don’t fancy studying when he was young.(Daddy is trying to be funny with me again,don’t like to study and yet can still obtain a bachelor in computing in Singapore uni),I told him that I don’t like to study even further!!!When comes to the subject of Maths and Science,I hated it so much.Then daddy said since both of us don’t like to study,why was it that Adelle loves it so much!!!????!!!!

Did I mentioned that each time Adelle shows her crankiness/cried loudly when she don’t feel happy,the moment I said the word,”it’s study time”,this woman will walk as fast as she could,pull put the stool at her study table placed both her thighs on the stool(now she can managed to do so),and got herself ready for LESSONS!!!

Normally when kids cry,parents tend to get something they like to pacify the child,but for Adelle all I need to do is to use the word “Study Time”,there she goes keeping quietly and stop her cries.Why did she like study so much since both of us don’t like it that much.Perhaps it’s the right brain training of Happy train for Adelle since 5months old?She knows what is “studies” and often gets excited while waiting for the lesson to get conducted.Normally she will do her lesson in a cool place with air-condition on in her room.With cool body,every thing works well for her as she tends to get sweated each time she perspire.

So with her interest to study now,I must do it everyday so as to keep her interests/likes in studying ongoing.Build up this foundation which she already had to keep it ongoing.Once the foundation for the 1st 6yrs are build,everything will get easier when she steps into Primary school.

Hear what Adelle had said in the video,she said “purple”,but then I had one problem,she don’t know what is purple and every color she sees,she take it as that is purple.As for the wooden toy,I kinda like it when I saw it many months ago before Adelle turns 1.As it teaches the toddlers about colors,numbers and it teaches the child on how to fix the numbers correctly from 1-10.Initially Adelle had totally no idea of how to do it,we shown her est 3-5 times,and the next time we see,she already mastered how to fix this wooden toy.

I don’t have the chance to teach her anything today as I had fallen sick and had no energy to give her any lesson.On top of that,I did a simple soup boiling on old cucumber soup with red dates,lean pork and carrots for our soup tonight.Made use of this soup and pour into the steamed rice for Adelle dinner today.At least I don’t have to cook her porridge separately whereby I need to see a doctor at 4pm after she woke up from her nap.

Yes,I gotta see a doctor with taking the risk of bringing Adelle with me.As I don’t have anyone to help me,the daddy can’t take leave as his superior is not around,so I gonna do it on my own.Thankfully,no one was in the clinic till we came out of there.I even sterilize Adelle by bathing her.I even had the intention to see a doc at BUKIT PANJANG tomorrow!!Yes to Bt Panjang as I wanna see the doc whom I had been seeing since I’m in primary 5.But then,I can’t take it anymore as the flu bug in me is getting serious with terrible headache,runny nose(I gotten this from Adelle when she caught it 2 days back),bad sore throat,rise in body temperature.

Shall update this piece of entry before I go ZZZzzzzzz.Gd night people,will update again once I’m fully recover.


Parenting plays an important part of a child life_//

I kinda enjoyed the Motherhood

Bak Kut Teh soup,fishcake and prawns for the noodle as dinner yesterday.

I’m enjoying every moment of parenting with Adelle at every stage of her age.Seeing how happily and how lovable she had grew often made me felt blissed with having only one child.At the very least,during this stage of moment I’m able to provide all my attentions to her and only her.

Getting pretty much used to staying home almost everyday on the weekdays.Meaning no outing while just staying home to do up my housework,keep the house clean at times,do up a lesson with Adelle,preparation of the meals for us daily.I felt more “achievement” this way.As I get to do what I want for the day.Used to get bored and often look forward to any meet up with mummies or friends in the past.But now,I don’t fancy that anymore.In fact,I’m so much happier doing what I’m doing now.

Well,perhaps I’m already used to such setting that was why I felt such great achievement.For instance,I always had problem thinking of what to have for lunch or dinner sometimes.It’s always the same old dishes which even if dearie don’t mind that,I do mind.Therefore,I made an effort to search for food recipes as my lunch and our dinner.Yes,the dish posted above was one of the “found” in the food recipe websites.I find it pretty interested and wanna try doing it yesterday.The Bak Kut Teh which was pre-packed was from Hock Hwa.It’s something simple yet we hasn’t tried it before in cooking this way for the dinner.Therefore gave it a try and see how it tasted like.

Seriously,preparing of dinner made me feel much happier at the same time.As both dear and myself often longed for home cook food,therefore I find that being able to stay home for this period of time,prepare a dinner for the husband who is busy working out there at long hours is important.Plus,I love doing so,why not?*smile*

I don’t know but I simply love such feeling whereby I keep the house clean and tidy everyday,(Meaning sweeping and mopping the floor for twice per day)taking care of Adelle needs and wants,make sure that I get my rest as well,awaiting for the daddy to be home(often by 730pm)with a refreshing Adelle after her bath and her dinner at 630pm.We are all set for the daddy to be home so that both the daddy and mummy gets their dinner as well often before 8pm.

I love such life!!!Perhaps like what I had said,I’m already gotten used to it.Plus the most important part was,I get to teach/train our daughter for the next stage of her life whereby she will build up her characteristic from this time on.Whether she can develop good behavior,shows great interest in her study starts now.So I will take this one year plus to train her well before I say good bye to the position of SAHM.


Adelle and her 8 teeth_//

Peek a boo,I see you

Trying to hide behind the curtains

“we are going out”<<Here’s the keys,Mummy!!>>

This should be the pair of keys

The very blur piece of photo

That’s Adelle fave ball,The Hello Kitty

Trying to pick up her fave ball again


Well,Adelle tends to follow anyone who had food on their hands.I gonna show her that the food I’m feeding her is finish and give her the very last piece,she will be happy to throw the piece of tissue into the dustbin.BUT!!!If say I didn’t give her the very last piece and throw away the tissue into the dustbin,she will be crying like nobody business.That’s Adelle obviously.

Finally,I saw 4 more teeth popping out at the same time.It had been a long wait since she stopped at 4 teeth since 12months.Now with more coming out,she will be having 8 teeth which was great!!It means I can start to give her some food which is slightly a little harder.

As I had a short trip with the in laws at HDB Hub yesterday(@ 10am),I did a simple soup boiling which consisted of Huai Shan(Wild Yam),lean pork,carrots,sweet corns,red dates and wolfberries in the morning before we headed out.Reason being was,I wanna boil a soup and had it store in my thermal pot whereby I can simply pack 1-2 dishes from the “Mixed vegetables rice stall” and had it go with our soup for dinner.At the same time,Adelle gets to have this simple soup that pour into her steamed rice and eat just like that.Perhaps I should just boil a soup earlier,steamed rice for her if I were to go out during the day.In this way,she don’t have to drink her milk for the dinner.She gets some soupy stuff and rice as well now with her having almost 8 teeth.It’s time for her to have such meal at times.

Plus,I gave her those Heinz biscuits,gotten her to try “biting” with her 4 teeth for now yesterday.Well,she did it.I almost couldn’t believe it as I’m kinda worried about her for not being able to “bite” when she was not given much “solid food” as porridge had been her main dish.Why I didn’t give her much solid food and only porridge was because she only had 4 teeth,how is she going to bite and digest the food in her stomach?Well,I dare not take the risk.But now,I dare!!As Adelle knows how to bite quite well with the biscuits,plus 4 more teeth are coming out which makes 8 teeth.Sooner or later,I will be giving her steamed rice with some side dish/soup for dinner while porridge shall stick to her daily lunch.

Glad that the teeth are coming out,but sad that she developed a runny nose yesterday.Gave her 3 rounds of medication for it,today seems slightly better.Still have to monitor another 1-2 days before she recovers.Again,it’s something to do with teething I suppose.Well,she gave me runny nose and cranky mood for teething,what happens if she is going to have her molars?Gosh,I can’t imagine how bad it gonna be.*keeping fingers cross*


All these happens today,19th November_//

Coat from Aunty Jasmine(NZ),Bag from grandparents(Aussie Land),water bottle from parents(Singapore)It’s international!!!

Adelle,zhi xuan

To fix the correct shapes using this caterpillar

This toy is the one which her grandparents bought for her.

Adelle is doing mix and match

19th November 2005,today is the date of our 5th ROM Anniversary.Well,no celebration since we decided to have celebration only on Birthdays,Wedding Anniversary(customary),if not there will be too many “celebrations” going on.So long as our cutie pie is growing healthy and being obedient,everyday is a celebration to us.No doubt so,November is also a month which worth the memory of knowing of the pregnancy as well as the ROM Anni.It’s memories!!The link to keep our ROM date in memory.


Nevertheless,Adelle was still as lively as before.I found one stunt in her today,yes on our ROM Anni.What she did was using a piece of tissue to wipe her mouth,walk over to the kitchen where the dustbin was found and there she goes,throw the piece of tissue into the rubbish bin.Next,she walked back to the living room,drawn another piece of tissue did the same routine again till I stopped her.She knows that after the usage of tissue,it’s supposedly to be in the dustbin after which.

This coat from NZ which I had posted quite a while back was kinda long for her height.Today,I tried it on her and guess what,it had became shorter.She had grown a little in height.Since she loves it that much,I put on the bag for her and there she went,walking around her bedroom.

The shapes matching puzzle was another toy which she loves.I ever read somewhere that at 16months of age,matching games are important as they do not remember days,they remember moments.Kinda true,that was why I input on her matching games since she was 15mths old.It takes a while before she fully absorb such activity.So the video shows how she can match the black and white template of clothes to the clothes with colors.She did it!!!

Adelle is getting quite grumpy lately,a little unhappy she started to cry.Well,I suspect it’s due to teething which I saw 2 teeth on it’s way out at the upper gum and 1 tooth at the lower gum.That’s why.I ever heard of that if a child is teething,they will get either one of the following.Fever,diarrhoea,no appetite or crankiness(cries alot).Well,Adelle belongs to the latter whereby she cried whenever she feels like to.Anyway,I rather it be this way than her having the rest of the above symptoms.

*It’s the growing process of Adelle and how the mummy took care of her during the day*


Adelle's had some gifts from Aussie Land_//

Adelle simply loves this Tommee Tipee Pink water bottle

She took this remote control as a mobile

What is she trying to do?Put down the remote control on her bouncer?

She loves her new bag and sandals

Now,Adelle had a backpack from Aussie land,a pair of sandal,4 dresses and a toy given to her by her “ma ma & ye ye” dearest.Yes,her grandparents had just came back from Australia just last Sun.Initially,dear and I are suppose to bring Adelle for her 2nd trip to Australia,Melbourne as well in Nov together with the grandparents.The only problem was,dear is not able to take any leave for the whole of Nov due to his boss is not around and he gonna be around in the office.Sad thing,if not Adelle can gets to enjoy her 2nd trip to an “ang moh” country.

Whatever it is,Adelle had some gifts as mentioned earlier.Mind you,she loves this kangaroo cum koala bag from Australia!!!She can carry it for as long as 10mins till we asked her to take it off.See,she love it that much.Perhaps it’s high time whereby I can get her to carry this cute bag whenever we go for a shopping trip.Putting in the bag can be her finger food,water bottle.In this way,we can train her to take care of her own personal belongings.It will be even easier when she goes to school.

Her grandparents bought her a pair of sandal,similar to the type which we had gotten for her 1-2 weeks back.She loves such sandals too and enjoyed walking around the whole house with such sandals.Now with Adelle carrying a backpack,wears a sandal and hold on to her favourite pink tomee tipee water bottle like this,she walks round the house which made us all felt that she really looks like a toddlers going to school.It was simply so cute and a good sight to look at.

She gotten 4 pretty dresses from both her grandparents and “gu gu” whom they doted on her that much.Seriously,Adelle does look great in all the 4 dresses bought by them.The only thing was,the size was kinda huge,so she can only gets to wear only after 2yrs old.

Talking about the Pink water bottle she was holding.Well,she can walk around the house,come back and drink the water using this bottle.She repeated doing so for as many time as possible.It’s totally different from how she uses her previous mag mag water bottle.In fact,she don’t go back for more water using the mag mag bottle.Nevertheless,it was great having her to drink more water with a bigger bottle.She shall have this bottle with her everyday till I manage to find her other design of such bottle.