Adelle being a little pianist_//

The little pianist,Adelle

The little pianist,Adelle

The little pianist,Adelle

The little pianist,Adelle

Is that our future pianist,Adelle?????The future is yet to tell,but this set of piano created huge interest of Adelle when she went to her paternal grandparents place for reunion dinner yesterday.Adelle “gugu” turned on her precious piano for Adelle to play with.Seriously,our daughter had no “talent in music”,while her “gugu” played some music for her,she shown no interest at all!!It’s only when we placed her on the piano chair,then only did she feel the “happiness” and tried playing with the keys.

Guess what she did was,after pretending to play 2-3keys,she turned her head around and look at her audiences which was her daddy and grandpa and start waving as shown on the 1st picture.No one taught her this,and she simply did it on her own.She stayed for as long as 20mins or slightly more to play around with the piano.

Should I let her have a feel of learning how to play a piano?If we were to let her learn,she should start learning at age 3,which is next year??Good thing was that,we can save $$$ on this,as Adelle “gugu” can teach her how to play music using the piano as her “gugu” is a piano teacher in some schools teaching during the weekends.If we want,we can always get her “gugu” to teach Adelle.

Learning to play with a piano is never easy.It takes lots of time and money for it.Seriously,I hope Adelle can learn an extra skill.Therefore,high chance we will get her “gugu” to teach her on it.Hopefully Adelle can fulfil my wish to learn music and play nice music for her parents when we grow old.:)


2nd Pregnancy @ 13 weeks_//

Mummy and Adelle

Mummy and Adelle

I’m back in blogging after a 4days break.Seriously,I’m being “attacked” by heartburn and fatigue.To be honest,currently I’m now pregnant with #2..Now in my 13weeks of pregnancy.Yes,Adelle is gonna have either a baby sister or baby brother comes August this year.

It’s a little baby bunny which we are having thou.Seriously,we had wanna give it a miss for trying a baby bunny and decided to have baby dragon instead.Again,before we wanna do so,I’m pregnant once again!!Mind you,initially we were thinking if we should have baby #2 or not.

Whatever it is,we were kinda glad and was surprised by this pregnancy.Why so?That’s because I had fallen sick just before my “monthly friend” reported 2 weeks later and was never thought I could get pregnant thou.It’s the 10th Dec,I tested positive and this is the day my dear husband celebrated his 30th Birthday.It was indeed a great birthday gift for him.

Of course,during this 1st 3mths of pregnancy,life wasn’t as smoothly as it is for me.I’m down with serious morning sickness and I could hardly find the energy to train/teach Adelle as what I normally do.I leave the job to the daddy every night.Be sure that Adelle has her lesson time and create bonding with daddy every night.I begin to cook lesser during weekdays.Not that I don’t want to,but I simply can’t cook at all,the mood wasn’t there.All I wanna do was to just lie down and sleep.

On top of that,having a toddler makes it even more difficult as well.Having to take care of Adelle,takes care of her needs like the preparation of her meals,her bath time,her feeding time and to play along with her everyday.I don’t have extra help during the weekdays,which I can only depend on myself daily.It’s only comes the weekends,then only the in laws,my mum and husband is there to relief my “job”…During this period of time,dear had to apply either his normal leave or childcare leave to take care of Adelle for me.Sometimes,it’s hard.The only good thing was,I can nap together with Adelle whenever she has her afternoon nap.In fact,I’m doing it everyday now.

Puking is another thing which I will always have at least 2-3 times a week.Be sure that I will hug the toilet bowl either in the evening or in the middle of the night.The feeling was yucky and miserable.No doubt so,it makes me feel glad that the child is growing well.

Yes,talking about this,I went for my check-up yesterday.Doc Douglas Ong is still going to be my gynae for this 2nd pregnancy.The scanning goes well and we saw the little baby in the tummy.Gosh,the baby was simply active through the scan,much more than Adelle!!!And,the hands and legs were pretty long which Doc Ong was saying,this baby has toothpick legs.we all burst out laughing.

Beside this,Adelle was still as famous as before in the clinic.Sweetie is the word which Doc Ong will address Adelle as.And the cutest part was,the staff nurse,Shirley had kept a little soft toy from the hamper and store in her cupboard for Adelle.She mentioned that she knows I will be there for a check up yesterday,so she purposely keep one for Adelle.That’s sweet of Shirley to do so.Not only this,Adelle seems to be so popular with the staff and Doc there.I would say,both Adelle and Javier are the little cutie toddlers which attracted the attention of the people there thou.


Upper Molars are coming out_//






Dentinox is Adelle good buddy now

Pampers Cruisers,this is the high end diaper of Pampers brand which I love.

It had been more than a week which Adelle is still down with runny nose and bad cough.Especially during the night time when she sleeps,she can cough badly and ended up crying.Remember the time when she was down with high fever of 40.5deg,we had send her to KKh and during the day time,she ended up at the PD.A week later,her fever is gone and she developed bad cough and runny nose.

The worried parents decided to send her down for Tuina.This chinese doctor was famous of doing tuina for both adults and children.There’s a room specially for children to Tuina and you will be surprise that it was full of sick children be it infants or toddlers or Pre-schoolers.The number of children seen there was great.This was because they are famous of doing Tuina using Chinese Medication/powder for the children.

True enough after the Tuina,Adelle bloated tummy is not as bad as before.But then,why she kept crying every night from 11pm till 3am before she fully fall asleep?After some observation,we found out that she was actually teething!!!Yes,for the past few teeth that had came,she had no problem with it,at the most she feels uncomfortable or being cranky.But this teeth that are coming out are hurting because it’s her molars that are growing,2 at a time!!!Gosh!

I had even heard that the growth of Molars often makes a child uncomfortable,cries during the night because of pain,having fever,runny nose or cough and also have sticky and wet poo poo.Yes,during this one week,each time I cleaned her poo poo,it was often sticky and was a lot.(Sorry,I sounded rather disgusting,but then it was to share the experience of a child growing of Molars)This make me confirm that it’s the growing of Molars.

So,I remember that there is one teething gel for children but can’t remember the name till I checked with Mummy Jeslyn.It’s Dentinox.No doubt it doesn’t help much,but at least it sooth a little by applying it on her gum.Of course,Adelle refused and cried even badly when applied.

So much updates.Let me briefly blog a little on the current diaper Adelle is using.Well,in the market there are many brands of diaper.They are Pampers,Mamy Poko,Huggies,Petpet,Nepia,Drypers.Each ranging from high end to low end.Of course,to me I find that Drypers are of the lowest end of diaper while Pampers belong to the highest range of all diaper.

Well,I had always believed in Pampers and love Adelle to use it because it’s pretty smooth and not rough at all.I know there are some diapers brand which are pretty rough and imagine the child wearing a “hard like a stone diaper”,how comfortably it can get??So,I always believed in getting a higher end of diaper for Adelle,no doubt it’s use once and had to be thrown away,I find it worth while at least it makes the child comfortable.

Since I choose the highest range of diaper,Pampers.There is high end and low end of Pampers brand.Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Active Baby below to the highest range of Pampers brand while Pampers Comfort belongs to the lowest range.Well,since the day where Pampers Active Baby kept running out of stock,I had tried to stock up Pampers Cruisers ever since.But again,on and off,I will be using either Pampers Cruisers or Pampers Active Baby for Adelle.Pampers brand of pull up is another which I will give it to her as well.

Well,after using Pampers Cruisers,I’m simply in love with it.Just touch and feel the texture of the diaper makes me happy.Because it was so smooth and thin which I believe that it will make the child feel comfortable even sleeping at night.Rough and hard diaper,I will give it a miss.Imagine if we were to wear something hard and rough,would you feel comfortable?Same thing goes for a child.

Gosh,guess I’m going to stock up more Pampers Cruisers for Adelle again!!!


My Birthday Celebration_//

Adelle looks like the Birthday girl:)

Cake from Swiss Bake

There it is,the small little cake just nice for the 3 of us…

A shot with Adelle

Look!!!Adelle is aiming the cake!!

While we sing the Birthday song,Adelle is trying to clap her hands

While I’m making a wish,Adelle is still aiming the cake

I’m telling Adelle to blow,look she is trying to

It’s cake cutting

Cut,cut cut!!

Dear choose Bali Thai as dinner for my Birthday

I love this

Thai Green Curry

Hotplate tofu with seafood.

Ayam Panggang Bali

Glutinuous rice with durian

Daddy while looking at the menu

A shot while Adelle drinks her milk

Adelle drinks her milk,take 1

Adelle drinks her milk,take 2

Adelle and mummy at Bali Thai

Daddy is feeding Adelle some crackers

Mummy takes a rest

Adelle takes a shot with daddy

Adelle gets ready for the dinner

Yes,I’m turning 31 today!!I wish I’m still in my twenties,but then,we can’t change time.hah!!It’s just a normal day for Adelle and myself at home today till the evening,we got prepared to go down to Nex @ Serangoon for the celebration by having our dinner at Bali Thai.

Since,I’m craving for spicy food while the daddy suggested Bali Thai,I agreed with no 2nd thoughts.Of course,I had a good nap with Adelle during the day to keep me energetic comes the evening.Preparing ourselves and leave home by 6pm.Meet the daddy at 7pm after his work and we spend a good one hour at the restaurant itself.We got back home after getting the cake at 850pm.Wow,that’s the good thing for staying near to Serangoon.NEL ride with just 3 train stops away,furthermore We don’t have to change into any shuttle bus from Buangkok MRT and is just walking distance.

Very quickly when we got back home,we got the cake ready and there we go,singing the Birthday song in both English and Chinese version.Adelle enjoyed herself the most!!She was pretty curious about the blowing of candle,the cake cutting.I still remember when I celebrated my Birthday last year,she was just a 6mths old infant.All she could do was to be carried and look “stone stone” at the cake.But it’s different this year,she wanna touch the cake,wanna blow the candle with me,wanna cut the cake as well.

All right,this year birthday celebration was as simple as it is.I rather we keep it simple.I no longer yearn for any gifts or such.Perhaps I’m growing old,not as childish as before,expecting a gift or something.Just a simple meal keeps me happy.But then,dear still got me a coach swingpack.Nevertheless,I’m already pretty much happier with having a healthy daughter and a loving husband.What else can I ask for?*smile*

Still wanna wish myself a “Happy Birthday”..


Misc updates_//

The girl who enjoys wearing her daddy work pass

Look at the way she hold the pass

Adelle,awaiting for her lunch

Without the food,she can still entertain herself with the spoon

There she goes,having the baked potato

The daddy was on childcare leave yesterday.Managing Adelle alone is never easy starting now.So I needed more helping hands if possible especially when Adelle was sick during this period of time.I had stayed home with Adelle for a full 1 week without going anywhere even on last weekends because of her being sick as well as myself.So yesterday I had decided to bring her out nearby  for some fresh air rather than staying home the whole day long.

Therefore,we decided to go down to City Square Mall and Nex.Yes,to City Square Mall because we wanna change new notes at OCBC.The problem was that the bank ran out of new notes and can only open for exchange comes today.Same thing goes for the OCBC at Nex.Well,I don’t wanna travel down alone myself today to change the notes,therefore we decided to go for the queue tomorrow when Adelle goes for the make up lesson at Leapschoolhouse.

We had both cough as much as we could for a day.The irritated throat simply made us feel uneasy and Adelle often cried a lot whenever she coughs.For a toddler,it’s simply not easy and had made her feel so uncomfortable.On top of that,this woman simply rejected medication.I had been cracking my head of how to feed her medicine whenever she refused.

Lunar New Year is just around the corner,I do hope Adelle and myself will get well by then.It’s again a blessing that we had fall sick just before Lunar New Year.If not,it gonna be a year whereby we can’t enjoy well for the New Year.

Well,I will take a while to update my blog,readers please be patient with me.During this period,I can hardly do anything well especially when Adelle and myself are not well.No doubt so,I don’t even have the “mood” to carry on my teaching for Adelle.It’s always the daddy duty at night to teach her daily.I hope that not long later,I can gain back my energy and mood for everything.Bear with me.


Adelle being 18mths old_//

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

18mths old Adelle

Adelle turns 18mths last Thursday,13th Jan.Finally she is 18mths and is suitable for the childcare intake at this age.My plan was to send her in for just half day programme as I know very well,I won’t be able to handle her well in the later part of the year.But the problem is,it was now full house for toddlers class with sparkletots.Initially I had wanna send her to Little Skool House at Tampines Junction/AMK Hub which I had called up and check in Nov.The only problem was,the registration was full which made me thought of Sparkletots,if not I won’t wanna even think of this centre by PCF.

Well,both school registration was full and I was telling dearie,maybe I shall just keep Adelle at home for this one year so long as she attends the enrichment classes with Leapschoolhouse weekly for this whole year.Whatever it is,we do try to look around for any childcare centre nearby.The only problem which I don’t want to send her to childcare centre this year was because since Adelle will be starting her Pre-Nursery(N1) with a kindergarten next year,I don’t wanna want to waste the uniform in any centre if I were to enroll her.Or rather,she might be familiar with the childcare and the change of environment to the kindergarten might frighten her.These are some of the thoughts which I had in mind.As for the Kindergarten,it’s shall be a church kindergarten in Woodlands.Which I had spoken to the Principal,my ex colleague for the intake.The only thing was,they only accept 30students for both session,so registration will be filled up very fast.Therefore I hope that Adelle will be given piority since I’m an ex staff there thou.*hoping*

Well,Adelle developed a high fever of 40.5deg on her 18mths of age.We had bring her to the PD during the day,but again her temperature rises from 38deg during the day to 40deg during the night.The worried mummy decided to bring Adelle to KK Children Emergency Hospital thou.She was seen by the Doctor there and was sponged as well.Medication was given there and was kept for observation for that one hour before she was allowed to go back home.

The next 2 days,she was fine and the temperature was ranging between 37 to 37.4deg.Back to normal temperature.*Phew*But the problem was,her bad cough a2nd runny nose was back again till now.Again,I’m having the same sickness as Adelle as well.I cant work well when I had to take care of Adelle with myself being sick.It had been for 3days,and we are still coughing and sneezing.It wasn’t easy,but we had gone through this far.

Just hope that the flu bug will go off soon and we were to welcome Lunar New Year with a healthy body.


Adelle starts her 1st lesson with Leapschoolhouse_//

Adelle at the waiting area,after being dressed in her uniform by Leapschoolhouse

While trying to get down from the couch..

Adelle attended her 2nd enrichment classes after Little Neuro Tree.This school is known as Leapschoolhouse.The school was located at City Square Mall.It’s her very 1st lesson(a total of 8 lessons per term) that starts today.Well,like I had mentioned earlier,this school was more on Pre-School teaching in preparation for Adelle when she attends Pre-Nursery(N1) next year.

Of course,this is an enrichment class whereby she only needed to attend once a week,unlike in a childcare centre it’s a daily affairs for 5/6days per week.Not because we had more $$$ to spare and decided to send her for enrichment classes.It’s because while waiting for her to get into Pre-Nursery(once she reached 3yrs old),and not to waste this one year of learning nothing,we had decided to send her for such school.

As Leapschoolhouse teaches something which is about the same like some famous schools,GUG and JG,therefore for something which I don’t wanna be the same as others yet Adelle gets to learn something similar,we chosen Leapschoolhouse.It’s actually the daddy idea of this school thou.

Let me give a little feedback of Adelle upon reaching the school.Once the teacher took her temperature,she shows some signs of anxiety.Yes,she looked at us as though we are leaving her behind.It’s till we changed her into the school uniform,that she started to warm up a little but with a worried expression.

The daddy then goes in with her for the 1st 45mins of lesson which is the free play as well as gym time.According to the daddy,initially Adelle refused to participate in any activities till 5-10mins later,he can see her running around the classroom,building blocks.(her fave activity,which she can even help the store assistant to stack up the containers of toys at a store)

As for the ground activity which is the next 45mins,she had some coloring seesion,theme on weather, a story telling known as Shark by the Park,flashcards etc.A pity I forgotten to check with the teachers if photography was allowed till the lesson ended.Was told that we are allow to take photos of our child during the lesson.I shall do that next week.

Again,Adelle makes friend with her little classmate,a Japanese girl who was 4months of Adelle senior.Again,this is another good interaction of her as well.

Now,whether we are going to carry her on for the 2nd term,3rd term to come,it depend very much if Adelle enjoys the lesson from Leapschoolhouse.If not,we will always give it a miss and see if we can find some other school for her before she joins Pre-N next year.Hopefully,she enjoys it in the long run.


The Saturday_//

Our lil Delle Delle

Our lil Delle Delle

Our lil Delle Delle

Homemade Mee Hoon Kwey by my mum!!*Yummy*

The 3 photos of Adelle was taken on one fine morning just before her bath.Long sleeve PJ with just pull ups on.Normally when she wakes up at 830am,I will change her diaper to pull-ups and waited till 1030am before I “drop” her into the bathroom to bathe.So these photos merely show what was her activities like just before she bath and after she woke up.

She loves this toy.By poking the items into the various hole keeps her busy for a few seconds/mins.But again,it took her less than 1 min to finish up with the poking of the items into the cake.Perhaps,I should get something bigger and it will keep her busy for a longer time compared to this small little cake which she will done up in no time.

As I’m craving for Mee Hoon Kwey quite a while ago,and since I’m visiting my mum,she had asked if I wanna have Mee Hoon Kwey for lunch when I come over.Seriously,I told her don’t purposely go and prepare when I called her last night.She mentioned that it was something simple thou.So,I nodded vigorously!!!!

I really love the homemade Mee Hoon Kwey cooked by my mum.Till now,I still can’t master her skill on this.No matter how I tried,how I had checked with her,it’s still unsuccessful.So the only way is to go down to her place on the weekends for her home-cooked food.*Drooling*

We stayed for more than 7hours there!!Gosh,the very first time I stayed at my mum place with dear and Adelle.As both of my sisters are busy,so they can’t come over.Initially was worried that,I might not stay till so long,since my sisters were not there for a chat together.But who knows???We stayed for lunch and a simple chili threadfin dinner with the left over spinach soup.It was so nice spreading the Assam kind of chili,spreading onto the rice.Again,I ate till …..Simply loves such home-cooked dinner.

Hoping for more such meals from mum comes every weekends,if time permit me to go over there to just sit down for a meal.How nice it gonna be..hah!!


The 2 lil kiddos:Adelle and Javier_//

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

Adelle and Javier @ 3rd Jan 2011

It’s our meet up again!!!The “couple” simply love each other company.Hah!!Look at the way the 2 of them are playing along with this tools box.They simply love it so much.The photos show it all.

Well,this tool box was what I had intended to get initially instead of the fishing game.After some thoughts,I can push this set of toys till later stage,maybe when she is about 2yrs plus.Why this set of tools?Because the kindergartens uses this set for children to “build up their creativity”Something for the children to learn thou.

The day trip out there turns out to be the shopping trip for the kiddos.Initially both the mummies had wanna get something for ourselves,yet in the end,it turns out to be the educational stuff for the young ones.The mummies still put their children as priority thou:)


Adelle had 2 new stuff today!!_//

Adelle and her new toy:The felt made sea creature for fishing.

The daddy said:Let Adelle tries sitting down on the stool to do fishing.

There she goes,fish fish fish!!!

She managed to catch it!!!!

Delle delle caught a fish!!

There she goes,happily doing fishing!!

Start to aim at which fish to get.

This set of toy:Sea creature made of felt for the child to do fishing with the fishing rod

This is how it looks like when the child fish.The fishing rod has the velco which was being attached with the felt of velco in order to “pick up” the fishes

This Pediped Flex which we had ordered from the spree one month ago is here!!Supposedly to be meant for Adelle to wear it during Chinese New Year.

As we were out to town this afternoon,leaving the daddy at home to do up the housework as he suggested doing it for me.Seriously,it’s much easier for him to clear up the house without Adelle “disturbing”.So I gonna be the one to bring Adelle out so that the daddy will have full concentration of doing up the housework today.He did the wiping of Kitchen surface top,clear up the kitchen cabinets,clear up the store room,wash the toilet,vaccum and mop the floor and most importantly,he prepared our dinner of prawn mee soup tonight.It was nice of daddy to do up all these for me now with myself pretty tired to do up all these.

Enough of this,let me introduce this new educational toy which we had gotten for Adelle.It’s again a learning through play activity.This game is on the theme of sea creatures and were all made of felt attached with the velco,so that the fishing rod(also attached with velco)can “picks up” the various sea creatures found on the water.This is one interesting game for the toddlers at this age because;

1.It enhanced good eyes,hands coordination

2.To create patient for the toddlers

3.Increase their interest of learning abilities

4.To teach what are sea animals.

Well,these are the 4 main learns which I can think of for now regards this activity.Mind you,Adelle loves it so much.Why I had decided to choose this educational toy for her was because she had been playing with the fishing game(if you were to see my Facebook whereby I had uploaded some photos of her playing the fishing game)which I had gotten for her from Daiso.It’s pretty small and hard to catch when I had to spin the pin in order for the whole thing to move.Plus everyday,Adelle will make it a point to bring out the small fishing game from Daiso for me to play it with her.Since she loves doing this that much,therefore I had decided to get this educational toy for her which is much more bigger for her to fish!!*hah!!

Now,this Pediped flex which was shown above was ordered through the spree.Seriously,I just love PediPed shoes which Adelle owned one PediPed Original as her Pre-walker shoes before she knows how to walk.The mummy who loves PedPed shoes so much that,had decided to get one PediPed Flex for Adelle to wear it during Chinese New Year.Therefore,after a month of wait,the shoes came today!!I had this worries that Adelle might not be able to fit in due to her chubby feet,but I’m wrong,she fits size 21 just nice!!

Why order from spree?Well,a pair of Pediped flex,something like what I had bought for Adelle as above with thinner sole cost between $80-$100 selling in Singapore.And I bought this White PediPed Flex(which this design is not in Singapore)at a cost of $50 inclusive of shipping charge.Isn’t is so much cheaper than to buy it in Singapore?*Smile*