Adelle 1st portfolio in school._//

The girl who went for enrichment class every weekly on the Sun

The girl who went for enrichment class every weekly on the Sun

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Adelle 1st portfolio in school

Yesterday was Adelle last lesson for term 1.That was why her portfolio was given to her when she left the school yesterday.It was suppose to return to the teachers next week.We had decided to sign her up for the 2nd term since we saw a little improvement in Adelle.

She used to sit down by her own for fear to interact with her peers and teachers during the 1st and 2nd lesson.She started to open up by the 3rd lesson which was very good I would say.Therefore by the last 2 lessons,Adelle could interact with her friends,by hugging all her 3 teachers whenever it was music and movement.

Now,I could see her interest in music.She dance,move her whole body around whenever the gd bye song was being played.No longer the girl who is unaware of her surrounding in school.

So,we decided to sign her up for another term and see how it goes.By the end of this 2nd term,we will decide again whether to carry on for the 3rd term/4th term before end of the year and the start of next year whereby she can start her Pre-Nursery in a kindergarten.

The portfolio of Adelle.It’s her very 1st portfolio in school!!!The “angry look” which was the main photo of her file.The moment I see it,I had a good laugh.All the words which she had learned and understand a little.The remarks given by the teacher as well.All was in the file.

*That’s our growing girl who is attending her enrichment class since 5months till now,19mths old.*


The Saturday._//

Can’t leave her hands off the mobile

To dig her milk powder container while waiting for the daddy to cut his hair.

Still playing with the milk powder container.

Our lunch for today(the side dish)

Our lunch for today,the mee hoon kwey(our main dish)

The garrett popcorn chicago mix

Well,we landed at Mt E Medical Centre for the appointment for my check up today.Of course,my mum,sisters all went in with me today.I told Doc Ong that we had a “group of people”today.He smile and was welcoming the whole of us.I did talk about my mummy friend Jeslyn with Doc Ong during my check up today.He mentioned about inducing her last night and this morning as well.Seriously,both Doc Ong and myself felt that the pain that Jeslyn is going through is pretty bad.She is morever so young.But then,5hours after my check up,he went down to deliver Jeslyn 2nd newborn!!!I’m glad it’s all over for her now.She can finally rest well after the many weeks of worries and pain.

Back to the topic for my check up today.Well,by 17weeks today,Doc Ong mentioned that he should be able to see baby #2 gender.Guess what,baby was sleeping lying flat on the chest.Doc Ong gonna shake baby to see the gender.(I remember Doc Ong shake my tummy real hard during Adelle detail scan in order to see her fingers well)So,the result was………

After the check,Hui recommended us of a place in Lucky Plaza of a yummy Mee Hoon Kwey.This made my tummy even more hungry.I’m craving for Mee Hoon Kwey since many months back.The luncheon meat and fried egg which she recommended was great as well!!Adelle had rice mixed with fish slice and soup for lunch today as well.

Mum was telling me that she can now start boiling of bird nest for me.(those dried type for boiling) and she wants me to take those one big bottle of concentrated from Eu Yan Sang as well.So I get to have a “taste” of both boiling and concentrated bird nest just like when I had Adelle,I had both too.

No doubt it’s 2nd parents for us,but I suppose there’s still a couple of things to be done up.We can never get free from now till the birth of baby 2 and ongoing.But again,seeing how cute and matured Adelle gets made me feel at ease.She can feel and kiss my tummy whenever she was told or when we asked her where is baby,she will point to my tummy and “sayang” the baby.I believe that being train,she can be a good big sister soon.


Growing up-Adelle._//

The arcade found at BHG Bugis.

She loves this and refused to come down.

Adelle at BHG Bugis Nursery room

Adelle at BHG Bugis Nursery room

Adelle at BHG Bugis Nursery room

Adelle at BHG Bugis Nursery room

Adelle at BHG Bugis Nursery room

Adelle at BHG Bugis Nursery room

Farm animals.

It wasn’t easy bringing a toddler out on my own without meeting up with friends.Normally,I will go out with friends,do our window shopping.But again,on Wednesday,I’m alone with Adelle and we managed to shop around for the later part of the afternoon after parting with Adelle ex teachers(Happy Train)

I like BHG Bugis quite a bit because it had lots of baby stuff as well as nice clothing there.Beside BHG,there’s another place whereby which I love to shop at,it’s somewhere in Somerset.Isetan Scotts as well.Somehow I find that the changing room at BHG is spacious enough to accumulate 4-6(can’t remember) changing area for the babies/toddlers.But the time when I was there with Adelle,there wasn’t anyone which allows me to snap as many photos as Adelle as possible.

Being a mummy now makes me wanna take more photos of my own children.It givesĀ  good memories since she was a newborn till a toddler now each time I look back.I had people who envy me of having a toddler which their own is still in infant stage.Please don’t feel envy,because very soon I will be dealing with a newborn again.No doubt Adelle is more mature and understands better than before.

On top of that,this is how a toddler will be doing when changing of own diaper.Adelle tends to move around the changing area and will normally give a “wait” before getting her diaper change.It’s so much different from an infant thou.The only good thing was that,normally she will be on pull-ups,so it’s kinda easy for me to change her.

Now,the video.Well,I had did an activity with her.This activity was done before previously.(remember?)What I had did a little changes was that,instead of using a pencil for her to point to me where are the various animals,I had given her something and gotten her to place it on the animals instead.For your info,children loves new changes of teaching aids.No doubt the activity is still the same,but we gonna change a bit here and there to attract their attention again.So the mummy gonna be very creative each time if there’s a shortage of teaching aids,we will need to create our own set of imagination using the same set of teaching aid.

*Look at how “interested” Adelle was playing with the same activity.*


The Doodle Fun_//

The happy Delle delle

The happy Delle delle

Doodle board for Adelle

Doodle board for Adelle

Doodle board for Adelle

The new doodle board

As I had mentioned earlier on(yesterday blog entry) that we went down to Happy Train and I had gotten something for Adelle.That is the doodle board.But why?Well,when we went down to Happy Train,the teachers bring over a doodle board for Adelle to play with,and she had pretty much fun playing along.

Since,I’m at Bugis BHG,I had decided to look around for this doodle board and bingo,I saw it!!!It’s selling at $22.90 with a big and small doodle board.It works just well as I can keep the big one at home for her to play with while the small one can be bring outdoor whenever we travel in the train.It’s worth the price thou.

Then I heard from the daddy that actually during last week lesson with Leapschoolhouse,(daddy went in with her for the 1st part of the lesson while I went in for the 2nd part of the class)the teachers did introduce the children with this doodle board.No wonder when she went down to Happy Train,she seems to have so much fun playing with it.

The video shows how happy Adelle can get to play with this doodle board.It’s time to keep her entertain for a short while.:)


Adelle was given a gift by her ex teachers from Happy Train._//

Adelle had a gift given by her ex teachers from Happy Train(Right Brain Training school)

She can’t wait to open the gift

She was being “forced” to take a picture with a sulking look

The gift given by the 3 teachers

So,this is the toy.A mini laptop with a mouse to teach English.

She simply love this mini laptop

How Adelle opens her gift given by her ex-teachers

The way Adelle handles a laptop

Had arranged with the teachers from Happy Train 1 week ago for today meet up at Happy Train.The teachers had bought a gift for Adelle and had initially wanna send the gift down to my place this week.As most of them stayed at the West side,I don’t wanna them to travel all the way down just to pass Adelle the gift.Therefore I had decided to travel down to their workplace,at Happy Train today since they don’t have any lesson but to do up the teaching aids and get ready for tomorrow lesson.

Adelle feels insecure when she step into the centre once again.She seems to have forgotten the school which she used to spend 3 terms(9mths) with.The teachers were all so excited to see Adelle again,but Adelle was however feeling worried and scared of the surrounding.Nevertheless,the teachers entertained Adelle while chatting along with me.It had been a while since I last chat with the teachers till I totally forgotten to take a snap with them today.However,I believe there will be such chance for the meet-up again.

The teachers had gotten Adelle this mini laptop that comes with a mouse.It’s really so cute that this was initially what I had wanna get for Adelle.As this laptop teaches English,Maths,Music and Games.Total of 40-45 functions.Didn’t know that such small laptop had such a “big” function.Seriously,the teachers know the kids well.They know what the children should be learning now.Can I say is because of “teachers mentality”that both the teachers and myself had such thoughts of getting a laptop like this?:)

Really thanks to the teachers for the gift.They really doted on Adelle very much and ever since Adelle stop attending the lesson with them,we had been keeping in touch.At times,the teachers will comment in my Facebook photos.This was how we keep in touch or via sms.

There are 2 videos uploaded.One was how Adelle open the gift and the other was how “expert” Adelle can get while dealing with laptop.The reason why she was so good with laptop was because she had seen how we use the computer and mouse each time.She learned from seeing.

Seriously,the day out on my own was real tired.I had left the house with Adelle since 1040am this morning.We went down to Plaza Singapura for lunch and reached Happy Train around 1240pm.By the time we leave is around 2pm.As Adelle nap from 220pm till 350pm,during this period of time,I’m happily shopping at the children department at BHG level 3.There was a Baby Fair whereby the goods were having 20% discount.Of course,I had gotten something for Adelle.In fact is I went to choose while the daddy gotten it for her.I shall talk more about it on the next blog entry.

After my shopping trip,I had my tea-break at JCO while waiting for Adelle to wake upĀ  and before we make our way to Nex at Serangoon.Gosh,by the time we reach Nex was already 5pm whereby I just give a short walk and went to pack our dinner there.Finally,I “manage” to shop alone this time round with no friends at all.The very 1st time doing so.Perhaps I should do this more often before end of the year.:)


It's so much about our little princess,Adelle._//

Adelle is going out again,to Orchard

while waiting for the lift

I managed to cook our dinner one of the weekday despite my on and off morning sickness

Adelle had steam fish with broccoli for lunch yesterday.I had the same as her as well

And of course,she needs a new feeding bowl so that she can self feed on her on.My fave brand,Baby Bjorn($39 per set)

So,she needs a plastic bib while feeding herself.

Understanding and identifying various animals

Was out to meet up with my friends,the funny couple whom I know the husband as my Primary school friend while the wife is my Secondary school friend.The wife had just given birth in Dec to a cute baby boy and he is barely 2mths old.Of course,Adelle was amazed by the newborn and kept looking at the baby,wanna feel the baby hair and touch him as well.This shows that she knows the differences between a baby and herself.

Not much of a shopping till the later part of the day whereby the purchase of a feeding bowl with spoon had always been on my mind.It’s high time to change the bowl she is currently using as I believed that Adelle had long outgrown the combi bowl that she is using.I wanna look for something more like a big plate cum bowl that comes with a spoon.There I saw Baby Bjorn has it.No doubt the price is on the high side,but I believe a good bowl and spoon will do a big difference.Since she had been taking more “solid” food,so it’s still good for “more space” given in the bowl so that she can scoop up the food without the need to split it out.

Plus to self feed herself and a good training bowl and spoon is important.She should start doing it often and by the time baby #2 is out,Adelle should be able to feed all by herself.The plastic bib is important since she is learning,so there is a high chance that she will split out any food on her clothes.To play safe,bibs are important too.

Had hardly cook,even if I cook,will try to do up something very simple.So stir fry rice noodles is the simplest that I can go.As for lunch,it’s always something whereby Adelle and myself can take together.So the above are the meals which we had took for both lunch and dinner(stir fry rice noodle only for dear and myself)

The video which I took today.Initially had wanna test to see if Adelle is able to know the various animals which was displayed on the play mat.These are the puzzle animals which I had taught her yesterday for a 5mins lesson.Today,she proved to me that she got almost everything right except for the lamb which she is still wondering which one it was till I told her it’s in front of her.

I strongly believe that the toddlers learning abilities are at their strongest point now.It’s time to teach as much as possible,don’t wait.Which I’m trying my very best to teach and train her whenever I can.:)


All about my plans._//

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

Our cutie pie,Adelle

What had I been doing the whole afternoon?Yes,I’m surfing the net while Adelle nap.And I had got a couple of printable templates waiting to be printed for Adelle lesson soon.Had run out of laminating pouch,it’s time for a purchase again.Seriously,the mini laminating machine which I had at home comes to a good use for all these teaching aids.I hope to make more teaching aids before I give birth and that is the time whereby I will be especially busy whereby I suppose not able to find any time for all these.

Beside looking at all these printable templates,I’m also sourcing for confinement caterers as well.After looking through at so many caterers(New Baby,Natal Essential,Chili Padi),more or less had decided to take up the confinement food with Natal Essential since the feedback given was great.Will be taking up both lunch and dinner for 20days at the rate of about $1200.As I’m not getting any CL(which I saw lots of unsuccessful ones around me plus I don’t like the idea of having a stranger at home),therefore getting confinement food catering is real important.Plus having a newborn around,I think there won’t be much of a problem to me taking care.The only thing is that,this time round I had a toddler with me while dealing with a newborn.

Beside these,both dear and I had planned what we want for Adelle 2nd Birthday and baby #2 full month party.We had shortlisted a few venues for Adelle 2nd party(gonna be just 2 families to celebrate this event with) and baby #2 full month.Well,what we had planned are as follows,

Adelle 2nd Birthday

1:A restaurant for the meal to celebrate with just our famlies

2.A special make Birthday cake

3.A nice set of new clothes/shoes for Adelle.

Baby #2 Full month party

1:The venue

2.The caterers which we had listed a few to choose from

3.The full month cake(Most likely won’t be choosing the one that Adelle had)

4:A new set of full month clothes/cloth shoes

So far,on Sat and today I had been looking at all these.I needed to plan well and fast as the time is running out.I don’t wanna wait till the very last min before getting everything done.Adelle Birthday celebration should be plan and book by Jun while baby #2 full month party should be done by Jul,although it’s in end Aug or early Sept,but I don’t have the time to do any planning during confinement period based on the first experience which I had.

The good thing about this pregnancy was that,I don’t have to attend any Pre-natal class,going for hospital tour,getting tons of stuff etc.I can easily get those toiletries by first week of Jul while the clothing and all can be reuse using Adelle.

Now,today is my 16weeks and 1 day pregnant.Baby #2 kicks me gentle for the very first time at 415pm.I was like,”hey this is the butterfly gentle kick”!!!I’m sure it is the kick because it’s exactly the same as Adelle gave me her first kick 2yrs ago.This time round baby #2 was early.Adelle only gave me her first kick on the 19weeks.Of course,I’m feeling so happy for the 1st kick no doubt it’s the 2nd one.But the feeling is there,so warming and joyful.

Next,I had received a sms from my ex-colleague who is teaching currently in the ex kindergarten which I had taught before.And this is the school which I wanna enroll Adelle to come next year Jan.It’s a church kindergarten located at Woodlands.7th Mar is the date whereby they open for registration.I gonna go down and send in the application,hoping that Adelle gets a place with the school so that she can start her Pre-Nursery in Jan.

*These are the simple updates of what my plans are.*


What did we do today?_//

Adelle on the Carousel

What’s this little girl looking at>

Adelle is super interested in this tricycle..

Look at how happy she can get with this tricycle.

It’s another long day out.Firstly,Adelle had her 2nd last lesson with Leapschoolhouse.She settled her meals with KFC porridge and after school with a small bowl of pasta.She gets to love outside food more lately.Talking about the lesson,she wanna be all her teachers monitress again.

As the children were given a piece of A3 black paper,each child were given a chalk(good idea to start introducing Adelle with chalks)to draw a snowman on this piece of paper.As all the children were busy giving back the chalks to the teachers and no one bother about the piece of paper on the floor.The very “kaypoh” Adelle upon giving back the chalk to her teacher,picks up the piece of paper and gives it back to her teacher.They were kinda amazed by her gesture and called her their monitress.This shows how busybody my girl can get.

After class,we went down to Kallang Leisure Park in the hope to go to the indoor playground,Peekaboo.Guess what,the playground was full of children running and dashing around the playground.Lots of parents there as well.There was simply no way Adelle can play at all.*sad*I guess the only time which we can bring her there is on weekdays again.

Since we are at Stadium station,and it’s about 2 stations away to Suntec City,therefore we went down there by 430pm.By the time we leave Suntec,it’s already 8pm.

Saw the tricycle?Well,we had wanna get one for Adelle but yet to find a suitable one till today!!Be sure to get this because Adelle paternal grandparents wanna get one for her this time.We saw this at Carrefour thou.We almost lug this tricycle home till we decided to get it delivered together with the toddler mattress which we wanna get for her to place it in her room so that we can train her to sleep in her room.As Carrefour allows a free delivery with a $150 purchase and above,plus we will be able to meet the amount if we were to get the mattress.

Therefore,we decided to come back again to make the payment.Nevertheless,Adelle will be happy to see the tricycle once again soon in the house which will be given as a gift from her paternal grandparents.And the mummy will be able to push her with this tricycle to our 24hrs NTUC Fairprice just 8mins walk away.Isn’t it better than pushing a stroller to nearby places?hah!!


Mum's Birthday Celebration._//

We gathered again at Ning house.

Mum took a picture with Hui’s before the start of the cake cutting

Delle who looks so stern before the blowing of candle

Look at how happy she was while blowing the candle.

Our food with Thai Village restaurant at Huat Li eating house

The yummy chili crab,but I CAN”T take any at all!!!!

The cake which Hui bought for our mum

At Buangkok station

Hand in hand,we walk together

The photo of Adelle leaning against the wall.

We celebrated our Mum birthday today whereby the exact date is tomorrow,20th Feb.Since she had something tomorrow,we decided to have the celebration 1 day earlier.Of course,we left Coris at 430pm and reached Yishun by 530pm.Nope,we didn’t take much of train,in fact we just took a train ride from Buangkok station to Sengkang station after which we on board the bus service 965 straight to Yishun,that’s why our meeting point is.

Decided to have Thai food weeks ago,and this was the place,Huat Li Eating House located at Yishun.Seriously,they served yummy food which we can’t help eating.With all the fish,crab,prawns,calamari,vegetables.It was kinda heart-warming having the daughters and son-in-law s and a grand daughter to celebrate this occasion with her.A pity,I can’t take any calamari and crab during pregnancy,if not be sure I will be eating lots of it.

The dinner ended quite early about 720pm,therefore we proceeded to Ning’s lovenest for the cake cutting.Didn’t took much of the photos thou as we were all too tired by then.hah!!

I believe that Mum is especially the happiest person today with so many of us celebrating with her.Beside that,Adelle is old enough to give us her various expressions which made us had a wonderful day.Her actions and all simply give us the topic for today yea.

Her gift shall be the given to her soon.Is a chinese Jade which she is looking forward for ever since her old one was broken many months ago.Lastly,would like to wish my mum a very “Happy Birthday”..


Adelle and her new toothpaste._//

The girl,Adelle

The girl,Adelle

The girl,Adelle

The girl,Adelle

Is a small pieces of wet wipes in the package.

Earth Best toodler toothpaste,safe for consumption

The back instructions and informations regard this toothpaste

I had been searching high and low for the toddler toothpaste which is safe for consumption and it had been quite a while.Lately,I saw a mummy selling in her BP and decided to grab it from her before she run out of stock.I had introduced toothbrush and not toothpaste ever since she had teeth growing in her gum.I had read about teeth decay in children which made me worried and wanna get a toddler toothpaste for her.Those I had seen in the market can’t be use as it needed to rinse with water unlike this Earth Best Toddler Toothpaste which I had gotten for her.

What’s so great about this toothpaste.It’s actually contains Oat Beta-Glucan and Vitamin B5 which is safe if say the toddler swallow it.I had always trusted Earth Best product especially the cereal when I first introduce Adelle her solid,I did gave her Earth Best cereal for a while before I changed to Happy Bellies.Hoping with this toothpaste,Adelle gets clean teeth each time before bath.

The Spiffies baby toothwipes is another teeth protection product which I had gotten for her recently.Instead of using a cotton ball(like an infant) to wipe her mouth,I use this product.Now with the toothpaste,what I will do with this Spiffies baby toothwipes is to pack into the diaper bag,bring it out with me every time.So that each time Adelle finishes her meal,she can clean her gum and teeth with this.

Seriously,I wanna her to learn good habit in brushing her teeth,day and night.It shall start young and not later stage whereby she will get lazy of it before trying.The mummy is trying all her best to think of what she can provide for the child.:)