What's the plan for Adelle 2nd year birthday celebration._//

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

Ms Adelle Chew

The magnetic alphabets with designs which I had gotten for Adelle at the Bulk Purchase.

My fridge had now became a “teaching corner” for Adelle

I seem to have lots of updates with Adelle each time I blog.Must make full use of the time I have now to grow with her together and keep this into the memories album of mine.Well,each time I type Adelle’s name,I will think about the origin/meaning of the name Adelle.It means noble and kind.Before we name her with this name Adelle and before she was born,we had wanted our daughter to be kind and noble in the future,that was why we had named her Adelle.I hope that Adelle can be noble and kind when she grows up.

Meanwhile,we had also sort of like decided on a name for her little brother to come.It should start with the letter A as well.Just that we are still thinking should we use this name instead and the spelling we want it to be.When the time comes,Adelle little brother name will be reveal.

Now,let me give a brief updates on Adelle’s 2nd Birthday celebration.We had decided to give a simple celebration for Adelle 2nd year birthday celebration.Reason being was,in another 3months time when comes Jul,the month we celebrate Adelle 2nd birthday,I’m afraid that I won’t have the energy to walk around with the huge balloon.I just wanna keep a simple celebration for Adelle with the family members.Therefore I only hope to celebrate her 1st,3rd and 5th Birthday.Guess what I even thought of where to hold her 3rd birthday next year,and her little brother 1st birthday next year as well!!Yes,I’m kiasu.As in I had in mind what I want their 1st and 3rd birthday to be and where to be held as well.But then,let me just prepare Adelle 2nd Birthday celebration and her brother full month party first before thinking about next year birthday celebration.

For Adelle’s 2nd year Birthday celebration,

Venue:A lunch in a hotel with the family members.Some of the shortlisted hotels are,Shangri-La,Four Season,MBS,Oriental,Grand Hyatt.Yet to confirm,but will check out the reviews of those above mentioned.

Birthday cake:Had emailed the online baker and came out with the quotation and such.We will have a Carebears theme for Adelle birthday cake this year.Gonna be a 2kg 1tier cake this time round as I don’t wanna bring a huge cake like last year to the hotel.The baker had told us that,she will get the Carebears toppers from US.(Reason for a carebears cake was Adelle simply loves bear,yes carebears alot.)

Birthday girl outfit:Gonna get a dress for her.The same brand of dress from the store we had gotten for her Chinese New Year white dress.I love that store no doubt per dress like that cost a good $65 or more.

Lastly,the photo on magnetic alphabets as above.Gotten it from the Bulk Purchase and reason for getting it was(no doubt I had the leapfrog magnetic alphabets) I wanna Adelle to start learning the alphabets on her desk.Wanted to show her the different alphabets more clearly and give her hands on with it.Again,I must say the leapfrog magnetic alphabets does give her a good learning as well.At the very least,she understand the phonics of B and can say it out now.For your information,this Leapfrog magnetic alphabets(at the left side of the fridge)which I had gotten for Adelle some months back teaches both phonics and the alphabets.Cost me $49.90 for a set like this.

Now my main objective now is to teach her on alphabets since she already know her shapes and colors pretty well.Shall update more about alphabets soon.:)


Meet up together with the sisters!(30th March 2010)_//

The meet up with the sisters today!Take 1

The meet up with the sisters today!Take 2

The meet up with the sisters today!Take 3

The meet up with the sisters today!Take 4

My sister,Ning with Adelle

My sister,Hui with Adelle

Of course,I must have a shot with Adelle as well

Adelle pointing at the camera

Must take a shot with the yiyi…

Another shot with mummy.How I love my daughter!!

@ Asian Kitchen,Ning had this for lunch

@ Asian Kitchen,I had this for lunch

@ Asian Kitchen,Hui had this with plain rice for lunch

The side dish we all had..

Adelle loves this carebear whom both her yiyi bought for her…

Holding on to the carebear after she had gotten her diaper changed.

Yes yiy?Are you looking at me?

Showing us her stroller before we leave the nursing room.

Another meet up of the month with both my sisters!I love that meet up as we get to gossip,chat and laugh on top of our voices even in public.That’s us whenever we get together.Also we had a small woman who joined in our conversation and had fun herself too.Adelle laughed with us whenever we laugh or chat.I love this.Very soon,Adelle will be in our group of gossiping as well as in real chat.

We had breakfast at Mcdonald’s @ Bugis Junction before we start out shopping trip at Orchard today.Of course,we will try to take as many photos as possible whenever we are out.So when we brought Adelle to the arcade,she loves it and there we go,taking photos without fail.

As Adelle favourite cartoon character is Carebear and Pooh Bear,both her yiyi bought her a small size carebear(since she loves bear so much)in order for her to bring the carebear out whenever she is out with us.Which means,she can hold on to the carebear with her while walking,while in the stroller and while napping.Yes,Adelle loves it so much that,once she caught hold of her “bear bear”,she will get everyone of us to kiss her carebear before she goes hugging the carebear again.That’s Adelle,she just love to share her joy with others.

After a long walk,we settled for lunch at Asian Kitchen,ION.The lunch was great as we did spend some time busy chatting as well.I just love the days where we can meet up for a shopping cum meal time together.It gave us a chance to “inform” what is happening around us.

Indeed,since we meet at 10am.By the time we settled down for an ice-cream snack is already 4pm.The time we leave Orchard is already 530pm which is pretty late.We spend a good 7hours in town.Was pretty tired by then,but it’s worth the chat and laughter together.


Adelle's and her craft work._//

Adelle is all excited to get started with her printing.

She wants purple paint.

Eventually,she choose purple paint to start off with.

Next she mess up with all the various colors.

The real mess she can get…

The end product after the printing-Butterfly printing.Looks more like a crab isn’t it?hah!!

Adelle doing of her craft work.

As Adelle had a bottle of Crayola green paint,I had decided to get the daddy to buy her 2 more colors over the weekends.Reason being was,it’s time to introduce her more colors now that she is more aware and know most of the colors.I wish I can get more colors as well,but then the colors I found from one of the store was quite limited and places like toys r’us don’t come in a bottle like this,only small tube or small bottle which I don’t fancy much as it tends to run out pretty fast.

Whatever it is,today I started to train her this.Get her to go into her bedroom,pull out one of the drawers and get those big bottles of paint and have them place it on the coffee table where she is going to do her art work.She loves doing this simple task.When we get started,she will wait patiently for me to spread out the different colors without making a fuss.

There she goes,started playing around with the colors of paint.She used to be afraid of paint and dare not place all her hands in use with the paint.But after some time of playing and training,she is so excited without feeling afraid of her hands getting dirty.As Pre-schoolers need to come into contact with hand prints,so it’s good to introduce her with it first before she “stay away” if the teachers want the kids to do the craft work.Not to worry,this brand of paint is safe for toddlers use.Many childcare centre or mummies love to choose Crayola for their children when dealing with printing.

I had gotten her to do the butterfly printing which I used to get my ex-children in Pre-Nursery to do in the past.This is one good craft most kids love.Of course,seeing the end product makes me feel that it looks more like a crab than a butterfly.For butterfly printing,it can come up with different look after rubbing the drawing block up and down.It depend on how the child put the paint on the drawing block.

After we had finished with the art and craft,and had her hands washed,I gotten Adelle to clear the table.Yes,it’s a must to train her this way.Must have a start and ending procedure.Since she took out the bottle of paints,she gonna learn to keep them back after use.So there she goes,holding the various bottles,walked back to her room again and pull out the drawer and had those bottles placed it back in it.She knows where she had gotten from and where to put it back.I merely told her to keep the bottle of paints,but didn’t tell her where those paints belong to.

Here’s a simple video of Adelle while she is doing her art work.It seems that she like it quite a bit no doubt she was being distracted by those bottle of paints and wanna ask for more before finishing.Since she loves to do craft work,perhaps it’s time for more soon!


Food and the way Adelle self feed herself._//

The girl who is trying to eat on her own from now on.

Adelle got distracted while trying to feed herself.

Look at how happy she can get.

It’s Adelle lunch today,28th Mar.

Of course,I had the same lunch as Adelle today.

Had this fried bee hoon for lunch on a vegetarian day

Fried noodle for lunch on a vegetarian day.

The laksa which we had on one of the weekends for dinner.

My sister had gotten me this laksa paste during her trip to Kuching last month.

Made this for dinner while the in laws came over for dinner yesterday.Loving it!

Close up for the pasta dinner with salmon.Credit goes to dear for having to think of such dish.

Adelle is self feeding herself.

Wow,it’s all about food again.Talking about this made me drool.I had been eating a lot ever since I’m pregnant and ongoing.Hope I won’t gain too much weight and my gynae gonna nag at me again just like how he had nagged on me when I’m pregnant with Adelle.I know dear gonna say this to me again..”eat so much,doc ong is going to “talk ” to you again!!)

Well,but then I can’t help as the son wanna eat more and more.No matter how much I took,I’m still hungry.Anyway back to the topic.I had compile all the dishes I had prepared today,yesterday and some time ago together.At those days whereby I had vegetarian,I love to do one dish,that is either to fried bee hoon or fried mee.A dish like this save me from cooking many dishes during the day.

Saw the laksa dish?Well,My sister went over to Kuching last month and bought me back a laksa paste.Therefore had decided to boil the soup base with pork ribs and prawn shells before adding in this laksa paste.The laksa tasted different from what we had in SG,but it’s kinda nice when I had a soup base before adding in the laksa paste.

Just yesterday,we had prepare another dish,the pasta with salmon.Well,dear came up with this dish and wanna prepare for dinner last evening.Since the in laws are coming over,we had asked them to stay for the dinner as well.Therefore you guys can see 4 plates of this dish as posted here.Some time ago,dear had gotten 5pkts of salmon patty(with 2 in a pkt) and 2 pkt of smoked salmon as well as a bottle of salmon floss from one of the warehouse(factory).To many of us,it might cost a lot,but hey it cost a merely $30 over for all these.Had understand that a packet of salmon patty  is about the price of $5+ at the super market.But dear just got it at $2+ from the factory,isn’t is a cheap deal.I had wanna him to buy more next time round.But anyway,this dish is nice.I like it quite a lot whereby dear had actually thought of using the teriyaki sauce to pan fry the salmon patty.(my dear can be very creative in cooking than myself)

Now,seeing those photos and video I had posted on Adelle self feeding on her own?It’s time she start feeding herself since she will be going to Pre-nursery(a 2hr session) next year in Jan.And yes,the daddy had went down to do the payment last Saturday.So the children from Pre-Nursery gonna feed themselves during the short 30mins of break time.So it’s high time I’ve to start training Adelle to eat on her own.

Well,on and off I do let her eat on her own except those soup stuff.But she can’t really feed herself well.Today I try it again and video it down.Not too bad,there’s a bit of improvement.The only thing was that she kept forgetting to hold the bowl while scooping up the rice,have to keep reminding her.


Our online shopping,Old Navy clothing for Adelle and Baby A._//

The excited Adelle

Wanna pose for me?

The package of Old Navy children wear(6pieces) which we had ordered directly from at $75

For Adelle(age 2yrs and above)

For our son,baby A

There are 3 layers of basket for Adelle clothing.This layer are those un-wear whereby is suitable for 2yrs and above.

For our son,a mixture of clothing with diff age grp.

I am now known as an online shopping queen.Had been getting quite a couple of stuff online lately.Ever since we know the gender for baby #2,it’s all the buys whenever we go(In Sg intially)As Adelle can’t pass down her clothing for her little brother to come,therefore we gonna get new clothing for him.One month ago,we did shop for some outfit for little A,those shirts,rompers,socks,wash cloth etc.As little A can wear back Adelle PJ and use back Adelle booties and mittens,therefore there is no such need to get any of these except those outfit and feeding bottles.The rest of the stuff,can reuse or share with Adelle for the toiletries(those body foam,shampoo,body lotion,face cream-we are using Sebamed for Adelle)Save in a couple of things except the outft.

Back to the topic again.Had gotten a couple of clothing for little A in Singapore store which I find the price real steep plus the designs wise are quite limited compared to order from oversea.Therefore I joined an oversea spree with 2 mummies to coordinate it whereby they will let me know the amt of shipping charges after the goods are in SG(I don’t know these mummies)I had ordered about 5 pieces of clothing(for adelle and little A) from Target and another 2-3 pieces from Old Navy.Therefore I had about 7 pieces or so of clothing on it’s way to SG.Now it’s in SG just waiting for the mummies who coordinate to sort out the goods for us.

This is one oversea spree which I used to order from for some of Adelle old navy clothing last time,my longchamp bags etc.But now ever since we ordered once on our own,I find it easier and faster this way compared to go through another party.Yes,saw the DHL package?It’s a few clothing which I had choose while the daddy paid for.It’s some clothing for the 2 children.I had bought quite a bigger size since children tend to outgrown their clothing very fast.It’s from Old Navy and I had always love their clothing.

Now,we can do oversea shopping just as easy as within our finger tips.Of course,some of the clothing in Singapore that are nice and on sales,it’s still all right to buy.As I simply love a few of the children brand of clothing in Singapore.If you were to see the way I had dressed Adelle,all of her clothing are from various children brand,not even a brand which is of no brand.I’m too pamper on the child by giving just branded goods,but then I love dressing up my children as I don’t enjoy such privilege when I’m a child,so my children should enjoy it thou.

After this Old Navy shopping,I’m eying on Carter’s shopping which I gonna order their clothing by today.Yes,we ship back these clothing on out own as we all know that a piece of romper from Carter’s is selling at around $30 for one,which I can get one carter’s romper at $10(SG dollar) from this online shopping.So,here I go,start using my fingers and click on the designs I want now!!!:)


Appointment with the doctor-the check up._//

Adelle is waiting patiently with us at Doc Ong clinic.

Why do you keep taking photo of me,Mummy??

Ok,let me finish up my water please..

while Doc Ong is doing the scanning on baby A,the daddy took a picture of the ultra-scan

The monthly check up again,the daddy took leave to accompany me with Adelle for the check up.Supposedly to be on a Saturday,but the doc is on leave for we gonna bring the appointment date to a week day.Since it’s a working day for many,and I can’t be dragging Adelle with me for the check up,therefore daddy gonna take leave to go with me.

As usual,Adelle waited with us at the clinic.Was thankful that we have an iphone to keep her occupied,if not I can’t imagine the long wait will make her feel cranky.True enough,she was being seated at the couch with us till our turn comes.While waiting,the staff nurse Shirley was playing around with Adelle and she loves Adelle clothing which she had asked where did I get all her clothing from.Yes,I love dressing up a child,for Adelle and for baby A.

When it comes for my turn,the first word that came out from Doc Ong mouth was,”hello sweetie(Adelle),hello Sherryl”(wow,Adelle became famous in the clinic)Doc Ong likes Adelle quite a bit,kept praising what a sweetie Adelle was.He still remembered that I had once told him Adelle can’t speak yet.He is right in saying this.”She can’t speak well,but can be very aware of her surrounding”this I’m totally agreed with him.As Doc Ong was doing the scanning on me,Adelle kept looking at the screen and kept pointing to Doc Ong.He did told Adelle,it’s the baby and asked “where is the baby”,then she pointed to the screen,where is Mummy,she pointed to me.

Just before we bid goodbye to the Doc,Adelle shows her smile and wave to Doc Ong.Of course,the doctor wave bye to her and said “Bye Adelle”and kept laughing over the way Adelle reacted.Yes,Adelle had always been a cutie pie to many of us in the family or even for outsider,she can be over-friendly as well.

Now back to the topic.Today I just wanna double confirm with Doc Ong about the gender,no doubt he is confirm about the gender 1mth back,but I’m still pinning some hopes for it,but today it’s confirm and Doc Ong still zoom in and placed the arrow for us to see.Yes,we gonna get a baby boy this time round.That was the reason why 1 mth ago,Doc Ong did ask Mummy Jeslyn that I look disappointed about having a boy.One of the reason why I hope for a girl for #2 was I can pass down all of Adelle nice clothing,but then it’s the fact for now and I’m also glad for a boy after a thought.It makes my family a complete one with a girl and a boy in the family of the Chew.I had done my job for the family by giving a boy and a girl.Old folks always say it’s good to have both gender to form the word “好”

Indeed,it’s a girl then a boy.I also strongly believed that the God which we had great faith in had helped us along the way.Plus put together the sincerity which we had put for every Fri by going down to pray,it’s the little “reward” given to us.I had always believe in praying and believe in karma.We gain good deeds when doing good stuff or get bad karma when doing bad things.For God had shown us and had given what we are suppose to have.For this,I will carry on with the praying session once every weekly.it means for protection and doing us good deeds as well.


Adelle is starting Pre-Nursery in the kindergarten!!_//

Our cutie pie is going to Pre-Nursery in the kindergarten comes next year Jan

Our cutie pie is going to Pre-Nursery in the kindergarten comes next year Jan

Our cutie pie is going to Pre-Nursery in the kindergarten comes next year Jan

Our cutie pie is going to Pre-Nursery in the kindergarten comes next year Jan

Our cutie pie is going to Pre-Nursery in the kindergarten comes next year Jan

The confirmation letter which was mailed to us by the Kindergarten.

Yes,it’s another burden off my load.Adelle is going to school next year in January,joining the Pre-Nursery class(3yrs old) in the kindergarten of my choice.As many of you know that I don’t really fancy childcare centre,nor will I be sending Adelle to a childcare as well.But it’s a different thing when I send her to a kindergarten because it’s a 2hourly affair,5days per week.Just like we see from a PCF,the only different about this kindergarten was a private setting,it belongs to a church.

I don’t like the idea of a child going to a childcare because I felt that the child is there the whole day,feeling pitiful for them.But it’s under certain circumstances whereby the parents are busy with no helper around,it’s the only case.For me,I have my mum to take care of Adelle,therefore by sending her to the kindergarten is the best choice.(this church kindergarten works the same as PCF the only diff is that it’s a kindergarten belongs to the church)Knowing that for Adelle Pre-school years I will have no more worries,because she after her Pre-Nursery next year,comes 2013,she will be in Nursery,2014 in K1 and 2015 in K2 till she goes to a Primary school.At the same time,I have no more worries as well,because her sibling can follow her in the same school without the need for me to go round searching for another kindergarten.I’m pretty glad that I have Adelle first before my #2 comes.Because I realized that there are many others who are giving birth to baby bunnies this year.On top of that,those with sibling is good,as the baby bunnies can follow the big sister/brother.But what happen to those who are having first born at the year of the rabbit,going to school next time will have a problem after all they have no elder sibling around.Thankfully I had Adelle before baby A comes and I will have no problem registering baby A for kindergarten since Adelle will be there.*phew*

Back to the topic.Well,I’m glad Adelle was given a place with Evangel Kindergarten.I have the principal to thank as well.This Saturday,we are suppose to go down to the kindergarten and make payment for the school fees.It’s $195 per month,2 hours session with 5days lesson.I had asked for a morning session and was indeed given my choice.Now,I gonna arrange for the school bus as well.As my mum won’t be able to help me to fetch Adelle to and fro the school and home,it’s still best that Adelle takes a school bus.

In this way,I can get back to work soon without feeling the stress in taking care of 2 kids.I know I can’t handle 2 at a go,taking care of Adelle alone is easy,but with 2,it’s getting even harder.Of course,I’m looking at the Woodlands area for my new work place in the future.Collecting Adelle and baby A will be much easier compared to me working in town area.

As for the transport wise,dear and myself did came out with an idea.But it gonna takes time for it.In the meanwhile,I will try to plan the arrangement of fetching the 2 kids in the future with dear.

Whatever it is,I’m already feeling glad and joyful that everything is arrange properly in place.Have Adelle first before baby A comes.It’s all about thankfully feeling which I had.The life is being plan nicely for the family!!


Our little Adelle._//

To learn all the colors

Pour all out.

Adelle is finding the color,blue

Adelle loves all the educational games from iphone

At times like this,she loves to hold on to her skirt..

Or holding on to her feet.

Finally,Adelle knows all the different colors and shapes by heart just before she turned 20mths old.I don’t quite believe she knows all of the colors and shapes till I tested on her for a couple of time till I’m satisfied with the little test I gave her.All along,I had been teaching her on numbers,colors,shapes,animals.These are the various themes which I had taught her.The only theme which she had learned by heart was shapes and colors.As for the theme animals,she knows some of the animals like lion,bear,mouse,cat,dog,monkey,zebra,tiger,elephant,tropical bird etc.She could point it out to me whenever I had asked her about.Good,at least she learn something while staying home with me.Of course,I kept telling myself to make it a point to spend some time teaching her/making of teaching aids when I report back to work the next time.And baby A gonna get the same as Adelle too by spending some quality time with them each time after work.

Adelle learns pretty fast.I took a while to teach her.Not like myself.This,I’m feeling glad,for once she is like her father who learn things within minutes.In another word,she is a fast learner and I’m trying to keep her “fast learning” skill ongoing by giving her all the teaching aids,let her has this interest in learning more things each time.

And mind you,she loves studying.All of my teaching aids or my buys never fail to make her lose interest.Each time I use the word,”study time”,she will go straight on the ground or on the chair and waited for us to start the lesson.I had never seen a child at her age(not even 2yrs old) who loves to study sooo much.Perhaps,I had send her to enrichment class(Right brain training) since 5mths old that trained her to be like this.I must make baby A the same as Adelle too,by sending baby A to right brain training class when turn 5mths old(I’m sure the teachers will be glad to see baby A and Adelle going to their school again after so many months)This once again proved to me why learning starts young.

Many might wonder why must we stress the kids in letting them into school so early?Well,it’s not early when we wanna build the right foundation.On top of that,when sending them to school is not to teach them with ruler in front of a blackboard.It’s hands on activities which we are talking about here.We teach while they play with the hands on teaching aids.I’m sure,being an adult would love playing around with the hands on activities,kids love it as much as well.In this way,isn’t the child gonna learn something and train their interest in learning?:)

Did I mention that Adelle is a little “busybody”??Each time the daddy came back from work,upon locking the gate and door,she will stand at the side and waited for the daddy to pass her the bunch of keys.After which we can see her,walking into the study and placed the keys there for him.It had became a routine for her every evening.She knows what to expect of her and she loves her daddy sooo much that,when the daddy gotten his towel and get ready for bath,be sure to see Adelle standing near to the toilet door and wave goodbye to him,giving him a french kiss before she goes back to the bedroom with me.Look at how caring she was towards her father.I don’t get such benefit thou.hah!!!Like what many had said,it’s daddy’s girl and mummy’s boy.It’s indeed so true.


Talks-All about Adelle._//

Adelle is once again being energetic(pic taken today)after yesterday visit to the PD.

Yes,you,my mummy!!

The number of medication Adelle gonna take when she kena stomach flu for the very 1st time of her life.(Total damage $101)

Adelle new Medela bottles 250ml.Gotten from Taka Baby Fair today.

Didn’t manage a post yesterday as both dear and myself brought Adelle to the PD as early as 9am after seeing how bad her diarrhoea was on Fri.She was feeling kinda tired and moody as well.Had wanna send Adelle back to the PD which she had been seeing for all her jabs,but the waiting time can be as long as 4hours since they only allow appointment.But this PD which we had brought her too,no doubt didn’t handle all her vaccines,but did see Adelle for her sickness all these while.Plus the waiting time is about an hour or so compared to the other PD.

We seen the PD and Adelle was diagnosed with stomach flu with fever.Gosh,the very 1st time she had gotten such sickness and PD was saying that,most likely is from the daddy.(during Mon night)On top of that,there will be no milk intake(even with milk must be diluted),no dairy products,vegetables and fruits as well for the next few days to come.Only meat or fish with porridge,some barley,biscuits,bread are allowed.Poor Adelle gonna suffer a little till she fully recover.On top of that,look at the amount of medication she gonna take.One for fever,one for diarrhoea another for stomach wind.

But then,this morning she looks pretty much better after a whole day at home resting yesterday,so we had decided to make a short trip down to Taka baby fair and grab whatever we want for the very last time.Had grabbed one more PJ for baby A and one more PJ for Adelle(had bought 1 set each for baby A and Adelle last week),some booties and mittens for baby A,another T-shirt from 0-6mths as well.As I heard from the staff that for Medela feeding bottle 250ml was out of stock and will only be coming in this weekends.So I’m afraid that it will run out of stock again,therefore had decided to go down and purchase it soon.As for retail price,per 250ml Medela bottle cost $20.90.During this Taka fair,it cost only $17.90 which means I can save a good $3.By buying 2 bottles,I save $6.Since Adelle still need her feeding bottles,therefore I needed get it as it’s time to change her old Medela bottles which she had been using for 7mths.Don’t ask me why,I just love Medela bottles and Baby A has 8 Medela bottles(150ml)

The trip down to town was seriously a very short one.We hardly spend such a short while in town.Had spend only 3hours there today and we went back home by 330pm.Reached home at only 430pm,gosh it’s super early for the very first time.But then,as Adelle is still not too well,we don’t wanna take the risk to stay out there for too long.Cooked our dinner and it’s time for a good rest till the weekdays come tomorrow.

*Looking forward to this coming week*!!!


Adelle is not well._//

Our cutie pie had fallen sick

Not feeling too good but still give me that happy look.

Since Wednesday till today,Adelle had stomach problem.The poo poo which she gave was kinda sticky with a bit wet and smell yucky(like having diarrhoea kind of smell)…Immediately my thoughts were,is she gonna teething again?But then,her poo poo was not too sticky(teething suppose to be more sticky)and made me recall that on Tuesday morning,the daddy had this diarrhoea problem and on Wednesday,it’s my turn having it.As we often know diarrhoea tends to spread the fastest and morever we stay at the same household!!

So,it was believe that she had gotten the virus.As I wanna monitor since her poo poo was once per day since Wednesday.Plus she poo 2 times today compared to yesterday and the day before.Who knows this morning when she woke up,she had developed a fever and was pretty high.Gosh,gave her paracetamol at 9am and at 2pm,cried on top of her voice.By evening,her fever was still pretty high and just before she sleeps at 915pm just now,her fever kicks in at 40deg which I had no choice but to give her ibuprofen.

Since we were also out the whole day,this also explain why she don’t feel any good also.She slept for nearly 2hrs out there and by the time we took a cab back,she fall asleep in the cab for a good 20mins.By the time we reach home at 830pm,gave her a quick bath and there she goes falling asleep again.

Since today outing is by appointment and there is no way I can’t be out,so gonna drag poor sick Adelle with me no doubt she is already not feeling too good.

When the child fall sick,parents tend to be most busy and tired during this period of time.That’s parenthood I would say.It’s never easy since the child is young and won’t be able to say where the pain is.Crying,looking moody tends to make us be more aware of it.Good thing tomorrow is a weekend,whereby I will have the daddy to help out with me.But the first thing comes tomorrow morning,we are going to bring Adelle to the PD no matter what.Although we had the fever medicine with us,but it’s still good to let the doctor have a check and explain what causes the stomach upset.