Adelle is the "fruit" to the seed which we had planted._//

Adelle,she is our sweetie pie.

Another shot with our sweetie pie.

Yes,I had been “keeping” Adelle home for the whole of 4 days,since Mon till Thurs.Used to not able to stay home for so many days in a row,but after staying home for long,more or less I am used to it with Adelle.Of course,I gonna train her to stay home during weekdays except weekends now before I hand over the caregiver role to my mum.

The reason why I used to not able to stay home everyday on weekends was that,I gonna go down to the coffeeshop and pack my own lunch and this is the part which I don’t like to go down often during lunch time,I simply too lazy.Now it’s a different story.I can cook my lunch almost everyday for Adelle and myself.At times we eat the same food for lunch except those days whereby I gonna take vegetarian.Then I will fried been hoon,noodles while Adelle takes her porridge for lunch.

It had now became so much simpler since I will always visit the wet market at Boon Keng to buy back all the groceries for that whole week.Since I’m cooking dinner often,therefore will tend to buy those groceries meant for lunch as well.This save me from packing lunch from the coffeeshop then.Therefore my fridge will be full of groceries which includes for lunch and dinner.

Being a mummy is not easy.Especially when being heavily pregnant at 6mths 2weeks and to handle an active toddler who loves to move up and down the house,climbing up the sofa,even climb up her stool to sit on.It makes things worst.No doubt others had always mentioned that it’s good to have kids which are 2 yrs apart.But it can be tedious.So I guess the best age apart for 2 children should be 3yrs.That’s my thoughts after going through this now.

Good thing about Adelle was that,she understands very well for the instructions given to her.This I don’t have much problem.At times she can understand so well and really behave too.For example,when we pop by a toy shop,be sure that she will go into the shop and play with whatever she sees there.After some time,I will tell her to go off and wave good by to the toys.She did so!!She knows it’s time for her to go after playing.This I teach the child on saying goodbye and leave a place after spending some time there.It’s all about parenting thou.

Seriously,Lord Ganesha had given us a child who is easy to teach and train.This we seriously thank for what was given.Just like today,we went to the master.He said this to me.During my pregnancy days with Adelle,I chant the mantra by Buddha.This is the fruit I had gained for the seed I had planted.That was why now I will make it a point to chant the mantra at home with Adelle for at least 30mins.I find it useful for those days whereby we don’t have a cool mind.

What shocked me the most was that.3days ago I am just thinking on myself that today I must get the tailman(fo paper or what we call it)from my master to drink for protection.So the min we sit in front of master,he passed me one tailman!!!I’m simply so shock and asked him how come he knows????He said he knows by reading,that was why prepared it for me some days ago and want to pass it to me today.Gosh,he is simply so accurate.

Master likes Adelle a lot thou.He had said to us,this is the “fruit” which we had gotten.Had advised us to pray well and in sincere.Adelle had this little fate with anyone she sees.Which means anyone on the street also like her even seeing her for the very 1st time.This I gonna admit.She really makes us happy each time we see her.So I believe in praying,pray to the God which I believe in.


The children of ours,belong to the Chew Family._//

Little Adelle,Zhi Xuan.

Little Adelle,Zhi Xuan.

Little Adelle,Zhi Xuan.

Little Adelle,Zhi Xuan.

Little Adelle,Zhi Xuan.

Little Adelle,Zhi Xuan.

I wanna update the status of all my loots again!Seeing the clothing that kept coming in one by one,I can’t help but to feel real happy.I wanna do something for my 2 children,to dress them up smart and nice.On top of that,seeing the sales kept “flashing” on the website,I can’t resist again!

On well,many of you know that I had been buying the children clothing from oversea by our own.Dear is the “main master mind”,he coordinated everything while I only get to choose and understand the details from him.We had already ship back 3 packages at 3 different timing some weeks back and gotten a total of 21 clothing.11 pieces of clothing for Adelle and 10 pieces of clothing for baby A.And yet,we are still buying and currently have 3 pending packages with US to be shipped back to SG.Out of these 3 packages still pending,we had bought 13 clothing and 3 blankets for both Adelle and baby A.It’s a lot of buys when we separated it into different packaging and shipping charge will be much cheaper by doing it this way.

Beside this,I had helped 3 friends of mine to ship back their set of clothing as well.I seem to be doing spree for them yea.The only difference was that I don’t earn by doing such spree for them.It’s friends I’m talking about here and dislike to charge them extra no doubt I’m helping them with it.Only paid for what was based on the bank exchange rates thou.Was glad that,through this online shopping,friends get to benefit it as well.Now waiting eagerly for the loots to come before I stop my “buys” for a while and concentrate on other stuff to come.

Some of the pending stuff that I need to get sort it out before I deliver in August was to sign up another Cordlife package for baby A.Which means,I gonna find the mobile of the person in charge which we had signed up for Adelle.This gonna get done by end June.Secondly,I had book a package with Cottony Photography(Is not freelance which I don’t trust freelance work) on 9th April for the maternity shoot taken on the 12th Jun.This time round,I gonna take a photoshoot together with dear and of course the special “guest” Adelle!!How nice because I will have a toddler with me together for this shoot to be taken come June.Thirdly to wash up the clothing for baby A by end June as well.Last but not least,to choose the English name for baby A.Actually dear and myself had shortlisted a few names for baby A but yet to confirm the final one which we like.As for the chinese name,we had thought of about 10 Chinese names,and will be given to our master for calculation just before baby A arrives.So it should be quite fast to get all these done up just before he arrives.

Once again,I will be going into the delivery ward at Mount Alvernia(thumb up for this hospital)..My 2nd time going in again after Adelle.Very often,I know what is expected this time round.Just that I can’t help but feel excited and nervous again.The only good part was,from August mummies thread,no one is having around the same EDD as myself,the most important part was that,no one was having the same gynae as me.This is one bonus part.Reason being,when  I gave birth to Adelle almost 2yrs back,there was this mummy whose EDD was just 1 day apart of mine,and guess what,we check into the hospital at the same time,almost delivering at the same timing(hers was 1030pm,while mine was 10pm),same gynae as well!!During that time,I’m super worried what happen if my gynae can’t help me deliver,what happen if both babies choose to arrive at the same time,all the what happen????

So this time round,I’m not so worried and now that the chances of such incident to happen again will be quite low.If you were to ask me,will I opt for natural birth or C-section,I would say,Natural birth again for me.Unless the placenta is still lying low during the time I’m giving birth,then I will have to choose C section which is the only choice.

Could still remember the time when I gave birth to Adelle.She was out,so small and “kaypoh” by looking around her surrounding when the daddy video her on.As I was put on epidural,the side effect was kept vomiting,very bad backaching whereby I’m not allow to eat any pain-killer until a certain time.That’s the most miserable part and not during the delivery.Had a good night sleep before I started my breastfeeding for Adelle the next day.Doc Ong to come for a check on me the next day as well.Being discharge after 2 nights stay at Mount Alvernia.

I like this hospital a lot.The hospital looks like home and real cozy.I don’t feel like being in a hospital at all.Most importantly,their confinement food tasted yummy*drooling*..Of course when Adelle arrives,the daddy gonna travel up and down from work to home and to hospital.To do up Adelle birth cert at Mount Alvernia as well.(we didn’t do it at ICA since we had the chinese name and eng name prepared)

This time round when baby A arrives,it gonna has the same picture of what I had gone through during Adelle time.Seems like I gonna get everything done up by June even for the packing of the hospital bag.I don’t want my gynae to nag at me at week 34 when I haven’t get started of packing the bag.At times,I wish that baby A can arrive earlier in end July,so that Adelle and baby A shared the same birthday month together.*smile*


Adelle and her work._//

Adelle starts to learn alphabet A-I

See,She did this matching of alphabets on her own.

Matching game again.This time round to facial features.

Again to reinforce on animals in the ocean.

Again to reinforce on animals in the ocean.

Again to reinforce on animals in the ocean.

Again to reinforce on animals in the ocean.

Again to reinforce on animals in the ocean.

Again to reinforce on animals in the ocean.

Hands on with the matching of animals..

Hands on with the matching of animals..

Adelle claps her hands because,She did it!!

Adelle done up with her work!!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Each time when I told Adelle it’s time for study.She will be super excited.This means to throw away her pacifier,bunny blankie and pooh bear on the floor and run to her study table,get seated on her stool and get herself ready for the lesson.Till now,she had never drag in taking her own sweet time for study.She had love to study this much?Even for story telling,she would expect us to finish the whole book and even those books found on the floor just beside her.It’s a must to finish those books on the floor before she gets up for other programme.

I did alphabets with her from letter A to I at this moment.Well,it’s time to start her on alphabet no doubt some of the themes like animals etc she had a better idea of it now.These days I had been teaching her on letter A-I.Hopefully she knows it soon before I proceed to other alphabets.

Had traced the template of the facial features/body for her on the card.I wanna her to find and match without any color.To see if she could do it.Yes,she can!I’m glad for such skill that she had learn.Initially I’m pretty worried if she can do it with the matching as the templates had no colors for her to match with the objects she is holding.

One of the theme on animals in the ocean was being reinforced on Adelle again.I don’t wanna her to forget about it of the animals in the ocean which she is familiar with.Therefore,it’s a must to do reinforcement again.Next comes to the theme of animals in the zoo.Although the colors and pictures was different from my homemade templates,but I still wanna her to do the matching as well.Again,she can do it without my help.I guess mainly because it’s the animals that she is already familiar with.

There are 3 videos in this blog entry.One was the newly introduce fruits(4types) which she is learning currently.The next video on fruits was learned quite some time ago,which I wanna reinforce on her again.She had some problem doing so for the 1st-3rd fruits.So it’s a must to repeat these fruits with her again.Of course the last video is on matching of templates and objects with facial features.


Cutie Adelle,I'm glad for her._//

Adelle and the hula hoop

Refused to let it go.

Loves her chubby cheeks and sweet smile

Adelle is trying to call the name of various people in her life.

Whenever we go to Vivo City/Suntec City,be sure to see Adelle in Toys’r us.She loves to be there and can run about “collecting”toys to play with.She saw the sisters and brothers playing with the hula hoop,and walk towards to the box of hula hoop,trying to pick up one by herself.Her imitating skill gets stronger.

Did I talk about how Adelle reacted in class last week?Anyway she was looking around at her peers in school,or even walk around.It’s only when the teacher gotten something and sit down on the ground,she will be the 1st to “fly” over and sit down patiently and listen.When comes to the flashcard time,she was being chosen the 1st to pick the right flashcard between tadpoles and caterpillars.As the teacher flashed to her one by one and get her to choose which is the flashcard that shows tadpoles,she gotten it right after seeing it.I had never teach her tadpoles or caterpillars at home thou.As for the rest of the kids,a few of them don’t get it right thou.I’m glad for Adelle learning skill.Not even 2 yrs old and she can understand quite a bit of things and gotten things right when asked.I hope she carries on this way and be smarter than mummy.Attending school does worth for.

A few days ago,I realized that Adelle is trying to imitate of what we say.So whenever I asked her to say “ye ye”(paternal grandpa),she will follow,”ma ma”(paternal grandma),”po po”(maternal grandma) etc.I suspected that very soon she should be able to speak one clear word than now except the few words she does speak like bear bear,elmo,bird,bus,mouse,dog(she will says woof instead of dog),daddy(she will call bad as seen fr the video),bag,oval,moon.

I know some children get “open up” only after they are stepping into age 3,some real fast at age 1-2.But for Adelle I know for sure she will be speaking real late just like myself.I don’t speak only after 2yrs and above.But recently I saw her showing signs of speaking/imitating like us.Therefore I’m trying to get her to speak different words hopefully to make her speaking skill improving.How long it will take,not too sure for it but it’s the effort and trying that takes in for this to word out well.

Lately dear and myself did a lot of online ordering of children clothing on our own.1st 2nd batch of clothing are now at our home,in Adelle wardrobe.Now our 3rd batch of clothing from US will be arriving by next week.The 4th batch of children clothing should be coming in most slightly 2nd week of May or less.It’s real cheap ordering on our own thou.I heard from one mummy friend who ordered for the very 1st time,it comes in a box for 6pieces of clothing,whereby she gonna pay extra US$10 just for the box.Where I had ordered 8pieces of clothing before and came in a bag.I wonder how come she was being charged like this?Nevertheless,the last batch(4th batch) of clothing,we had ordered 12 pieces instead of just 8pieces like the first to the third batch.Shall see if it’s worth buying 8pieces in a go or 12pieces.

Oh dear,I’m feeling so excited whenever we order clothing online!!


Adelle and her bedroom._//

Adelle loves the outlook of the new bedsheet in her bedroom

Adelle loves the outlook of the new bedsheet in her room

Adelle loves the new outlook of her new bedsheet in her room

There she goes,lying down happily

She looks kinda satisfied.

The layout of her bedroom for now.(I wanna do something like this for baby A with a blue wardrobe,the yellow school bus playmat and a blue writing table with white stools.)*smile*

As many of u had know that we had revamp Adelle bedroom comes last year in Oct with the purchases of her pink wardrobe,pink writing table and 2 white stools to match along and have it placed in her bedroom.As we had this Winnie the pooh play mat in her room(before the furnitures came)since she was 5mths old,it blended in well with her new wardrobes.Her bedroom stayed this way with till recently whereby we decided to introduce her the mattress for her to sleep on the floor.

Well,reason for this was pretty simple.Adelle seems to know that her little brother is arriving and there was a need for her to give up her playpen for the little one soon.2 weeks back,every since we try to place her on the playpen once she had fallen asleep in the hall,she refused!Cried for as long as she could and even in the middle of the night,she would cry and expect us to carry her out of her playpen.In the end she slept with us on the bed and even during her afternoon nap,she only wants to sleep on the parents bed and that’s it.

So dear was telling me this that Adelle might wanna sleep on the mattress now instead.She might had outgrown with the playpen.Which I think this might be true thou and was willing to give it a try.Since we had the foldable mattress from Seahorse,we decided to get a nice bedsheet for Adelle(a moo moo cow to match the year she was born)and have it placed in her bedroom.

The moment daddy set up everything yesterday night,she was so excited with joy and jumped onto the mattress without instructing.She knows that is for her.We wanna her to get used to sleeping on the mattress before we get her a thicker mattress and when she is older to get her a children bed.

So we tried on her last night with the mattress.Again,she cried in the middle of the night when placed in the playpen,so we placed her on the mattress and bingo,she kept quiet and slept throughout the whole night till this morning,she woke me up and was touching her bedsheet with love on her face.

Well,now we are done with Adelle bedroom,sooner or later will be setting up baby A bedroom.But it gonna happen only after I had given birth since I can’t move anything,tables or chairs,shelves or cupboard in the study.But then,I had a rough guide of what I want in baby A bedroom.His bedroom shall consist the same thing as what Adelle had for now.The blue wardrobes,blue table with white stools,Fisherprice yellow bus play mat,the toy corner as well.It should look similar like what Adelle is having.The only thing was that the theme of the bedroom should be blue or maybe green since the room was painted green.

Gosh,I’m so excited when trying to “decorate” the kids room.Many had asked why I don’t wanna get those wall stickers.Hmm,I kinda don’t like the idea because of the hassle and imagine to repaint the room with all the stickers?Although it looks great,but isn’t Adelle room look great with colors as well without the stickers?*smile*


The long weekends=a good family gathering._//

Family of 3>>>

Family of 3>>>

Happy mummy,happy daughter

Happy daddy,happy daughter

Seoul Yummy korean food at United Square

Seoul Yummy korean food at United Square

Seoul Yummy korean food at United Square

Seoul Yummy korean food at United Square

Seoul Yummy korean food at United Square

Seoul Yummy korean food at United Square

Both daddy n daughter having their snack at Mad Jack

Adelle was having her fries halfway through.

The girl who was super excited to see the aeroplanes at the viewing mall

Pointing here,pointing there.

The happy Adelle

The long weekend ended with a tiring body for dear,myself and Adelle.We had been out the whole day since 10am till 930pm in the night for both Fri and Sat.That made me decided to stay home today to rest and to blog as well.Seriously,being pregnant I’m considered very good in walking and had lesser rest whenever we are out.Being pregnant doesn’t stop me from going shopping when comes to family day on a weekend.I know some women who are pregnant had a hard time throughout the pregnancy,but it’s not for me.For both pregnancy(Adelle and baby A),I don’t feel tired or leg aching after walking for many hours,no such need to rest,even travel up and down the train many times per day,no back aching at all except the few minutes while I need to bend down a little to bathe Adelle,no sign of stretch marks for both pregnancy etc.I’m consider “lucky” during both pregnancy not much of a problem if not you guys will be seeing me resting at home and no more blogging of my outing every weekends.

Now,we had our dinner at Seoul Yummy on a Friday with my mum and sister,Hui.Of course,Adelle ate together with us at Seoul Yummy.Since she had more teeth and can chew better,it make it easier for us not to worry about her dinner whenever we go out.She can eat the same food with us,no such need to bring her milk powder along as well and made my diaper bag lighter now as I only need to bring one milk feed which is the afternoon feed,that’s all.For lunch and dinner she can eat outside.The only thing was that I will need to bring her spoon and bowl out.Seriously,this is my 3rd time taking food from Seoul Yummy.Kinda like it to the max.Their food was nice and most importantly damn yummy!!So we suggested this place for dinner again since we are eating out as a family thou.

Friday ended very quickly after a whole day out with mum.Next come to Sat whereby Adelle had her lesson with Leapschoolhouse after which is the meet up with the in laws.We had always spread the meet up for both side of grandparents for Adelle.Never want her to grow a distance with both side of grandparents.So it’s important to plan the time well.So weekends are for such family gathering.

We went to the Airport as usual.Since we are nearer to the Airport and with the Circle Line,it had made things easier for us to travel to the Airport within 1hr of journey.Like to go there because of the open space whereby Adelle can roam about.Most importantly for her to look at the planes.Yes she loves it that much and kept pointing to us of the aeroplanes.This made me recall the time when she first took an Aeroplane last Sept.She still don’t understand a thing and follow us “blindly” to take one.Now if we were to bring her on a trip one day,I’m sure she will be feeling excited about sitting in a plane.We gonna plan for one after baby A is out.Perhaps when baby A almost turning 1yr come next year to be fair to him as well.Simply because Adelle took her first flight to Hongkong when she is 12mths,so it gonna be the same for baby A when he turn 12mths next year.So now,we shall save up for this to happen yea.


Sherryl going to do freelance on diaper cake making._//

Qin had a new hobby..

See this,my new hobby which I had just picked up.To make a diaper cake using the baby stuffs.This diaper cake is for baby A that will be given during his baby shower.

Another view of the diaper cake which I had made for baby A.

This is the diaper cake which I had made for Adelle.Is a girl version of diaper cake thou.

Another view of this diaper cake.

I had realized that many would want to get a diaper cake for their baby shower these days.In fact during Adelle’s time,I had already seen many of such diaper cakes which the price was rather steep which made me forgo the idea of getting one for her that time.So this time round,I picked up the learning of making my own diaper cake since last week and last night I had decided to “hands on” with what I had learned.

Initially had this worries about not being to do a good one since it’s my 1st try.But then although the cake don’t look real “classy” but it’s something which I had seen online and look pretty much like one.The only thing was I need to hands on a few more times with more ideas coming in.

What’s a diaper cake is all about?It can be send as a gift during baby shower whereby we can place anything we want on the cake like pacifier,socks,shoes,clothing,bibs,mittens,booties,feeding bottles,receiving blankets etc.It meant for a gift therefore we can often present such gift during baby shower.So this is one diaper cake which I’m going to give baby A during his baby shower with all the socks,receiving blankets,romper,wash cloth that belongs to him.

Now,my next goal is to make a 2 tier diaper cake after I have hands on more on 1tier cake.Hopefully I can make a 2 tier cake soon and present it to my dear readers.The only shortage of these 2 diaper cakes was a ribbon that goes round the cake.As I did this at the very last min and was unable to get any ribbons,therefore couldn’t tie one on it.Shall make a trip down to those handicraft store over the weekends and get some ribbons to tie up the diaper cake to give it a nice fresh look.

As such,I’m prepare to do up a freelance on diaper cake making.If any of my readers who wanna get me to do up a diaper cake,can email to me at sherryl.twinstars@gmail.com

Feel free to tell me about your budget n such.As for the simple diaper cake like above it shall cost no more than $65 and of course depending on the type of diaper use,the brands of the baby product as well.Do drop me a mail and we can have it work it out.:)


I took photos with the iphone which gave me the chance to blog again.

Adelle wears the nursing apron which I used to breastfeed her with.Now she can wear it,how time flies.

This is the way Adelle drinks her milk,drinks her milkx2

This is the way Adelle drinks her milk,so early in the afternoon

Adelle current wardrobe.All are newly purchased clothing,none was pass down(because we don’t have anyone to pass down bb girl clothing)

Gosh,all these 4 big packets of clothing are from aged 0-18mths.Adelle had outgrown them all.All are new clothing(none was passdown) and all branded as well.Now thinking of passing it down.

Loves this Thai mantra which was drawn by out master each time we visit him(once every weekly)

I’m always doubtful with my cookery,but then when I did this dish for lunch today,I know this really taste great and can’t help hoping for more again.

Adelle had this for lunch.

This week,I had been packing and packing.To sort clothing well accordingly to the age for Adelle.Now her wardrobe looks neater with all the clothing that she can wear currently.Little did I realized that I had 4 packs of clothing which Adelle had long outgrown them.Now waiting to find a place to store them.Had wanted to pass those clothing down to others.But of course needed to see who to pass down thou.All of her clothings were newly purchased as we didn’t have anyone to pass down any clothing for Adelle.So we buy and buy a lot for Adelle with brands somemore and none was with no brand.As I always believe in dressing up children,so those clothing with brands make them look smarter.

And then when I’m, just packing,Adelle plays around with my Nursing apron which I had used it to breastfeed her when she was an infant.Now she can wear it no doubt it looks so “long” on her.ha!ha!I love this Nursing apron as it had exactly the same design of my diaper pouch and Adelle beanie pillow(those made from bean spouts and she uses it outside now when napping)

I took a picture of Adelle taking her afternoon milk.Just because she loves to place her pink pacifer,pink cloth bunny and pink Pooh bear beside her head while she drinks her milk.She tends to feel all right when I covered her with her blanket(as I turn on the aircon)whenever she took it.Adelle looks kinda interesting with the way she drinks her milk,and mind you she can finish her 150ml of afternoon milk(night time before she sleeps will be 210ml) within 3mins.

Saw the mantra written on Adelle palm?Yes this is the Thai mantra which our master will write on each and every individual of our hands whenever we visited him once every weekly for praying.I love it and it looks nice and made me feel at ease whenever he wrote it our palm.It’s a kind of blessing made to us as all the good things shall come,bad things shall go.That’s the meaning of it.So each time we settled down at out master place,be sure to see Adelle started to walk towards him and stretch out her palm and gets ready for master to write on her palm.We had gotten the blessing from Buddha and planted the seeds well.That was why Buddha was always with us each time we encounter any problem and had it solve very fast within a week.Beside so,we learned lots of Buddhism teaching whenever we sit down in front of our master to talk about.We think no evil,we don’t twist our words around,in this way we will be blessed.Those who think the other way round who don’t get karma now will eventually get it.It’s a matter or sooner or later,which was said by our master.Why so,because those people who think evil or talks evil,turning their tongues around might done something great in their past life,so the karma don’t fall upon them so fast.It’s take sometime for it to happen.So very often we always see why some “bad guys” who don’t get their retribution,this is the reason behind it.Seriously,we had learned quite a bit of stuff of Buddhism teaching from our master.This is also one reason why we are on vegetarian 3x per week.

The stir fry eggs with pumpkin with some vegetarian abalone sauce and some light soy sauce was for our lunch today.As I’m on vegetarian today,therefore Adelle takes this dish with me beside this,I had steamed some threadfin with some sauce for her to mix together with the plain rice while I only took the eggs with pumpkin.

The very first time which I find that I cook this stir fry eggs with pumpkin pretty well.This is my 1st time frying this dish as most of the time I only steamed the eggs with pumpkin together.As it’s pretty tasty I can’t help for 2nd helping,but it wasn’t enough for it.Had this intention to prepare this dish for the daddy one evening when we are on vegetarian again,probably next week?


Our little girl who is going to be a Pre-schooler soon._//

Our sweetie who never fails to make us laugh

reaching out for something?

Looking at the lifts.Hmm which one shall we take?

Is this the one?

I love this soup,simply sooo sweet

The steamed fish which we had.

Adelle loves to read part 1

Adelle loves to read part 2

I had always believed in home cooking for healthier lifestyle and a balanced diet.Especially now we had a growing toddlers at home,it’s much better if we cook prepare the food for the todd to have their meal at home.Of course when we are out,it leaves with no choice.Mind you,I don’t give Adelle outside food only when she reach 16mths of age.It’s all about home cook food for her.As the food outside mainly contain MSG which I don’t quite fancy for growing children.I rather be a little bit more “particular” when she was younger.Now with her being almost 2yrs,I’m still all right in giving her outside food once in a while.

So with her pre molars and more tooth coming out,I had decided to give her more solid food.Those food which are not too mashy and needed more on chewing to train her in taking in solid food.(those harder food)In this way,I don’t have to worry about her taking in more solid food or than porridge when she goes for Pre-N in the kindergarten next year.So I needed to use the left over few months time to train her in as many things as I could before Jan 2012 comes.

Just like yesterday,we had a heartily dinner.These dishes simply made us feel full after eating.Had boiled the soup with pork ribs,carrots,cabbages,corns and dried scallop together.This sop was actually enough for all of us and already felt so full after eating.It’s sweet as well and of course,Adelle had this mix with rice for her dinner just like us.As for the steamed fish,I used Jap light soy sauce which is not too salty.And the end product was great!!

Seriously I cook more now as compared to those days when I am just in my 1st trimester whereby I can hardly cook anything but just a simple lunch for both Adelle and myself.As for dinner are mostly pack food.But as soon as I stepped into my 2nd trimester,the energy level rises back again.

Did I mentioned before that Adelle loves to read that much till even for her meal time,she would love to hold on a book and pretend to read by herself?Now,I had 2 videos tape it out of the daddy who reads to Adelle every night just after her lesson and before she sleeps.It had slowly became a routine for her.These are the 6 story books which we had borrowed for her at the library at Nex.Adelle can read them all again and again without feeling bored out of it just because she loves books.

She showed interest in reading as well and insisted that we must read to her too.Look at the video and you will know how interested she can get while daddy reads to her.


Things to know about Adelle._//

Our cutie at 21mths old

A surprise for Adelle.

The gardening set which she loves that much

Our cutie at 21mths old

Our cutie at 21mths old

Our cutie at 21mths old

Our cutie at 21mths old

The latest teaching aid which I had made for Adelle.To learn alphabets as well as to learn to fix the puzzle

The whole lot of teaching aids which I had made for Adelle since she was 5mths old and ongoing.Some where bought to go along with the teaching aids which I had made.(Baby A will start using these teaching aids as well when he turns 5mths old)

Adelle’s teaching aids part 1

Adelle’s teaching aids part 2

I used this Ikea container to store some of the teaching aids,shall get more soon.

I gonna introduce Adelle with chalks soon.

I had always believe in Organic products for Adelle since she young.This biscuits gave her good training on her jaws.

It’s for Adelle lunch.Minced pork steam with egg tofu,corn soup added to the rice with a bit of corn as well.

Wow,it seems that I had lots of updates for Adelle after the previous entry about baby A.Let me start from her teaching aids.Well,I had run out of space to store most of her homemade teaching aids,therefore we “ran” to Ikea Tampines(the biggest Ikea which I find in SG) to get a storage box for putting all her teaching aids and seems so much neater.We had gotten some baskets as well,but since there shouldn’t be any nailing to be done,therefore we shall keep it one side till baby A is born before the daddy will get it all fix up and store all of Adelle teaching aids in her pink wardrobe.(I’m thinking of getting a blue wardrobe for baby A in his room next time)

As for the teaching aids,the more I make the more happier I will get.I must make full use of the time now to make as much as I could and when I see my child learns from those teaching aids which I had made,the satisfaction is there.That is what I always mean by learning with my child and train them since young.Again,these teaching aids can be recycle when baby A is out from my tummy.Again,I’m going to train him like how I had trained Adelle since 5mths old to introduce him with all these teaching aids,and to send him to Happy Train to stimulate his right brain.Therefore all my teaching aids will not be put to waste after Adelle.

The colorful chalks which I had gotten it for Adelle.Yes,I’m going to get her some black paper for her to trace/draw/play around with what she can.This is to let her feel and touch the texture of chalks,how it was like and it was another way to teach her about art and craft beside paint,crayons,color pencils,cutting,tear and paste.Like said,I’m going to not only train Adelle with all the learns for educational,also for her to understand craft works.Seriously,the children will feel at ease with all the little hands on and not strictly on just “paper work”

Now,when Adelle was with Happy train,the teachers taught her about gardening,how to water the plants,how to use a watering can.Now with leapschoolhouse,she had the same activity as well.On top of that,I had made a flower pot with flowers,and gotten a template of watering can for her to water the flowers.At home she could do it well and often make that “shhhhh” sound when water the flowers.She knows to make the sound of the water when she water the flowers.So,I made a decision to get her a real toy,that is the gardening set,and mind you she loves it that much,and even use the scissors to trim the leaves when the daddy taught her how to.Sooner or later,I’m going to give her real hands on with plants,the real watering can for her to help us water the plant that had been sitting just outside our corridor.It’s a good activity for the todds.

All along,I had been giving Adelle organic tibits.Well she first started on solid,she don’t take normal brown rice cereal,but those from organic brown rice cereal,till she took the organic puff and melts and now the organic biscuits.(It gonna be the same for baby A)She loves everything from organic.I had seldom get any organic stuff from Healthy times which I prefer another brand for it’s puff,cereal and melts.But then I saw that this biscuits look kinda interesting and just nice for her small hands when her friend shared it with her the other day in school.So I bought it for Adelle from the Organic store.(There are 2 different stores in Singapore selling)And,bingo!!She just loves it and bite it like what she had been doing for eating the small bun the other day.

Ever since that Adelle can chew better,can take in more sold food(those harder stuff),I had gave her rice beside the porridge which she had been taking since 8months old(not good to introduce porridge below 8mths old)Normally for rice I will mix with gravy or with soup,easier for her to chew.For example,today’s lunch I had boil a pot of soup which is mean for dinner,had scoop some soup and corn to be added into her bowl of rice.Added in the steamed egg tofu with minced pork and there she goes which settled her lunch.Very often whatever she had for lunch,I will have the same as well.This made it easier as I don’t have to prepare so many dishes.

Well,I had seen a lot of mummies who cook,prepare teaching aids,take care of their kid at home which made me real respect of them.All it takes was the patient and planning of the time well.I may not have the IQ in academic but I have the way to take care of my own child and plan the time well at home.Which in another hand,I had also seen a lot of couples who kept trying for a child till they had a child of their own,but the way they handle their child at home is “unseen”.Some might have problems taking care,which I find that parenthood is not easy,it takes up many of our time and everything changes after the child came.Some may find it simple to take care,but again wait till the time comes,they will know that it’s never easy to take care of an infant till when they grow much older.

I’m pretty glad that we had passed the most difficult part of being the 1st time parents.Now both dear and myself are being adjusted to having Adelle in our life and make it colorful in the next few years to come.Of course,baby A arrival in Aug shall not make any much differences as we had already gone through the part whereby we know nothing at all.Parenthood is just so amazing for us.:)