Adelle is "fruit" of the seed which we had planted._//

The supermarket helper,help me choose the type of apple.

Is this apple all right,Mummy?

How about this pear,Mummy?

Adelle loves apple!

Soup for 30th May.Boil drumsticks with red dates,wolfberries

and a bottle of Cordyceps concentrated herbal(all fr Eu Yan Sang)

Pork ribs soup boiled with black beans and red dates for dinner on 31st May 2011

Wolfberries fr Eu Yan Sang to be consumption without cooking,serve as snack for myself n Adelle.Red dates for boiling as drinking water.Both red dates n wolfberries help to enrich blood,nourish Yin.Which I needed to “gain more blood count” before delivery.

The mantra which I loved/chanted

All right,one relative from my dad side was telling my mum that I had “good hands”in having Adelle.It means I’m sort of like blessed to have an obedient daughter who eats everything,listen to instructions well,well-behaved etc.It makes my life easier when I took care alone for this whole 22mths during the day when the daddy is at work.

I guess,I don’t have to say much about Adelle to others like my friends or relatives(those who don’t read my blog) will know how Adelle behaves whenever there is any gathering.Yes,Adelle does behave well and is easy to train.Seriously no problem in taking care of her.But the only bad thing about her is being stubborn at times.She wants her way if we don’t let her deal with it for the thing she wants.But when we let her have her way,within that few mins she is fine with it and listen to what we want her to do.

Seriously,I had done my part in training her from newborn till now she is 22mths old.She goes to school at 5mths old till now,which I always received feedbacks by others why do I bring my child to school so early.But then,I’m pretty glad I did so.If I didn’t Adelle won’t be what she is today.Of course,I gonna thanks the daddy who fulfilled this little wish of mine to send Adelle to school at such young age when I’m not working during this period.And I’m glad for while staying home all these while,I make teaching aids,I do reinforcement with Adelle almost everyday to train her well enough.My effort had paid off eventually.

Beside so,I always believe it’s Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha who had give this gift to us.As I always chant this mantra whenever I’m out while taking the train to and fro from work and home.It’s the effort that pays off to get our well behaved girl.So currently,I’m trying my very best to do the same for Ayden.I had been chanting this mantra whenever I had the time,or even played the mantra over the DVD at home while listening it together with Adelle.The video above is the photos from Adelle 1st birthday.But listen to the background music(on loudly yeah),it’s the mantra I’m chanting and each time I chant I will think of how lord buddha and lord ganesha had given this nice and good gift to us.For the best of my children next time,I do all I can to chant this mantra because I believed that the seed which we grow will be given as a fruit to us.Adelle is one very good example.So I’m doing the same for Ayden all these while,and hope for the best.

Now,having a child at home,dealing with pregnancy and having to prepare dinner on weekdays is not a easy task.No doubt dear is fine with having outside food for dinner.But since I’m preggie now I believed in having home cooked food for healthier purpose.So I make it a point to cook at least 3/4 times every weekdays.

Boiling of soup is the easier I can go.Beside the soup,I do up a dish as well to go along with.So that Adelle gets to eat the same as us too.Look carefully I had been boiling soup which enrich blood.Because I’m facing low blood problem which I gonna build up my blood count before I deliver.All along,I had low blood problem even till now.I trusted in all these chinese herbs too.So long as it builds up my body well,I’ll go for it.Check it out what I had been preparing these 2 days.


The long weekend,at least to me._//

Adelle beats the drum.

Looks like an expert.

Adelle says smile when she took this piece of photo

She just wanna push her stroller when I did the pushing.

The tiring weekends is finally over.Back to the homemaker life again that starts tomorrow.Let me give a brief update of all the happenings that had passed.

Now on Fri,I’m out with a friend and had lunchie with her since it had been a while the last time we met.I bet this friend of mine will be pretty busy in her “new life” soon.Hope she can overcome every obstacles soon.Nevertheless,I bought Adelle out with me to meet my mum after my friend.We gonna something together and it’s only till evening which we decided to meet the daddy at Nex for dinner before we headed back home.

Now came Sat whereby it’s another round of appointment with Doc Ong.It’s pretty early for this appointment.Again,my darling daughter loves to give eye contact with the doctor as Doc Ong did the same as well.I guess because Doc Ong had 2 boys,no daughter,that explain why he kept saying such a cutie Adelle can be,and even suggested me to bring Adelle for a contest that was always seen in the community centre or even the RC.He kept asking me to try it and he is sure Adelle will win the contest.I kept telling him,he think too highly of Adelle which I find it pretty hard thou.

When come to the check,Adelle kept pointing the screen and show Doc Ong where Ayden was.And my mischievious Doc kept showing us the “bird bird” of Ayden.He even commented on how busy I can get ever since I have a child which he wants me to learn how to take care of myself next time I have two children after seeing how dry my skin can get.He said “you huh,never take care of yourself”

The day ended with another round of shopping trip for Ayden “last min” clothes to be purchased.And also the scissors curry rice from Bugis.No doubt we reach home quite early say around 6pm,but don’t forget we left the house as early as 8am.And the weight on Ayden is getting heavier.I feel the sharp pain on the edges of my feet which I know such feeling will come soon now that I had entered the 30weeks of pregnancy.So each time I walk,be sure to find a place to sit down and rest my feet,if not the pain will stay there till I had enough rest.

Sunday,which was today suppose to be the make up lesson for Adelle class with leapschoolhouse.She just love being going to school.She really make full use of the indoor slide,climb up that 4 steps of stairs,and there she goes sliding down the slide happily and kept waving bye to me.She repeated this more than once till the teacher gather all the children in the class.

The lesson was another fulfilling one.She learns and did her flashcards well,did the hands on activity without much problem and she can even point out to the teacher which is the yellow car,orange train etc even without siting down and listen to the story.Somehow this is what I mean by home teaching and also going for enrichment classes before 6months of age till now before she starts her Pre-school.

We stay put at City Square Mall till evening whereby there’s an Elmo show going on over there.Adelle can’t help but keep pointing to the poster of Elmo which was found every 100m away.Even on the MRT at Farrer Park,it’s all about Elmo posters.We had to keep nodding our heads and say yes it’s Elmo(no doubt she kept calling mo mo instead of elmo)to her each time she pointed the picture of Elmo.

We ended the day with a dinner together with the in laws at Kovan.Pretty tiring day because Adelle is not feeling well.She had gotten a cough and runny nose which made her feels uncomfortable,super sticky to both dear and myself.On top of that,I had bad cough and sore throat as well which I had standby medication from Doc Ong.As for dear,he had gotten a slight cough as well.

It’s always start with one member in the family to get sick and spread to the rest of the family members when we have our own children.Since the immune systems of the child is not strong enough,they tend to fall sick easily.

Nevertheless,it’s end of the tiring weekends.Now back to the relaxing weekdays which I gonna spend a good 4 days straight at home with Adelle.I can let her rest,make her meals,our meals as well,do some houseworks,play along with her before that’s the end a day.


New rocker for Ayden which Adelle can sits on as well._//

The new rocker that meant for Ayden,Adelle lies/sits on it.

The new rocker that meant for Ayden,Adelle lies/sits on it.

The new rocker that meant for Ayden,Adelle lies/sits on it.

The new rocker that meant for Ayden,Adelle lies/sits on it.

The new rocker that meant for Ayden,Adelle lies/sits on it.

Eventually the daddy gotten a new rocker for Ayden.That’s simply because till now Adelle still hasn’t outgrown her bouncer that she had been lying fr birth till now almost 2!!Gosh,most of her toddler friends already pass this stage of not lying down on the bouncer and she is still in love with her bouncer and need to lie down on it whenever she is watching her fave baby einstein shows,while I mop the floor,and of course just before she sleeps at night,she need to lie down on her bouncer with all her cloth blankie,pooh bear,pacifier,bean spout pillow and her blanket.And there she goes lying there to sleep for a good 1-1hr30mins before she took her night feed and goes to her mattress to sleep.

It had seemed that she won’t give up her current bouncer to Ayden any sooner even after the arrival of Ayden.So we had decided to get a rocker that works the same as a bouncer for Ayden instead.Surprisingly this rocker can convert into a toddler chair once the infant had outgrown it.And it can take up to 18kg.Worth investing,and should had invested during Adelle time.*wasted*

So when we gotten it home today,Adelle was all excited to try on it.Even at the shop,she had already tried on sitting down on the rocker that was already converted into a toddler chair.Sit till she refused to get up.Even if when I placed her to lie down on the rocker,she also lie down just like how she was being placed on the bouncer at home!Gosh!

When we gotten home,after the daddy had fixed up this rocker,Adelle was so excited to lie down on it.But then after a while she refused and still wants her old bouncer.I guess in the meant while before Ayden arrival,we can convert this rocker into toddler chair for Adelle to sit on while watching her Tv programme instead of lying down on the “old bouncer”..But then when Ayden arrives,this rocker will be meant for him where Adelle can carry on using her bouncer which we know she won’t give up to Ayden.

So the wise choice was to get another rocker cum toddler chair like this which Adelle can sit while Ayden can lie down and till Ayden becomes a toddler to be able to sit on it.That’s how useful a thing can become when we have 2 children at home,can pass down from the elder to the youngest kid at home.:)


When Adelle learns,I learn too!!_//





Newly done teaching aids for Adelle.(To learn colors matching/teaches the various objects to the correct color.)

Newly done teaching aids for Adelle.(To learn numbers.Matches the color black/white digit to the colored digit.)

Decided to do up some teaching aids for Adelle again.In fact I had a few yet to be printed/laminate for her.It all takes a while to be completed.So I just came up with 2 teaching aids before more are coming on the way.As Adelle still have some problem knowing her numbers no doubt she can point out to me number 3/4/8,but that is still not enough till she understand number 1-10.I need her to know the numbers well enough before I proceed to the next few numbers(11-20)

So I came up with this idea of teaching her number 1-10 after downloaded these templates from the web.I had been cracking my head of how should I introduce her numbers without the need to learn it one by one while using a ruler and point to each indivdual number.So with this template I came up with this idea whereby Adelle gets to learn while hands on with it.That is to get the white/black printed numbers and have it pasted on the colored numbers.She had some fun playing around with thou.

Next comes another set of teaching aids which I had done up.The learning of colors.No doubt she already know most of the colors.But then I just wanna her to hands on with the theme colors.And also with this set of teaching aid,she can learn various objects to match with the same color on the board.

So,I make full use of this velco board meant for those velco objects which I had gotten for her(e.g,body parts,sea creatures)and velco the templates of various objects so that it can stick on the board for her learning.At least I don’t have to do up another board for her,save my time!

The more teaching aids I had done up,the more satisfied I do feel.Because I wanna my daughter to learn as much as I can during this stage.Beside so,it can somehow help her in a way of not feeling phobia when she attend Pre-school next year.On top of that,Ayden gets to use these teaching aids as well.Like this I won’t put to waste of those teaching aids which I had done and can be reuse and teach on the young child next time round.

Sometimes,beside buying of educational teaching aids out there,I rather make my own.Reason for this was I can play around/mix and match with the teaching aids I had prepared which those selling outside are pretty straight forward.Like the numbers teaching aids I had done.Beside finding the right number,I can use some beads,get Adelle to count and place it on the correct number.It’s all about cracking our heads to think of something using the same teaching aids but for many other uses.

So,that was the reason why I just love to prepare my own teaching aids unless those I want can be found from out there before I can start downloading,I will get it to save time as well.

So being a parent is all about learning as well.When the child learns,we learn too!:)


Adelle interests in reading starts as young as 15months old._//

The girl who loves to read.

The girl who loves to read.

The girl who loves to read.

The girl who loves to read.

The girl who loves to read.

The girl who loves to read.

The type of toddler books which Adelle reads.It’s babies books

The type of toddler books which Adelle reads.It’s babies books

The type of toddler books which Adelle reads.It’s babies books

The type of toddler books which Adelle reads.It’s babies books

The type of toddler books which Adelle reads.It’s babies books

The type of toddler books which Adelle reads.It’s babies books

I had mentioned about Adelle how enjoyable or loves to do reading.Give her as many books,she can sit down for as long as she could and wanna us to read to her.She don’t feel bored even if to read the same books all over again for as many times as possible.So ever since the library at Nex was opened,we had started borrowing babies books from there for Adelle.Mainly because babies books are kinda new and looks cleaner to me.I feel better even if Adelle were to flip/touch the books borrowed.

So we had always go there for borrowing of books for her each time we go or when her books were due for return.Normally I like to keep the 4-5 books borrowed at home for a month to read to her everyday for as many times as she wants.By the end of one month,she knows the story and words from the story books well enough.I remembered borrowing a book on faces which says haha face,booohoo face,waaaaa face,yes face,no face etc.Each time I say waaaa face,be sure that she will says the word waaaaa and show me that kind of “expected face”

So yesterday,I borrowed some new books for her as well.Those shown above are the type of books which I strongly recommended for toddlers for Adelle age.Mainly because it teaches word by word,and toddlers can learn the words from the pictures as well.Too many sentences in a page makes the toddler loses his/her interest and often tend to flip the page even before one finish reading to them.

So when I read such books for Adelle,she learns the word through the picture and I don’t have to face problem of her flipping the pages even before I’m done for the page.We don’t spolit the toddlers interest in reading.

Adelle interest in reading started when we train her in her 13mths of age.By 15months on she loves to read books and often gotten us to get her books at home to start reading it to her.It’s only till lately that I decided to let her have more interaction on more books out there beside the limited amount of story books which we had bought for her.

It’s a good habit for reading and it gonna starts young I find.It’s never too late to start a toddler in reading just before they start Pre-School.As for Adelle,I guess for now I don’t have such problem no doubt I’m not too sure for the future.I hope she stays this way in her interest in reading.


How great was the day!

Home before heading out with my sweetie

Adelle and Aunty Rachel

Mummy Sherryl and Adelle

Captured these using Rachel’s camera!

Adelle wanna bring home this.What’s that??

That’s a Cash Register

Together with the cash register,and the current supermarket trolley,she “scans” all her groceries!

Look at how engross she can get without bothering about her image.:)

Adelle plays with the cash register!

Wow,it’s the very 1st time I meet up with Rachel after being know her through the web a few years back.Can’t exactly remember when was it,but I know it’s pretty long since the time I stayed in Bukit Panjang,should be around year 2006 plus and minus.We do chat through msn but not too often in the past.Till she gave birth to a handsome prince last year,then we chat more regard baby stuff and such.We have pretty much things in common thou.She had a July 2010 baby while I had a Jul 2009 baby.Our gynae was the same as well,Doc Ong and we both delivered at the same hospital.These are some of the things which I can remember for now.And today we finally meet up!!!

We meet up because of the Carter’s online shopping which I had done up recently and Rachel did asked me about such shopping and had decided to tag along with my orders few weeks back.Seriously I love such friends who ask and tag along with my orders and not those who love to read so much about all these yet doing the same things behind my back.Beside so,I’m glad for that Rachel do trust my handling on this shopping.As mentioned I only choose those orders while my dear husband is the one doing the “backstage” work.

I hope that her son will be able to wear the clothes meant for 12mths old soon and in the near future to conduct such shopping again,so that she can have a chance to tag along as well as myself to buy more clothes for both Adelle and Ayden.Beside so,it’s kinda cheap,$12 for a piece of Carter’s clothes/pants.How do we find that in SG?And how do we find the same design in SG too?

Nevertheless,was glad that this shopping is a successful one.Most importantly I had a nice chatting session with Rachel.Even Adelle likes Aunty Rachel a lot.She kept smiling and wanna talk to Rachel since it’s her 1st time seeing her.This is very unlike of Adelle.Since I do meet up with different friends which Adelle see for the very 1st time,she don’t show such gesture towards others like how she had expressed it to Rachel.I find it hard to explain,maybe it’s the little fate I believe.

And of course,thanks gal for the nice instant photos taken.I love it to bits!!Perhaps I should invest one such camera like this soon.Although I had seen it quite a while ago,but not sure if I should invest it till I saw how interesting it can get today.

After the meet up session,Adelle and myself do loiter around Velocity and this little woman even walk around Cold storage to play around with the fruits by picking them up one by one.And yes,she had been walking for say 20mins before I changed her diaper and throw her into the stroller,get her pacifier suck and bean spout pillow hug,pram cover pushed down a little and start pushing her to sleep.Within that 10mins she fell asleep and there goes for my shopping trip to Vivo!

Finally managed to get the tank top for my maternity shot next week and also for Adelle’s birthday lunchie.Now I don’t have to worry about getting the tops over the weekends and can spend my coming weekends out there without the need to think of finding my tops.

While waiting for Adelle to be up from her nap,I rested my feet at the benches found at Vivo.Seriously,as I get bigger it’s pretty hard for me to walk for too long,I needed rest!!!Surfing the net(I love my Android!)while resting and also while waiting for Adelle to wake up from her nap is such a relaxing one.For once,I do feel like a “tai tai” for a day without any programme,just doing shopping with Adelle on my own.This little woman slept for a good 2hrs in her stroller today.From 130pm-330pm.This shows how tired she can get.

Saw the cash register?Well,decided to get this for her to “match” along with the current trolley which she had at home.Another set of groceries and fruits for her to scan and play along.Why I wanna get this cash register?Because I wanna teach her on the theme of Supermarket.It gonna be an interesting activity/theme for Adelle to play with.Not only can she learn about supermarket but also how it works.I had even downloaded some of the activities to do with Supermarket for her to play with.Shall do up these teaching aids soon after I finish printing and laminating the supermarket theme.

Lastly,check it out on how she play with her cash register on the video shown.:)


Our fulfilling Sunday!_//

Adelle loves her toddler bed,so am I

She loves her carebear as well

Our dinner on 22nd May.Dish 1

Our dinner on 22nd May.Dish 2

Our dinner on 22nd May.Dish 3

That’s Adelle dinner!

Adelle does the laundry

Once in a while,I will invited the in laws over for dinner.As they always make it a point to visit us to see Adelle every weekends,they will normally leave before we have our dinner.But like said once in a while,I will get them to stay over for dinner.Firstly to create that kind of bonding whereby the grandparents do get to have their meal together with the granddaughter.

Of course,I love to cook for others and hopefully by doing so,I can practice more on my cooking skills often no matter if I prepare a meal for 2 peoples or a meal for 4 or more peoples.So today I decided to prepare the following for our dinner tonight.

1.Stir fry garlic with spinach(2packets of spinach).Seasoning added was salt and water to steam it to make the veggie softer before serving.

2.Stir fry green capsicum with prawns and garlic.Seasoning added was fish sauce and oyster sauce with some water to make some gravy.

3.Steam fish with mushroom,salted vegetables,gingers,wolfberries,tomato and chili padi.Seasoning added was sesame oil and light soy sauce.

Some simple 3 dishes for our dinner tonight while the in laws came over.Today there is no soup as I believe 3 dishes like this is more than enough to fill our stomach.Seriously I like dish 2 the most!No doubt it’s my first attempt on stir fry capsicum with garlic and prawns.The prawns itself had this taste that was the capsicum.Meaning the prawns blended in well.Especially the gravy,it tasted real yummy.I didn’t know I could make the gravy that tasty since I just “drop” the amount of oyster sauce and fish sauce based on estimation.

The very 1st time I prepared 2 packets of spinach together.It’s kinda hard to “catch” the taste and amount of salt to be added in.But I managed to do so again by estimation.And yes,the spinach does not taste salty and yet could taste the bit of salty taste.It’s just nice!!

This steam fish was always prepared even if the in laws are not having this dish with us.I love this dish and find it easy,dump everything into the steamer and have it steam.Since I can’t take this type of fish due to mercury,I only managed to take my fave “stuff” itself,which is the mushroom,tomato and gingers!!!

One word,I’m pretty satisfied with these 3 dishes which I had prepared.At least I can cook “acceptably” for their son,my husband.Beside so,I prepared pumpkin congee with dried scallop for Adelle dinner.She loves it that much thou.No doubt Adelle can take in more solid food and lesser of such congee,but at times I still love to prepare such congee for her.And also not to forget my “skill” in preparing congee,as I still have another “cycle” to go,that is to prepare the same type of baby congee when Ayden turns 7-8months old.

Since it’s time to do up some washing on Ayden clothes,I had decided to start doing some washing on his PJ,booties and mittens as well.Sun it and have it keep into the wardrobe.But then,for newborn till 8mths of age,I don’t believe in machine wash,only hand wash.I know it gonna get tiring but I think it’s worth it.During Adelle time,I did hand washing for all her clothes from newborn till she was 8mths old,therefore same thing gonna happen to Ayden as well.

Seeing the PJ,homewear,booties and mittens were washed,and have it hanged,I felt relieve since some of the clothes had been wash.Now left mostly his outfts(which I think I gonna have problem washing them!!),face towels,bath towels,blankets,bedsheets,pillow cases,bean spout cases,cloth blankie etc(Can’t think of any now)

I still have time,as in I believe Ayden won’t be arriving till maybe end Jul or early Aug.I should get everything wash up latest by early Jul.No doubt I have a strong feeling that he might arrive in end Jul,which I hope he does arrive during that period of time,so that he can have the same birthday month as Adelle.

A good Sunday for all of us as well.Staying home to prepare all these makes me happier and fulfilling too.Especially dear was hardworking enough to go to the market all by himself in order to let Adelle and myself have more sleeping time.No doubt we visited the market once every weekends,but lately I do visit lesser to the market while dear will go on his own and buy back whatever groceries needed for the next week to come and got back all our breakfast.Sometimes,I can’t ask for more with such a caring husband who goes to the wet market,carrying the recycle groceries bag himself to and fro!!!

Now,the video shows how helpful Adelle can get while getting the laundry done.The laundry bags all filled with her clothes to be wash.She loves to help the daddy(daddy in charge of laundry) to put all her clothes in the laundry bags,and get the bags one by one into the washing machine.A pity,my camera ran out of battery,therefore I can only tap it halfway.Shall video it down someday hopefully I can get the full version of how Adelle does the laundry for us!!


Adelle n Ayden._//

My cutie pie,Adelle

My cutie pie,Adelle

My cutie pie,Adelle

My cutie pie,Adelle

My cutie pie,Adelle

My cutie pie,Adelle

This is the 3D scan of Adelle

The 3D scan of Ayden

It seems that I have more than 5 people telling me that Adelle looks like an “ang moh kia”(An American).Well,after looking through some of her photos,I have to admit that at certain angle she does look like one.Seriously,because Adelle looks exactly like me when I’m young and her age.And the time when I’m around a few months till 2 yrs of age,at certain angle I do have “ang moh” look.And that is the reason why Adelle looks like one at certain pose of the photos taken.

Somehow I wonder both my husband and myself don’t have any “ang moh” genes,how come Adelle does look like an “ang moh’ at times.Perhaps is all about the mixing here and there,that became how Adelle will look like.Or maybe I do have some grandparents of much older generations back who are “ang Moh”..(I’m trying to self-comfort myself again,hah!!!)

Again,my family all agreed that Adelle looks prettier than me when I was much younger at her age.This I gonna agree.And of course,they all love her chubby cheeks and can’t help but to feel,squeeze,kiss on it which Adelle will look at them whenever they do it.Even for myself,I love to kiss or touch her chubby cheeks.

Now,the 3D scans of both Adelle and Ayden.I had purposely put the 3D scans of them both together here to compare.Somehow I find that starting from the nose till the mouth,they do have some resemblance.Some did commented that Ayden have sharp chin but not so much of baby fats like Adelle.For once I know that their mouths look so much alike!!

Whatever it is,wait till the day Ayden arrives,then only will we know if he does look like Adelle,the daddy more or the mummy more as this 3D scan is not 100% confirm on the facial features of the baby.


Updates over our long weekends._//

Cutie Adelle.

Who is Adelle peeping at?

Adelle and her new bed!

She just love her new toddler bed!

Give me a nice pose on her new toddler bed

Finally,Adelle’s bedroom is completed.

Over the weekend,we were so busy moving around Singapore.Starting from last Sat,Adelle had her weekly lesson at Leapschoolhouse whereby straight away after her class,we pop by Vivo City while Adelle naps to purchase some baby shower gifts for friends and cousins who will be giving birth in the later part of the year.Straight after which,we traveled from Vivo to Northpoint to have a meet up with my mum and sisters for a dinner.Whereby my mum brewed me some tonic black chicken.Since I’m stepping into my 7mths,I can’t take in any more tonic as it wil not go down to the baby but only to myself.There goes my Sat,a very tiring one since we step out of the house from morning till late at night before arriving home.

How about Sunday?Sunday is busy as well.I wanna go down to Bugis St to get some of the cheapo clothing for myself and some home wear again for Ayden(the warehouse),but the shop was closed on Sun and I can’t managed to get the last batches of clothes from there for him.But since we are at Bugis,we saw baby stuff/products and clothes having all 20% discount storewide.Again it’s grabbing time!!!I grabbed mostly homewear for Ayden this time since I had gotten quite a bit of stuff for him and Adelle during the online shopping.

Good thing was that parents in laws came with us,while we shop they helped us to take care of Adelle while sitting down at a cafe/playing around with Adelle at the toys sections while dear and myself have the chance to shop in peace.Yes seriously,when we have children,we gonna have some free time as well.It’s again having the “feel” back while the time whereby it’s just the 2 of us,dear and myself.Seriously,it’s good to have such moments to keep the relationships ongoing.Of course,we had dinner together as well.

If you were to read clearly,I do divide the family days into 2 parts.One part where I let Adelle spend time with my mum while the other part to let Adelle spend time with my in laws.I don’t believe in such cases to the grandchild should spend more time with either one and lesser time with the other.I wanna let the child know how important it is when come to the loves given by grandparents beside the parents.

Next come Mon whereby dear is on leave to accompany me for the check up.Since I’m taking both glucose and blood test together,there is no way I can have anything to eat since Sun midnight till Mon after the check up which is already 12 past noon.Yes,I go without food for so long that I had worries that Ayden might not like it.As if I don’t have any food,the nausea feeling comes.This symptoms is exactly the same as during Adelle time.Both kids really love to eat so much????But just like Adelle,Ayden don’t give me such feeling and I’m feeling all right till the moment I ave my lunch.

Next comes Tuesday which is a public holiday,the Vesak day.It’s praying affair which I had mentioned at the blog entry earlier on.Look at how “pack” my weekends till Tuesday can get.Good in a way that Adelle gets to leave the house 4days in a row,while I always keep her at home with me since Mon-Thurs since I don’t have any programme and it’s good to stay home with her during this period.

Now,the toddler bed which was suppose to arrive on Mon finally came.Adelle was really so surprised by this new bed and kept climbing up and down her bed.She loves it!!I’m trying to train her to sleep on her bed soon.Hopefully by the time her brother arrives,she can be sleeping in her bedroom while I can take care of Ayden and start my”night shift” with him from newborn say after 6mths of age.

*Now Adelle had new clothes,new bed,new toy(train with railway track),new pillow and bolster,new blanket.All things about her are new!!*


Our Vesak Day!!_//

The family of White!!

Daddy and Adelle both in White

Adelle and Mummy in White too!!

It’s Vesak Day today!!To Buddhist like us,it’s consider a very great grand day.Of course,it’s supposedly to be lots of praying going on for this day.When I’m still lying down on the bed today,daddy turn on the Buddha mantra music and had it played in the hall.I’m even so “blur” and asked the daddy somehow I can listen to the Buddhism mantra that was played at the temple opposite home.Then little did I know when the daddy said that he played the music in the hall and not from the temple.*faint*

I like this Buddha Mantra that was played.(Om Tara tu tare ture soha)It really soothe my mood and makes me feel much better each time I don’t feel too well.I chant this as well and was often advised by the master to chant this mantra too.It’s gonna do me good.Seriously,I love this mantra and find that it suits me real well.

Of course,we did a little praying at home before Adelle had her early nap say around 1pm before waking her up to be able to reach our master place for praying around 430pm.The whole place was crowded with people who came to pray.I had always believed in praying and to pray,light up lamp,buy fruits,do donations on this special day is gonna be doubly great!We were advised to wear white blouse on this special day.As many of us know that white meant to be Pure and clean.That was the reason why we were told to wear this color on Vesak Day.

Of course,our master did some chanting for us as well.Spread the Buddha water on us.He had told me that when he chant,all of us will gain the Buddha protection,not only us but Ayden will be able to gain it as well.He had advised me to carry on with my chanting on the Buddha Mantra as well,not to stop during this pregnancy and ongoing even after Ayden birth.It gonna do me,Ayden good as well as for the good of the whole family.

Nevertheless,although I’m not having any vegetarian every Tuesday but from Wed-Fri.But still since today is the day of the Buddha,I also believed that having to take vegetarian on today’s date gonna do us good.So we are on full vegetarian today!Yes,sometimes when I took vegetarian,I do feel “clean” in me and clear some of the bad karma which I had created in the past.

It’s Vesak Day,the day where we gonna do praying even harder than normal.For I know Lord Buddha is always there for us whenever help is needed!!