The updates of Birthday Celebration!


We are at Harbourfront again!When Adelle was born which is like in year 2009,I’ve always love to meet Mummies at Harbourfront centre.Reason being was that,there are simply too many children stuff there,especially Daiso which I can shop the whole day there just to get some materials to do up my teaching aids for Adelle.Its a good thing that I started doing homemade teaching aids since year 2009,which Adelle learns more from what I’ve taught till comes to Ayden,he learned those pass down teaching aids from Adelle.




So Harbourfront Center is the mall which I’ve always love to go.Another reason why we were there last week was that,We went there to book a slot for the kids combined Birthday celebration on Adelle actual Birth date.The kids Birthday was 3 weeks in difference,so I thought it’s interesting to combine their party together.All right only for this year,as we actually didn’t intend to hold a party in the first place.Just have a simple school celebration.But since Ayden knows better know,I find it interesting to hold their celebration together since their Birthday are quite close.



Therefore I decided to do a very simple celebration this year for them.A very mini party in fact.It’s only like a few kids together.Like said,next year is purely celebration in school.But I will do up a big party for Adelle and Ayden 6th Birthday.As the following year,they will step into Pri school life.Holding a big party on their 6th Birthday just like their 1st party is important!
Adelle 1st Birthday celebration(http://sherrylmuses.ourlittlewonder.com/?m=201007&paged=2)

Ayden 1st Birthday Celebration(http://sherrylmuses.ourlittlewonder.com/?m=201208&paged=2)


I think I’m more excited when comes to their Birthday celebration.Something different this year is that I wanna DIY my own goodies bags.I google for ideas and found useful ideas to do up as goodies bags.Instead of using goodies bags that were seen from the store that I’ve been using for the pass few years for the kids,I DIY my own goodies bags.Beside this,it’s base on their Party theme,Barbie and Mickey mouse.


Why Barbie and Mickey mouse?Well,Adelle told me she loves Barbie.(Okay,that’s the thinking of a 4yr old to be little girl)She hope for a flower and Barbie cake.So instead of doing the logos of Barbie on the various cupcakes,I DIY my own Barbie cupcake toppers.As for Ayden,I chosen Mickey mouse for him because lately I notice that he is in love with Mickey mouse and also train.But I could see that he loves Mickey more!And also when I asked him this,”Ayden do you like MIckey mouse?'”He says HMM..Again,I google for printable templates on Mickey and also did a cupcake toppers too.


Something different for this year is that,I’m not looking into those 1 or 2 tier Birthday cake,or rather I would like some unique simple cupcakes for both of them.Therefore Adelle will be bringing cupcakes to sch and for Build a Bear party,Ayden will be bringing cupcakes for Build a bear party and for our family lunch celebration.As for GUG,we are still thinking to get cupcakes or to buy a small cake for a simple cake cutting there.


Also,I DIY my own magnetic clothespegs as one of the item in the goodies bags.And today I’ve finished like 20pcs,all packed!I’m not boasting but I find it very unique n nice to have that!It stick very well on magnetic board.I clip on one of the photo and stick it on my fridge,it’s pretty I would say.I hope the parents of Adelle classmates and friends who came for their party will love it.Of course,I’m ordering some sweet treats and art materials for the children to be added into the goodies bags.I’m so in love with the end product which is the very first time I’m doing this.I should have done this for their 1st Birthday.:(

To add on,the magnetic clothespegs which I’ve done up looks like what was selling outside.I’m so happy!Perhaps I should sell like $1 for one such clothespegs?LOL!



My darlings


Every morning,I make it a point to prepare the breakfast for them.Beside preparing for lunch,I prepared bento breakfast for the kids.I know they love it a lot just by looking at the facial expression they gave.I know the effort in making bento had paid off!Each time I told Ayden that I’ve bread for him,he will show me his smiling face and run towards the sofa,waiting for me to give him the breakfast.He knows I’ve “store” something for him each time he comes back with me after sending Adelle to sch.




As for Adelle,she is of course pretty happy to receive different “design” of Bento every morning.Is always looking forward to see it every day.I can remember,every single night she will be telling me what does she wants to have the next morning for her Bento.Ok,as I’m still learning to make a better one,I will try as much as I can to make what she requested.



Seeing the kids made me feel glad and even more excited of what I’ve done for them.Day by day,I feel the satisfaction and the little achievement.I hope to do it in such a way that,they get well taken care of,make them looking forward to the little things which they have the interest in.


In fact,I hope this include well parenting skill as well.I’ve always google for learning ideas,parenting skills which I do hope I’m on the right track.Parenting is the skill that needs ongoing skill.No more or less but to do it in such a way that both adults and the child enjoys it.Training starts as young as infant.Many were telling me “what obedient kids I’ve got”,I feel it’s not much of the brought up(okay,maybe some reasons are linked to this),but more towards the characteristic of a child.At times,they do have their mischievous moments,not being obedient at all times.That’s why they are call,kids!


Adelle and Ayden


Some random pics taken just last week.I’ve always love to take their pics before we leave home for elsewhere.It’s pretty interesting to see the way they took a picture together.




This pic is so funny!What’s Ayden hiding behind Adelle?Frankly speaking,Ayden loves his Jie jie so much that,he tends to walk to Adelle for help whenever he needs one.Or when either Dear or myself scolded him,you can see him walking over to Adelle!





At times,Adelle tends to be angry with Ayden and started scolding him.Ayden also “fight” back.He will look at Adelle and shout back to her when Adelle shouted even louder,Ayden cries.




When they fight,it gets pretty noisy,but when they enjoy each other company,they play and had fun like nobody business.That’s children!


No doubt having two young kids are home can be a headache,especially when they fight or not behaving,but it’s lively!Especially with kids are around,the “noise pollution” which they give can be great!I’ve always love kids around.No doubt at times,they can get up to my nerves,but they are kids! Easier to take care of.I hope they stay this way,obedient kids even when they are much older.


All about Adelle and Ayden.


One fine day,when it rains.I didn’t send Adelle for class.We stayed indoor.Therefore to keep them occupied for that 1-2hrs after they woke up in the morning,I did this tear and paste activity with the kids.FIne motor skills is pretty important.I ever encounter students at age 3 having problem in tearing.So,ever since Adelle is able to start more hands on stuff,I started training her with tear and paste activity.If you would like to read more regard Adelle growing process can start reading from Jul 2009( http://sherrylmuses.ourlittlewonder.com/?m=200907)But if you would like to know what Adelle is doing at 20mths old just like Ayden at this stage,you might read this(http://sherrylmuses.ourlittlewonder.com/?m=201102)



Of course,at Ayden age now,it’s the best to train him to do up a tear and paste activity.I would want him to learn earlier,as I don’t believe in leaving the job to the teachers.Tear and paste is a skill to learn at younger stage,once they hit the age of 3,their skill of tearing will be much better in a way.



Very often,I try to use simple activity so that both of them can learn together.No doubt this is just a very simple hands on activity,but it’s enough to train their skill.They very much enjoy this.



When the kids start to tear the paper,I know they are enjoying it.I hope to do it in such a way that it’s not too boring for Adelle age and not too difficult for Ayden.Seriously,Adelle knows a couple of things before she reaches 3yrs.Not to say those writing for alphabets,Numbers etc,but more towards her knowledge on various themes,she is quite good at them.As for Ayden,I know he is doing the same as Adelle.Therefore when he attends Pre-N next Jan,Im not so afraid of things which he don’t know but more worried about his speech and understanding of Mandarin.




Adelle picks up Mandarin when she was 2.5yrs old when Ayden was just a few months old.That was the time when my Mum came to help up when taking care of the kids.But now,since my Mum is working and I’m the only person who took care of my children in the day,I hardly speaks Mandarin to Ayden.In fact,I think I should.:(



Learning together is quite a fun process.That’s the reason why I hope to have 2 kids at least.




Training his pasting skill as well.Within the line I call it.He gets pretty good at this,but still have room for improvement.Keep up the good job,son!




Ayden is kinda afraid of the “feel” from the white glue.Well,I should plan for more such activity for him to try on.It takes a while for children to get use to whatever activity which we plan for them.




Almost done with doing the 2nd color.Of course,Ayden gets help here from me.



Getting slightly impatient after the 2nd round of pasting.Therefore we stop our activity after this.It takes my kids 2-3days to complete this activity no doubt they spend like less than an hour doing these.





Of course,it’s such a simple activity for Adelle.But still she enjoys them.I’ve told her about the rainbow colors,how we can see a rainbow etc in order to emphasis on this rainbow theme.That’s for her age.She needs to understand more about rainbow before this craft work,so that she knows what she is doing.




Adelle is pretty much happy when comes to Art and Craft.She likes it so much that each time when I told her,it’s art time!There she went,happily shouting hooray!Happy to say,her fine motor skill is pretty good before she was 3.



Almost finishing the 2nd part of the color.I’ve asked her if she like it,she said “Yes!”I love to see how enjoy my kids get when I give them any work to do.It’s the joy in me that things I’ve planned works very well.

I’ve always jot down what are the things for them to work with.Google for more teaching ideas,more homemade materials is part of my life ever since Adelle was born and even ongoing till now.Every now and then in the afternoon,while they nap.All I could do is source for teaching materials,bento ideas,cooking recipes.Why I don’t wanna go for other stuff for myself?


That’s because,the above mention stuff are my interest.Even if these things are for the family or for the kids,I’m feeling so enjoy sourcing for it.That’s my interest.


Bento Journey.


I somehow like this muffin tray bento idea. It’s pretty unique I find. These are for the kids tea break thou. They are so in love with this pretty muffin tray bento when presented to them.


The rabbits sandwich bento is something which I love to prepare for Adelle. Especially with the face that was stick on the rabbit sandwich. It’s stands out, isn’t that so?


Another idea using dumpling press to make a dumpling sandwich(or what do you call it?) its unique I find. I’ve adopted this idea from online one of the bento blog. Adelle loves it too!


There, another round of dumpling sandwich that I’ve done. Adelle told me, she loves Sun. So I’m cracking my head of what can be done to make a sun. So! Here it goes, two dumpling sandwich that placed together became the Missy Sun!


Another tea break treats for the kids. This time round there wasn’t any sandwich but just fruits.


Missy Sun sandwich with face and flower! Well, Adelle loves Sun and flower, and requested to have sun sandwich one night before.


Well, Ayden gets his share of bento treats too. That’s because, after sending Adelle to sch, we will normally be home by 9am. So, he gets to have bento Breakfast. This is his share of bento in the morning.


Again, I prepared tea break for the kids. Muffin tray bento too. This time round, instead of using cutters for the sandwich, I used sunshine little bun for them. Been using this bread since Adelle time whenever she wants this for breakfast. Lately, I tried it on Ayden, and he loves it!


Simple bear with cheese sticks biscuits for Ayden breakie one fine morning.


Since Adelle requested for rabbits, so I’ve prepared this for her. Not forgetting the cheese sticks with colorful biscuits which even myself love these biscuits!


Another set of tea break for the kids. Strawberries made bento stands out thou.


Ayden share of little bun with cheese sticks for breakfast. He just enjoy himself to the max each time he sees bento Breakfast presenting to him!


The Daddy idea of placing the cheese sticks as tree trunks, leaves and flowers for Adelle breakie today.


Ayden had the same thing. Cheese sticks with flowers and leaves in the lunch box.


And of course,, my little kids had these for tea break today. Wanna try on this idea of placing the ‘trunks’ leaves and flowers together.

Again, it’s a Mummy who stayed just Next block to me, with her elder daughter who is in k2(same sch as Adelle), younger daughter in Pre N, (Adelle ex classmate). She inspired me in doing bento!

In fact, I felt so great getting to know her. That’s because she is consider my senior, I could ask her lots of parenting issue, bento stuff, Household stuff if in doubt.

So, I greatly feel that, it’s a blessing to know this Mummy who shared so much with me.

Bento is something which I started doing almost one mth back. That’s because Adelle will have snack time in sch. She can actually eat the food in sch, but when she saw those bento that I’ve prepared for her, same as me she felt in love with it.

There was once which she told that she can go without bento for a day . It’s a good thing that she doesn’t request for bento everyday.

Since she will be having snack in sch therefore, I’ve decided to start the bento making almost daily for her. Of course, Ayden loves it too! Will normally prepare a set for him as well if possible.

After sending Adelle to sch, Ayden will be home with me for breakfast, and that’s where he gets to have his bento Breakfast.

Of course, I’ve received PM from many others in regard to bento making. All right, I’m still learning too, but I’m willing to share what I’ve know to others! 🙂

No doubt so, I saw many who actually posted their bento making as soon as I’ve posted my work. That’s part of learning process I felt.

Hopefully in the near future I can do a even better job in bento making!


SAHM thoughts.


This little sweetie of mine.




Adelle is growing up way too fast!Each time I uploaded her pics,I can’t help feeling this way.Very soon,she will be celebrating her 4th Birthday.It’s almost 4 yrs back,I gave birth to her!




My little Teochew Ah Niang,Adelle speaks like an adult sometimes.At times,I can’t help but to laugh at the way she is speaking.For I know she is growing up very fast.I kept telling myself,I need to treasure this stage well.Once this stage is over,I can’t find it back anymore.It’s a blessing that I’m able to stay home to take care of her since she was born.




And when Ayden was born,I’m still a SAHM.Indeed,I’m counting my blessing and was glad that I can take care of them together and not to short change Ayden the moment he was born.Im glad.




Growing with Ayden is interesting.At times he can be very adorable,but sometimes he can be very mischievous!I will always say,thats the differences between a girl and a boy.Boys are so much active in a way.




Ayden loves role play.In fact,he can role play pretty well by following what Adelle is doing.I’m happy to see the way he learns from Adelle.Of course,Adelle tends to teach Ayden some of the bad behaviour she learns in school.This require parenting skills,I need to read up more on how to go about it.





Training the child to the right route is important.I’m learning on how to do so.



Ayden deals with his role play again.This time to feed the two soft toys.Indeed,both of my kids are easier to teach.But of course,to compare both of them,Adelle is still so much easier.Lately,I’ve been reading up on parenting notes.I always feel that it’s better to read up more on how to guide the child to the right route in life.


Training the child the right way from young is so much important.For me,I don’t feel like teaching the children at the very last min.Things need to be taught and amend almost immediately.Any later will be too late.So,by reading more on parenting skills give me better understanding on what the way I teach my children if it’s the right or wrong way.


In fact,beside this I’ve always feel that being able to stay home and take care of them is so important that I’ve been telling myself,what happen if I didnt stay home?Would life and my children behave like what they are behaving now?I’m not saying they are behaving better with me staying home.But at the very least,I’m there to guide them and attend to them immediately.


Now,staying home taking care of two is not an easy task.But for the sake of my children and since they are growing older,being able to understand instructions better,I’m already so thankful.:)


Circus Minimus,Adelle first visit to the show


Circus Minimus is a play about animals, family related stuff. PCF Punggol south organize this outing for their students


Of course, our little sweetie went for the show together with some of her classmates. Dear went with her. Meaning we paid like $60 for both of them.


In the sch bus while waiting to start her 1st outing with school of the year. That’s to the theatre to catch a show!


Happily holding on to Daddy’s hand while making their way for the play. I’m sure she is pretty excited about Circus Minimus.


I don’t know how Dear manage to get Adelle to take this piece of pic, but since she is posing this, I’m sure he has his own way to do it. Adelle looks so grown up here.


These are some of her classmates who went for the show.


Adelle is listening to the instructions given by the teachers.


Dear took this pic of her. It’s so interesting to see the way she stands together with her classmates. All these pics are worth keeping.


Finally, at the end of the show, both Daddy and daughter took a pic together. It had been a while since the two of them took a pic together.

In fact, Daddy never take much pic with Adelle till I reminded him to do so. Today, when I’m not around, he took this pic with Adelle. All right, to claim a bit of credit, I did reminded him to take some pics of Adelle after all today is the very first time he goes to such outing with Adelle.

Everything ended with a happy Adelle, who came home telling me that she enjoyed the show very much, how funny it can get. Not forgetting how happy she was during the bus ride. That’s because our little girl loves taking bus!

Glad to see that she truly enjoyed herself so much, no doubt the tickets were pretty expensive.

Seeing the happy Adelle is good enough, everything is worthwhile!


Their growing journey.


The happy son that I had!This month,Ayden is 20mths old.Just another 4 months more to go before he turns 2.That’s pretty fast,isnt that so?Before he was 1,I hope that he can grow up faster.Then things will be easier for me.Yes,I wished for that.BUT!Now that he is turning 2 soon,I hope he is still a baby.That’s human thinking,isn’t that so?What do I want exactly?!?!



Of course,I wish he grows up fast no doubt I’m missing the stage where he is still an infant.Knowing that things get so much better with them growing older.That’s life!Ayden is cute in his own way.He follows what Adelle does so closely that,each time Adelle did something,he will follow and look at himself to see if he did it correctly?That’s interesting!




The smile that Ayden brings is “contagious”!I like to see the way he smile together with his pretty pair of eyes.(A pity he is not a girl,if not…)




Mummy’s boy is very right!He is sticky to me,afraid of Daddy.He can’t “take it” when Adelle gets near to me.He must be involved as well!That’s my little son,Ayden.




Adelle often play on her own while Dear gotta clean the floor while I’m busy bathing Ayden.In the past,she can’t stay in her own room herself whereby we gonna entertain her,bath Ayden and also to clean the floor before we leave home.Now,I will always bathe her first while Dear clean the floor with Ayden watching his favourite program.Then when Adelle goes to her bedroom,do some free drawing or pretend play with her toys,I will bathe Ayden while Dear to mop the floor.By the time Ayden is done,he will join Adelle in the room,Dear to bathe and myself to take care of the kids before we exchange the role of taking care of them in the room.Thats before we leave home for any outing on a weekends.




With Adelle growing older,she is more sensible and could understand and speaks better in a way.We used to be afraid of bathing the kids with our floor to be clean up.Yes,I’m pretty particular with the hygiene on the floor.So we will normally clean the floor before leaving home.Now Adelle is much older,she can play with Ayden who is more aware of his surrounding,knowing better which we can leave them in the room while we are busy with our stuff for a couple of mins.That’s how I survived while getting their meals with them entertaining with each other.




That’s my little sweetie pea who never fail to make us laugh at times.She could write her Chinese name better now.Now,I’m trying to make her learn more words.It’s time for her to learn and recognize more words with her going to K1 soon.Imagine,it’s just a few more months down the road,less than a year thingy.How fast!


As for Ayden,he is still in the midst of learning new things like Adelle.It’s good to expose them earlier with certain things.I hope I can do a good job in this.Although I’m doing it,I hope for being better.:)


Homemade Colorful Sand Fun!


We did an activity together.That was like almost a month back.It’s Colorful “sand”The kids enjoyed this activity pretty well.They love it so much that they spend like quite long in coloring.




Ayden looks at the “sand” while Adelle looks at the colorful chalks.Waiting to start this activity.



And there,they started coloring the sand.



Look,they are almost done in the preparation of “sand”play.Well,these are actually salt.I’ve gotten the kids to like do some coloring on the salt using chalks.After which the kids can have pretend play with “sand”It’s quite fun with just the coloring part.Not forgetting the playing part where they are doing “sand” play.



It’s an activity which I’ve learned during my teaching years.I’ve gotten the students to do coloring on the salt and make into nice colorful salt bottle.The only differences was that,I’ve gotten Adelle and Ayden to play with it after they are done with the making of “sand”.They sure enjoyed themselves so much that,the smile on their face is simply too sweet.


Learning with them is an important factor to me.Not only will the kids learn what I’ve taught,but also something which I’ve enjoyed learning with them as well.




Birthday celebration


Just like the kids, I’m pretty excited about their upcoming Birthday celebration! Below are some of the DIY stuff.


This is the theme which Adelle is asking for, Barbie theme. I’ve search like high n low for free Barbie templates and finally found them!


The theme which Ayden loves, Mickey theme! He loves Mickey mouse so much that each time I ask him this ‘Ayden do you like Mickey mouse, he will says hmm.. It’s pretty cute and therefore I decided to get the templates for this theme.


Look! Some of the DIY stuff and the templates that I’m going to do for their goodies bags.
I’ve like DIY clothespins and lollipop cupcake toppers(Still considering whether to put or not’ to be’ thrown’ into the goodies bags. Not forgetting the paint art and some treats in it as well.

I like this idea of a goodies bags. Something different this year was that, I’m not going to get those goodies bags found in the store. I hardly see any Barbie bags beside kidzpartystore which I feel like DIY my own and see how if goes.

The end product will be shown soon!