Ayden turns 5 on 4th Aug 2016 

Ayden turns 5yrs old! 

Ayden turns 5yrs old! 

Ayden turns 5yrs old! 

Ayden turns 5yrs old! That’s his 5th birthday cupcakes for friends in school. 

We joined him for sch celebration except for Adelle who’s in Primary school thus yr that can’t join us for the celebration.. 

But she is back home in the afternoon to have another round of birthday celebration at home to get with her brother whom Ayden was so happy to celebrate it with his favorite sister. 

And so we went down to Swensen’s for a birthday treat… 

The birthday goodies bags for all his friends in school. 

These were the items that are found in each and every single goodie bags. 
Throw back some pictures that were taken more than 2 weeks back when Ayden turns 5 on the 4th Aug and we ordered some cupcakes for him in school and got him a small cake to celebrate at home. 
As for the goodie bags stuff, we actually gotten them ready in May when we gotten Adelle’s set of goodie bags for Jul last month. 

Once we gotten all the stuff, we packed them neatly and store them well before their birthdays arrive. 
Birthday treat after school to Swensen’s.. He just want some western food. And so… 
Finally, Ayden is 5!


Stuff that was purchased for the past one week. 

 Adelle uses quite a number of highlighters in class as she needed to underline sentences on worksheets or textbooks.. So today we have gotten her this set of highlighters that comes with an eraser at the tip of the highlighter. Just in case she underlines wrongly, she gets to erase everything off… Beside the blue pen that comes with something similar that she already had one.. We decided to get another almost similar stuff for her. 

*that’s when you have a child in Primary school*

There were two mummies who recommended me these envy apples and don’t peaches, sharing with me how nice it was. Indeed, it was really nice and tasty! 

Grabbed this recycled bag from Starbucks with a tin of tea at less than $35 which the usual price was more than that… 

To get the children to diy their own set of lanterns for the upcoming moon cake festival. 

Little eggs craft for coloring and to work as a Keychain after  which. Gotten these lanterns and eggs from Taobao… 


Play base learning at home. 

Did some simple worksheets with the two children. Dealing with problem sums, addition and even subtraction. 
Do the sums and paste it onto this cute bucket.. Children love this project base activity as always. 

Had always gotten the children to do their own set of Maths /English interactive journals… Reason being was that.. When come to worksheets, they do find it bored but when it comes to cutting and pasting of the worksheets into a journal, things might be better.. 
So many mths back, had come up with an idea that I’ve seen online by getting the children to do the worksheets first, cut and paste onto the journal or even to cut and paste the worksheets before doing it. 
So we have done many pages over the few months and they pretty much enjoyed this activity which is good for them to learn based on the topics taught in school. 


Polliwogs for birthday treat for Adelle. 

Today we brought the kids to Polliwogs at Vivo for two hrs of play… Supposedly to be a birthday treat for Adelle last mth, but dragged till today… 
The girl requested for Polliwogs out of so many indoor playgrounds in Singapore. 

Now the children go to the indoor playground independently without much of our guidance unlike in the past.. 
Look at the pictures, they indeed had lots of fun today! 


Ayden is turning 5 tomorrow! 

Very soon, Ayden is turning 5!

Yes,he is turning 5 only tomorrow! Can’t wait to present to him the cupcakes I’ve ordered for him to celebrate with his friends in school tomorrow… 
Stay the for my updates tomorrow! 


To Tak Po! 

Last sun, we’ve decided to bring the children down to Chinatown  to have Tim sum… Tak Po is the store which we always patronize before we have any children in the past. It had been more than 7yrs that I’ve gone down  with the husband for their Tim sum. 

We find it joyful as we are going to bring the children down  for it after so long! 

I’m actually craving for it though it was the hubby suggestion to go down for breakfast there and go down to the famous dessert store after which. 
I love it so much and the kids love it as well! 


Speech and drama performance 

There was this speech and drama performance for Mother tongue last Thurs… We went down to the school to catch the performance by Adelle’s class.. 
It was indeed a great exposure! We were told that speech n drama is part of the learning program for all pri one n two students. 
Adelle did a very gd job! Keep it up, my girl!