P1 English Speech and drama performance 

Adelle’s class for English Speech and drama performance 

Taking a picture with her brother right after tthe performance. 

Adelle, the little red ant 

Taking a picture with Adelle. 

Daddy, Adelle and Ayden 

Our family of four! 
On Wednesday, there was this P1 speech and drama performance at Adelle’s school. We went over to take this chance to catch the performance by her class and the other class as well.. 
It was a great experience and exposure for Adelle and her classmates. They did a very great job and the kids could really act out their roles well… 
Kinda proud of Adelle by the way she performed.. Thumbs up for Adelle! 

Though she didn’t give a speech, but the way she performs really bring out the character well enough for us to watch till the  end of the performance… 
It was indeed and eye opener for all of us! 


Breakfast with the hubby 

It is the routine on every Friday nowadays. 

That’s what we had yesterday at koufu, waterway point. 
Every since the hubby started the night classes in early Aug, we hardly find time for breakfast from Mon to Thurs except for Fri whereby he doesn’t  need to attend any lesson and we have the whole day or rather whole morning for a simple errands or even couple time by having breakfast together. 
In fact, I had been looking forward to almost every Fri! 
Of course, I tend to either meet up with some Mummies (Mon-thurs) for breakfast, chat a little longer at Fairprice while marketing (so that I can leave him to study without any ‘disturb ‘) or be back home and concentrate on working on the housework, preparing dishes for lunch and dinner… 
Everyday without fail, I’ll prepare him dinner before he leaves for night classes in the evening… 
We are adapting slowly to the new routine though we preferred him back at work… Hopefully a year will go back quickly before knowing it.. 


Life liberation on 4th Sept 2016 

In the morning last sun, just before we do life liberation… Having our breakfast. 

We tried to do once a month life liberation.. Personally feel that doing of life liberation is really good for the family… 

Especially when the children are much younger, is good to teach them about lives and how we can help these sea animals by not eating them yet place them back to nature. 
To build their 同情心, life liberation is one of a very food way.. 


Over the weekends 

The other day we went down to decalthon to get some stuff… 

Popular book Fair last weekend.. We went down twice just to grab some books at cheaper rates.. 

All our purchases… 
Popular book Fair last weekend… We went down twice just to grab some books on sales.. 
Good thing we managed to get some pretty useful books for the children. 


Homemade food for us

Homemade vegetable salad with shredded chicken, eggs, mayo and dijon mustard.. Great! 

Homemade food is still the best! Baked bread with shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese and egg yolk.. 

Homemade French fries, dip it with mayo and dijon mustard.. The taste is marvelous! 

Baked potatoes with some spices and olive oil… 

Homemade Smoothie for the children. I’ve milk, banana and strawberries and blend it.. To finish it off with Chia seeds is possible. 

Overnight oats is something that I love it… Banana with peanut butter, oats, walnuts, Chia seeds milk, kiwi fruits etc. 

Homemade chicken stew with potatoes, carrots, quail eggs  and chicken.. 

Love to prepare homemade food for the family.. These are some of the food over prepared lately… The kids love them, so do we! 


Pizza making 

Pizza making the other day.. The children had lots of fun that day. 

It gonna be lots of fun, indeed it was! Children diy their own pizza at home. 

It was fun and kids get to eat what they made. Something different.. 

Pizza will be ready soon.. 

Almost ready.. Next will be into the oven for baking.. How great! They are indeed very excited over what they have prepared initially.. 

The ingredients that we had. 

The other day, straight after doing of fruits salad, we had simple meal like this for lunch. That’s homemade pizza! 

We didn’t add in any pineapple cubes into our pizza as Ayden doesn’t seem to like it.. 

So we had very simple pizza making for lunch the other day together with our vegetables salad / fruit salad… 
In fact, we normally had a very full breakfast (on Mon at waterway point) with very light lunch… Reason being was that we tend to have early dinner as daddy needed to attend night classes ever since the start of Aug… 
So having simple lunch and early dinner… Pizza making is easy to prepare especially when the two children are at home during this Sept sch holidays… They are able to help out for lunch or rather prepare their own lunch.. 


Fruits Salad making 

Happy kids while getting themselves ready for preparing fruits salad

Are we ready? Yes we are! Getting themselves ready by putting on their aprons. 

Team work in preparing their own set of fruits salad. 

Ayden’s ready with his fruits salad. 

So is Adelle… Look at the two sets of fruits salad the children have prepared. 

The ingredients,excluding ice cream which will serve later.. 

The end product. 

Happy children with their own set of fruits salad done up! They can’t wait to eat it!! 

Enjoying their fruits salad after making. 

As Ayden needs to do his sch holidays assignment with the theme of fruits salad,I’ve decided to let him hands on with it so that I can capture the pictures of him doing it and it is also a good hands on activity for both Adelle and himself. Great! 
The ingredients are very simple. Some blueberries,strawberries, raspberries, ice cream etc. When the children create their own fruit salad, they are happy and feel the happiness and satisfaction after looking at the end product… 
Next coming up will be pizza making.. Stay tuned!