Story cubes activity 

Using story cubes, Adelle came up with a short story like this. 

Story cubes is something that the children will use their imagination to create a sentence or story.. 
Here are some of the sentences/story that both Adelle n Ayden came up with.. 


Short outing to waterway point 

Early morning, we are on our way to waterway point for breakfast.. No lesson in school today due to PSLE marking days.

Bus journey before changing into Mrt towards Punggol… Normally we will take train there, but due to rain this morning, we changed the route to waterway point. 

Here we are at Times bookshop whereby we spend more than 30mins looking for birthday gifts for friends… 

Having breakfast at Koufu… Love their breakfast there.. 

Since it is PSLE marking days,, so Adelle needn’t attend lesson in school for four days while Ayden need not attend lesson in school for today as well due to K2 concert (rehearsal) 

Went down to times bookshop as we wanna sign up for membership to get that 20% off first sign up… Gotten some birthday gifts for friends and story cubes from there as well… 

Did a quick marketing at NTUC finest for grcoeries tonight and for tomorrow as well… 
A short day out like this is wonderful!