Seoul 4th – 13th Dec 2016 

Our yr end trip, 2nd trip of the yr to Seoul! 

I’m sorry to take so long to update in my blog, which we are pretty with things upon returning from out trip.. 

I promise to share some of the pictures here though most of it are in my camera.. 

We flew by Singapore Airlines, our usual airline to fly with. 

In fact We’ve book out tickets in April this year, just before we fly off to Brisbane and gold coast in June.. 

We sat in the lounge for a good 3hrs,spending time resting and eating there while waiting for our flight. 

Of course, the children were full of energy upon reaching Incheon airport in Seoul. 

Of course, we started out day when we check in to our hotel by exploring myeongdong area, not forgetting N Seoul Tower which is within walking distance from our hotel. It was a long day and we only manage to go back to our hotel only after 9pm to have a good rest. 

N Seoul Tower, the view was great! 

If given a chance, we would love to be back to Seoul again! Everything was just so great! 

No choice, it was just too cold.. Making the children wrap till so thick and having to wear a mask is needed especially when the wind was blowing.. Their faces feel so cold! 

We covered quite a couple of places as planned in the itinerary that dear has planned. 

Most importantly, we ate lots of different types of Korean food too! 

Food there was nice. In fact, all the food we had tasted there are great! I could not even complain about their food. It’s heavenly.. 

Rail bike is a nice experience that all of us love it so much! It is just too interesting! 

Having ginseng chicken soup is a must! Can’t go without when you are in korea. 

Taking picture of us wearing Hanbok is a must! We managed to take these pictures only on the last day when we are there. 

Back with all our loot! I’ve the most gifts from Korea, all my beauty products from Korea! 

Korea is famous for its skin care products… So…. 

Nevertheless, we are back with satisfaction, how we love about Korea, enjoyed our trip with their food, sightseeing, shopping etc etc. 

It was a well planned free and easy trip from dear and we don’t expect to see and ate so much stuff, but we did! 

Right now, we are looking forward to our next trip to next destination in June next yr! 


Activities we did for the past one week

For the past few days, on days that we were home, these are some of the activities that the children did. 
We deal with making of pancakes, chalks, art and craft, playing of toys.. 

As the holiday season is approaching, we kept the kids at home some of the time(beside the playground play with friends last wed) 
They kind of feel bored at home when running out of ideas what to do next, but I guess this is for a short while as we will be traveling tomorrow! 

Can’t wait for our trip to come! 


Out for breakfast 

Today we went out with the kids friends and mummies for breakfast at Starbucks.. They enjoyed themselves when playing with friends.. 

I guess they had a great time as the mummies.. 


ECHA was given to Adelle 

ECHA we were all proud of Adelle for receiving this award. 

Proud if you, my girl! 
When she recieve this award the other day, she filled with joy and went to school happily.. 
We witness everything from as the audience point of view. 

We felt happy for her achievement, keep up the good job, Adelle!