Library – Eunos market -Decathlon last weekend

We went to Pasir Ris library to borrow some books and to do some reading at the same time. 

It had been a while ever since the kids visited a library. Good thing they are still in love with it. 

Brought the kids to Eunos market for breakfast before making our way to decathlon at Chai Chee. 

The children love market food and had requested us to bring them again for yummy food. 

It was just so fun at decathlon Chai Chee. The children had a few rounds of basket balls playing the other day. 

Table Tennis is one of the sports there, the children waited for their turn to have a few rounds of it. 

This is just too cute not to post it! 

Indeed, they had a great time playing with this. 

Let’s exercise, one, two, three, go! 

This is fun, Ayden played with this for quite long and refused to let go of it. 

Of course, we went back home with all our loot. $100+ worth of loot! Our 2nd week to decalthon and the children just love it there as much as we do. 
I don’t fancy sports wear till I joined a group of Mummies lately for weekly exercise, then only am I into sports wear. Guess it will be a while for me to visit decathlon again from now. 

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