Playdate at Polliwogs 

Just last Fri, on Good Fri, the children attended a friend birthday party cum playdate.. 

So here’s a picture of tthe mummies taking a picture together.. 

The playdate was held at Polliwogs, suntec city. Here’s the picture of the children together. 

Ayden and his best friend, Rongcheng. He likes this friend so much ever since K1 and ongoing. 

So here’s a picture together. 

Jasmine is a friend to Ayden, but Adelle did play with her a few times during the school holidays, somehow or rather they know each other quite well. 

Ethan, Adelle ex K2 classmate whose brother is Ayden classmate currently. 

They are as shy as before. 

Here’s a picture with some of  their friends during the playdate. 

And some of the other friends from the playdate as well. 
Since morning last Fri, we had been out and went for some shopping trip before housewarming at Sengkang. 

The children are so energetic and don’t feel the least tired at all?! 

Though they slept earlier than the usual timing, say 9+,they have a round of board game before bedtime. 

It was an enjoyable day fun at Polliwogs and ended the day with joy! 

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