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We had a great breakfast at Swensen’s.. Thats 1 adult meal comes with 1 child meal free! 


Somewhere last sun, we popped down to Serene Centre just to get some of the boardgames and friends birthday presents. 

The children had a set of Monopoly Junior at home and they wanted the adult version of Monopoly so badly that we went down there due to the much more affordable price there. 

And their wishes are granted that they received a set of adult version of Monopoly.. (SG version) together with another card game named Slamwich. 

This card game was fun! We are loving it! 

Lump all our  pictures together this way. Guess this is also not a bad idea… We love taking family pictures together just before we leave the house. 
Blogging about our weekends is so much interesting. We love to go anywhere/everywhere for breakfast before our short trip on sun. 

Of course, sat tend to be so busy for now. Children went for their berries lesson and right after which they attended a swimming lesson from now on. 

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