Children went for swimming lesson! 

Over at the pool, the children started their first lesson 2 sat ago. 

Getting themselves ready for the lesson two weeks back. 

We were quite surprised with Adelle progress… She did quite well after th second lesson but not for Ayden. 

The first lesson went smoothly till the last part which he was scared by it and refused to go into the water comes the second lesson. 

We had a hard time getting him into the pool once again. No doubt so, he still manage to get into the pool with the coach helping him (this time his head was above the water)… Guess it needs to take him a few lessons more to get used to it. 

As for Adelle.. She is pretty much enjoying it as I find that it is a good thing since she will need to learn swimming comes P3,, so it is good to start her now.. 

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