Taipei: 8th-12th March 2008° ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

Love this 3 storey high neo-print shop
it seems so fair….

look at this,the sun is coming out.First time during our short day,
I managed to see the sun!!!

my last bowl of 阿 宗 麵 線

I can tell u,it really tasted very very nice!!!

last few shot at ”西 門 丁” while waiting for the van
arranged by the hotel

hui and myself,
gonna pass time here at the arcade before the van comes.

look,hui’s with those bags,(our purchases)

of course,not forgetting to take a snap of us too.

”桃園机场”At Taiwan international Airport

ready to get into the transit area…

look at this,a nice snap taken by dearie..

up the plane,finally shot before the plane take off.

hui’s purchases!!

our purchases…

look at all our luggage.

Day 5:

Finally,it’s day 5 on the 12th March 2008.The day we ended our short trip in Taipei.

There was a senses of sadness as we gonna leave here and be back in Singapore again. Was eventually feeling joyful as we had covered most of the places in Taipei,ate most of the food that we wanna try,did most of the shopping.

With this,I thank Mr chew,my dearest dear for planning all these itinerary for where are the places we can visit,what are the kind of food we can eat there. He can be a very good tour guide if he wants to. He had spend the most time doing all the research of Taipei.That’s why we had visited those famous night markets,the nicest food that is a must to try,where for nice scenery etc etc.

My greatest purchases over there was shoes!!!! There was this place where nice yet cheap shoes was found.It costs $8 for the kind of shoes you guys could find in Bugis Street. As it’s their winter sale now,therefore even for boots are selling at low price.Can you imagine boots are selling at the price of $10,with those real nice design that Japanese girls love to wear..

Yes,it’s damn true.I bought some myself,as it’s simply so cheap and nice.My bag was covered with shoes more than clothing.Hui was worst,her boots was more than 5 pieces.Reason was boots there was freaking cheap!!! Another thing which makes me love Taipei was that the weather was simply too good.It gave me a chance to be able to dress some clothing for winter.

As in Singapore,we don’t experience four season,therefore with such a cool and chilly weather there was simply too good.

My conclusion for Taipei is,great to visit,lots of yummy food spotted,great for shopping. *A great place to visit!!!!*

(view more photos of Taipei from my multiply stated below)

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