From Laptop -Work Issues-Household=To our Saturday_//

it’s Pastamania again???

my darling,salad potato.

hui set of pasta

dearie set of unagi pasta

my baked rice.

here it goes,hui’s new lappy.

In search of different brand,different model,Hui,finally had her first laptop after using her desktop for a couple of years.Could tell that she was very amazed with happiness written on her face.
It’s the Sony laptop by the way.

Settled our meals at Pastamania.Hmm,gonna have that again for our HR department lunch this coming Monday.Nevertheless,I had always love pasta!
Talking about work,boss had revealed to me that the HR executive had finished preparing the letter of offer for me!!!

In another word,I gonna be their confirmed staff starting in April.
Really owe my boss a big treat that she found me suitable for the job.In order not to let her be disappointed,I am going to prove to her and also to myself that I can do the job well and efficiently.

Other colleagues had asked,will I have any pay increment after the confirmation.
My answer to that was*shh shh*….*laughs*

Our evening was spend fruitfully.With the household groceries to be done.The nearest NTUC will be in Hougang Mall.Without any delay,carrying a basket and started our shopping.

*Kitchen Rolls
*Kleenex Tissue 5 boxes

Total damaged for these are $23….
Here goes nearly 1/4 of our amount for household expenses.

Determine to try walking back from Hougang back to Sengkang which is about 3 bus stops away from our place.We did it!!!!
Carrying 4 NTUC plastic bags,we managed to walk back without hearing myself complaining.
Well,it’s all because the weather was cooling and Mr sun was nowhere to be found.

Therefore,I had alway said,having a family,standing alone with our own is never easy.
Household expenses,Utility Bills,Singtel bills(for phone and internet),housing bills(through CPF),
Taxes for town council.
With only two of us,we gonna pay for all these..
That’s how married couple will encounter with.

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