Library – Eunos market -Decathlon last weekend

We went to Pasir Ris library to borrow some books and to do some reading at the same time. 

It had been a while ever since the kids visited a library. Good thing they are still in love with it. 

Brought the kids to Eunos market for breakfast before making our way to decathlon at Chai Chee. 

The children love market food and had requested us to bring them again for yummy food. 

It was just so fun at decathlon Chai Chee. The children had a few rounds of basket balls playing the other day. 

Table Tennis is one of the sports there, the children waited for their turn to have a few rounds of it. 

This is just too cute not to post it! 

Indeed, they had a great time playing with this. 

Let’s exercise, one, two, three, go! 

This is fun, Ayden played with this for quite long and refused to let go of it. 

Of course, we went back home with all our loot. $100+ worth of loot! Our 2nd week to decalthon and the children just love it there as much as we do. 
I don’t fancy sports wear till I joined a group of Mummies lately for weekly exercise, then only am I into sports wear. Guess it will be a while for me to visit decathlon again from now. 


Lunch at old town

Before approaching the end of Lunar New Year, we took pictures again before I took away all the new year decor. 

Of course, we had a little lunch date with just our family at old town weeks back. 

Of course, we visited Decathlon as well, the children favorite place at City square mall before our meal at old town. 
They pretty much love to spend half a day trip like this there before going back home to do revision which we always did. Enjoy comes first before any work? 

Guess this is our routine on most Sundays. 


Chinese new year 2017 

And of course these are some of the photos we took on the first day of Lunar New yr. This year, we didn’t manage to go by our usual route though we did visited my mom’s side of relative. Still the atmosphere was there.. 

Guess we should really try such a route next few years down the route. It can be pretty annoying to face people of different views and thoughts.. 

Nuff said, let me share our second day of Lunar New yr photos below.. Thats where we visited my parents on the 2nd day. 

Visited my parents and all my sisters were there as well.. We had lots of fun there and eventually leave the place by evening on the 2nd day.. 
Now, let’s move on the the 3rd day of Lunar New yr. 

That’s what happens on the 3rd day of Lunar New yr. We went for a movie date! How great can that be! 

Since we have nothing much on this day, we decided on a move date at the theatre over at Nex mall. 

Childaren are pretty excited to check out the new movie in town! 

So, that’s what we did over the past three days of Lunar New yr last month. How was yours then? 


Miscellaneous photos in Jan 2017 

Some miscellaneous photos the children took in the month of Jan. I know I’m pretty late in updating my blog and be sure that I’ll try to update more often. 

Next up will be the photos of Lunar New Year for 2017…

Stay tune for that! 


ECHA for Adelle 

Outdated post.. Nevertheless, we were very proud of Adelle for achieving this ECHA for the year of 2016 and she was given this award by the school last year and in Jan 2017, was presented this award by Mr Teo, our Minister for sk. 

Great job & well done, Adelle! 

Though she was given another edusave in good academic award, but because of the requirements, we were not entitled to it, still the certificate was given to her(at home) 

Proud of you, Adelle! 

I’m sure Ayden feels the joy in celebrating this joyous moment with you as well same to us! 


Exercise in Dec 2016 

Hi everyone! I’m sharing about our walking experience with the two children… Let me show you gals some of the pictures here before I share how’s the experience on our walking distance /trip. 

I would say it is a good start for this walking distance from Buangkok to anchorvale stadium and followed by the connector all the way to Punggol waterway point for a good 1.5-2hrs of journey… 

Though there was slight complains from the kids approaching Punggol,they still did a very great job along the way. 

We will try this out again, as it was really a great experience for all of us. We agreed on once a week activity when comes school holidays as we were pretty packed for weekends to do this walking exercise activity together. 

I guess all of us had fun along the way especially we did vlog-ing on that day. (vlog in my YouTube channel) 


Sharing pictures of ours taken. 

It is Jan, yes my first blog post for Jan. Sorry gals, had been very busy lately for any blog though I started to create weekly vlog in my Facebook and YouTube.. 

No doubt so, we enjoyed vlog-ing so much that we tend to vlog over the weekend. 

Of course, we had tons and tons of pictures to upload in the blog here so as to share with you gals and keep an update here of what we had been doing. 

So stay tuned for more pictures below! 

Of course Lunar New year is approaching very soon, yes this month! This year was pretty early and  there was tons and tons of preparation to be done though we won’t be doing much visiting this year, but we will be planning for programs for these three days of holidays. 
Stay tune to my next post! 


Seoul 4th – 13th Dec 2016 

Our yr end trip, 2nd trip of the yr to Seoul! 

I’m sorry to take so long to update in my blog, which we are pretty with things upon returning from out trip.. 

I promise to share some of the pictures here though most of it are in my camera.. 

We flew by Singapore Airlines, our usual airline to fly with. 

In fact We’ve book out tickets in April this year, just before we fly off to Brisbane and gold coast in June.. 

We sat in the lounge for a good 3hrs,spending time resting and eating there while waiting for our flight. 

Of course, the children were full of energy upon reaching Incheon airport in Seoul. 

Of course, we started out day when we check in to our hotel by exploring myeongdong area, not forgetting N Seoul Tower which is within walking distance from our hotel. It was a long day and we only manage to go back to our hotel only after 9pm to have a good rest. 

N Seoul Tower, the view was great! 

If given a chance, we would love to be back to Seoul again! Everything was just so great! 

No choice, it was just too cold.. Making the children wrap till so thick and having to wear a mask is needed especially when the wind was blowing.. Their faces feel so cold! 

We covered quite a couple of places as planned in the itinerary that dear has planned. 

Most importantly, we ate lots of different types of Korean food too! 

Food there was nice. In fact, all the food we had tasted there are great! I could not even complain about their food. It’s heavenly.. 

Rail bike is a nice experience that all of us love it so much! It is just too interesting! 

Having ginseng chicken soup is a must! Can’t go without when you are in korea. 

Taking picture of us wearing Hanbok is a must! We managed to take these pictures only on the last day when we are there. 

Back with all our loot! I’ve the most gifts from Korea, all my beauty products from Korea! 

Korea is famous for its skin care products… So…. 

Nevertheless, we are back with satisfaction, how we love about Korea, enjoyed our trip with their food, sightseeing, shopping etc etc. 

It was a well planned free and easy trip from dear and we don’t expect to see and ate so much stuff, but we did! 

Right now, we are looking forward to our next trip to next destination in June next yr! 


Activities we did for the past one week

For the past few days, on days that we were home, these are some of the activities that the children did. 
We deal with making of pancakes, chalks, art and craft, playing of toys.. 

As the holiday season is approaching, we kept the kids at home some of the time(beside the playground play with friends last wed) 
They kind of feel bored at home when running out of ideas what to do next, but I guess this is for a short while as we will be traveling tomorrow! 

Can’t wait for our trip to come! 


Out for breakfast 

Today we went out with the kids friends and mummies for breakfast at Starbucks.. They enjoyed themselves when playing with friends.. 

I guess they had a great time as the mummies..