Create a new look for the house

Newly created two table trays in the hall as well as the master bedroom.

Main reason was that ever since the painting work done up last month,thought I would take this chance to create a new feel in the house with new beds for the children, New TV console and dining table and chairs coming up soon 2 weeks later.

Still in the midst of creating the children’s playroom cum wardrobe room.

This is their playroom cum wardrobe room that I am talking about and if you have follow my blog posts, should have seen this picture in the previous blog post.

There are many things to be done no doubt the windows,curtains and all are done, spring cleaning done as well during the period we painted our place.

So much more,from the look of it there is not much to do to prepare for Chinese New Year.

But again,there is still a need to dust the house daily to prevent any dirt so as to maintain the cleanliness of the house.

That’s what I’ve been doing a few times in a week while the children are in school.😃


Mon Bento sets (have fun in school children!)

First day of the week. Weekly routine once again.

Good thing all of us turned in early last night. By 10am all of us have fallen asleep (because we all went to bed at 950pm while the kids sleep way before 950pm)

Having like more than 7hrs of sleep makes me feel more awake by the time I wake up at 520am.

Not feeling tired yet preparing these Bento sets for the children within an hour before I get the children to wake up and get ready to wash up before school.

Today I will be on my own for two weeks for the husband gonna go for reservist and I will be slightly more busy to wake the children up and give them their breakfast (which is always the husband duty to do it)…so since he has to go off earlier, I have to get everything done up and leave home by the normal timing we always do.

Good thing it was not raining this morning.

With myself carrying two school bags,one front one back and the children carry their own water bottles,lunchboxes bags and Adelle helps Ayden to carry his art bag as initially he has problem carrying it.

A kind yet helpful sister helped the brother knowing that my hands are full of stuff to help.

We reached school on time and the kids waved bye to me before I proceed to the Fairprice to grab some groceries before home.


Fun play at playroom.

The weather turns cold lately and we can actually go without fan or even level 1 of the fan power.

Hiding ourselves in the playroom makes playing more interesting on such a great weather.

It was so cooling these days that even the whole house especially the flooring feels so chilly.

While the children are playing on their own, I love to sit down at one corner of the room, figuring out how they do role play,admiring how fun it gonna be.

This often reminds me of the scene that I’ve played with my sister when we were younger.


Trip to Ikea in sk.

1 week back we went to Ikea for breakfast as usual and came back home with a big pack of stuff for home decoration.

Today we went to Ikea again for breakfast and went back with a big pack of stuff.

It seems like it is always endless buying to decor the house.

We had always love the idea whereby the children love it as well to have breakfast over there.

Today is very cold and we wore all sweater

Hopefully the weather be roughly the same next week


Bonding time with Daddy

Bonding time with Daddy these days.

They always love bonding time with Daddy these days by having rounds and rounds of board games.

Playing with Monopoly or Monopoly deal,uno etc kind of games together as always.

In fact we do spend quality time together whenever we can to play a few games together.

It was just too fun and all of us enjoyed so much.


Bento sets for school

School reopens and is into the 2nd week that the children went back to school
Now Ayden attends the same primary school as Adelle and it makes things so much simpler.
Both of them come back by school bus and I woke up every day at
520am to prepare these Bento sets (already or two weeks)for the children to bring to school for recess and for snack break. Good thing they enjoyed just as much.😃


Finding their own clothes from their closet

This is so cute!

They were ask to choose their own set of sweater and standby in case of cold weather tomorrow morning on the way to school.

So they each went over to their own closet to choose their own sweater.

While doing so,they were showing each other on the type of clothes being choose

They love what they are doing and hope to chose their own clothes whenever we go out.


Exercise date once every week

Every Wednesday is what us mummies will always do,that’s to go for exercise! 

Breakfast after exercise, it had always been a routine every week. Of course there are days whereby I won’t be joining the mummies due to personal commitment.. 

It is healthy to go for a walk, it is healthy to maintain such a lifestyle.. Seriously hope that we will all maintain this year’s after years. 
Cheers to great friendship! 


Racial Harmony Day 21sr Jul 2017 

It was Racial Harmony Day last Friday, the children are allowed to wear their traditional clothing to attend school. 

So both kids wear their cny clothes to school last Fri. 

Of course, I helped out as PV in the kindergarten. Since this is the the final year, why not go for it to help out since I have the time to do so. 

It was quite fun during the whole process. I’m sure the children had lotsa fun that day. 
These pictures speak a thousand words.. 


Learning Journey to Primary school. 

Ayden follows his classmates to a nearby primary school for a school tour. It teaches them how to buy food from the canteen, get change back after buying. 

The school prepares a program for the kindergarten children and did a school tour for them round the school. 
Of course, the moment we reach there, when we get up the school hall, we saw 姐姐! She was having her PE lesson during that time. Good thing Ayden knows what to do, he wave to her gently and move on. 
During the buying of food. Well, he needs a few more rounds of guidance. Guess will need Adelle to guide him along before he enters for P1 next yr.